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  1. My squad says that my Mic is choppy, but all of my testing sounds. Is there a optimal default format for speakers and microphone? (ie. 16 bit or 24 bit , 44100 - 192000 Hz.)? If I set the mic for 24 bit 44100 am I trying to send too much data, and that makes it choppy? Thanks
  2. Sound ??? Direction

    So I just wanted to keep this going. In my playing I hear team, and squad near by fire OK. I can discern direction. I rarely hear enemy fire when getting hit unless I can see them near, I hear buzz zip, or plink. But often times i just take hits and there is no shot noise or directionality. I am using a 5.1 headset "Turtle Beach Ear-force Charlie". they are older and use separate connectors (front, rear, center, mic, USB for power) I have seen some stuff about unlocking Dolby digital. mother board is MSI Gaming M7. Also for those that say they can hear just fine, what are you using to hear and are you running any special software?