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  1. Nvidia Surround

    Was just a case of changing my settings from fullscreen to windowed in game
  2. Nvidia Surround

    Good to know i will keep trying different configs
  3. Ping way too high

    Mine are also pretty high, UK Based, I suspect mine it to do with the superhub 3 vm recently pushed on me when my superhub 2 broke.
  4. Can't See any Servers on Server Browser (FIXED)

    Hey mate, this may be worth a read, hope it helps!
  5. Nvidia Surround

    Hi I have 3 monitors I am looking to play Squad using all three, as I can in bf, fifa, etc is this possible? I have set the resolution in Squad to what my setup displays at, but just enlarges it to one screen whilst the over two go in to eco mode and power off, Any help appreciated. Over & Out.