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  1. Hi there and welcome in family. About this there already was some debates. If I remember right thing is that we already have map overloaded by marks. Imagine if another guys could drop markers it will be mess like hell. Second is that marksmen are ussualy taken by total newbies. Hard to say that but its true. They think that its some kind of sniper rifle and go hunt like in CS/COD/BF. And this just make squad weaker. Experienced players who take marksmen ussualy dont have to drop any marker. Just press B and report it. Experienced squad leader ussualy have enough space and practice to drop markers with no troubles.
  2. marking for friendlis and trolling enemy Just for fun with them. Or hiding some stuff under it. You know that you can use shovel and dig your mine in ground. Than just red piece of it is at road. Palce this small rock on it and voala .... completely hidden.
  3. Ok lots of answer doesn't work. Join Clan. Then everybody will be happy. If anybody have problems with public games and publics SL you have to look for different experiences. But this kind of bitching don't like even in clans just to be prepared for that. Also majority of community now has no experiences with leading. Even most of real life company managers will have serious problem to lead 9 men squad. And even SL nead some teachers. Without teachers learning is much much longer. So instead of bitching(backleading) is better to make squad or become advisor. And those are absolutely different things. Bitching, complaining and rage is one of the most waste of time. Show me game where people can think about stuff like that ? About real humans stuff. And not just about .... fun. For fun is CSGO or CoD.
  4. Looks like that all queue could fill another server. Why not start seeding some ? Just click at "show empty servers" And then list is little bit different.
  5. discussed years back. Kicked in dust (luckily). We dont need it. We dont need make game easier. some sniffing and terrain orientation and teamwork is nice then lazy hover over and get without work.
  6. What would be great is if vehicle with lets say some damage make some additional noise when role. Like "scrape, crackling, metal marrow, the hiss of steam, catcalls or whistling wind in holes in armor" . That driver/gunner could have feel "oh my god there is something wrong with vehicle something terrible terrible wrong" (if this is possible) but like @Assifuah said we will have better hit detection and some obvious damages. But sounds is one big victory of this game and mean a lot for immersion for whole community. Its new level of whole FPS gaming because even fearless people say when bullets start whizzing around they hit dirt. So suppression realy work. Metal "bjong" noise when frag RPG hit BTR is one of best sound in game. Eargasmic. so some damage sounds could create real "vehicle suppression" feels.
  7. karasu

    Men this map looks amazing. Nice work.
  8. And you my brother think that this is final solution ? sure its not. But hey not everybody came from PR. I would say that most of community is from other genres. They have to get in it and familiarize with it. In other case we will have small playerbase. I think that this attitude keep much more players with attention to this game. So let people grow and dont push to much on saw. Devs mentioned this so many times.
  9. Even some great fast runners and rushers from our clan said that its impossible to fast move forward in your town. They had to slow down ... well stop is much better word. And slowly continue with better cover system. Great city men. I honestly didnt like AlBasrah in PR. But there lets see may be I will change my opinion Its realy difficult to play it. But great team building.
  10. Men you destroyed them totaly. There its see how cruel can be urban fights. People want urban literally they cry for it and then there you can see how hard this game is. They still live in some romantic idea of BF3 Metro map or stuff like that. But this is much more cruel.
  11. Same for me. I dont change my gamma at night maps but its so difficult play against morons who change it just because "they want see". So night maps are pointless.
  12. Very good suggestion. I also support this one. Also would be great have this HUD/UI settings possible set up under the Settings instead of using command line.
  13. I had this troubles when I participated at playtest. Important thing Clear your cache (In game setting there is button for that and make this everytime when new update is there. Also they wrote it as first sentence in changelog) or make it manually by remove your Squad folder in %AppData% I think this is best solution. Dont underestimate this step. If this will not help then time to join discord and contact developers directly. But I guess that this will help