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  1. Squad servers wont load sometimes

    oh .. ok :/...i would join through IP of some server but i dont know how...i tried Squad Server Browser but when i click join through steam (shortcut) nothing happen in Squad Its soo anoying...my ping is OK but i click update server list and there are no servers
  2. Squad servers wont load sometimes

    So i got that problem again when i try to refresh server list they just dissapear....i even tried set ping to 500 or 250....sometimes...rarely...i can se full server list
  3. Squad servers wont load sometimes

    The problem showed up again and i tried that ping and it worked so thanks
  4. Squad servers wont load sometimes

    Thanks guys but now it seems fine and i havent done anything....but sometimes it happen so ill try that ping
  5. Squad servers wont load sometimes

    now it seems quite fine...i can join easily so for now i need no help but thanks
  6. Hi guys...so i have this problem...everytime when i start Squad it loads me full server list..but if i scroll down sometimes it just dissapear and there are only like 4 servers so i click update server list and there is one server so i click update again and there are no servers and from this point its so hard to load again full list so i need to restart the game...yes and one more thing...my internet is quite normal but everytime i start Squad and the server list dissapears it crashes my internet because i try to look on google chrome,explorer etc... and it wont load and if i end squad then after one minute its all good....and its so annoying because if i want to play i need to restart the game...please help...thanks.
  7. Can my friend run Squad ?

    ok thanks for answers guys
  8. Can my friend run Squad ?

    Hi,my friend dont know if he can run Squad....here are his PC specs : CPU : Intel Pentium E5500 (2.8Ghz) Graphics Card : Nvidia GeForce GT 430 RAM : 6GB if anyone has a idea please type it...thanks
  9. Recoil mode

    I have almost never used auto...maybe on really really close range...why i should learn recoil ? firefights are usually at 150 meters + so burst is usseles...this is not Counter Strike man..
  10. Squad on MAC

  11. Squad on MAC

    Hi...my friend really want to buy that game but we dont know if it works on MAC Air...thanks
  12. Will Squad be in sale ?

  13. Will Squad be in sale ?

    yes its worth every penny thats right but why he should buy it now for $40 and in like 5 days it will be 50% cheaper (probably)
  14. SVD too weak

    AMMO CAPACITY SUCKS ??? really....this is not CoD this is real....real SVD have 10 bullets in mag...
  15. Squad sale on summer sales

    yes i just cant wait ...if i had that money i would buy it right now but i have other interests than pc so i cant invest my full pocket to steam =D