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  1. Jack Ares' Tutorials

    Here's my first vid in what I intend to be a thorough series.
  2. Unity of Command - Pacific

    Unity of Command - Pacific Location: Los Angeles, California Discord: https://discord.gg/US8snR8 -------------------------SERVER RULES------------------------- 1. FUN - Keep the gaming environment fun and welcoming, and make every effort to help new players. 2. INSULTS - Insulting a specific player, squad or Squad Leader at the end-game scoreboard screen will result in a kick or permanent ban for “lack of sportsmanship.” Insulting a player for lack of skill or gaming experience will result in a kick or ban. Insulting a person’s race will result in a permanent ban. 3. SPAM - Spamming a microphone channel or text chat will result in a ban. Keep all communications brief and to the point. 4. TEAMKILLERS, CHEATERS & TROLLS - Teamkilling is forbidden in all circumstances, except by accident. Accidental teamkills must be immediately announced in the text chat by making an apology. Glitching, cheating and griefing will result in a permanent ban. 5. TEAMWORK - Squad Leaders must have microphones and communicate with other Squad Leaders. Squad Leaders may kick players out of their squad for any reason. Inactive players, and players who do not join a squad, will be kicked. Squads must have at least 2 members before being locked or the Squad Leader will be kicked. 6. FOG OF WAR - It is forbidden to share ticket counts with the opposing team. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Donate to our server here: https://streamline-servers.com/billing/index.php?m=public_pay&hash_id=y4rRrWzzoEba
  3. Biased Licensing - Offworld Industries B.S.

    To get a picture of how absurd Offworld Industries' claim is, that our "CPU is not good enough," the previous server that OWI licensed to us had the exact server specs as West Coast Tactical. As you know, WCT has consistently been the #1 Squad server worldwide. Our new server is superior to the hardware that we, and West Coast Tactical, used in the past. Once again, it's pretty clear that that our licensing application was denied because we aren't using an OWI affiliate and therefore Offworld Industries isn't getting a kickback. Why else would they claim the "CPU is not good enough" when the tech is far superior to most Squad servers? We're not going to stand for this unethical nonsense; we're not going to let Offworld Industries force us to use one of their affiliates.
  4. Offworld Industries has decided not to license our server, stating that the "CPU is not good enough." I find this quite telling considering that the server specs are superior to the previous server that Offworld Industries licensed to me. Our server is provided by NFO Servers, which is not one of the official affiliates for Offworld Industries. In other words, Offworld Industries isn't making any money if you don't go to one of their affiliate server providers. I asked NFO Servers to contact Offworld Industries to let them know that the server exceeds the game's requirements, but NFO stated the following: We have attempted to communicate with them in the past to no avail. Their licensing system seems to be very biased from my understanding. "Biased" is the keyword. Here's another message from NFO Servers regarding our server tech: It's pretty ridiculous to be honest, this is one of the fastest CPUs on the market. To claim it's not fast enough would mean they eliminate 98% of hardware and do not allow any enterprise grade hardware to run their services, which is preposterous.
  5. Mexico - Can't Find Servers (Is Mexico blocked?)

    This problem persists. Only one or two servers will show up, and sometimes no servers at all show up.
  6. Squad - Infantry School

    Here's an example of a training session in our clan. You might learn something. I know I did...like, you never know when you're being recorded.
  7. Ares Gaming Fraternity

    Here's an example of one of our training sessions.
  8. Ares Gaming Fraternity

    I added our rank system video to the original post. We now have over 50 members. I expect to reach 300 by the end of January, if not sooner.
  9. My clan uses TeamSpeak icons to pin ribbons and medals on clan members. They are earned by gameplay or doing things for the clan. When I ran a Battlefield clan we did the same thing. It helped that Battlefield gave players awards at the end of the round, as we could screenshot and then present evidence that we earned a particular clan award. The clan awards are what are important to us. The system is simple: when it comes to a clan vs clan battle, the guys that will be sitting on the bench are those with less ribbon and medal icons in the TeamSpeak. Who are our best players? Who contribute most to the clan? We can easily see that by how much "fruit salad" (colorful ribbons) a clan member has in the TeamSpeak. I think Squad would benefit from a more advanced scoreboard, and having some kind of award system, as it gives players something to aim for.
  10. Ares Gaming Fraternity

