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  1. New Role: Machine Gunner American Weapon?

    its the m240 bravo machine gun. they have some nice model pictures in the October 2017 recap.
  2. Concealed Carry Pieces

    nice glock! I carry also, depending on the day i vary between a Kahr cm9 and a kimber 45 ultra carry.
  3. Tank cooking off

    The rate of the burn off clearly shows this was not because of 125mm round burning off. T-72's came in multi fuel engines. This was most likely a gasoline burn off, and the weapon used RPG-29 detonated its second round in 1 of the 9 fuel reservoirs, (4 inner and 5 outer) This kind of catastrophic failure is specific to WW2 era tanks IE the T-72 because modern day reactive armor, so yeah it would be cool to see a tank go boom, but when considering realism adding a common catastrophic failure that is specific to the T-72 tank in a realistic war game wouldn't be out of sight.
  4. Tank cooking off

    This was an RPG 29 which uses two detonations the second to kill the crew, but you can tell by the rate of the burn off that the round hit the engine bay. This was most likely a T-72 multi fuel powered tank and had gasoline sitting so the round lucky hit the engine bay.
  5. Tank cooking off

    Hi readers and hopefully Devs. I have a suggestion for tanks in the distant future that would really make the realism pop. Here is a video of a t-72 tank hit by an ATGM top of the motor, and shortly after cooks off with amazing effects.(crewmen escaped safely) I would love to see this kind of visual content in the game and i'm sure all of the soon to be tank hunters will also get a peak of satisfaction from placing such an accurate shot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzPiuYcZeOU thanks for reading.