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  1. "Memorable moments.. for a Noob"

    nice mate. Welcome in your new family see you at field
  2. Do mortars suck?

    I like mortarting. And I dont like to use calculator because its absolutely not neccessary. If sombody have to use calculator than this guy have no idea how to operate with mortars. thats first mistake of players Second is if sombody fire 15 shells on 10x10 meters than its second mistake. with this amount its possible to cover whole 2 keay pads (200x100) and completely destroy or stop enemy. Third. If sombody try use mortar to hitting compound area its just wasting ammo. Better is use mortar just in situation when enemy have to cross some open area. mortars in game are more less for defending than for attacking. so mortar fire is best to prepare to firesupport (create barage) around defending flag. There are more possibilities how to fire. Why increase some reloading time when its possible just fire one shell per minute. I do that if i have to surrpress enemy. slow them and stress them. Friendly units grab a time to regroup at Dflag. Or fire for effect and in this case I jsut consume all ammo points. But all squad leaders are informed. Also I everytime informa other squad leaders where morats are going to hit and so on. If everything work mortar team is able to have 30+ kills and make enemy frustrated and angry. What is great result because they will send some full squad to hunt small mortar team instead of put this squad at some objective. Like everything. Using a brain is best weapon and doesnt metter if you have medic or play in vehicle or operate mortars.
  3. Hi All It´s Steeve

    Welcome in family buddy. Well one very good tip is basic knowledge about basic game mechanic. There is wiki. Link at top navigation. Definitely use mic and say hallo and that you are new. And also good is start with simple rifle. Yea and visit Firing range before game. There are some explanations. Walk around and read it. It will help you understand how game work and you will know all you need. Also many new players donnt know that you have right and left click for "stuff" Greenades left click upper hand. Right click lower hand. Left click with shovel. Build. Right click destroy. And so on. Many times I saw how soembody rebuild enemy HAB instead of remove it. Also at firing range you will get familiar with some basic shortcuts. Than practical tips. Stay with your squad leader but keep good distance (not be one of those guys who dies all in one pack after one grenade) Stay low approach slow and rather survive than constantly respawn. Wait for medics and so on. So have a fun. See you at field.
  4. New change - map marker icon

    Thumb up. I know why i like you developers Honest, true and fair open studio. Lead by example. Hope that more people be like you. And not just developers but that even people from this community will take it as own and be more gentle to life.
  5. FOB ammo abuse

    I dont think so its problem. Becuase who could think that in future Ammo creat will be possible to build at FOB ???? that is bulshit and rearm should come from true drop by logistic or vehicle with extra ammo. At least lLike in PR. so Atm just another step how to drill young members of community to become strong and ready for future. But in long term I see that its not important and complain now is waste of time.
  6. Squad

    Welcome in family buddy nobody will fight with you because you have right. But think about this. will be game playable ? This game is not just about realism but also about fun. there must be some compromisses to keep fun. Just for info in dev team is vet who operated mortars (so logicaly they realize arent they ?) For the rest of points ... Alpha is answer. For example. In next update 9.6 which is behind corner. You can see some teaser. "you will be able to destroy some deoploable with explosives like grenades, shells, heavy weapons and so on" so its comming just dont hurry. There are many to do. Just have fun in game and follow rising game perl. thermal. Have you ever heard about Project Reality mod fro BF2 ? that is predecessor of this beautiful game. And ? yes there are thermals. But well we are in alpha. Its not priority now. Also dont underestimate search function. Most was already written (many times). so hope that helped take it easy and see you at field. Current status is not concreated
  7. How/Where did you discover Squad?

    I also read some rumors at PR forum...than Squad hooked me. And from Pre-Alpha i didnt open PR
  8. Hello!

    Welcome there buddy.
  9. Night games

    Night maps exists .... problem is that many players when night map start increase their monitor brigth and ruin this experience to others. But if people dont do that its awsome.
  10. Scout & Marksman

    Hi there and welcome in family. About this there already was some debates. If I remember right thing is that we already have map overloaded by marks. Imagine if another guys could drop markers it will be mess like hell. Second is that marksmen are ussualy taken by total newbies. Hard to say that but its true. They think that its some kind of sniper rifle and go hunt like in CS/COD/BF. And this just make squad weaker. Experienced players who take marksmen ussualy dont have to drop any marker. Just press B and report it. Experienced squad leader ussualy have enough space and practice to drop markers with no troubles.
  11. decoy stones ?

    marking for friendlis and trolling enemy Just for fun with them. Or hiding some stuff under it. You know that you can use shovel and dig your mine in ground. Than just red piece of it is at road. Palce this small rock on it and voala .... completely hidden.
  12. SL Experience Requirement

    Ok lots of answer doesn't work. Join Clan. Then everybody will be happy. If anybody have problems with public games and publics SL you have to look for different experiences. But this kind of bitching don't like even in clans just to be prepared for that. Also majority of community now has no experiences with leading. Even most of real life company managers will have serious problem to lead 9 men squad. And even SL nead some teachers. Without teachers learning is much much longer. So instead of bitching(backleading) is better to make squad or become advisor. And those are absolutely different things. Bitching, complaining and rage is one of the most waste of time. Show me game where people can think about stuff like that ? About real humans stuff. And not just about .... fun. For fun is CSGO or CoD.
  13. Looks like that all queue could fill another server. Why not start seeding some ? Just click at "show empty servers" And then list is little bit different.
  14. Show fob placement radius

    discussed years back. Kicked in dust (luckily). We dont need it. We dont need make game easier. some sniffing and terrain orientation and teamwork is nice then lazy hover over and get without work.
  15. Vehicle hit indicator

    What would be great is if vehicle with lets say some damage make some additional noise when role. Like "scrape, crackling, metal marrow, the hiss of steam, catcalls or whistling wind in holes in armor" . That driver/gunner could have feel "oh my god there is something wrong with vehicle something terrible terrible wrong" (if this is possible) but like @Assifuah said we will have better hit detection and some obvious damages. But sounds is one big victory of this game and mean a lot for immersion for whole community. Its new level of whole FPS gaming because even fearless people say when bullets start whizzing around they hit dirt. So suppression realy work. Metal "bjong" noise when frag RPG hit BTR is one of best sound in game. Eargasmic. so some damage sounds could create real "vehicle suppression" feels.