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  1. Rounds are too long.

    Is SLs give up at begining of game ... (after 10 minutes) when thay think that their teams wrecked. They are wrong. Yesterday we had great start as Militia at OP first light. We pushed tham heavily and after 20 minutes we had almost neutralized US first flag. But they didnt give up. They made some good counterattacks and pushed us back. It was intense battle and after 1,5 hour we was back at our first flag. They won ... by 14 ticktets at the end. At first sight it looked like we wrecked them but they made some good manuevres. In fast games this would not be possible and we would win a game. Iam happy that rounds are longer than before. Finally its not just run stress. SLs must realize that time is on their sides. They now have luxus of planing and so on. And there is no need to rush forward like stupids. Because wush can be destroyed and than .. well second start is much worst. In that case I agree that game is decided. Did SLs realize that thay dont have to rush ? Because thay realy dont have to. Just take a time and slow it down in coordination with other squads its much more satisfy and effective than every squad rush somewhere else.
  2. Ticket Bleed

    Iam vary happy with longer game rounds. Finally there is a room for make some decisions and planing and not just rush and hurry like rabit on steroids. Also iam happy that people now somtimes just stop and slow down. Sometimes its hectic sometimes there is less firefigths but thats exactly what I like at this game and i believe that not just me but much bigger part of community. Its not run and gun game. Most of market is full of that so we dont need another game like that.
  3. How to balance? ..... different gameplay style. Easy. Unbelievable how easy is to win with INS....but strange how hard it is for publics. In some reason they play just same like every other faction. Same and same. Not able to selfreflect and adapt and evolve themselfs.
  4. K/D RATIO

    There is main difference between FPS player and TeamPlayers. FPS player admires high kills numbers. Is inpatient and is hungry for action. Squad Teamplayer just drive logi truck. Because he knows that if team will not build FOB than all players will have bad game experince. During his logi duty he thinks about how he can avoid any enemy vehicle. Where to stop to protect supplies and dont give enemy intel where FOB could be located. So he become better wit vehicle and when he will sit in armore next time he will not lost easily. He will become better squad leader because he will understand deeper whats going on. And he will be better infantry men because he will understand chaos of battlefield. So he grow faster and faster. K/D for him will be just D and he will care to have as low number as possible. If he squad lead he will care to have as low number as possible for whole squad. FPS player ussualy grab optics, or AR and dont care about that enemy have armored vehicles or just give up when he is wounded. Or silly run like chiken on steroids or junkie with cold turkey and just shoot shooot shooooooot. Ussualy those guys has no idea what does it mean pin down enemy so they absolutely has no idea how to effectively surpress enemy. Or how to outflank him. Experienced players simply catch them in tunnel vision or in net of cross fire. I personaly dont enjoy game when i have most guys just FPS players. They act silly and are dumb. Iam sorry to say that but thats it. Teamplayers realized that best weapon in game is their brains and they act with reasons and undrstand why they do that. FPS players just dont think thay just press W and LMB ... easy. 27/25 dont imrepress me personaly. 2/0 would impress me much more. Well 2/0 is damn good game if one is rifleman with irons and played on point. 2/0 for marksmen is again nothing. Or for vehicle operator is like nothing nothing. Secret enjoyment and power of this game comes from D but to lower this number people must play more as a team.
