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  1. Planning before a match

    We need a way to help visualize approach. This ^ does it.
  2. Favorite Inspirational Quotes

    #&*% her right in the #^&&% That's a quote, and it inspires me.
  3. Cookers

    There's expectation and there's reality. A lot of expectation in regards to dedicated logi runs. Argument here is to improve realism and give more emphasis on team play. The reality however is that ever since passive regeneration was removed, there hasn't been a big enough of an appeal to do logi runs. The percentage of players who want to shoot and lead outweigh (by a huge factor) those who are willing to do logi runs. The appeal just isn't there. I have been volunteering myself to do logi runs and have had squad mates volunteering as well but not to a point where it is expected of them. There isn't a "logistics role" or anything of a kind. I was thinking what if passive regeneration was brought back and capped at the corresponding build point value for a HAB to that faction? Let's take U.S. side for example. They would be able to place a cooker FOB behind enemy lines and have it cook until the corresponding built point value for a HAB reaches which would be 500. Once it reaches 300 points generated (including the 200 it starts off with for a total of 500) that FOB can no longer passively generate build points and would need supply runs. --- Personally I agree with @Zylfrax791 I would like to see passive regen brought back (expectation) but I understand that the game developers took a more realistic approach (reality). I guess whatever works for the greater good
  4. I don't think Rally Points are over powered.
  5. I'm sure a lot have to do with performance. You start implementing structure damage & projectile penetration it's going to have a huge hit on server performance. I'm just speculating of course.
  6. Fight Night McGregor Vs, Mayweather

  7. Yeah I think it works well the way it is now. Otherwise you'll see more FOBs being lost due to improper use.
  8. @jedd One would say that every update is almost like learning the game all over again. Almost. Also, while we're on the topic, removing the less important spawn selection menu will liberate screen space. A game mechanic such as spawn availability that is easily learned within the first 10 hours of playing the game will prove to be quite literally without use afterwards. How can the game designers expect to target a mature playerbase with a feature such as spawn selection menu? I mean at a certain point we will have to stop holding their hands.... But hey that's my opinion.
  9. That new spawn selection menu needs to be removed. I don't even use it + does not help new players learn the game properly in my opinion.
  10. But every person who handled a gun before knows that going prone and spreading the legs will yield better accuracy. I think the prone and sway system is fine the way it is.
  11. Rifleman Radial Menu for Sandbags

    I like the idea for medics. Especially when dragging wounded soldiers is implemented.