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  1. Admin scramble command

    Joining a clan definitely has its perks and being able to play in the same squad as your buddies is one of them. Taking that away by being able to scramble teams wouldn't sit well and im sure they'd be back on the same team before the match ended. Not to mention most clans who play together play on their own servers.
  2. New PC - Nvidia 1080

  3. you know it would be really cool if we could have a class in the rifleman part where you had a crappy gun but extra rockets for the light anti tank class kind like how insurgents in iraq or afg usually have people with baskets or whatever on their back filled with rpgs. What do you think?
  4. Any update on AI development?

    his comment should have no credibility until i see moderator or develo per under his name
  5. Sound variety

    ill second this
  6. How many copies?

    i think its a good estimate with a 5% deviation either way so its accurate. still thats a lot of well deserved money going into the devs pocket.
  7. Question about iron sight

    its coming...someday...
  8. Destroying Vics At Main

    I recently played a game on desmos server and there was a scumbag by the name of Tommy who literally killed every single unclaimed vehicle that we had at our Russian Main. Despite all of the planning that we had done pregame we lost more than likely to not having our 2 btrs and a logi truck that this dirt bag took out. I understand that there are trolls in every game but allowing vics to be friendly fired at main gives them so much potential to screw things up. Thanks FISHER
  9. In-game advertisement to pull extra $$$

    i wouldnt mind it if its in the loading screen only
  10. How 'bout destruction?

    this isnt battlefield man
  11. Bipods for marksmen?

    if thats the case i hope that the devs allow us to chose our magnification. not like battlefield 4 where you have a quick flip between magnification but a slow blur as your player adjusts the zoom on the scope
  12. Should Weapon Sway Be Redone?

    Should the devs increase the sway of rifles to reflect what weapon sway is like shooting off hand in real life? I know at 50 yards its pretty hard for me to keep my sights on a man sized target for more than a few seconds and ive been shooting since a kid. As a matter of fact a youtuber did a video with a pro body builder to see if they could shoot accurately holding an M14 without rest and it was even a challenge for him!
  13. Bipods for marksmen?

    would you want to have bipods on the marksman class or would that make them too overpowered?
  14. ADS FOV Slider

    your right but you know what would be cool is if you could get this image when you hold shift and zoom in (as an option)
  15. That m240B better deal some significant damage!

    i also think the m249 should be given more idle sway when shooting singles because it handles similar to the m4.