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  1. Yep I agree. That is ridiculous. Mortars are atm total useless. Smoke is more effective than HE.
  2. Little squads, many vehicles v12.

    Fact is .. that players dont know how to cooperate. At pubs level. Players want kills no matter what. Infantry squad ussualy want capture flag. Mechanized infantry ussualy want rush Logi want build super fob Tanks want hunt enemy armors BTR/Strykes want hunt enemy armors .... Result => whole team just "run" headles around because they want to some kills. What a silly behaviour which came from modern FPS games. I understand that armors are fresh and people want enjoy them and players want do that. But also players whould already know that remove threat (armors) is easy and problem is in between triger and target....yes player itself. After 2 weeks i dont accept any argue that infantry is underpowered agains vehicles. Thats not true. Players are ignorants ... thats true. Players are too focus to kill threats and thay simply waste a time, sources and minds there and blame gamemechanics. Players should think about what is reason why thay play squad. Is it bcause thay can kill or something blow up? is it for teamwork ? And thats it. If answer is teamwork than it doesnt metter if player even shoot from rifle. That rifle is for him just persuative tool or selfdefence tool and main objective is capture all flags or prevent enemy to capture that flags. And because one cant do anything .. team is an answer. But when inf SL call to tank SL that he want support with clear buildings which are at objective and he doesnt waste tickets of his mens and sources. And . And tank just ignore that because he want kill tanks "u idiots". Or when logistic SL ask if route is safty to approach and answer is silent .... and there is no activity to recon area from presented Infatry. Than its signs that palyers completely missunderstood why they play Squad. And if those players than complain that there is no proper cooperation thay can look in mirror and tell it to themselfs. V12 just show us who we are as persons. And how good we are at adaptation and teamcooperation. At this moment certificate is "very poor". I hope that in close future will this change to at least "avarage". So after initial rush, all flags captured by both sides than there is big battle in between vehicles. Than everyone end as ifantry and everyone complain that there is no option to get to next flag except ... walking. Yes u "imbecils" because you abadoned all transport trucks and screamed all apcs ... apc which mean Armored Personal Carier ... Unfortunately this word is for many players synonymum for "mbt", I am BTR ... IAM TANK .. bumbumbum ... sorry .. thats v11 .. thats old. U should open eyes and get in presence time. Real BTR/Stryker.. whateer is ... transport infantry. Stay safe, Stay away and be ready to drive close to inf let them jump in and get them fast out. Nope we see how 1/2 team sit far far away from objective flag and i dont know .. may be hunting "chickens dinner" around. Well and thats it. This is sad true about current gamplayes ... at pubs. And who is reason ? players. Noone else.
  3. More i think about new spawn system and ammo restriction more i think that. Spawn at main ... full gear reload. Spawn at HAB ... minimal gear reload (like we have 3mags + 2 bandages if player have less than that) Spawn at RP .... no gear reload. PLayer have what he have. Reason i think about it. RP is regroup, temporarly solution for simulating larger attack. Mostly its used on flanks. Or closer to attack area (or closer to FOB as backup). Player will have couple of spawn and than they wil lstart suffer without ammo. it will push squad back to FOB where thay reload and try it again. This could creat natural spacing in between attacks and both sides will ahve time properly think about what are they doing (theoretickaly) But if attack will be supported by proper logistyc system than attack can create much bigger push to enemy. I think that respawn at RP with minimum 3mags + 2 bandages are still too much.
  4. Couple of bad decisions in my opinion

    There are cause and consequences. Just think about bigger pictures. Reviving ability and ammo and RP ... those 3 things are from v12 connected pretty tight. RP wave spawn is good balance for infinite spawns at RP. From streams its possible to see that players pretty suffered but they dotn realize that thay have unlimited spawn point. Which is greatly covered (small, camouflaged and no sounds around). Everyone can revive everone with penalty. 14s to revive + revived guy is nerfed. No spirnt, no jumps, little bit worse aming (this could be much much harsher). Guy who revived has -1 bandage. Its risky that he will need it and so on. And everyone constantly losing ammo. Lets take one example. So lets say squad make flank. You can keep your guys more in action withtout respawns and keep them longer in combat. But longer you are there and longer you are using RP your squad is weaker and weaker. Well 3 mags are enough for most of players for 1 ticket cost but special kits like AT, GL, Marskmen, AR they noticibaly support less and less. After 3 wave your squad is going to stuck at one place because squad simply dont have enough firepower. Now squad have 2 option. Keep fighting with small arm fires and call support squad to deliver any avaiable ammo. Or give up at flank and go back to FOB where is higher chance that squad will rearm. What i could see during playtet there were even more than 100 revives. Its doubled against current sitaution which is good. And i saw how easy is change game direction. Good team full of great players lost a game against much weaker enemy which greatly play couple of moments with vehicles and retake initiation because realized that logistic is key point. There is going to be many things which players will have to rethink. Keep not squad togather but whole team. Play logistic and transport and so on. Or team will simply suffer. Not just couple of players but whole team. That will be penalty for ignorance that nobody care. And i support this because till now people just play more like run and gun no matter what. This update going to be closer to Project Reality than anytime before and PR games are much more about team and cooperation at Team level than we have now in Squad. Players must realize that Squad from begining is not another CoD but slowly step by step going to be much harder because there is plan from begining that its going to be harder and harder. And last 2 years proved that its not empty words. Many people stoped playing squad just because they liked faster game before 1,5 year and now they cant play it anymore its too dificulty for them. Easy like that.
  5. Export scoreboard

