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  1. How 'bout desctruction?

    this isnt battlefield man
  2. Bipods for marksmen?

    if thats the case i hope that the devs allow us to chose our magnification. not like battlefield 4 where you have a quick flip between magnification but a slow blur as your player adjusts the zoom on the scope
  3. Should Weapon Sway Be Redone?

    Should the devs increase the sway of rifles to reflect what weapon sway is like shooting off hand in real life? I know at 50 yards its pretty hard for me to keep my sights on a man sized target for more than a few seconds and ive been shooting since a kid. As a matter of fact a youtuber did a video with a pro body builder to see if they could shoot accurately holding an M14 without rest and it was even a challenge for him!
  4. Bipods for marksmen?

    would you want to have bipods on the marksman class or would that make them too overpowered?
  5. ADS FOV Slider

    your right but you know what would be cool is if you could get this image when you hold shift and zoom in (as an option)
  6. That m240B better deal some significant damage!

    i also think the m249 should be given more idle sway when shooting singles because it handles similar to the m4.
  7. That m240B better deal some significant damage!

    i agree to but i hope that they slow players movements down and make firing without a bipod very difficult