    Ares Gaming Fraternity Ares Gaming Fraternity is a men's club for male gamers ages 18 and up who are interested in serious highly competitive gameplay. We focus on military realism insofar as our rank structure, and following orders of Squad Leaders and Commander Players. Although we are not a "yes sir, no sir" environment we take following orders very seriously. We can be found on TeamSpeak at the following TeamSpeak 3 address: clanares.ts.nfoservers.com Anyone who achieves the rank of E5 Sergeant or above is an admin on our servers. Squad Servers: Ares Gaming Fraternity (Pacific) Ares - Training Command (Pacific) [PRIVATE] Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/aresgamingfraternity To appeal a ban please email us at aresgamingfraternity [AT] gmail [DOT] com. Please provide your Steam profile url or 64 bit ID. To report players please email the the same address. Videos and screenshots will help us reach our final verdict. You can also visit us in our TeamSpeak 3 voice communication server and "poke" someone with a rank icon of E5 Sergeant or above. Server Rules The following rules apply on all our public Squad game servers. Keep communications brief and to the point. Incessant mirophone or chat spam will result in a kick or ban. All forms of cheating and glitching will result in a permanent ban. Players are forbidden to attack an enemy’s main base. Try to stay 150 meters away from enemy main bases and do not fire into them. All players must join a squad. Unassigned players will be kicked. A squad must have a minimum of four players before being locked. Squad Leaders may kick players from their squad for any reason. Squad Leaders must have microphones. Intentional teamkilling or wounding other player characters will result in a ban. Immediately apologize in All Chat (default key [J]) if you accidently teamkill or injure another player character. Do not share your team’s ticket count with the opposing team. Racism is forbidden and will result in a permament ban.
  11. Team Calibration Indicator

    Wow. If you actually read my post you'd see I was offering suggestions OTHER THAN RANKS. ::face palm:: again
  12. Map loading. Server side image.

