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  1. Mk 19 in project reality not squad why?

    Every time I see a post about another weapon or gadget for conventional forces, I can't help but chuckle. I'll ask the same question: - If you give this weapon for conventional forces, what will you give the unconventional forces in return to balance this?
  2. Army hand gestures

    I don't want to start figuring out the button combinations for hand gestures. Won't be using them anyway. I'd rather the devs use their time to work on improving the VoiP like individual ear assignment etc...
  3. Gamemode - Flag Drop

    or the SDK http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/71-modding/
  4. Gamemode - Flag Drop

    Honestly, I would prefer the developers use their time to release territory control and randomized AAS since they're already in the works. That should be a breath of fresh air.
  5. Dispatchers?

    +1 Basically
  6. Make sense. Although wouldn't that flood local comms a lot more? If this were to be implemented, I'll find myself as the SL take a few steps back from where most of my squad is to not to flood their local comms.
  7. FOBs in V12+

    @Peerun nah man it's the math you require us to do that glitches my brain. Think of the construction points consumed by the FOB, for increased up time, as a maintenance resources
  8. 1000% this is a huge problem. The whole game of Squad revolves around tickets. Ticket bleed this and ticket that but the damn scoreboard doesn't show how many vehicles the LAT took out. It's honestly pathetic at this point...
  9. Depends on the unit you're in.
  10. I would love to see something like this but not player-controlled. Essentially when the player is incapacitated and a medic comes over to patch him up, the player's head automatically centers around the medic patching for the visual effect and confirmation of healing. I reckon this will be hard to achieve if the medic patches the patient's foot but if devs disable the patching of lower torso it should be easier. Perhaps lower torso could then be used for dragging?
  11. Fob gameplay idea

    Which is why I don't bother superfobbing anymore as it's no longer a viable option. V11 favors hidden and unfortified FOBs/HABs. Would much rather prefer mobility and sneaky FOB placements to swing the momentum in my team's favor. This is an exaggeration but I'm confident saying that Squad is slowly turning into a 50% RTS / 50% FPS rather than 100% FPS. As strategy outweighs the gunplay. This is why vast majority of players' score at round end is 1-10 kills but with 500-1000+ objective points especially on bigger maps. I enjoy squad and do very well, if I do say so myself, as an SL but if the game will turn into a big territory control fiesta where ticket bleed is primary method of winning and over the course of 40 minute match I'm not presented with sufficient killing opportunities then I'll get bored real fast as will others...
  12. FOBs in V12+

    Yeah, I have to agree with @Zylfrax791 on this one as he pretty much nailed it: What about FOBs/HAB having an 'up time' timer instead of limited spawns or other changes in values that will screw with my brain? Completely unrelated from the spawn timer for individual players. The recent changes to the spawn mechanic favor multiple (unfortified and hidden) FOB/HABs set up across the map for AAS/PAAS/INVASION (the 3 most popular modes)...so (values can be changed): Let's make the FOBs stay up for 15 minutes. When timer reaches 0 = FOB disappears with no ticket penalty. In order to keep FOB up = 50 construction are consumed by the FOB which add 5 more minutes to the timer.
  13. http://forums.joinsquad.com/search/?&q=drag&sortby=relevancy https://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=175 I'm on the fence on this one. The only issue I see with this is that it's just another reason for players NOT to have a microphone which I'm not okay with. There's a certain atmosphere that is created when a few teammates are incapacitated and a medic is nearby patching people up. I find it AWESOME AND COOL when there's a casualty situation and the medic takes over telling people not to give up and remain calm as he patches people up. It certainly adds to the immersion.
  14. Fob gameplay idea

    I agree that the current take down of HABS is too quick. It aims to prevent a meatgrind but at the same time it deters the use of a superfob surrounding the HAB which used to be fantastic fights but devs and community chose otherwise, oh well... The current spawn/logistic mechanic favors multiple but unfortified FOB/HAB locations across the map for quick spawn of the team for attack/defense. I would like to see HABs only able to be taken down by 1 specific kit. Similarly to Insurgency game mode where SL needs to be the one throwing incendiary to destroy the cache. Whatever mechanic is chosen is up to the devs but I would like to see cooperation be taken to the next level with HAB takedowns.
  15. Gamemode - Flag Drop