  5. I like how we have it now. Why ? Because suppression is not shooting to sky for create some blur flinch effect. You shoot to kill thats it. If you want someone keep behind corner and not let him take a look just shoot to place where he will look. He should be scare to just look behind corner. If he will make it and shoot you .. than its not suppression. For some basic information https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suppressive_fire And yes it works in squad very often. Sure there are people who dont care about virtual life but its just matter of experiences and when those guys get hit 10 times because they just dont care than they usually hate Squad or start play much more gentle. Well thats usually moment when people start love this game. Problem with scopes ? Well everyone with scope is like horny pooche. In most cases they sit on some ridge line or with some good field of view where they have luxury of space and just shoot like at firing range. Players with scopes are lazy and live in comfort of CoD mentality. Just avoid any area which are for them as candy and problem will be solved or kill them with vehicles. But yes there is another problem. Vehicles are operated by same group of people as with scope. So yes in many times that completely ignore teamwork. Same problem as before. CoD mentality.
  6. I dont understand why people believe in some "magic suppression ingame mechanic" What is suppression ? ok .... lets ask Google. And the answer is ----- "In military science, suppressive fire (commonly called covering fire) is "fire that degrades the performance of an enemy force below the level needed to fulfill its mission". "Suppression is usually only effective for the duration of the fire".[1] It is one of three types of fire support, which is defined by NATO as "the application of fire, coordinated with the maneuver of forces, to destroy, neutralize or suppress the enemy." ----- And therefor I believe that general part of community have no idea what does it mean and how to effectively do covering fire. Covering fire in Squad works like a charm if its done properly. There is practically nothing what can make it even better. There is no reason to some cluncy, blurry, drainy, stuffy blably blobly. Really. Just understand what the hack mean support someone by covering fire. Its so easy its so natural. Just stop with CoD habits and "Aha effect" will come. The biggest problem is that people want give up their responsibilities for their virtual life and get some magic advantage. And at the end there is couple of official definitions how to suppress. 1. "Suppressive fire usually achieves its effect by threatening casualties to individuals who expose themselves to it." Read it twice or ten times to understand what does it mean for you as a shooter. Ooooh its really so easy. Does it work ? Hell yes just try it. You will see. But you have to aim accurate. And not just spray a sky and yell like rambo. If enemy will register that if he is not completely mentally disabled he will think twice if he take a look behind a corner. Isnt that successful suppress ? Does he need some special additional disadvantage ? If he is so stupid that he will try return fire he must pay for it. Thats suppressing fire done properly. 2. "The purpose of suppression is to stop or prevent the enemy from observing, shooting, moving or carrying out other military tasks that interfere (or could interfere) with the activities of friendly forces. An important feature of suppressive fire is that it is only effective while it lasts and that it has sufficient intensity." Clear like a day isnt it ? If someone in game ignore their "virtual life" which is absolutely understandable and expectable because its stupid game he must pay for it. If he will return fire and you die....you didnt do what you should properly. You have just wasted ammo nothing more noting less. Thats the real true. 3. "In modern warfare, overwatch is a force protection tactic: the state of one small unit or military vehicle supporting another unit, while they are executing fire and movement tactics. An overwatching, or supporting unit has taken a position where it can observe the terrain ahead, especially likely enemy positions. This allows it to provide effective covering fire for advancing friendly units. An ideal overwatch position provides cover for the unit, and unobstructed lines of fire. It may be on a height of ground or at the top of a ridge, where a vehicle may be able to adopt a hull-down position. " And thats it boys and girls. All the secrets of suppression. And they work. Yes without fear about a life but they work. And they are effective.
  7. Steal supplies