    Oh dude that would be awesome !!!!
  6. September 2018 Recap

    That was good question. But what happend with time than ? We have lets say 60 seconds cooldown for next wave spawn. Lets say when 10s remain enemy disable HAB. But frendlies clear area. Will be timer resetand count down again from 60? Or continue with those 10s. Or Even when HAB was disabled time will continue and immediately after HAB was Enabled it show remain time (lets say clear area took friendlis 30s, so time is -20 (0) and new wave can immediately spawn). Or it will be 40s remain as new cooldown was started.
  7. What would you like to see in Squad

    Except V12 stuff drop supply creates physickally from logi (and posibility to pick it up) with possibilities in radius of supply creates build FOB. dropable ammo boxes from vehicle. Physickally (PR) so vehicles dont have to be at place but at stategic position thay just empty their supplies and inf can operate from there. update maps to more believable way. Withouth consideration for map balance (give players some challanges) but for create true believable areas (but i believe that devs are working on it step by step with each update) little bit more complex wound/medical system. Some kind of wound trauma or stuff like that. I really like idea in EFT with painkillers. With new presented medical system and that after revive medic must finish healing. Except bandage each player could have one pack of morphine/adrenalin/painkillers whatever and with that it will give him temporarly stamina refill (time limited replenishment or one-time addition without replenishment but reduced drain during action). repack magazines. When player have time (which is very often) after survived firefight it would be great to have possibilities to compress 4 half full magazines to 2 fully loaded magazines. possibility to change 1-2 magazines (0,5Kg full loaded) for 1-2 grenades (0,6Kg) (But i believe that those kind of kit modification devs have on list) some terrain could have effect to players speed. (for example in watter players should not be able to sprint when watter is along the strip and so on) or mud or bushes (PS)
  8. promoting teamplay

    How you want promote teamwork ? Give player some points at score board ? Ok ... for example i will teamwork even withouth scoreboard. Because i dont look at points but for me teamwork is alfaomega of this game and reason i play it. I cant imagine that those point could motivate me to be more teamplayer. Or some highlighting or leaderboard (PR - best squad promotion) ? ok thats nice. But why should people care ? its just for 10 second of glory ? Quality of game depends on quality of players not "mouse aim skills" but how thay think. I say this for years. Best kit in this game is players brain. Low avarage level of inteligence of team and see you. Team suck. And how this start? From grunt. Logistic is backbone. In some reason people think that killing is backbone (but its lie. reason is pretty obvious).Its so funny watch how people think in this game. Its better than any psychological material because people when thay play thay dont controll them so much and thay show stuff which would never show.
  9. Squad Operations - Hardcore One Life Events

    https://squadops.gg/ yeh that official website. Well i think one per month there is free public play event ? but i can be wrong. That training is just for 20 minutes. thay just want to be sure that people are at same wave. Thats all.
  10. Squad Operations - Hardcore One Life Events

    @Nightingale87 its very easy. Go at their wesite. Register. Install Discord and join at their discord (thats necesarry) You will have to make their training. SOTT (i think its name) because there is pressure to some quality and understanding. And after that you can register at any one life event.
  11. SQUAD - The more, the worse

    And this i can also prove. Clan members doesnt play better than other ... if we think in FPS definition (run and gun). There are sharpshooters and plaers with reflexes and aim which dominate over most of clan members. Point is what can even best shooter make against pack of players who cover each other. Nothing. He can wound 8. But 9th will get him and clan members are disciplined to wait for medic (even from other squads). And thats the trick. When clan have some sharpshooter its just one or two in one squad. And they are ussually different players than others. So Squad build it around those guys. They need big support to get that great result. Provide that support request very good communication and cooperation. And thats it. Pubies when thay play all of them hunt kills. K/D is for them alpha omega. When clans play. Whole squad support those sharpshooters with good reflexes to keep them in game. If pubies get that point, thay will easily steamroll any clan. It need just cooperation, and change mind from K/D to teamwork. Easy like that. Isnt that point of Squad ? Yes it is so steamroll by clan is allowed its required its reason why people play togather. split them ? Ok Squad exit button confirm... bey we dont have to play. So if pubies cry that its not balanced, thay just dont get it and i personaly dont care and many clans also doesnt care, its pointless.
  12. August 2018 Recap

    "Frontline" what a topic ... if i know any gun shooting around "flags" are at frontline. 4 guys there or there ... i wouldnt say that they are missing. May be with cap. But if they protect 3 other infs against enemy armor. Or with HE simply clear whole building. Well thats win.
  13. @ExpressDelivery nah. After 500 hours you dont need UAV to find FOB....all places are so common that you just predict with high probability where enemy have tham. People are predictable. And also because people act like cannonfuter and run directily to flag from any FOB (if thay dotn have FOB exactly at flag) than its easy to figure out from where they are comming. UAV would be just fun to watch that "human stream" technickly it will not change a game. And believe or not but if Commander through radio will say that "hey 2 you have enemy on your E" than SL 2 will just say ok .. but effect is minimal and players will just wait until they will be hit from flank (hm better would be to say. Players generaly ignore that until they will be hit from that flank). Easy like that. (80 - 90%) for the rest is something like "now interesting game start" But for precise navigation mortar fire .... oooooo ho ho hoho ... that would be interesting and really usefull.
  14. Disable HAB by enemy presence

    If its logic conclusion ... we can expect some another changes ... or ? Yes disable and than dig it ou is pretty easy. But first versions in PR was same. Like disable FOB by knife .. etc. First version in Squad was ... overrun disable spawn and reduce FOB health. Than shovels came at scene. And so on. So we can expect some another evolution steps jsut because we know history. Dont forget that SLs have indicary nade at INS map. So solution can be pretty easy. HAB could be disabled by shovels but Radio by SLs indicator nade. Another step could be explosives and so on. Just give it a time.
  15. Re-Master Loading Screen

    @virusman .... nailed