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  1. Extra Rpgs carried by squad mate

    Oooooo i like that
  2. How would you improve the G3?

    How is it good? It sucks in cqb because of its low fire rate and its terrible at long range because the bulky iron sights cover the whole target and you only get one shot because the recoil throws the gun around so much that you have to completely require the target again.Its only pro is its damage and even that isn't that good because if they medic quick enough they can still get you. Your just better off if you go with an ak. Dont get me wrong I love the g3, just wish it was more usable.
  3. We all know that the G3 sucks and that taking an ak is much better for every single engagement you face. I'm wondering what would your idea of improving it be? Is it an optic, better damage, more iron sight zoom, lower recoil or nothing at all? Interested in hearing everyone's opinion.
  4. POLL - v10

    Absolutely love V10 and theres nothing i would want changed. The slower game play draws out firefights and makes strategy more important than the run and gun tactics that I'm used to. Please make this a separate game for the moment because I dread going back to V9. Everything about V10 makes the game seem more realistic, fun and engaging. Everyone that I have talked to just loves the new meta, so please devs let it stay and let us find more bugs than you ever dreamed of.
  5. Is it? After playing the new version for several hours the biggest thing that I took away about vehicles was that the 30 Mil is just absolutely amazing in every single way. Its very easy to take on multiple enemy vehicles and infantry at the same time as well as having great defenses, not only can you cook 2 or 3 vics but you can also switch to your he ammo and waste squad after squad after you have shot off all your ap rounds! Thoughts?
  6. Can't load the game

    restart your computer you may have to do this a couple times until it goes. ive had that problem as well.
  7. No Mainstream Youtubers Playing Squad

    how would you go about that? the only way for them to hear you is to be top comment on their vids, or i guess be one of the many thousands of messages in their inbox. Actually I think your wrong if they played with like a four or five man squad with other popular youtubers the way they do in pubg they could make some good content that others would watch even if they didnt play or care to play squad. Regardless it will give squad so much exposure and maybe turn some people on who never heard of this game.
  8. No Mainstream Youtubers Playing Squad

    some of levelcaps vids in the early days of squad had 2-3 million views
  9. Why aren't there more big youtubers playing squad? Like Driftor Levelcap and Jackfrags to name a few I remember the first time when level cap played on chora more than 2 years ago. It was unlike anything i had ever seen before, and now with all of this content being released in V10 i feel like it would be a missed opportunity to not reach out to these youtubers with millions of followers to show people what squad is.
  10. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    This is the direction the developers want to take with squad, allowing individual servers to enable rushing wouldn't allow the devs to push for the meta they want for the game. Also the next how many updates are going to be thought of and developed for the linear gameplay of aas.
  11. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    No SL worth their salt would waste their time rushing a point that could be capped by one dude hiding on the point for 2 minutes, rushing is done.
  12. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    Wanna know the quickest way to kill a server? have a clan consistently rush the first cap points game after game. Eventually it becomes less about shooting and more about guessing which flag is gonna have 2 whole squads and a fob. That's not fun and that's going to bring more people into the game. Also it's not challenging when the enemy has no fob and you have vehicles sitting anywhere reasonable to where a logi truck could come in WITHIN THE FIRST TEN MINUTES. With rushing taken out its going to shift the strategy around the middle of the map creating a deeper match where you need to think about how to break the stalemate. Give it some time man and I'm sure you to will find it plays better.
  13. Admin scramble command

    Joining a clan definitely has its perks and being able to play in the same squad as your buddies is one of them. Taking that away by being able to scramble teams wouldn't sit well and im sure they'd be back on the same team before the match ended. Not to mention most clans who play together play on their own servers.
  14. New PC - Nvidia 1080