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  1. [WIP] MILPACS Standalone

    At the moment there is no ETA as I have not gotten much support for it. I have to kinda go where the money is so I can pay bills. The more backers I can get for it the more I will be able to focus on it. I plan on doing as much work as I can on my off time. If anyone wants to create any sore of content for the system, let me know in the MILPACS Discord. I will give all credit for content used.
  2. MILPACS: And More to come... is a system designed and offered to the First Person Shooter (FPS) and/or Tactical Realism (TR) community including but not limited to; ARMA II & III, Squad, Airsoft and anything else you can think of. What it Is: MILPACS Stants for "Military Personnel and Classification System". MILPACS is designed to simulate the structure of an active combat unit fighting on the front line. It's functional roster and profile pages, for both soldiers and the units they belong to, provide a wealth of information to visitors and instills pride in our troops. This version of MILPACS will not require phpnuke but will work on ANY web servers that has PHP and an MySQL Database. Main Features: Roster Enlistment Page After Action Report Personal Profiles Unit Profiles Attendance system for Drills and Operations Weapons page (Lists any weapons you want with the info. for eg. Weapon Name, Ammunition size, Range, Feet Per Second and More!) Awards (Manage Awards to save in the Milpacs system and give any awards to your troops that they earn.) SquadXML And More to come... Check out MILPACS HERE MILPACS DISCORD