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  1. v10.0.252.16049 https://imgur.com/gallery/DPR00 access to unaccessible parts of the building with 1-way walls and 1-way window
  2. W♥S Mortar Calculator goes 2.0

    It is available as an .exe file and developed primary for that. The Unity Web Version is just "bonus" The long loading time is due to the use of the acutal ingame maps (4096x4096 pixel) and heightmaps of almost the same size for the high precision. It SHOULD load faster if you move the standalone version to the SSD, though i'm not 100% sure about that.
  3. Hey guys, i'm proud to present W♥S's Mortar Calculator 2.0! Now with automated adjustment for height differences. Download Page Link Big thanks to [M] Karm for the all the help! Hope you enjoy it & happy fragging!
  4. Bug report for Yehorivka PAAS v1 - Patch 9.17 As soon as the russian side capture one of the first flag, the american side gets a 6 tickets per minute ticket bleed. It does not matter which flag is captured (Storage or Central Novo) The ticket bleed does not seem to increase. Nor does it decrease or stop until the last russian flag is capped back by the americans Screenshot documentation as imgur gallery https://imgur.com/gallery/ckWpP
  5. September 2017 Recap

    Nice! 2 new BTR's! Whats the difference between the M1A1 and the M1A2 BTR ?
  6. Many cheaters, i and my friends crying =(

    Admins can only see teamkills happening. But if we get the killdata for every kill on an 80 man server, you wont be able to track whats going on anyway. Right now your tools to detect cheaters as an admin are pretty limited. You can check the scoreboard for exceptional high k/d and spectate the player. This way you can spot wall- and maphacks and obvious aimbots. But since you cant watch from the player's perspective (like in cs:go overwatch e.g.) it's hard to detect aimbots. HOWEVER i think that eac is doing a fine job. We really rarely have any cheaters at all. (not even ragehackers) Also with a lot of players using full-auto mode, a lot of these "random-spray-headshot-insta-kills" are just pure luck. Even though this is terribly annoying, it has nothing to do with cheats rather than pure f***ing luck.