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  1. inconsistency with tank armour profiles?

    The issue is,in the event that a tank gets the drop on an enemy one,there is still potential that tank one could lose,and never had a chance to begin with. If tank one fired 3 times with no effect,and tank two fired 3 times with effect,then its GG,and the skill is removed from the equation. With no way to know if you are shooting sabot or confetti,the tank game is really frustrating.
  2. inconsistency with tank armour profiles?

    Thanks a ton,I have been paying attention to angle,and it seems to not be a factor,most common map for this to occur on is Tallil outskirts. Bouncing is not consistent,several times I have seen what looked like good hit,or explosions,yield no damage to hostile MBT. I wonder if maybe server health and connection to server is effecting our shot placement? I will try to capture some footage and come back with that.
  3. I have been running tanks ever since they arrived on the scene. My crew and I thought we had everything figured out and under control after just a few rounds,however battle after battle has left us all,more and more puzzled. The first 3 or 4 rounds of squad that we played that involved tanks,we were able to figure out that the T72 has amazing front Armour,and can normally take on an Abrams as long as you angle the tank down,and hit the Abrams in the front center plate. We verified this by playing as the Abrams for some time. We also concluded hitting a T72 in the rear,side,or lower center front plate,could wreck it in short order. So every thing is fine right? We know each tank has weaknesses and strength,this is perfect. Wrong. It was some time later,after 12 or 15 rounds we started running into an anomaly,every now and then,we would meet an Abrams that seemed to have totally different Armour weakness zones. For instance,the "eye" of the tank (where the gun mounts to the turret) is normally a weak spot,and could render the tank dead after a few hits,was now bouncing shots right off it. At first we thought this was due to the attack angle E.I. us being to low to impact solid. But it continues,and after using Kornet launcher extensively,I noticed the same issues there. Some times I can kill an Abrams with 2 rockets,other times it takes 5 or 6. As far as I can tell the angles are not an issue,and if the explosion graphic can be trusted,I am hitting the same spots on the tank. This is frustrating,because it seems to be random,and takes away from the skill of tank fighting,when suddenly a tank is much stronger,and you have no way of knowing until you engage. Going to the firing range is no help,as the tanks there seem to have no Armour at all,and can be killed extremely easily. So I have to ask if this is intentional? Has anyone else noticed this? Is server health a big part of it? Where can I get a true read out of the tanks Armour profiles? is there a plan to normalize tank impacts in the future?