    Great suggestion.
  13. Change squad name, midflow

    Agreed. Very good suggestion.
  14. Ares Gaming Fraternity

    ARES is a mature military realism gaming fraternity. ARES was the Greek god of war, and we take pride in naming our fraternity after the deity of death and destruction. We’re doing something different with the military tactical gaming experience and we can guarantee that what our group of elite gamers has to offer can’t be found anywhere else. Note: Our new website is currently under construction so join us in our TeamSpeak 3 server. If you’re looking for effective communication, our fraternity teaches it, along with real world military tactics that work in the game. However, we’re not a “yes sir, no sir” clan. “Military realism” comes into play on the battlefield and in the rank system we use. To put it simply, excellence in teamwork and tactical competence are our top priorities. So long as you do your job in the field, then you will be respected back in the rec-room. Our Squad gaming servers are among the highest performance in the world and our fraternity is open to gamers from all over the globe. We've invested in top dollar servers to ensure that you have the ultimate experience. ARES’ fully customized TeamSpeak 3 server features an icon system that displays a fraternity member’s country, rank, clan medals achieved and training sessions completed. Hands down, ARES has the best TeamSpeak any clan has to offer. Stop by our TeamSpeak 3 server to find out more about us. No matter what time of day it is, there’s almost always someone online! You can download a free TeamSpeak 3 client at TeamSpeak.com (you don't have to sign up for anything, just click "Downloads" at the top of the size and download the client for your operating system). COPY & PASTE: clanares.ts.nfoservers.com ARES welcomes absolutely anyone and everyone to join our fraternity, no matter what your K/D ratio or skill level is, with only a few simple requirements. We are a thriving community of first class gamers who enjoy a military realism environment. After all, we are playing war games, so we enjoy fulfilling our roles and duties like real soldiers, marines, airmen or sailors. We’ve joined together for some serious gaming action, and some serious butt kicking; the latter of which being something we are very good at! So, what does it mean to be a member of our fraternity? First, it means being part of one the most fun, entertaining, and enjoyable groups you’ve ever heard of, but let’s not get too excited yet. Yes, we offer medals, awards, ranks, scrimmages, inner clan battles, and all kinds of other cool stuff; but in order for that stuff to mean anything, you really have to want to be a member of ARES. Joining our organization is literally like becoming part of a fraternity. As such, it’s not an overnight task to make you one of us. Do you have what it takes to be a part of the fraternity? We’re looking for people willing to make a commitment over the next couple of months, or even years to grow and excel with our clan. Few people make it to the point of being a true fraternity brother Not because of their kill/death ratio or any other factor to do with their stats, but because they are not serious team players. Our fraternity is full of dedicated people who put a ton of time and effort into literally giving away some of the best tactics in the FPS gaming community. Due to this, we naturally want to ensure that the people we recruit have a good grip on what they can expect to gain by joining us, but it’s also important that recruits know what we expect of them in return. We guarantee you will learn new things, improve your game play, and become part of a group that thrives on the power of teamwork and communication. There is no elite club within our fraternity, every member is just as important as the next. Simply being a member of our fraternity puts you in the elite club. Don’t be confused though, because ARES is not looking to just hand out our secrets to anyone, or just let any old random be a part of our group. ARES is a gaming community which has no need for fly-by-night players who just want to take our help and run. We are looking for players to join and stick with us for a while, because after all, we are going to put a lot of energy into making you a better player. It’s not fair to us if you just take what you learn and never return. We can’t have a reliable team any other way, and we refuse to simply accept people who don’t truly want to be a part of a serious team. If you want to run with the best, you’re going to have to put forth the effort to prove you deserve it. That said, it’s so much fun you’ll be begging for more, but be forewarned. If you show that you really don’t want to be one of us, we don’t want you. ARES is a military realism fraternity, but we are not expressly a strict “yes sir” or “no sir” type of environment. However, when we get down and dirty on the battlefield, we expect every member to behave as if we were in the military. We expect all players to follow the orders of those above them in rank, and to jump into action at the drop of a hat for their squad leader or commanding player. If you are asked to suicide and spawn with a specific kit, we expect you to drop dead on the spot and return with what you were told to bring. We are not babysitters. We are a mature, adult group that functions as a seamless unit, not a bunch of mindless individuals. In order to dominate, it is absolutely critical that everyone work together and do so without hesitation. This is something we expect of you, but by making it an expectation for all members, we are able to guarantee this experience to all new recruits and long-term members alike. ARES is looking for the type of player who is not concerned with his kill death ratio or his personal stats. We are looking for the type of player who has a true desire to operate as part of an effective, organized, and deadly team. We are looking for players who understand or are willing to learn to use clear communication and superior tactics to overwhelm the enemy. We are looking for players who thoroughly comprehend the strength in organized teamwork, and are not afraid to pull their weight when instructed. We have no use for people who hesitate in the heat of action. We are looking for the kind of team players who get the job done. ARES is an amazingly fun fraternity to play with under any circumstance, but you’ll have to experience it to know it. The people that make up ARES are friendly, helpful, and more than willing to help you achieve more. As was stated before, our members will spend their precious free time teaching you everything we know about this game, including real world tactics that actually work in the game, with boots on the ground! However, we don’t want ARES to be all give and no take, so we certainly expect you to give a little dedication, in return for the same from us. We will show you things that we can guarantee you don’t know, because they are filtered down from literally hundreds of first-person shooter players, and we share this knowledge with our team to ensure that every member gets to be all he can be! What this means for you is that when you step onto the battlefield with ARES you are absolutely guaranteed to have a real dedicated team watching your back, as opposed to a bunch of random players who will simply ignore you. With ARES you don’t get a group of people who simply sit around on a Teamspeak server and shoot the breeze while gaming as individuals. Instead with ARES, you are guaranteed players who will not falter when it really counts. You are guaranteed players who will literally give everything they can for the team, and do so without blinking an eye. ARES is made up of people who get the job done by leading when it’s their turn to lead, and following when it’s their turn to follow. Are you a person who can follow orders when it is your turn to follow? Do you want to join a clan where domination is solely a product of their superior teamwork, tactics, and communication? Do you want to join a real community of good people who are at the absolute pinnacle of team play? Do you know how to get the job done at all costs because it’s what the team needs? Do you know how to act like a cog in a machine, rather than the typical random public players? If you do, you might just fit in with ARES. Just remember, there is no “I” in team. See you in Squad.
  15. A Few Suggestions to Building Deployables

    Great suggestions. 1. The green should be significantly darker than the red. This will help color blind players. 2. Agreed. Stacking is a pain in the butt sometimes. 3. I like the idea of QUICKLY showing that something is being built or destroyed. I was going to say that a warning text could appear that says "DISMANTLING STRUCTURE" but instead, to keep in the spirit of Squad not relying on text that clutters the screen, add more layers to the structure so that it can easily be determined whether it is being constructed or dismantled. This would be nice even at the initial stage where there are only stakes. Too often new players right-click and destroy the HAB stakes...even when [as I am in the habit of doing] you say, "Left-click to build. Left-click. Left-click." Perhaps the stacks in the ground get shorter? I don't know, but this is an ongoing issue. My last round at Narva a new player accidently right-clicked the HAB stacks. 4. Rotating items is a great idea. 5. Great idea to build on certain walls.