    So basically bf4's chain link mode but instead of pre-determined cap locations like in AAS instead it's the FOBs that act as the "flags". Considering ticket loss per-asset is currently the same across all layers we can assume that loss of FOBs will carry over the ticket penalty they currently do (15 tickets? it keeps changing...). Does your game mode suggestion differ in this regard? I like this idea, but I can see a possible loophole because of this: Since FOBS = FLAGS, that means the SL's can dictate which order suits them best in regards to placement. The first thing that comes to mind is this: Where, as Russian SL, I will have our team place the fourth FOB to be closest to main for resupply etc while another SL places the first 3 fobs further away.
  16. New mechanic for kits and team play

    I think priority should be given to data that is currently missing from the game before your suggestion can be implemented (should it be liked by the devs and community). Things currently missing: - Enemy vehicles destroyed and ticket loss inflicted on the enemy per squad & individual. - LAT forces enemy vehicles away from battle. - Player-consistent tracking, especially for SL's to have a system that can differentiate between a good SL and not so good one. - Any player's skill level with any particular kit other than the SL kit. - Digging down X amount of enemy FOBs per match and the ticket loss inflicted on the enemy. - irresponsible Squad Leader that wasted 3x BTR's or lost 3x FOBs in a match. We need to know who they are! ^ And many more.
  17. Kamdesh - GB Optics vs Militia

    Irregulars lose too often too fast because even upon fortifying a village cap point on Kamdesh forces them to be shot at from distance. If the argument here is that irregulars must fortify their position better, then a change in the game mechanic where irregulars are able to build 2x faster should be implemented. It should be: Irregulars -> lighter, faster, heavier caliber rifles. Regulars -> Heavier, slower, lighter caliber rifles.
  18. New mechanic for kits and team play

    I completely agree with this 100%. As for medic turnover, it's up to the developers to make the kit useful & wanted. Right now the medic role is only useful but not necessarily wanted by many....#incentive!
  19. Close air support

    Safe to assume you're thinking of the conventional forces like U.S. RU GB, but what are you giving Militia and Insurgents in return?
  20. New mechanic for kits and team play

    I don't like variation #1 at all. As for Variation #2 being cooldown, I would only want to see that on the crewman kit.
  21. Removal of marksmen from the game

    I'm sorry guys but I don't think Marksman should be removed. I think being able to lock certain kits will meet people half way but I do find myself in situations where I let my squad mates pick whatever they want so long as a minimum (2 medics, 2 lats, rest is FFA) is met. At a certain point, you have to have fun and more importantly let others have fun while doing good work as a squad.
  22. Removal of marksmen from the game

    You're absolutely right. Why did you even include the word "sniper" when you know it's not in the game to begin with? Could you have made the title more clear to invite members into your thread with a clearer idea of what you're conveying? Something like: "Remove Marksman Class" instead of just "Marksman"? The reason I quoted gatzby's response is because he nailed the reasoning behind having designated marksman: The Marksman class fulfills the gap of a role that is familiar in most FPS games (Heavy caliber rifle+long range optics) while staying true to the real life structure of a conventional squad. As for your experiences with other marksmen, that's up to their SL to correct. If another role is needed then it's up to them to demand for it or kick. There's plenty of times that marksman can be useful and fun to play in the hands of someone who's doing it properly. And kills shouldn't matter The LAT can't see how many vehicles they destroyed or forced away from battle....Don't get me wrong, I'm not justifying marksman over LAT, I'm just saying that in the grand scheme of things the Marksman class has it's moments and can help the squad complete a number of tasks.
  23. Giving the l85A2 new iron-sight

    Not a military expert, but from all the clips in this video I haven't seen 1 British soldier without an optic attached on his L85.....just saying.... Balancing act can still take place under a different format. Conventional forces get optics, unconventional get more explosive gadgets and heavier caliber rifles?