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  1. Map Makers - Now Zad

    oh damn dude! hahaha small world! Maybe I'll look into trying this out myself. Worst case, it turns out horribly and at least I can say that I tried.
  2. Map Makers - Now Zad

    oh yeah I know it man. Just "similar feel" and "actual old AO" are two different levels of awesome haha But no I was with 1/2 for that pump, then with 2/9 afterwards
  3. Map Makers - Now Zad

    Also, just a sample of the reference imagery so everyone can get a rough idea of what the area looks like. Valley Overview (most of it) District center (DC) fields northeast of DC Footpath: Greenzone village Facing S/SE from satellite OP Road in DC Village outskirts NE of DC
  4. Map Makers - Now Zad

    Hello all! First timer here. Looked around and didn't see anything that resembled a request area for custom maps. Anyways, long story short, I spent time in the Now Zad district in Helmand province some years back. It's got some really condensed compound areas, green zones, open ground, and some terrain features here and there. Given the absolute nightmare that it was for offensive operations, for Squad, I believe it would be a prime basis for a map. Now, my question is, would anyone be willing to undergo this challenge? Unfortunately my skillsets don't include map making in the slightest. I can provide (some) personal reference imagery for the area, and help with identifying villages, prior base locations (Don't worry, they are all long gone, no OPSEC issues there), etc. Unfortunately google earth's map of the area stays pretty far out so it's hard to zoom in close enough to REALLY good reference. Alot of the smaller paths, wall heights, etc. get lost in the image. After seeing the crazy detailed map of the Korengal, I'm hoping this can be something someone attempts down the road. Thanks!