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  1. How to Not Suck With Big Vehicles

    10/10 Don't abandon vehicles for stupid shit. ****.
  2. Release after v10? Maybe

    ^ Agreed! ^ Yep pretty much. I started playing squad before vehicles were implemented and even back then it was a WAY more fun experience than the other games I was playing at the time (Battlefield/ARMA) and I've been hooked ever since. I think the devs are doing a good job of implementing new content, fixing bugs and listening to the community. If they keep this trend going I wouldn't care much for a full release as the game is terrific as is.
  3. This would be a good addition at the end of the match to have a voting system for 1 or 2 awards such as: Best Squad MVP Any more awards will significantly prolong the debrief and that's not good. Just keep it short and sweet. Also make the voting appear right after the match ends as a prompt where voting can either be done or skipped in order to get to the scoreboard. Those awards don't count towards any ribbon rack or anything like that and simply disappear at the start of the next match. Kinda like what BF2 did with: Third Place Second Place First Place
  4. Squad Kickstarter promise not addressed

    So what are we proposing here that players who get incapacitated be "stabilized" and then MUST return to a CCP point on a FOB in order to be back at full health? Will they be able to continue fighting but with major handicap like grey screen and depleted stamina? If that's the case then HELL NO. If it's implemented and I'm the SL I'd tell my squad mates to suck it up and fight handicapped or will be inclined to tell them to give up and respawn on the rally point. I will 100% not send my effective squad out of a battle to get healed by nurses. Please do not implement this.
  5. SL role determination ability

    Interesting idea but I foresee a ton of negative feedback in regards to "force-assign". This has as much positive impact as it does negative really when you think about it. It could introduce favoritism that isn't necessarily based on skill but on "Hey, it's my buddy and I'm letting him get the GL role because he likes to pew pew". I do like the idea of locking roles that aren't needed, for example Marksman, used to remove access to certain kits the SL deems unnecessary for that match. That has the potential of having really good impact on public matches if used correctly and isn't abused which it shouldn't be.
  6. Mini-map

    @Zylfrax791 too much...too much headache....keep it simple and fun without making it difficult...It's hard enough as it is to get all the new players acclimated to a fully functional map with markers Don't get me wrong I like a challenge like that but others might not
  7. APC driver view

    It's always mad confusing driving those and hitting walls and trees...
  8. Done. Very well made Also: ^ +2
  9. Mini-map

    Hey I must say that having to play with only 1 monitor, as most of us do, and being able to be combat effective while the map is open takes a bit of skill and getting used to. I like it this way because it adds a small degree of challenge. Significantly more when squad leading. I wouldn't want a minimap nor adhering to the percentage with multiple monitor (being able to place full size map on 2nd monitor while playing on the 1st) as it will surely have an overall negative impact on the gameplay for those with only 1. Putting everyone on an even plain field is the right move.
  10. Remove desert, remove Russian

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/offworldindustries/squad/posts/1272444 Considering they have yet to deliver ALL that was promised, the developers are doing a PHENOMENAL job. As far as it goes for the U.S. vs RU factions I think it's fine the way it is now. There's no point to allocate any more working hours into something that isn't one bit "broken" or doesn't conform to one's take on realism and hypotheticals. More important goals need work. Also, Squad is by far a superior game in many aspects to others in similar genres. At it's current Alpha stage I enjoy the gameplay a lot more than what ARMA or Battlefield has to offer (even after factoring the TKers, trolls and inexperienced SL's).
  11. Map loading. Server side image.

    +2 This is a great idea just like in bf2 days banner style!
  12. Remove desert, remove Russian

    Personally I don't mind at all the name of the faction so long as they're balanced. You can call it whatever you want; Chinese, Insurgents, ponies, rainbows wtv.... and have the corresponding vehicles/weapons like they do now. Instead of changing the factions why won't we just add more variety to the mix? Also, it's still is Alpha eh....
  13. Admin scramble command

    So this is where the record scratch *freeze frame* and we have to pause for a minute.... Adding more "vain stuff like animations and helicopters" are (by a far margin) more important to luring new players and increasing sales as well as appealing to the backers and fulfilling the promises the devs made to players. Those things that this game was basically promising for 2 years now are their highest priority (parallel to fixing bugs) as it will put the game on important radars which, again, will increase exposure and therefore playerbase. Trust me when I say that I understand your frustration as I went back to play a few rounds after a long 2 week break only to find an abundance of inexperienced players and a ton of trolls which caused stacked teams and shorter rounds. It sucks! I agree...
  14. Limit locked squads

    It's also the public matches. The solution to your problem is quite literally: - Choosing the right servers to play on. - Joining a cult clan/unit which play organized. While on the subject of organized units, if you're willing to you can make friends within those groups and then wreck on a public server by either having a squad full of your friends or have you and your friends create multiple squads with the same clan tag which pubbies see as 2-3 squad leaders from the same clan = probably know their shit...... Just saying....