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  1. Iron sight zoom better in post scriptum

    I am also for removing "focus zoom" at all. Let scopes do the job. But i would like remember that in past there was no zoom for ads focus. And guess what. Other group of people complain like hell that they see nothing. Well and we are where we are now. Group which cry "remove zoom" is much much smaller (unfortunately)
  2. How do you automatic-rifleman/machine-gunner?

    Tracers are weakness of those powerfull weapons. More tracers you shot bigger chance that you will be spoted. ARs are great for big distance suppression fire. This will increase chance that return fire will miss you. Dont suppress with weapon like pew pew everywhere no. Even you fire at long distance, aim properly. Focus on windows, corners (any object edge) and bushes. Preshot areas where you expect that enemy can leanout with torso or side step. And thats it. If some silly player do that he has to be shoot. That means dont waste ammo at wall but aim to hit if he peak out. In this case you dont have to just hold button but send 3 bullets there 5 there 3 there ... and so on. In most cases you can even count to 5 or 10 in between bursts. When you use AR in this mod you can keep shooting for very very long time with many kills at the end and surprisingly without being spotted because of one simply psychological reason. Most players are impatient, they so fast look around for spot and shoot that their brain forget that there was tracer somewhere and stop searching from where it comes if its not a "tracers stream". Sure in one moment they will figure out but it could be too late or your friendlies are so close that they are overrun. Last trick, when you are reloading use it for great repositioning everytime. How to deal with grass. Dont try see everything you know that enemies are somehwere. Focus to 2 - 5 deg from big distance and remember terrain, when you prone than you imagine that terrain and just shoot, for aquisition you can aim down and free look and you will see over grass, remember bullets impact and correct your fire.
  3. Struggling with target acquisition.

    @Pastah dont worry man, it will be better. Just keep playing. You jsust need time. Like everyone who started with this game. If you struggle to see enemies. Try slow down at contact area. Keep watchin at one direction and dont change view often. If you check screen close, mid range, distance, than change view direction. At begining its slow process but sooner or later it become very fast. At close range for example like in CS games its very easy because game logic has usually 2 options and very close range. But at big maps in Squad you really need some practices. I dont have to mention that you should be in good cover while you do this "scan" Another problem you probably have is that you overexpose yourself. You are probably focuse to see and hit enemy. But you should be focus to stay with squad (at beginning with SL) and be his tail and second eyes and stay alive. This could also help. Stay with SL he will watch general direction and you focus at his flanks and nothing else. You will have not contact so often but you will save someones in important moment. While you do this focus to good positioning and try read terrain to your advantage. That means others fight at soem direction, bullets fly from there and you dont have to risk to see from where. So you stay from this direction in good cover. And expose yourself just a little bit because your focus will be on flanks. If its like +-45° from main direction than you can go 2 steps deeper in cover. There are another aspects in context. Like if your squad is catched in firefight in move (ambushed) or if you are static (defend) or if you assault. Everytime if you squad is more focused to assault dont uderestimate iron sights weapons. Because someone has to go on close range. And there Iron sights dominate. If everyone in squad has optics and you assault and get in close range you are in disadvantage at the end of day. Also if you have just iron sights dont waste your time to try fight at big distance just wait in good cover hear radio/gunfight and watch your map. And when fight get closer and you pretty good know where are your friends (from map reading) than you can fast much more effective. But i bet that biggest problem is that you position yourself at bad places. Because this is same for every biginners. So if you get under fire and you dont know from where. Than just get out from there. Like dont change your position by 3 meters. But really like 100m. Get out simply because you are at this moment in disadvantage. Enemy see you enemy know where you are but you dont. Survive and try again. May be they will run to your position like silly dogs and try hunt you. You can change it, you can prepare ambush. Anyway you will get it even without this tips.
  4. Mortar Design is inherently flawed

    math is prety easy for this calculation. Calculator is no needed even SL markers. Train brain. Ez. After some practice its realy fast and accurate
  5. Using numbers to mark buildings on map

    what about placing marker with helmet and say. Enemy at marker helmet North from us ? also game is so fast that placing numbers at buildings would be just wasting time. Usually when you say something like that its already different. You need just general directions.
  6. Night Maps & Ranks

    Welcome there. Night maps are implemented. Currently even "dynamic weather" map. Sumari AASv1 has it. So it change day cykles. In personal experiences. Night maps are amazing, except players. Thay "dont see" so they rise Gamma or (Monitor gamma itself) and then you see nothing and they see everything. Well and at that point game is not so "amazing. You know what i mean. Global ranking ... well dissused to death for last 4 years. Its possible find tons of realted topic with magic search function. Well almost everything because there were many waves of new players with same ideas. Again ... and again. Sorry for that but thats honest true. There is almost nothing left to suggest. Tutorials are presented and growing. Give it time.
  7. You need more practice. I personaly found out the best for landing use deck lights. Lending definitely is challenging and is pretty cool that its not so easy. Yeh collective control was also in PR. But after while i prefer what we have now Squad this is in my opinion more precise and it allow some interesting manuevres to do which are much harder without it.
  8. Tank Commanders Turret control

