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  1. http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/16623/the-us-army-is-issuing-its-new-m17-pistols-to-many-more-troops-than-its-predecessor So.....
  2. You can rush with your entire squad in a btr or transport just the same. What a timer like that going to do is have impact for the entire round not only upon match start...
  3. Squad Roles: Discussion

    KEEP IT SIMPLE. At least for vanilla. If you want customization -> modding/private communities.
  4. New U.S. Army Handgun - M17

    ohh must admit I must've missed that update Cool thing they're implementing this!
  5. Show Us Your Rig for Squad!

    4930K + NHD14 GTX 1060 (6gb) Xonar DGX ASUS X79 Deluxe 16GB DDR3 HyperX 256gb 840 pro 500gb wd black 500gb wd blue HX750w 27" IPS LG monitor steelseries 6gv2 (best keyboard ever hands down) mionix avior 7000 Audio Technica M30 headphones Neewer NW700 Mic
  6. I stay away from her and her entourage I swear wouldn't come closer to her with a 10 foot pole
  7. That actually makes sense. Can't believe I haven't thought of that....
  8. I agree with not being able to detonate it after dying and respawning but the IED's should persist and able to be shot at for detonation. For example if an IED bike sits in the middle of the road and the U.S. team is oblivious to it and the bike explodes from shots fired by the U.S. then it should go off and inflict damage.... IED's / Mines should explode when shot at. IED's should explode and inflict damage when the vehicle they're connected to (Bike, Techie) explode. That's how life works. Well that's also how life works...should be applied to the game under "realism"....
  9. Wind speed can affect the trajectory

    I'd go a step further and request areas on maps that would have higher gusts of wind in order to give an advantage to those rocking higher caliber rounds like 7.62. I assume 7.62 deviates much less than 5.56. If I'm correct and this is implemented then giving the factions like Insurgents or Militia an advantageous cap point above an area with higher gusts of wind will be a freaking sick thing to have. Sorry it's just my imagination talking....
  10. Please enable SL to lock their RP

    What happens if the Squad Leader is alive near the RP, everyone else is dead and there's only 1 spawn left?
  11. 1. Make a dead man's switch that's usable while driving. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but currently scout needs to exit the vehicle to be able to detonate. Need to be able to detonate while driving. 2. IED's and Mines must remain persistent even if the player who placed them leaves the game. Mines and IED's don't just disappear magically just don't exist I'm sorry.
  12. Please enable SL to lock their RP

    I'm on the fence on this one. Definitely a good idea that's worth looking into.
  13. Agreed +1
  14. Increase HMG emplacement shooting Angle

    Can you find a video or picture showing a full 360 degree usability? Everything I remember seeing about this points to a fairly limited angle like it is now. If placed at the right spot it's a deadly thing to have. Especially on Al Basrah inner city covering long roads and MSR's. It's all about how and where you place it!
  15. Damage to crew inside vehicles

    It will only be hard to drive after the impact. If there's no impact there's no disorientation or hindered field of view.
  16. Vehicle Approval Suggestion

    Yeah but the whole point is not having to open the map in order to approve the claim...
  17. There has been ample amounts of threads and replies (majority made by me I'll admit) concerning tutorial or some sort of basic training. The details of what it should and shouldn't encompass as well as the level of access granted upon completion has been discussed many many times and different suggestions were made. However never got an official response from anyone if the devs are contemplating implementing it or not. No answer as of yet.... The reason I'm bringing this up again is simple: with the new Logistical resupply system in V10 there will be an even worst overall experience that will accompany the update due to an extremely significant percentage of players that don't know how to perform a resupply using a logi as it is now prior to V10. This is a major major cause for concern that shouldn't be the only reason to need a tutorial. Things like how to use mortars, how to use logi, basics of squad leading....etc.... tl;dr -> Will the devs finally come out and state if Squad will get a tutorial system to better prepare players for multiplayer? If not, why? Thank you.
  18. Damage to crew inside vehicles

    Read it over again, there's nothing complex with what I suggested. Simple: Instead of health damage upon impact, the crew will be disoriented for a few seconds. Think of it as seeing stars when someone hits your head with a football. Quite literally a knock out.
  19. Vehicle Approval Suggestion

    Bump It needs to be added ASAP. Either notification or just radial menu or something....I hate having to open the map every time I'm driving not in a straight line
  20. Damage to crew inside vehicles

    Well I don't see health damage taken when hitting an inanimate object/stopping abruptly as a way to discourage players from driving recklessly and flipping the vehicle. If such mechanic was to be implemented I'm sure it will be a minuscule amount of damage not nearly enough to yield the results you expect it to. Basically people will still drive like retards no matter what. However on the other hand instead of health damage you were to introduce a mechanic that reduces the crew's (driver and gunner especially) effective screen field of view, peripheral vision, reaction time (add a delay), color gamut/contrast (make it black & white) and whatever else the devs come up with then you will get exactly the result you're looking for -> discourage players from driving recklessly
  21. Damage to crew inside vehicles

    Maybe not actual damage to health but what about some sort of disorienting state where the screen darkens and peripheral vision is immensely reduced?
  22. I agree with pre-capped objectives. Especially on Yehorivka AASV1 (All 3 Patrivka's and all 3 Novo's should be pre-capped). That will leave Militia with going straight to Stepne and leave the Russian side with only Village neutral. This will give Militia a much needed boost to accommodate for their inferiority to the Russians.
  23. Damage to crew inside vehicles

    Well...first thing that comes to mind with this suggestion is fixing the "titanium-made trees and bushes" that seem to stop a 16 tons stryker....If you want to implement damage to the crew from an abrupt stop or skidding then fix these trees!
  24. Militia/Ins need M4/G3A3 with scoop (SCOPE?)

    There has been sooo many threads about this but I definitely agree. Need scopes/optics for insurgents & militia!