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  1. I had this troubles when I participated at playtest. Important thing Clear your cache (In game setting there is button for that and make this everytime when new update is there. Also they wrote it as first sentence in changelog) or make it manually by remove your Squad folder in %AppData% I think this is best solution. Dont underestimate this step. If this will not help then time to join discord and contact developers directly. But I guess that this will help
  2. But biggest hidden unlock is .... Survivability challenge Level one ... survive whole round with 0 death till end. Level two is ... survive multiple rounds (at least 3 in row) in row with 0 death at least one as infantry Level three....survive round with 0 death without Scope and avoid driver/gunner in any vehicle. Level four... survive with 0 death as a combat medic. Level five .... survive round as infantry Squad Leader. Level six .... whole your squad have less than 10 death at end of round Level seven ... whole your squad have less than 5 death at end of round Level eight ... whole your squad have 0 death at end of round Level nine ... achieve everything again. Level ten ... achieve this multiple times as uphold your skills Bonus level ... whole your team have less than 36 death at end of round.
  3. Welcome in family bro. no worries fireteams and squad managements is on list todo. Also some voip solution for that. Just wait a little bit. Also this forum live from 2014 and really lots of stuff was suggested. Feel free to use search functions if you will have any idea and you will probably find it with hundreds of thoughts and comments. So have a fun and see you at field.
  4. Yep I think that devs (and some other people) have there some fun. Because people are dramatically discuss about something what they did not touch. Its Like ... talking about differences of s*xual positions but be a virgin
  5. Yesterday we simply destroy enemy vehicle near repair station. Itrepair pretty slow. But why team which do that steam roll ? Because if team is able create this it provide that there is enought inteligence to create good team coordination and therefor win. This is prove of inteligent. Nothing more. There are more signs that players are not dumb and play better way. Simple like that.
  6. @Arduras well the most powerful and unique "stuff" on table is .... players brains. Anyway. There will be different kinds of ammunition. No worries. Lots of possibilities with this in very near feature. Just enjoy every single level of evolution of this game.
  7. @suds It written in text. HAB will be removed after FOB is removed. Same like HMG or SPG stuff. Like all other "smart" deployables, the spawn point will disappear upon destroying the FOB Radio.
  8. also I noticed BTR-82A spawn time 40 minutes. Thats someting. Looks like very value vehicle and lost this is for shame and blame for weeks Same Stryke 35 minutes. If people will waste those vehicles their team will lost. sorry boys mistake....Its ticket 40 tickets and 10 minutes jesus ... but respawn time would be may be better
  9. Transport truck for 18 players...... Its 2 squads. what we rarely see now is SL to SL call for pickup or transport if sombody have transport truck or BTR. Now its more important that squad somewhere call for pick up. Atm players more team play on Squad level but now Squad to Squad teamplaying is going to be more important. Also small arm guns penetration thats someting big.
  10. Hopefully this was many times disqused and developers and core comunity said NO ..... (whew)
  11. Dont lost patient. If they dont know. Take a lead. Be example. Go forward. Most of community is newbies even after 40 hours. They have to learn it. There are also player who play it already for one and half year they are fine. Or peoples from Project Reality. Peoples will learn it just not lost patient.
  12. What we really need is cooperation between squads. Sad is that many times we see that squad with BTR or Transport truck dont use this vehicles to help other squads. This is something what we all can improve. Not using vehicles just like one time ticket to go on front line but use it in better way. When I lead my squad and have Transport or BTR in my unit i order to pick up other squads if needed. Its pretty fun for drivers and for other squads as well. Because they fell some team cooperation on higher level. Anyway back to your topic. This was there mentioned many many times. Not once even twice. But 20x. During one and half year even myself I suggested that. What a idealistick. Then I realize that much more itneresting is keep total freedom. You know we dont have to just paly a game but learn how to respect each other. If sombody create Mech Inf squad. Other squads should learn respect that this squad reserve their BTR defaultly. Its team game. we have mounths and mics. and so on. Its nice to have automatic reservations but this is someting more. This is also education to become much better and respectfull human. I see at this freedom (chaos) concept biig plus.
  13. @koschilein same scenario for me. I just came in 0.7 in to PR my first map was Kyongan'Ni and fights in birch grove. When I first time saw Squad in PR forum i started follow. It was 2014. Kickstarter was like green light at race track and fund was sure thing for me. From that day I havent play PR.
  14. Well I like when truck stuck on fence bridge and so on tis fun when whole squad jump around and help to get vehicle out from this "stuck place" it slow down whole unit. But after while sooner or latter the vehicle is rescued and everybody celebrate and continue forward. So we have it already somehow in game well not exact its practically somehow bugs but its fun Last week I stuck with my BTR on fence close to West Petrivka classic we had it exactly in between wheel. It took us 5 minutes with gunner but we made it and rescue BTR from there. He was a new guy in game and he was truly happy that we made it. But it slow our squad in push forward.
  15. This is monthly recap feel free to dance, drink and celebrate thread. Say good job to our devs. And they did. We even didnt touch those new stuff and there is already criticism ? WTF is wrong with humans I have to ask. We have some prove that devs update stuff which they did. You can hunt pixels and milimeters for year .... or you can just make some obstacle which is not perfect but its fill purpose. n-wheel feature ... free look ... new animations this is so great that some lada on road ? We had lada in family till 90s but no matter what i dont care.....Map is 4x4 km. And if we place every ladas from the map near eac hother they will take ... Lets be realistic ok ? 4x4 km maps 30x lada on map randomly placed. 240m2 Thats my friends is 0,0015% of that area. This is stupid behaviour. This kind of perfectionism is good may be for space engineering and I doubt. But humans are able because of this small stuff break marriage, leave a job, kill somebody. Just enjoy progress. This is better then hundreds of other games at Steam EA.