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  1. Submit Your Battlecam!

  2. Gas attacks?

  3. JO Maps - by LJ

    On that note, I'm unsure if SQUAD will ever have amphibious or boats/crafts but if that's every going to be implemented I would be stoked for it. Personally I was always a big fan of the early Battlefield 2 era with maps that had big aircraft carriers that the U.S. team started on and had to take boats/jets/helicopters and assault the land (golf of oman, wake island, Sharqi Peninsula, etc...). I think that maybe you could start a map project and leave a large chunk of water for a time where SQUAD will implement water vehicles and have one side (U.S. Nimitz or RU Admiral Kuznetsov) start on an aircraft carrier and be forced to use amphibious landings. GARRRRRRR CANT WAIT!@#!@#!@#
  4. JO Maps - by LJ

    I wish I had the time and skill to put into mapping Otherwise great stuff man! Will be following your progress
  5. Speed Reload suggestion

    I too find the current reload to be slow at times of need. Perhaps have the switch to secondary (pistol) faster? On the kits that have it of course...
  6. Free resupply for Medic

    No need for this.
  7. "Rank" For Squad Lead

    I think no ranks whatsoever is ultimately the better choice. A new player with under 50 hours may learn quickly how to lead and be very good at it. Also, it's less intimidating for players to want to SL. It's almost as if each round is a new start.
  8. FOB Mechanics Too Harsh

    lol ok buddy sure thing
  9. FOB Mechanics Too Harsh

    I welcome you to make a factual assumption: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA6y9fVi4el8Hc-L5TdoCcw
  10. Daily squad

  11. FOB Mechanics Too Harsh

    I guess I'd rather be a good SL with a little more responsibilities making sure my squad has everything they need to succeed at the task at hand instead of kicking people. Goes to promote positive vibes and getting them to have more fun.
  12. FOB Mechanics Too Harsh

    New FOB mechanic sucks only because not a lot of emphasis is being made on the importance of Log runs. Hell, I am FORCED to do them myself as SL because when I ask nicely (and not so nicely) I just get 0 response from my squad mates. This has been a consistent experience in the last 10+ matches since new alpha version.
  13. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    Give me my IDF!!!
  14. AK Issues

    In my experience, the AK wins vs the M4 1v1 CQB. For medium-long range put it on single and make your shots count, see how fast they drop!
  15. Tickets, the game mechanic

    @Tartantyco wait a minute you guys ban people for writing "gg" towards the end of a round? What happened to sportsmanship lol!
  16. What Were Your Best Logi Runs?

    Kohat Valley invasion U.S. side. -> 9.6 -> Had to bring supplies to next fob on Chakr/Ali Abad. ~100 Tickets left. Used the river. Quickly found out Insurgents also were at the river waiting for me with RPG's. First one missed me. Second and Third RPG's direct hit. Fire extinguishers. 2 squad mates KIA. 2 wounded including myself. I made it. Dropped a Rally. Dropped FOB, supplied, HAB is up. Team ready to spawn and neutralize Ali Abad. Ran out of tickets.
  17. Look at the teams & clans section of the forums, those teams usually have good people willing to give helping hand: http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/22-teams-clans/
  18. Mercy flag bleed. (Question)

    I may be wrong but I do not think so. If you rush the enemy's first cap point and contest the neutral effectively preventing them from having any flag, it shouldn't trigger the mercy bleed until your team captures ALL of the other flags. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  19. Where did you hear about us

    lol agreed. Please let us remove this it hurts my soul a little too
  20. Logi quality of life quick change

    @madcat768 I think getting urgent supplies to a FOB with enemies lurking, IED hajis, mines etc.... is a challenge in itself especially now with more emphasis on logi use since passive regen was removed and ammunition/construction points caps are still implemented. In my opinion the current system is balanced well and if any change is considered it should be creating a better appeal to performing logi runs but not on a realism level like you suggest. A longer logi run process will dissuade it's usage.
  21. Logi quality of life quick change

    Ok I'm gonna stop you guys there. It's hard enough as it is to get people to volunteer for SIMPLE logi runs. Just last night I had to do them myself as an SL because everyone went quiet when I asked. Now you guys want to involve a longer process? No! Stop! Drop! Shut Em Down Open Up Shop!!!
  22. Sigh...causes me to yell HACKERSSS everytime
  23. Cookers

    @LugNut lol I have the tendency to get too attached to features and when they're removed/changed with a new version I need time to adapt. But yeah I liked the cooker fobs prior to 9.6 or wtv it was.
  24. Some maps too linear and "clean"

    If you're referring to a more chaotic scenery on Al Basrah, I can certainly see the appeal. Middle-Eastern war zone feel to it. Perhaps we'll see this type of scenery in the up and coming Fallujah