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  1. Piracy gamemode

    Could be a cool mod to play with friends but most probably won't be in the core game.
  2. promoting teamplay

    The scoreboard must be comprised of the stats that reflect teamwork performance. Not just KD as killing is only 1 of many ways to win a game. Number of: - Supply runs a person did with the logi. - Tickets lost vs tickets taken. Can be percentage (-13% or +71%). So a person who wasted 3x warriors with a 20/3 KD will be in negative percentage. - Tickets saved (revives, already in the game). - LAT forced armoured enemy away from battle (If the target crossed X-amount of meters after being hit, allocate those meters crossed as points to the LAT that delivered the shot) - LAT blowing enemy vehicles....how is this not a stat.... - FOBs saved. - FOBs uptime. This one is for SL's to show good/bad FOB placements. - Enemy FOBs attacked/taken down. .....and so much more....
  3. Seems like an awesome game to me, but ...

    Depends on time and day. Most squad players are probably working/going to school as it is currently 1:21PM EST on a Wednesday....Not surprised to see empty servers at this time. Servers tend to populate towards the evening hours and weekends.
  4. New/additional scoreboard information

    No kill feed please. scoreboard needs an overhaul to show for the most important statistic in the game...tickets...
  5. Who was the coolest SL you've had?

    But when a risky move pays out though it’s sooooo satisfying =]
  6. Sun & Compass

    Greeks sure do like the sun! I know a greek guy that can tell the time by just looking at the sun. In any case, I don't think this is a deal breaker honestly....more important things to work on....
  7. There are some servers you may not necessarily want to join because of bad experiences? #Badmins
  8. Farm 51 - World War 3

    New info just dropped: https://worldwar3.com/en/2018/08/20/the-wait-is-over-world-war-3-releases-a-new-gameplay-trailer-and-screenshots/ #pumped.
  9. Farm 51 - World War 3

    From an indie developer an early Alpha that looks this good? It's almost up-to-par with what BF4 was after launch....and it isn't even finished yet....
  10. Kohat Invasion layers

    This reminds me of OP First light where the U.S. steamrolled the militia. That is until the militia got replaced with RU and it became fun-ish again...
  11. High commander class

  12. The pitfall that is community feedback

    oh boy not this again..........
  13. Strong with a K....that's seriously strong....
  14. That's the first time I hear anyone complain about a truck/jeep being faster than an armored vehicle. Isn't that how it's supposed to be? If you've ever played the original bf2 you would remember the horrible spread weapons had in that game except for the sniper rifles. No thanks. Still have nightmares from it as much as I loved that game it was a love/hate relationship. But isn't a depth haze on all maps and layouts a way of reducing visibility? That's what you're suggesting here right? Something like this here:
  15. Sometimes can't load maps

    What are your system's specs? CPU, GPU (VRAM?), RAM. Is it a HDD or SSD and what's the model number?
  16. Sometimes can't load maps

    It's normal. It's loading textures and other sever information. Give it 30 seconds max and the static background should sync up ad you'll see the grass moving/chimney blowing smoke and server feed information (player connected, player disconnected, etc) come up. Then you can press ENTER and do your thing. Again, normal. Just give it 30 seconds let it load!
  17. BE the CHANGE that you WANT to see in SQUAD

