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  1. Quick Reload Feature

    I think it'd be nice if you hit R twice quickly which drops the mag to the ground and the character immediately shoves a fresh one in with the penalty of losing whatever was left in that mag.
  2. Its already hard enough to kill people in V10 please don't go around trying to make it harder. This game is not a military simulator it's a cross between Arma and Battlefield that is meant to be fun not a simulation.
  3. Does anyone remember that picture with 100 soldiers smiling for the camera on Logar Valley? Probably not, because that was back in like 2016 but I do. It was pretty sweet and it gave me high hopes that we would soon be having intense games with more people. However that has been on the back burner with V10 and I dont see progress in the monthly recaps anymore. So I'm just wondering how is the 50 v 50 coming along and will we see it anytime soon?
  4. Why you should always be recording

    what ive done in the past is leave it recording and alt tab whenever it says its getting full and delete the past footage if something cool happens i alt tab at the end of the game clip it and then delete the footage my memory usually lasts like 3 or 4 games its stored online
  5. Why you should always be recording

    I am in no way sponsored by plays tv lol im just sharing my experience and ideas with the squad community this is a true story. and im sure your right about the performance issue but people should try to see if their computer will allow them to record in the backround. you never know when your gonna have an amazing run or catch a cheater in the act or need to prove something to admins. the admin asked for proof on both sides and no one was able to provide footage plays.tv is also free and runs seamlessly in my backround- thanks koodos.exe for showing me that it just has an annoying little box that's up in the upper left hand corner and you have to delete your memory every once in a while
  6. Why you should always be recording

    Is it always recording? That was my last game and I have an nvidea gpu you think I could get that footage?
  7. Tonight I was playing on a server where there was a superfob in the police station on the map sumari. My squad leader put a mortar down and like any good mate would do I hoped on and dialed everything in. The mortars started droping and my kills started climbing, the team started pushing into police station and I noticed I teamkilled a friendly. I made a message in all chat saying sorry and re adjusted my mortars to hit where the team wasn't pushing from, this unfortunately was not enough as I was getting spammed in team chat to stop. So I switch to smoke thinking that this will help my team get into police easier and 6 mortars later a teammate spawns in says "you were warned" and blows my head off. My call for admins goes unnoticed and the push on police station ends up failing. I notice that there are no team mates on police station and begin to mortar it thanks to the endless supplies from a nice logi driver. Unfortunately once again same guy spawns in and blows my head off. So I cry in all chat and beg for an admin but nothing gets done, no admins on go figure. I think to myself why am i playing on this server when total war doesn't allow this nonsense, but it is what it is decide to play...and leave the mortars behind. I had a great time until I noticed my name come up in all chat after an admin had joined. I see FISHER this FISHER that by the same people who shot me off the mortar. Trying to defend myself gets me nowhere as those same people start trying to get me banned accusing me of intentional teamkilling, hindering, and even grieving saying I dug down their fob. It was then when I realized sonovabitch! Why didn't I turn my recording on? My word is just as good as theirs and if I had just gone into my plays.tv app and turned it on all I'd have to do is drop the video of me getting teamkilled off the mortars and not being a griever in their discord channel and my complaints would be validated! TLDR: if you find yourself getting teamkilled, grieved on, find a cheater, or get falsely accused it's easy to prove and get it fixed if you have a recording of it. I hope this helps someone! https://plays.tv
  8. download discord set up an account go to dongles playhouse in the server forums click on the discord link then go to server ban appeals explain what happened they should be pretty understanding if you have anymore questions dont hesitate to ask
  9. Please make some way to flip over vehicles and get them unstuck. There is honestly nothing more in this world that pisses me off more than flipping a vehicle, like it ruins the game for me. I know many of times if said forget it and alt f4ed out of here after sticking a btr on some stupid piece of wall that i didn't see. Besides killing a stuck or flipped vic is so lame and provides absolutely no satisfaction.
  10. Plans for another 2nd public v10 test?

    No, its already been 3 weeks v10 should be out any day now and rumor has it the devs are dropping it before the end of the month.
  11. Extra Rpgs carried by squad mate

    Oooooo i like that
  12. How would you improve the G3?

    How is it good? It sucks in cqb because of its low fire rate and its terrible at long range because the bulky iron sights cover the whole target and you only get one shot because the recoil throws the gun around so much that you have to completely require the target again.Its only pro is its damage and even that isn't that good because if they medic quick enough they can still get you. Your just better off if you go with an ak. Dont get me wrong I love the g3, just wish it was more usable.
  13. We all know that the G3 sucks and that taking an ak is much better for every single engagement you face. I'm wondering what would your idea of improving it be? Is it an optic, better damage, more iron sight zoom, lower recoil or nothing at all? Interested in hearing everyone's opinion.
  14. POLL - v10

    Absolutely love V10 and theres nothing i would want changed. The slower game play draws out firefights and makes strategy more important than the run and gun tactics that I'm used to. Please make this a separate game for the moment because I dread going back to V9. Everything about V10 makes the game seem more realistic, fun and engaging. Everyone that I have talked to just loves the new meta, so please devs let it stay and let us find more bugs than you ever dreamed of.
  15. Is it? After playing the new version for several hours the biggest thing that I took away about vehicles was that the 30 Mil is just absolutely amazing in every single way. Its very easy to take on multiple enemy vehicles and infantry at the same time as well as having great defenses, not only can you cook 2 or 3 vics but you can also switch to your he ammo and waste squad after squad after you have shot off all your ap rounds! Thoughts?