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    Yeah. Kind of like a side mission to the game....add variety....

    @Gatzby I think what OP is suggesting rests somewhat between RAAS and AAS with the random factor being a neutral cap point becoming available 10-15 minutes into the game which, upon capture, would either add tickets to the team who captured it or reduce tickets to the team that didn't. This random capture point can "spawn" anywhere on the map completely unrelated to the linear capture points on AAS. Kinda like a bonus point

    I like it! You can have a squad dedicated to go after these random capture points while the rest of the team is fighting for the mid cap. I would personally prefer an x-amount of tickets gained. This will for sure favor the insurgents/militia as they have the faster vehicles.
  4. Comms Drop?

    So punish 70% of the people while giving an advantage to the 30% that use Discord / TS ?
  5. Comms Drop?

    Incapacitated doesn't necessarily mean unconscious or not able to respond. You can be shot at in real life rendered combat ineffective but still be able to radio for help etc...which from a gaming/realism balancing standpoint can be considered valid. It's all in the context of the term we choose to go with.... From a practical point of view I see a few issues with such implementation: - Being incapacitated and not able to radio information, players would simply use Squad or Team chat text. - As @Psyrus said, players can always use Discord/TS which nowadays is very common whether they choose to wear clan tags or not. - Not being able to use comms for 20-30 seconds might encourage giving up even more... So basically, just keep it as it is...there's other things that need fixing like individual ear assignments....
  6. Rather have Randomized AAS more than anything....I'll settle for AAS with 2 parallel mid caps like on Chora with Radio & Orchard being implemented similarly to all maps. More infantry layers with transport / logi only as vehicles and concentrated amount of caps that are within walking distance from each other. This should be done honestly for most maps. Similarly to what was recently done to Sumari I think was a great example of fixing up layer on a map that was previously one sided. Gorodok needs massive revamp. Fool's Road is boring with Papanov over and over and over. Suggestion would be something like this:
  7. Penalty for early give up

    I agree that it's a big big problem. I just don't want Squad to turn into a big waiting game every time a person genuinely has no other choice but to give up.
  8. Penalty for early give up

    ....even if there's a perfectly good FOB on the mid cap your squad just got wiped off of?
  9. Penalty for early give up

    Yeah and risk missing the rush which will dictate the outcome. Or miss the opportunity to put your Squad in the right place at the right time. It's all about opportunity.... Also, what will be the insurgents upper hand on invasion seeing they start with 800+ tickets? I'm opposed to making people stare at a black screen for 180 seconds for giving up because there's no method of revival. Regardless of how well organized your squad is sometimes the situation requires giving up.... Even in chess you sometimes have to sacrifice...
  10. I agree, however sometimes the enemy FOB/HAB is in a general area that is heavily protected and you can't necessarily pin-point where the HAB actually is. You can guesstimate but a good SL will use deceiving techniques for their HAB placements. Intel would provide the exact position of the FOB/HAB so that your team now has the coordinates for a mortar strike...This is the consequence of losing a logi...

    Oh yeah, we need more middle eastern maps. *Cough cough chancebrahhh Cough cough*
  12. Penalty for early give up

    No. No need to increase countdown. Encouragement to stay alive shouldn't be in the form of a punishment upon giving up. Sometimes giving up is the logical thing to do. - No more alive medics nearby on big maps. - No medics at all in the squad. - Everyone out of bandages. Why would I or anyone reasonable play Squad if my down time when dead is significantly higher than up time when alive? Where's the fun? I can rack up 15 kills with 1 HAT shot on a transport in Basrah desert. Die. Give up. Then wait the suggested increased time until respawn? This sounds like a horrible idea.
  13. Ranging for rocket techi

    On Basrah insurgents island, you can bring the artillery techie to the edge of the island and hit Outskirts full range then drive back 50m and rearm from main. If you bring the techie over the bridge to the tall building near refinery you can hit U.S. checkpoint. The arty techie should be used more often in tandem with squad mates / SL's who are able to give corrections.
  14. Defenses

    Only when you want to cover a narrow line of sight angle the enemy is most likely to pass through. This can be as short as an entry point to a building (Refinery warehouse on Basrah) or long as an entire valley (Mohd Zai on Kohat). With the addition of optics it's going to be fkin deadly for these long range engagements even as a suppression mechanic to allow friendlies to move in. Imagine those paired with a 30mm armored / mortars it's going to be the dream support-by-fire FOB.
  15. Taking damage upon crash .

  16. Two "cute" Ideas

    To each their own but I find it more useful to ask for the person's name first and then their position. The fundamental issue here is when playing in pub matches you pretty much always get paired with names you haven't seen before and people you're not audibly familiar with. Yeah well, as an SL that want to keep his squad in the fight I end up being the person with the map open so my squad mates won't have to. Again...to each their own...

    Increase their blast radius to what it normally is in real life with shrapnel provided it is feasible with the engine. I'm not the only one raising this concern... We may have had different experiences, I'm only speaking from what I've noticed in my other post here. Alas, I ditched using the mortars and went back to SL'ing aggressively...
  18. First gaming pc, Ryzen 2600x questions

    2600x is 6 cores 12 threads? paired with a GTX 1060 6G and 16GB RAM is a fantastic combo. To give you perspective I also have the same GPU with 16GB DDR3 and a 4930K and my frames are good on most maps with the exception of Basrah which is poorly optimized right now.... I wouldn't sweat it, you have a good rig
  19. But that doesn't address the additional consequence of abandoning vehicle. You take aim at an asset loss whereas OP takes it a step further and implies intel the vehicle carried. Kinda of a manifest with location of FOB the abandoned logi was en route before it got ambushed/abandoned. This has potential of seeing convoys being used more often to protect logis which are undeniably the most important vehicle asset in the game.
  20. hot damn that's a good idea! Definitely for abandoning Logis giving off info of where supplies were dropped (radius) to give the team an indication of where the enemy FOB is/was. Has a very strong potential to fix the issue of abandoning vehicles!
  21. Maybe the lower ground will give you a better advantage than silhouetting on the hill
  22. Two "cute" Ideas

    I ask them: "who is 'MY' position?" and they usually reply with their name. Now, if their in-game name is some chinese letters I call them "china". If it's some weird characters I jut call them "dumbass"... I do agree though that there should be a number scheme associated with each member such as the following (and how arma does it) HOWEVER I seem to have notice an abundance of trollers on pub matches that seem to completely disregard how the game should be played and just ruin total immersion....This suggestion maybe more suitable for organized groups and special events etc....perhaps modders will do something similar.... SQ1 SL | 1-1 | Member | 1-2 | Member | 1-3 | Member | 1-4 | Member | 1-5 | Member | 1-6 | Member | 1-7 | Member | 1-8 | Member | 1-9 | ________________ SQ2 SL | 2-1 | Member | 2-2 | Member | 2-3 | Member | 2-4 | Member | 2-5 | Member | 2-6 | Member | 2-7 | Member | 2-8 | Member | 2-9 |