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  1. What was your most bad ass moment in Squad?

    Clutch moments when you work with other SL's to get your squad on cap at the exact moment when it becomes active or your team capturing that point before the enemy neutralizes yours - and you start rolling
  2. Struggling with this game

    That's because the public matches lack coordination. The degree of coordination you want is seen in organized groups/clans with a proper briefing where each person knows EXACTLY what they'll be doing. Joining a public match is a hit or miss with SL's. This is exactly the reason why, as an SL, I take my entire squad to capture/defend objectives and leave the emplacements for the blueberries. I'll refer you to the first reply on this thread:
  3. Alpha 12 Released

    I got the exact same vibe playing on Yeho! I kinda like it
  4. FREE WEEKEND´s are out of control

    What's more laughable is this expectations that experienced players are somehow the solution to cover BASICS with new players.
  5. Finishing Touches

    4 years to implement haha
  6. V12 no ammo

    Or just give the community some time to adjust...
  7. FREE WEEKEND´s are out of control

    Safe to say that's a +1 from me. Maybe even a +2.
  8. Vehicle ticket count

    Ok so public games. Just wanted to make sure what you mean. Never heard or seen the term PUG until today. Yep. Yep. That's also a great way to alienate a major percentage, arguably the bigger one, of the player base. Considering the recent changes to RP's, tickets, revive, etc...we can see that the devs are leaning towards making the base game more accessible to a wider audience, apply a more inclusive and forgiving approach to public play which logically invites (or keeps) bigger number of players. Meanwhile all this is done in conjunction with modding community and private clans that are free to conduct more 'hardcore' matches and apply their own set of rules, mechanics, etc... i.e Squadops 1-life events. So you see, I'm a big advocate of the game being inclusive. I personally like the briefings, higher coordination, higher standard of communication, deeper level of gameplay, etc that 'hardened' game mechanics can bring. I just know that by doing so, you risk lowering the, already low, population of Squad which is why I like the direction OWI is taking. It's time for custom servers to shine with altered game machanics that appeal to the hardcore crowd. Only then we could compare the numbers and see where the majority would prefer to play.
  9. Vehicle ticket count

    What PUG stands for?
  10. Vehicle ticket count

    Says who, and why?
  11. Vehicle ticket count

    So start with the MBT's then once destroyed it's the IFV's that become available and so on? Heavy hitters first. Only concern I have is the transportation aspect of it. MBT's can't carry the same amount of passengers as IFV's/APC's. In the event that those become the preferred method of redeployment and transportation across the map, well...your suggestion makes it hard for that to ever happen. Don't get me wrong I like it from a 'conservation of assets' point of view. In a recent thread I was going head to head with another forum member and began to think about incentivizing the use of those vehicles over RP's so your suggestion ties into that.
  12. Report Server Admin Abuse feedback

    I agree with you. However that's not what I was suggesting. My idea was to appoint a person who's going to be looking into these claims and conduct basically an investigation into each matter then send it up to someone at OWI to take a decision based on those findings. Definitely not a lucrative assignment but an important one nevertheless. I don't know anything about OWI's internal process but when I sent in a report on a problematic player with video evidence, all I'm saying is that it would've been nice to at least receive confirmation that it's being looked into.