    Well there is something like "Aim where commander look" So commander of tank can say. "I aim to target" And gunner can press one button (check game settings) and voila. Gun is aimed. Stabilization have to be turn on.
  9. I have watched some stream of new players. All of them ... ALL of them wanted marksmen kit. Why ? Oh ... optic ? could be answer. Oh men. I have seen how players have walking simulation, how they blidnly died at so bad places and so on. Like mortar landing pretty close, amazingly those new players everytime run closer and not take cover. Is that magnet for them ? yes not surprise that they died everytime and have to spawn again. Some of them complain. They should hit desk with head because they complained not about suicidish movement but everything else. It was very interesting to watch. If you rush you will see nothing and be back in spawn point very very fast and often. Main problem of any new player is ... they are tooooooooo fast and this lead to confusions. What ? where ? who ? why ? Just adapt. Slow down. Listen, look around. Check map (offten). Follow SL. Dont focus on kills. This game is not about kills but about progress. Progress is avaiable just with teamwork. So game is about teamwork. Teamwork is about communication. So use voip. Voila ... Ultimate challange. Survive. When you survive you can start think how to play aggressiv. Optic is not holy grail for survivality. There are different things and better kits. New players move usually very dangerously. They still want shoot something (they think that thats game goal), they still want see enemy even they dont have equipment to see them. They have rifleman kit with ironsight and want to see enemy marksmen which is 500m far ? why ? are they crazy ? Just continue and simply dont do that. Ignore everything what you cant do. Think before and than make action. Blind action lead to spawn point. More spawns lead to more walk or be out of action and eventualy boring. Stay alive. Slow down. Than its like magic. Suddenly player see enemy and is able to shoot towards them precisely even without optics because its pretty simple.
  10. Are You not Bored with Base Raping Guys?

    If something like that happen. Team failed at epic level. Its not restricted, its pretty easy to deal with it because its so easy to do. Team which is not able deal with that failed at epic level^2 Well its undesrtandable. There is now newplayers multipled by 5 every day over experienced players. So they are not able to do that. Because they still dont understand that this is not CoD,BF,CS. Next month it will not be such an issue. Its so easy today play squad for anybody who play it more then year. Its like shooting drunk ducks. Tactics which doesnt work years .. suddenly works again. One experienced player can easily deal with whole squad of new players. And so on.
  11. why we cant destory trees ?

    there is only one solution .... at this moment. call "Enemy tree" simply dont hit them.
  12. Performance issues

    C:\User\your_user_name\AppData\Local\ there you will find folder with name Squad. Delete this Squad folder. This is manual "clear cache" After that you have to make again game settings (graphics, keybind, whatever you did) This is suggested after every update, specialy after those major update.
  13. This is good in case that your squad doesnt move. If squad is in motion, this will lead to seperate from squad sooner or even sooner. Which will lead to squad wipe. And then position will be overrun. But you inspired me to write something. There are two situations. 1) Squad is in defensive state. 2) Squad is in movement (which we can call assaulting state in 90%) Therfor required survival skills are doubled. In one hand player have to figure out how to effectively "camp" (lats name it FPSish) When player play with this in mind its easy to be traped in tunel vision. When he is in squad with other 8 those guys (who think fpsish) than whole squad will be traped in tunel vision. Than couple can easily flank them and take them down all. One could say Ez. This is problem of players with less than 500 hours. May be even more. Sad but its pretty realistic tip. Well this create opportunity right ? Just use this psychological knowledge as advantage its pretty obvious how. So how to prevent that. Easily. Dont .. Be .. Sheep. Be Doe or Wolfs (depends D or A) Lets take herd of does. In every single time they look around. They bend down for grass and immediately they pokes theirs head up and scan horizon. So at every single time there is at least one which searching for potentional dangerous. What i see in game is herds of sheeps. May be someone is confused what i mean. Hitin LMB = feeding up with head down and blind to whole area. Hunting. Sprinting. Assaulting. All of those are classic behavior for players to fill mounth by grass and forgot that well there is dangerous around. Sometimes its funny open map and watch where players look and how they react when one sheep yell "contact west full squad". In most cases everyone turn to that direction. Everyone. This is classis sign of herd of sheeps. whats next they will do ? They react irracionaly. "where where where, i wanna kill" .... lets translate it "ooooh food for freee. Race for feed". You see ? sheeps. And they will die, obviously because it was just couple. And rest of squad is on their north. Like i said ... Ez. Mistakes thay did. They left covers ffs. Why ? Ussualy before contact 1/2 of herd is partialy or fully protected by some covers. And suddenly they leave it ? whaat? Lets check how herd of does react. One see danger. They spread out in different angles from danger and run in to cover (forest, bushes, trenches, ... ) but notice that they keep in mind they are herd and from where danger came. And than they stop and they dont eat thay scan, all of them. And then they react. Sure we are not going run away, in game we will adapt our position to take in mind that there is definitely dangerous from known area but we dont forget we have to look around. Lets stop with this article. And take fast look at assault. You have to be pack of wolfs. But look how wolfs acting in field. Every single time there is at least one who watching target and surrounding flanks. Looks some documentary how they do that. Look closely. In game we can see ussualy how herd of sheeps trying to feed up their mounths.
  14. Solving the v12 Logistics Nightmare

    Lol ... FOBs need slow generation of points. That reminds me first versions of FOB in Squad where Supply wasnt a thing. We finally have logistic system in game after years of development and people call for autogenerators ? funny. Squad is teamwork game. Where Logi is part of gameplay. If from 40 people there is 0 who is able run logi. Team MUST suffer, because they want just CoD or CS. They dont have to play Squad. Burn in pain you silly team. No mercy.
  15. Squad founders- where are they now?

    iam also KS baker and still playing. Eventualy take couple of months pause there and there but constantly sniffing around and enjoying any news. This game is now miles miles farther and its awesome to follow up how it grows.