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  1. Why Squad players can't play Call of Duty

    Squad > Arma III > BF > CoD I used to be a heavy BF2 / BF3 player until the franchise went cops & robbers and now BF1 is complete disaster. Squad is currently in Alpha but it feels like such a complete game compared to the rest of the garbage out there so I'd like to take this time and thank the devs and the community for contributing and continuing making this game awesome.
  2. tactical blind fire

    With iron sights it certainly feels like we're shooting this way already
  3. This idea makes the game mode too linear and effectively blocks 50% of the map for each side respectively. How about instead of implementing a game mechanic such as your suggestion, we instead enforce cooperation between squads so that an early rush can be prevented by allocating appropriate man power and resources on the first caps leading to the mid cap and work from there? There are also no rush servers.
  4. Camoflague nets

    +1 decoy nets Hell if it's implemented, someone could build a decoy HAB with 4 HESCO walls and put the actual hab someplace else. HAHA!
  5. End of round Chat Box Hidden

    It's such a small thing to fix. Come on devs! give us the platform to talk sh!t to each other at the end of every round
  6. Camoflague nets

    I agree that camo nets on HABS should be implemented with the arrival of air vehicles. Perhaps include an option for SL's when placing a hab to change the camo of the net to match the terrain it is being placed on or not have one at all. Just make it an optional thing. This way if the netting extends by a few feet from the sides of the HAB it can be placed in an open area surrounded by trees and be less conspicuous from the air. Or if placed in a building have the option to not have a netting at all since...well...it's in a building lol.... Camo Net are needed! +11
  7. Grenadier's nades often buggy

    Are you firing from a window? It tends to hit the frame and bounce inside but not explode.
  8. *I used the search function, couldn't find this suggestion* I'd like the Chat Box to not be hidden behind the scoreboard at the end of the round.
  9. Ticket Spoilers

    Agreed. When the fight is back and forth between the middle flags the match is way more fun and more intense. Until that one [email protected]$$ types "GG" in chat. When winning or losing with less than 10 tickets is when both teams are generally happy with the way things went.
  10. Longer Respawn Times?

    Perhaps in theory it will force players to try and stay alive longer to reduce losing tickets. Although I personally find the current respawn time to be good the way it is.
  11. Health should be showns

    I don't know man, I like the way it is now. Maybe I just got used to it. The less stuff on my screen the better focus on the actual gameplay.
  12. Unassigned player classes

    Oh god no no no! *facepalm* please don't let squad become sims
  13. Unassigned player classes

    Just to confirm, when I said bad mechanic I meant that it could be improved by taking power AWAY from unassigned to force them to create a squad.
  14. Oil drums

    +10m inflict burn area damage
  15. Unassigned player classes