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  1. Historical accuracy in war games

    1 word: Wolfenstein. Game devs have the liberty to create whatever they want and it's your choice to play it or not for any reason (historical accuracy).
  2. [Suggestion] Dynamic Weather

    +1 if possible hell yeah
  3. Logi Truck and Supply Suggestions

    I agree with this statement
  4. Surrounding an enemy FOB increases that FOB's spawn timer.
  5. High temp while playing

    I only get high temps because I'm on fireeeee killin and setting fobs up oh yeah Check your fans make sure they're spinning. Check orientation of fans
  6. @Caliell don't forget though, current ticket bleed has been reduced substantially. It's possible for U.S., in this scenario, to double down on North Village or even Hill 123 and still win the game if they do it right. What should be done at the very beginning of each game is to establish a FOB/HAB or two on one of these points and go to work. As for Russians cutting off the U.S. supply lines that is fine because the armored vehicles used to do this are not posing a threat to the infantry spawning at the FOB/HAB and let them (infantry) do most of the fighting and very important to keep the vehicles at main. It's a strategy most people refuse to use.
  7. Notice how far is the second exit and how vital it is to capture Papanov and build FOB somewhere there and between the next point. If OPFOR rushes the village, the second exit provides very poor alternative due to how far that roundabout to Papanov, not to mention you have to literally make the drive through now enemy controlled territory. Distance from U.S. main to papanov is shorter to the distance from R.U. main to Village. If 2 trucks leave each main at the same time -> U.S. truck will arrive at Papanov before R.U. truck arrives at village.
  8. AAS Militia VS U.S. V11.2 Militia used to have 2x fast techie logis (1000 supplies), now they have 1x logi truck (2000 supplies). This makes the games heavily one-sided towards U.S..
  9. Logi Truck and Supply Suggestions

    I don't want to see people using logistical trucks sitting ducks on a hill just to use this zoom feature. For once it'll make them an extremely soft target and impractical due to conventional forces (and now apparently militia) having the big truck which takes minutes to climb on a hill. So no go for me! Logistical trucks and their drivers main purpose is to quickly get fobs up and running for the team to spawn, not scout. Using the map in a logical manner would yield much better results. Take a chance and gamble on a fast route to your destination or play it safe and use a longer route away from battle. I would advocate to bring back map drawings for SL's to properly direct routes for logis. ^ It is the SL that should take responsibility should a logi is lost and the driver that should get praise if the run was successful. Yes please. I'd go further and add the ability to drop just the right amount of construction points to allow a HAB to be built in an area where an SL+2members are able to place a radio. Well right now all vehicles are able to carry somewhere between 100-200 supplies both ammo OR construction. They spawn by default with ammo but you can ditch the ammo in favor of construction, however I believe current caps limit the supplies needed for a HAB therefore it's mostly used for ammo instead. I think your third suggestion here deserves some insight from the devs. One thing's for sure, if the supplies cap in armored vics will be high enough to allow all faction to place a HAB, I'll be using them to rush a point because armored vehicles (strykers & btr's) are way better off-road and faster than logistical trucks
  10. Not an expert here, but my guess is to lessen the load on the server? Otherwise the server's performance could be hindered?
  11. To be fair, U.S. spawn has 2 ways in/out not only the bridge...
  12. New Maps

    Also, about randomized AAS I believe if it's done right and all the bugs are fixed it will quickly become a community favorite. Cannot wait!
  13. New Maps

    Fuzz let's pause on this for a moment. I really think you should look into the formal complaints filed here on the forums on SOME server owners/admin abusers and the blatant inaction by the moderators to do anything about it. I'm talking about people who broke OWI's very own server admin guidelines ( http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/7849-game-server-administration-guidelines/ ) multiple times and got a carte blanche because they're buddy buddy with the devs....talk about a double standard....
  14. Bipods in windows please

    Yeah bipods are meant to make things easy, not hard for the role which has them available. Apart from their limitations on windows, they are hard to be properly used on SLIGHTLY uneven ground. There's this magical invisible wall that prevent the user from using their full field of view, just try them and you'll see "WHY CAN'T I TURN UGHHH" I agree that they should be used on windows more easily. If a particular window/set of windows are not to be used with bipods, the mappers can simply add railings of some sort to block their use. Just an idea
  15. Why do scouts not have optics?

    only person that should mark the map is SL with information relayed back on comms from the scout. Either way, scout class is more specialized in mine placement and IEDS as @Stom said. keyword: balance.