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  1. Graphics Questions

    The tree models are fine in other games, all I'm saying.
  2. Graphics Questions

    Ok will upload because I feel like I'm being crucified. Honestly I think anyone else having my problem probably just chalks it up to there rig and logs off.
  3. Graphics Questions

    To me it's not how it looks at rest but in motion that is my concern. When in motion everything jitters. I want that to stop.
  4. trees

    tress are still looking so blurry that I refuse to ruin my immersive and first experience of this game. if this is the unreal engine, just stop and help pr2.
  5. Why arent people playing the game?

    I'm running a 560ti 2gb and I can't get the video settings right to save my life. foliage anti aliasing is constantly making the screen jiggle too much, what's up close looks great, medium is digital camo (boxy), and distance is very poor. everything jiggles. with that is bad performance. I can't afford another $300 for a better graphic card considering I have over $1200 into my current rig from less than 2.5 years ago and if I can't afford it, most people won't, which means this game it's going anywhere fast without better efficiency, programing to take advantage/turn off graphic card enhancements, or support to the same. Also even though it's infantry based I'm waiting for vehicles. I'm not going to play maps that look like paintball fields even if it is Alpha. I have a certain level of gameplay that I like to maintain and this just isn't there without vehicles and fob assets. Squad will improve so rather than play every week, I'm just waiting and giving it time. I donated to support the overall product, the Alpha testing was considered a perk not the main goal. We can only report bugs so fast before they need some time to Dev.
  6. Unable to join servers after the update. Join server splash comes up than back to main screen.
  7. Rendering grass at long distances

    I could imagine the anti-cheat client would need to make sure no one had turned long distance foliage rendering off somehow and there are some grass for UE4 someone posted that reacts to movement and is set to stay matted down for any period of time, which would have to be communicated serverside? to any player in view of that grass.
  8. Trees and Lag are a dealbreaker

    These are basic things though, I don't even know what's worth testing without these things fixed. I would imagine an PreAlpha to lack in content but not have as many basic things sub par. It's hard to tell what's a bug and what isn't. If your going to put something in as a placeholder there should be a damn good reason. Trees are not one of those placeholder things to me, If the servers and engine can't support what your trying to do at the end, it's good to know a.s.a.p. I had high hopes for Arma and never even played it after buying 2 copies and installing it on 2 machines because the animations were HORRIBLE and the devs obviously felt content. I do need to upgrade my video card, than I'll get back to you. At lot of people are just going to slap ass and be happy with anything. Those people shouldn't be testers because they aren't being honest and they aren't being critical. You want critical reviews or not? Get a grip yourself.
  9. Trees and Lag are a dealbreaker

    When I first saw the game I just thought it was an opportunity to maximize distances that engagements are at, by all means, bring computers to their knees, if you don't want to spend a decent amount on a rig then their is still bf2. I live by the motto go big or go home. Even in the screenshot I see floating leaves in trees not the far away where there is sky behind... and than a ridgeline that has absolutely nothing, that's going to skyline players way to bad to play. I can just see this being something UE4 players are willing to over look because they are enthralled with the close quarters graphics, battles, and squad work. I couldn't even play the other day and I know work is getting done, I just hope it's on this.
  10. Trees and Lag are a dealbreaker

    My GPU is a little behind.. it's only a 560ti 2Gb with a 1100T Cpu and 16gB of memory... could very well be the problem. The lag was a problem server side, otherwise the server size would not have been reduced. I know the trees look like that for everyone, it's even in the picture on the homepage currently. Beautiful trees up close, a patchy range, and then potatoes. I'll change out my GPU but that's not going to fix trees and culling issues? unless me and the guy doing video for that picture have the same issue. I'm just saying it needs to be a major priority IMHO.
  11. Trees and Lag are a dealbreaker

    They look like digital camo far out, and within 20m they change. In a game where identifying your enemies position is huge, shape shifting trees is a killer. Some of the trees aren't even viewable far out and hills just looks like hills with a few random trees on them. That's my family's logo. We do Landscaping, so I know trees.
  12. The resolution I was able to get around, no biggie. The tress if are just a placeholder I can maybe get around but at the moment are just horrible. If the lag wasn't a deal breaker this would be. I just hope it doesn't turn into one of those things like ARMA's ragdoll where you guys get content with it, because it really ruins the immersiveness, and trees in BF2 look better. Lastly lots of people have complained about the firing lag, which is probably tied into the low server player max count, these are basic things that need to be addressed a.s.a.p. if your going to hold the interest of everyone for alpha testing. I really appreciate the work so far, I don't know if these issues are on my end with video card settings or purely the game. Thanks
  13. The best features Squad will offer - UE4

    yeah but at the moment trees even 30 m away look like sheet. If the game is going to be tailored down to suit people running old hardware, doesn't even matter.
  14. huge problem for me, makes me not want to start playing because I feel like I'm not seeing the game for what it really should be, even on the most basic level, my foliage looks SO bad. that command doesn't work and it's day 2.
  15. [KNOWN ISSUES] Ranger build 17-19/07/2015

    While in settings you can fire your weapon resolutions above 1440s not available, when 1200 was selected, nothing above 1200 was available again, including 1440 which was originally available trees changing at about 20m makes the field of vision way to busy, cull distance on objects should be maximized, no point in having a larger view distance than bf2 if you can't actually see things that are there. leaning left puts your own footsteps sounds too far right to the point where it sounds like someone else is walking next to you