    You guys are missing the point about stats. First of all forget KD ratio because devs can choose to put in whatever they deem necessary. So no more Kd arguments. Secondly it can be called something else, like reputation or whatever the devs are capable of coming up with that isn’t aligned with the classic way stats have appeared in past games like bf2 and bf3. you guys are taking your experiences with CS, BF, COD statistics and try to apply them to squad - don’t. Let’s try it differently: - how can you judge your SL’s experience to know if you should be in his squad or not? - were there instances where the SL you were following made a number of really bad moves that cost the team an early loss? How can we prevent that instead of just brushing them off saying “they’re new give them a chance to learn” or “let’s just wait for next round”. - how can we ensure quality of life of Squad as it relates to public played matches? Are we just gonna promote the game to organized communities? - if stats were derived in a manner of which their accuracy was good enough to summarize a proper reputation of a player over time, without any loopholes, would that work? @MultiSquid you said if an SL sets a good fob down and it’s lost due to other SL’s (or same SL) not defending it would constitute something like a false negative but should there be another value given for defending the placed fob then that in itself could be another stat SL’s would take into consideration -> FOB’s defended. At the end of the day, we need to be able to quantify SL’s abilities. This could work towards categorizing different SL’s for their strengths and weaknesses. some SL has proven record of defending fobs - this guy should defend the cap and fob while others push. some SL has proven record that he hasn’t lost many FOBs - this guy should place the backup fobs and forward fobs he must know how to place them. this guy lost too many vehicles, he’s in the negative - don’t approve his vehicle requests. etc... more importantly to take from all this - no KD is needed to construct a reputation score.
  18. I'm afraid you're asking the wrong question. Squad never stated they want a 1:1 ratio to real life. If you want something like that then there's ARMA III which is a simulation game. The reason for this common confusion is because Squad sits in a very strange place on the Realism/Arcade spectrum. Squad is still in Alpha because it's still trying to establish itself somewhere on that spectrum. Simply put, Squad doesn't know what Squad is. I believe, and someone can correct me if I'm wrong, that OWI plans to promote teamwork over individualism. They can achieve this by either giving incentives or blocking certain things. This is why the ARMA III zoom hasn't been implemented because the game aims (pun intended) to encourage individuals to work together therefor the roles with the correct gear (SL binoculars, Scout Binoculars, ACOG rifleman, MG M145, Marksmen, etc...) are useful for long-range engagements and target acquisition whereas the red dot/iron sight would have an advantage in CQB and could follow the tracers of the command and support roles. Simply put -> working together. Let's look at it from a different perspective, if you want realism than consider these: - The torque settings on the vehicles (trucks) at the moment are higher than they would normally be in real life to compensate for the steep terrain. - Spawn mechanic is unrealistic. We should all be driving/walking not magically appearing on a rally/FOB. - Not being able to pick up weapons. - Not being able to share ammo. - Trucks slamming into buildings like nothing happened. - Can't shoot the tires of a truck although compartmental damage is coming only for armored I believe as the first iteration. We can go on.... So you see using "realism" as an argument, or insinuating it, is tricky because there's other things you would lose if Squad was a 1:1 representation of reality. Also: And lastly:
  19. Yeah I'm with @MultiSquid on this one. I think you're just good with the kit and were able to find those sweet spots where opportunities just presented themselves a lot more. With the new suppression coming, I'm sure we'll see a shift in the right direction where it will be much easier to suppress MG fire. Lastly, here's 2 examples of the importance of finding that sweet sweet spot
  20. Battlefield 3 Project Reality mod

    The cease and desist was mainly due to revive distributing the game client freely. I understand that. I brought it up because as you said, EA is money grabbing and even if VU does the same as BF2hub (require users to have legal copy of the game) it doesn't mean they won't find something else to use for closing it up. I stay optimistic for this mod, but with a hint of skepticism....
  21. BE the CHANGE that you WANT to see in SQUAD

    And that is the problem. Clan Stacking. You can't honestly expect all players to play as part of a community. So why punish pubbies by increasingly favoring clan-stacking? If anything, you want your organized group of 4-5 people to have a challenge right? otherwise what's the point of playing a game if you win all the time.... Persistent statistics shouldn't be viewed as K/D whores...it all depends on the implementation. What I think should happen is giving the ability for players to view another player's achievements, win/loss percentages, FOB up-time, FOBs lost, vehicles lost, etc...these can all be averaged to paint a quick image of a person's abilities in squad. This is why it's so important to have something like persistent stats for pubbies because then they can get together and follow someone with a better average which has better chances to leading the squad properly. Has little to do with K/D whores...Right now there's no way to differentiate between someone with 10 hours in Squad VS another with 1000 hours PLAYABLE NOT IDLE. Where the person with 1000 hours has effective 100 times the knowledge and experience in the game (mechanics) in comparison. Irrefutable. If OWI is shaping squad to be a genre of it's own sitting somewhere between BF and ARMA in the arcade/realism scale then we should also consider to reshape our views on statistics and their impact on gameplay.
  22. I'm implying that slapping an ARMA III style zoom won't give the 1080P players any compensation against those playing in 4K as the gap will remain the same. If anything you would just be amplifying the problem, not solving it. 1+2 = 3 2+2 = 4 Thing is, at the end of the day you want to instill cooperation between the classes especially those with and without optics. The moment a basic rifleman is able to engage (either accurately or not) at longer distances without the need of his comrade's optic or SL's binos for fire angle correction is when this game will turn into shit and we'll get an abundance of lone wolfs doing their own thing. Or not...I have been wrong before but I'm pretty sure about this one...No thanks. But like I said before, if the map and layer design is made in such way so that long range engagements (500m+) is impossible or at the very least not beneficial to those with superior gear then there you go it won't matter who's rocking a 32" 4K monitor or not, the map should be designed with some assets acting as obstacles to allow long range engagement to take place on areas of the map that are not anywhere near important cap points.