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  1. [Solved] Server list only repopulates after reboot

    This fixed the problem. Thank you for your help!
  2. [Solved] Server list only repopulates after reboot

    Well after a while that problem went away. Now I always get a server list, and for a while it was working perfectly. The problem I was having before was on a comcast modem under my roomates name, and it started working again on his modem. He moved out and now it's a new modem, and I pay for the internet. When I got the new modem, it was working fine until more recently. Now, I always get a list, but most of the servers are missing from the list. Also pings are often very high 300-500 pings. I don't have any filters on. My friend sees servers, Squad Ops, Candy Van, and others which I have not seen for 2 weeks. My xfinity modem is an ARRIS TG1682G. I normally use that with a 100' Ethernet straight to my tower. I tried using a wireless adapter and 2 more servers showed up but still missing Squad Ops. The modem is default settings, DHCP. No VPN. No manual config. I have tried resetting the modem and rebooting PC to no avail.
  3. I've seen some similar threads to my issue, but I haven't seen this particular issue or a resolution to it. I'm able to get a server list most of the time, but I often have to reboot because I'm not getting any servers in my server list. After rebooting, I'm able to see servers show up in my list. I don't have any filters set in the game. I don't have any anti-virus, don't have a firewall program, windows firewall is disabled, I don't have a router, I'm running straight through to the modem. I have an Asus motherboard not a MSI. I've seen in similar threads people are suggesting opening up certain ports. I'm not dealing with a router issue though because I'm not using one. The modem should be open on all ports, and as I've said, it works fine after a reboot. Any help would be greatly appreciated.