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  1. *Cough* Project Reality *Cough*
  2. Little Peeves I Have With Squad

    Project Reality is a far superior game to squad. That is not to say squad is completely inferior though. My main problems with squad are similar to the ones already spoken about, but I think the difference has to do with how the pacing is better in PR than in Squad. My issues with Squad: The maps need to be bigger, and the AAS/PAAS/Invasion cap-points need to be randomised more/placed in different locations around the map (therefore you need a bigger map). In project reality every map had multiple different cap-chain scenarios that greatly increased the re-play ability since you would be fighting in different parts of the map. For a Squad Leader you had to think more about your approach, and squads could easily approach from multiple directions at the same time. The insurgency game-mode doesn't work in squad. The maps are too small in squad, since the only insurgency-mode maps are small. Make them bigger and enjoy long-throughtout intense games. Also insurgency is hardly played in squad, a number of players even have a distaste about it? I think its a great game-mode.
  3. Vehicule crew

    As long as the vehicle crew listen to other SLs, and pickup other squads for transport, no problem.
  4. BMP-2 for Militia

    I'd love to see a BMP in this game. A BMP-2 would fit into the Militia faction perfectly, and with the introduction of 30mm HE rounds and coax not too difficult to implement. When in the future we have the United States Army and the British Army with Javelins, and more armored vehicles, and Russian RPG-29, they'll need something to shoot at!
  5. Not Enough Video Memory Crash

    First of all I would advice to upgrade to a GTX 950, even they are outdated nowadays, but perfectly adequate for squad. Your CPU is a quad core so it should be fine. I'm no expert at computers but it sounds like you have a memory problem, invest in 10 GB of ram, and some additional hard drives for your computer. Also check some of these tweaks for squad: (could possibly reduce memory usage) You'll be back to playing squad again in no time!
  6. Battle's 'Tips for New Players'

    First and foremost get to grips with the firing range and read all the signs there, and test your keybindings etc. When in-game find a suitable squad to form. Don't go near becoming a Squad Leader so soon, as becoming an effective SL takes some experience and know-how to make it work most efficiently. The main tip for a new player would be to listen and follow your Squad Leader, and don't be afraid to ask any questions in-game. Another major tip is to communicate with a microphone, not only would this improve the teams chance to be successful, it makes for a far superior experience.