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  1. The problem: With the last 2 newest maps added to the game (Narva and Al Basrah), new building models have been added to the game with 5-8 floors. Often you have these buildings withing the cap range of certain flags on these maps. The problem with these buildings is that people rush to the top floor, drop a FOB, build a HAB and hold the entire cap from that 1 building for the entire game. The attackers have 1 staircase to push up from, often preaimed by the guns of defenders and avalanches of grenades coming down it like slinky toys. I've played against this tactic and played on a team using it. Since buildings cannot be destroyed it is almost impossible to deal with unless using some glitch or getting super lucky. Solution: Introduce a height limit to the cap zone. Anything higher than the first floor of a building should be out of the cap range to force the people to come down the stairs.
  2. Name tag distance selection/toggle

    Incapacitated players shouldnt have names on them, useless info unless youre a medic.
  3. Why the medic aversion?

    Medic is such a ballache to play. You just run around with your bandages equipped and never using your rifle. People who die in stupid places keep whining in comms and you have to waste time trying to explain to them the reason why youre not running into 50cal fire to save their life. And when they tell you to use smoke grenades, even more time needs to be wasted on explaining that smoke screens are not bulletproof. Atm there are two types of medics you have in your squad, first one is the type that never really fires his gun, just runs around bandaging people and keeping them alive. The second type is the ones who sigh as they are told to play the medic and at the end of an hour long match they have max 4 revives because they cant be bothered. A solution for the annoying playstyle of the medic (in my opinion, feel free to tell me its wrong) would be making bullets more lethal. Getting headshot should mean you are not revivable and shooting the incapacitated bodies should result fully killing the target. Kinda odd that a russian 14.5mm gun can mow down an entire squad just have them all saved by some magical field medic. 20-30% of casualties should be salvageable to reduce the workload of medics. If your squad gets wiped by some HMG then its the squads fault and they pay the price.