    Woudl be pretty interesting. But it should be like suds say. It would be intersting to have this. Let say supplies are not able to move by hand atm. Jut clicking like we have now SL place FOB. Go couple of meters side and mark land area (like place asset but cost is 0) which is "FOB stockpile". Friendly truck come in FOB area nd drop supplies. And same like we have supply animation on supply truck than it could work at this storage. So it grow and grow. When team use supplies to build or rearm you could see how many supplies you have by eye. If enemy want to steal those supplies he must be not in FOB zone but in Storage zone. Which could be same like repair station. Thats it. So it could be interesting because if you will have some supplies and enemy could see it. May be he will not destroy FOB so fast because he would like take away those supplies. And you will have some bonus time to fight FOB back.
  8. Best Shooting range times

    Its quite while when there was big battle in it 15.12.2016 someone get at 18.75. But game was changed from that time. But shooting range is still same and it should be possible. I personally have around 30 sec.
  9. How to slow the gameplay

    Well I will rather play one good 2 hour round when 20 minutes of it is some firefight and rest is planing and scouting and other stuff than 4x 30 fast run and gun. Last 2 years was squad more run and gun and during session you played all maps. Now its 2 - 3 maps per session. I will be happy with 1-2. But it need definitely some love at RP, FOB area. Nevertheless. Game could have this from beginning where we have RP or ? sure we could have it. But majority of community wasnt ready for that. I believe that we will see some game mechanics changes in future. Just community must be at "right place" at all. Imagine if we at v5 get those hardcore slow downs ... how many players could we have today ? (and material sources for continue with development) so behind scene there is not just listening current community but even its about interactivity for new generation of players which come from run and gun game. They have not chance to figure out how nice is slow games. They have not played Operation Flash point. They didnt grow up on good old BF. Current 18 years old players which are future of this game in next years they had 1 year when operation Flashpoint was released and 5 when BF2 was released and everybody can remember (generation millennials) that it looked like we are on way to slower massive open world battles. Well it was left by BF3 which i think give there bright line and split world to Arma followers and Run and gun. But our dreams was more less Operation Flashpoint pvp battles. PR game us idea but it was unknown. Now we have Steam and "easy to end customer deliver" tools. But AAA companies define where is main stream. And current players are extremely impatience and demanding. So they after 0,5 hours n game will refund it if they dont get it. And now work with those nerds and sell them something. They need couple of years to grow and get in. So there are compromises. Which are slowly kicked away how community grow and how support for future funding grow. We play game round 1,5 hour. But developers play game which has taken already 4 years + PR experiences. This is big game isn it ? And they ant keep idea of game how they want and how probably most of PR community want but just with it its dead. So slowly. Patiently. We have those skills and we should forward it to others. Now let say we can watch if new generation (alone) will bring ideas to slow game down. That could be good sign.
  10. Have you had this bug in v10?

    Nope .. its newest feature absolute exhaustion ... dehydration and total hungry and thats result (joke)
  11. FOB = my love

    There is that mode. Named Invasion. I have seen super super super FOBs already at a last flag. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. ITs great that you like it. Game need some players focused at logistics and FOB building. I believe that you will master it and create some very effective FOBs in future which is not so easy as many people think.
  12. V10 weapon muzzle control

    You cant muscle memory it because its slightly different from situation to situation so every time you have to more focus and control where you aim like you described. I feel like in prev version virtual actor itself slightly help to aim back. Now in v10 it feels much stricter and player itself have to take care about it. I dont know but when I shoot irl and I stop focus and shoot faster its just fly everywhere but not on target iam terrible shooter. So this improvement is for me ingame much believable. v10 punish players a lot and drastically. Its brutal now. You know previously i had around 5 kills per round ? Now i several times get over 20 and i was just ironsight rifleman. I saw how guys who was great till now are now terrible in game. And people who used to play carefully, slowly and had less kills now are excellent players and are very valuable. And muzzle change is one reason of it. But i believe that its just change behaviors and shooters like you will be back on shine soon.
  13. V10 weapon muzzle control

    I have +- same amount of time as you BadVlad and for me its now much better than in previous version. Previous versions was much like semiassitance but now control is much more in players hands.
  14. Suggestion: punish team killers

    I had 7 TKs by AT mine .... and it wasnt my fault but driver fault. He litteraly TKs his friends not me. So who is guilty ? And when someone TK me because he drop bad nade ? well i experienced that so many times that i know that "that guy" fell lots of embarasment and i dont have to punish him. Even when he dont say sorry its fine that jsut happen. And all other unusual TKs solve admins. And they sort all those stuff pretty well. So leave it at Admins they are responsible (well more less)
  15. Required experience for being a SL

    People must get out of ranking behavior anyway because it is just advertisement distraction to keep people play a game. Leveling in any way is just marketing. Solid statistics are different story which are not present in any game. Many triple A company now push those garbage in games and push people to play it to death through illusion of rankings/leveling/reputation/ and other low humans quality. If we look to theme from another perspective. Personal edification coming from making mistakes. If bunch of SLs play poorly thay have several options. - Run away from selfreflexion and dont accept that they failed as a group of SLs and blame every others - Think about it. And thats it. honestly we dont have to think twice about most of situations. Its easy to run away from responsibilities. Its just game anyway. But those habits are taken out in to real life (believe or not). If we take deep view what support mass ranking/leveling system in humans its not nice. But people are able to lie themselves pretty well. What i understand is that there are many poor players who want push others to accept responsibilities. But its slow process globally and its not good use any kind of force to do that. So any kind of motivation should support "that" better in humans. But also, who know what is it we have just assumptions. At the end of day. SL who made everything possible to keep equal fun - responsibilities - teamwork and team even lost will be silent anyway and guys in his squad will know that because thay had during game personal experience with him. SL who will complain like chicken well let him to do that. He will grow up eventually or leave a game completely. Therefor its counterproductive has there any kind of ranking/leveling/ratting. Is there anything above SL in this game ? just their will to cooperate during game and thats it. SLs are game creatora, fun creators, story creators for others. Like in Dungeons and Dragons.