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  1. Few suggestions

    llol right!
  2. Disable ALL chat! PLEASE!

    +1 agreed. Admin messages should override any option client-side that disables or hides All Chat.
  3. Disable ALL chat! PLEASE!

    He was using that as a comparative analogy
  4. Pointing at targets physically .

    Well with the animation update and free look this can be an interesting thing to have. Although I think having the waypoint 3d marker system is great as everyone can focus on that point instead of having to guess where my hand is pointing at. I also presume that a cooldown would be put in place as shooting the gun won't be possible while pointing. Overall, why not. But I don't see this as a priority right now.
  5. Few suggestions

    Way to edit your response! Back on topic: Who said anything about punishing them? It's a system that will ensure that all relevant information is given for the team to be able to make better judgement calls. For example: As an SL, myself, personally, if hours are implemented for all players and I happen to have a few squad mates with very little hours say <5 hours then I can make a better judgment call as to the objectives and tactics the squad will be conducting. Instead of rushing or be aggressive I can decide to cap the back caps and build fall-back FOB. Essentially taking it slow. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Now if anyone wants to punish others for having less time in the game that in my opinion is shitty behavior and I would not support it. But having hours implemented in game while not perfect, does seem to have the it's advantages outweigh the disadvantage.
  6. Few suggestions

    Not to sound like an ass but if you want to get technical here....
  7. Few suggestions

    I disagree with everything you just said with the exception of one small thing. 1. Basic Training Implementing a Basic Training can either be optional or as a prerequisite for multiplayer. If optional: Nothing is going to change from the way the game is currently being played. New players would still be able to join a multiplayer game just like they do now and lead squad just like they do now. Hence the word "optional". You want to learn the mechanics A-Z properly or go straight to multiplayer it's your choice. Again...OPTIONAL. Is it really going to bother you having an OPTIONAL tutorial built in the game? I think it would be a great addition for those who want a basic understanding of the game before heading out to multiplayer. If prerequisite for multiplayer: Then that same Basic Training will become mandatory all depending on the level of restriction associated with the completion of the training. The one small thing I agree with is the notion of having the game not fully available to new players unless they complete this mandatory training or have different mechanics of the game locked until this training is complete. This could discourage people and lead to a lot of negative feedback which is why I'm more inclined of making the first suggestion of making it optional. 2. Hours Just like what @LugNut suggested, playtime hours shown when hovering over a person's name is a form of stat that only offers benefits to the game. There's nothing negative that this sort of implementation will have. 3. dude...all due respect but you don't know what you're talking about. There are countless times where my single 9-man squad was fighting a relevant objective without the proper support from other squads because those other SL's (experience or not I have no way of telling) decided to f*ck off somewhere else instead completely irrelevant to where the fighting was actually taking place. How is this my fault? What type of evidence can I show in game to those other squad leaders for them to listen to my suggestions and understand that I'm actually trying to win the game for the team....(see #2 for answer if you haven't figured it out already).
  8. Destroying Vics At Main

    Yes, and it should arrive ASAP as priority. Especially on Basrah where: 1. U.S. side use their transport trucks to block the 2 bridges of the insurgents. Leaving them only with the water way which can be used as a choke point and RUINS the game. 2. U.S. side with idiots on the team blowing up vehicles in the only entrance/exit of the airfield:
  9. Few suggestions

    That last line = 100% !!!!!!!!!!!! Will be a tremendously positive addition to the game !!!!
  10. The Wrench - September 2017 Edition

    This all looks very nice and promising I like it. (minus the going up and down a hill without stamina which is going to be a pain....Better rally up high boys!)
  11. +1 not letting this die.....I shall fulfill my due diligence!
  12. Disable ALL chat! PLEASE!

    OsamaBigLaggin LMFAO dead!
  13. Few suggestions

    Well I never said that Basic Qualifications are going to make someone a GOOD Squad Leader, but it will however give everyone a basic understanding level of the role on which they can improve upon in order to become good.
  14. Substitution / Exchange Rate

    +1 Although if a group of people is committed enough to play spy games, switching teams may not be necessary as 1 person will act as spy for his buddies who will be on the opposite team requiring that information through a third party VoIP program like TeamSpeak or Discord. It sucks but it happens That's also the reason why when I place FOBs I put it in such way so it's near an important objective and even if the enemy team knows where it is, my team would almost always be withing reasonable response time in case it's being attacked.
  15. Few suggestions

    Did you just contradict yourself? So you want restrictions or not?
  16. I'll take those techies any day!
  17. Few suggestions

    Look I'm just going to say this, let me get this off.... Yesterday (when the game decided to work) I joined a squad only to find the team ditch a perfectly good stryker + 2 logistical trucks for the enemy to take hostage and not blow up. This happened within the first 5 minutes of the game. Safe to say that we lost that match. Also HAB was placed in such way that only 1 out of the 4 exists was usable... Yesterday I joined another game only to find my SL not know how to give his SL role to someone else, so they wasted time bouncing it from person to person until it landed on me at which point the team was already pushed back with no FOBs. Oh and people were team killing in main, blowing vehicles up... Yesterday the next match was U.S. side Al Basrah! Great, this is right up my alley it's going to be a piece of cake everyone loves Basrah on U.S. right? WRONG! I said right off the bat I'm going to outskirts with logi + 2 Humvee's and I need another full squad with me on outskirts as well as a third squad to take village......I was the only squad on outskirts, a 2nd squad f**ked off deep into the city to "stop their vehicles" from coming out of main (they only held 1 bridge...), and no one went to take village for damn too long. I actually kept the recording of that round and will be uploading it. --- 1. Ranks/Stats. - Not needed. 2. Tutorial/Basic Training. - Needed! A proper dynamic basic training (whether optional or prerequisite for multiplayer i don't care either way) will eradicate these stupidities I seem to encounter on a daily basis. I don't want to join a cult clan. I want to have a consistent cooperative, team-oriented and fun games without having to worry about stupidities. I can deal with mistakes, we all make them sometimes and not every round is going to be easy but I refuse to accept the notion that teamkilling, poorly placed FOBs/HABs, not knowing how to promote a new SL, ditching important vehicles, not fighting for the objectives, lonewolfing, etc... are a normal part of this game.
  18. An Unreal Process has crashe: UE4-Squad

    Yeah mid game just poof crashed and this happened.
  19. 1000+ hours in the game this is first time I see this. Game has been finiky all evening between EAC and random DC's....Anyone?
  20. Disable ALL chat! PLEASE!

    Just what every generation says about the next one....
  21. Substitution / Exchange Rate

    lol if you could see the smirk i have on my face right now.... Granted my suggestion doesn't touch upon repeated offenders but instead on new players. However if you take a look in that thread you'll see some arguments that can be applied here from a lot of people
  22. Substitution / Exchange Rate

    Ok but will this chaos property stat carry over from one round to the next? I don't think devs want stats to be implemented like this. Which is also the reason we don't have ranks or other player stats like in EA's battlefield.
  23. FOB&Rally - Balance/variety

    Agreed that this happens a lot but not all the time. Even upon losing the mid-cap, the team can re-establish themselves to attack from a different direction or fall back to the previous cap point and hold it. I've done this on Fool's Road Russian side, couldn't secure Papanov from the Americans and told all other SL's to fall back to Hilltop on which we held it and won. The negative ticket bleed can be compensated by killing off their vehicles and infantry and waiting for revives. I see a lot of SL's that just give up the will to fight just because they lost the initiative....with 450 tickets left on the game.....lol shameful!