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  1. Two "cute" Ideas

    To each their own but I find it more useful to ask for the person's name first and then their position. The fundamental issue here is when playing in pub matches you pretty much always get paired with names you haven't seen before and people you're not audibly familiar with. Yeah well, as an SL that want to keep his squad in the fight I end up being the person with the map open so my squad mates won't have to. Again...to each their own...

    Increase their blast radius to what it normally is in real life with shrapnel provided it is feasible with the engine. I'm not the only one raising this concern... We may have had different experiences, I'm only speaking from what I've noticed in my other post here. Alas, I ditched using the mortars and went back to SL'ing aggressively...
  3. First gaming pc, Ryzen 2600x questions

    2600x is 6 cores 12 threads? paired with a GTX 1060 6G and 16GB RAM is a fantastic combo. To give you perspective I also have the same GPU with 16GB DDR3 and a 4930K and my frames are good on most maps with the exception of Basrah which is poorly optimized right now.... I wouldn't sweat it, you have a good rig
  4. But that doesn't address the additional consequence of abandoning vehicle. You take aim at an asset loss whereas OP takes it a step further and implies intel the vehicle carried. Kinda of a manifest with location of FOB the abandoned logi was en route before it got ambushed/abandoned. This has potential of seeing convoys being used more often to protect logis which are undeniably the most important vehicle asset in the game.
  5. hot damn that's a good idea! Definitely for abandoning Logis giving off info of where supplies were dropped (radius) to give the team an indication of where the enemy FOB is/was. Has a very strong potential to fix the issue of abandoning vehicles!
  6. Maybe the lower ground will give you a better advantage than silhouetting on the hill
  7. Two "cute" Ideas

    I ask them: "who is 'MY' position?" and they usually reply with their name. Now, if their in-game name is some chinese letters I call them "china". If it's some weird characters I jut call them "dumbass"... I do agree though that there should be a number scheme associated with each member such as the following (and how arma does it) HOWEVER I seem to have notice an abundance of trollers on pub matches that seem to completely disregard how the game should be played and just ruin total immersion....This suggestion maybe more suitable for organized groups and special events etc....perhaps modders will do something similar.... SQ1 SL | 1-1 | Member | 1-2 | Member | 1-3 | Member | 1-4 | Member | 1-5 | Member | 1-6 | Member | 1-7 | Member | 1-8 | Member | 1-9 | ________________ SQ2 SL | 2-1 | Member | 2-2 | Member | 2-3 | Member | 2-4 | Member | 2-5 | Member | 2-6 | Member | 2-7 | Member | 2-8 | Member | 2-9 |

    Didn't realize you were more on the side of commander rather than FTL. Anyhow here's the links for Commander role / "Team Leader":
  9. Wait, I read the whole thing. Where's my puppy?

    My findings were a handful of public matches with random people. Playing with random people VS playing with a known group are two completely different things. And how do you plan on doing this?
  11. Arcady Milsim? Suggestions.

    It's one big balancing act. Being able to appeal to a larger audience while at the same time provide a platform for more organized groups and especially modders to take the base game and transform it into a specific play style is what makes squad great. As for long range engagements, there's always a rock-paper-scissors mechanic where in public matches a well rounded squad can turn the tide on an enemy fortified position with emplacements and vehicles. Knowing that .50 cal bunkers will be getting optics will allow for much better usability which is something they have been severely lacking thus far. The "randomness" factor while aiming reminds me of BF2 which was horrible and I wouldn't want to spray and pray to get a kill. If I aim at something it better hit....
  12. Has rifle penetration been nerfed?

  13. +1 Leave Battle Royal to other titles and modders.
  14. Perma-death on headshots?

    also, the conversation is about permanent death upon headshot from all calibers, not individual limb condition. A more complex medical system is not the solution as in both cases a headshot will be fatal (as it is irl) which will dissuade players from playing the medic role. This will further slow down overall gameplay to a point where Squad will side more on realism then user experience....Again...Balance....