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  1. Hi Squaddies, We are a group of players who just love to play Skirmish Only Layers. Focussed more on infantry, tactics and having a good laugh. We have setup a discord to create a skirmish only community and get the group bigger and bigger but the most important thing is getting the infantry gameplay to the #1 spot! We are guys from different clans and groups but all are here to get the best infantry gameplay experience. For now we mostly play on [RIP] #2 server Skirmish only. But if there are more servers coming with skirmish only layers we will probably check them out. Do you wanna learn the game? Do you Dislike vehicles and focus more on infantry? Do you wanna have intense battles? Do you wanna laugh? Well dont hesitate and feel free to join our discord. Discord Link
  2. Urban echo sound effects

    wauw that already a lot better then it is now.. hope they can still implement it
  3. IMO it feels like the game is getting more casual by the update. When i backed in the KS i was like.. men this could be different then the current BF games. ,more hardcore, more realistic... But its turning away from those (imo) glory days of closed alpha's etc. Also i think the focus is too much on vehicle warfare and less on infantry. I started playing skirmish only servers due to this.
  4. Urban echo sound effects

    Yeah sounds in Insurgency are on point imo.. Think squad can learn from it... dont know if they have it planned...
  5. This is in from the beginning and its pretty annoying. When you get revived you will always get bumped up. Pretty annoying when you try to sneak and the enemy just sees you getting revived. Seems like the origin of the position of the body isnt getting set correctly
  6. Its a pretty hot topic on reddit. And i Agree with most of them. Give us back the Dead - Dead and insta death situations where when you get downed within x amount of time you cant be respawned. Also when you get shot by a tank / rpg / headshot / .50cal make you insta death. Someone made a unofficial strawpoll pls show the devs we want it back! https://www.strawpoll.me/18342471/r
  7. Game crashes after update V8 at start up

    Got the same issue No SfeetFX did a fresh install still crashing... read somewhere else that it could be a Nvidia driver issue....
  8. Gun Sounds Semi vs Auto

    no not really its really a different sound the semi sound bit more beavier then the full auto
  9. Hi guys, Was testing the new update and love the new single shot sounds. But i notice that when I have it on semi and shoot 1 round the sound is different then shooting 1 round on auto its both for the AK or M4. Is this small bug or feature ;)? Keep up the work!
  10. January 2016

    Cant wait for al these things!!
  11. Why do you need servers to train? Just play the gamr. Redcoats dont train!!
  12. Community Clan Fight Night

    December is bit far ;)!
  13. RussUK vids

    Awesome vid russ!! proud to be a redcoat!!