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  1. ive been told amd will get a fix in the next few months so weather its ryzen or fx fx wont run 60 fps solid ryzen will 4 some reason amd on ue4 for squad parks cores i think its a c++ code problem
  2. low fps on amd

    amd fx 8350 oc gtx 960 4gb 16 gb its getting stuiped now people are complaning about fps its been out since dec 2015 its now mid 2017 when can we see better performance?
  3. i have had this problem recently i am going upgrade my card from a 7850 2gb i dont know what it is but i think its either the gpu or the game
  4. i have played it seem to turn shawdows folige off everything else off i get 40 fps not bad tbh i just hope the new update will bring more optimization
  5. update amd fx 8350 8 core 4.0ghz 16gb ram same gfx card
  6. amd a8 6600k apu 3.90ghz (overclocked) 4.0 amd radeon 7850 2gb ram 8gb ddr3 1600mhz wind 10 64bit wanted someone tell me if i can run fine with these settings thanks