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  1. What's up with Vehicles? Part 1

    Great article, and it only covers half the battle. I hope some of the more impatient players can understand a bit more of the work involved in something as "simple" as vehicles. It would be great to see more of these types of articles covering some of the more technical side of development. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love all the pretty pictures and things in the monthly recaps, but it is really interesting to read something like this.
  2. Memory Could Not Be Written?

    Do you run SweetFX by any chance? I get this error now also, but only since using SweetFX.
  3. Vac banned?

    You are really making a judgement on a person, that he needs to be a really shit person to cheat in a game?! I just want to make sure I get you correct, you have never once, in your whole life cheated in any game? At all? Ever? (Not even gone over the top of the world in Mario on the NES?) And then go on to say you have cheated on girlfriends.....like me entering the GTA weapons cheat makes me worse than cheating on a girlfriend :mellow: . I'll make this clear, I'm not attacking you, and I would have used someone else's post to make my point, but yours is the most recent. What I have an issue of is the way in which people are attacking this guy outright without all the facts. I am not defending him in any way, because I don't know he hasn't got some MP cheats laying around his PC. But say he actually DOESN'T and he has come here for genuine help. God forbid one of these self-righteous cheat bashers gets a false positive during their quest to crucify every cheater on every forum they come across. Then they come here and say "Guys something is up...on my quest to make people feel like shit on forums I have had some problems....."
  4. SweetFX guide & customs files for Squad.

    Fantastic guide, and I bloody love the settings. Looks fantastic mate! EDIT: What are your in game graphics settings?
  5. Vac banned?

    I must say though if these guys are telling the absolute truth I side with them. I have never even considered using hacks in a multiplayer game and I used to work damned hard to make sure I kept all my servers cheater free! But I have used trainers/cheat codes in single player games. It's usually when I have completed a playthrough and want to increase the replayability. Things like Civilization, if I want to have some massive battles, I would use a trainer to let me build things up quick, and unleash hell.....on the AI. All these people saying "If you will cheat single player you will cheat MP" "Once a cheat always a cheat". That is absolutely ridiculous. Are you telling me some of you have never entered the weapons cheat in GTA? I mean, I'm ready for some backlash here, but please read again what I am saying and make constructive comments rather than attacking me. But really, is it so wrong to use cheats on a Single Player game? And to what extent do you call cheats? Becuase there are some MODs for games like Skyrim, which may as well be cheats, some unbelievable weapons that can kill the sun and armor that could stop a nuke....are they ok? If these guys REALLY have been banned for having trainers for SP games then I think it is an issue that they are getting games taken off them. I really do think a lot of double standards appear in forums these days, everyone attacks these guys straight up, but I really am sure that some of you have used something to gain an advantage in some game be if from the Sega Master System up to today.
  6. Medic revive system is still broken in Alpha v4

    I myself more often than not play medic, and I have to agree that the moving bodies can be a bloody nightmare (I know it is already a known issue). It's that moment after reviving someone where you have no one to cover you because he is now back behind the wall where he initially died. I think one of my main issues is that people still think their bodies are at the point where they were downed, and so I am often getting idiots shouting at me to "come back" or "over here, you just ran past me idiot", "FFS medic you are useless" etc. when their bodies are not where they believe they are. It's all part and parcel of playing the game through development stages, and to be honest it just means I am going to appreciate the final product more, because I enjoy playing medic and will continue to do so. I just want to add my opinion to your points about medic animations when reviving. I myself have no issue with my character not being fully prone when reviving. I think it's ok for the medic to be made into almost a target, it promotes the use of smoke, and hopefully in time people will learn to cover the medics more. I am a little tired of healing someone, and they turn to look into my eyes like they want to kiss me, instead of covering the doorway in front of us. Basically my point is, the medic should be vulnerable whilst reviving someone, and it's his squad's job to provide cover for him while he does so. All this will come as the community matures though. For now, Rambo medics I salute you :D
  7. 7.1 - USB - Headphones Soundissues

    I had many issues like this with my G35. Skyrim was the worst for this issue, and I put it down to the G35 not being a true 7.1 device. It is digitally produced surround sound effect and so I think it struggles with processing multiple voices from multiple directions. Think of how many gunshots, foot steps, ambient sounds etc. that the drivers are trying to deliver to the headset, in the right balance to make it sound like 7.1. I have a true 5.1 headset and I have not had a single issue with squad, because my soundcard is sending the audio signals through individual channels to actual drivers, not just a stereo headset with some bass drivers. I really don't see this being a developer issue right now, as surround sound definitely works, and if there is an issue will it really be down to the squad devs to isolate and correct, or will it be something that EPIC have to address within UE4 its self?
  8. Trench building option

    A trench building option would be far from simple. Think about the mechanics that would be needed for it to work. A completely manipulatable layer covering all of the map so that a trench could be "dug" into it, in any configuration. I know nothing of coding, but I cant imagine its going to be just a matter of a couple extra lines. It would also open up a whole new can of worms in terms of bugs, clipping issues and the such. Mounted gun emplacements are in the works.
  9. New to PC gaming spec

    If you are happy to build yourself your £700 will go so much further. I will have a look at some builds you could do. Do you need the £700 to include Keyboard, Mouse, and Headset?
  10. New to PC gaming spec

    You are right it is, until something goes wrong. In which case it can become difficult to diagnose issues, it can be a hassle to RMA once you have identified the faulty component. I have built a number of systems before, and my latest caused me some major headaches, and not through wrong on my part, but two...TWO dead on arrival components. The chances are slim....but there are chances. You say you had no experience at all, but had you gamed on PC before? Did you have so idea about what each and every component did in the system and how they interacted? My first ever system was prebuilt. From there I upgraded RAM, hard drives, GPU, PSU....all over time. It built my knowledge enough so next time I could build my own. I am really glad your first build went well, and I'm not saying that this guys build wouldn't go well also, but its down to the OP's confidence, and what he is wanting. If he is asking for a prebuilt, I am going to respond in trying to help him get the right prebuilt system.
  11. New to PC gaming spec

    I think some people are missing the point here a little bit.. The guy is new to the PC gaming scene altogether (Welcome, you will not regret it) and will be buying a pre-built...not building a rig. Which is fine for the first step, and it gives him something to build on. Also I would actively encourage him to get a pre-built system for his first rig so he can get in and enjoy PC gaming with as little hassle as possible. If you could tell us what your budget is we may be able to find a system with better specs for the same price. But keeping in mind to look for a pre-built system. Failing that the system you have shown us will run SQUAD.
  12. But the one short beep there is related to POST. I have not heard of the MOBO speaker sounding while the system is running before. A quick Google and some people are saying it could be a temperature warning, but you say the temperatures are OK so I am at a loss.
  13. Anyone using a 6core Intel I7 cpu

    I'm using a 5820k and I am not having any issues with the game crashing.
  14. How do I install Squad

    You will have received a Steam key by email some time early December.
  15. Show Us Your Rig for Squad!

    I have posted here before, but I am ready to show off my rig. CPU: i7 5820k @ 4Ghz MOBO: Asus Sabretooth X99 RAM: HyperX 2666Mhz 16GB GPU: GTX 980 PSU: Corsair RM750i The album is here: https://imgur.com/a/qzZZQ Me and my GF dont have much room at home, and so this is the only place I can set up. Feel for my back and arse and mouse arm.....its like endurance gaming some times.