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  1. Than make condition. If you take marksmen .. you agree that time to time you will drive logi. Thats it. When I drive logi its pretty comfortable have soem optic weapon. Reason is that i can stop logi at safe area and with scope support squad at very long distance and/or observe their flanks. And when squad need i just take take it and in couple of seconds iam in area where they need it. Than drive it away .. reload ... repeat. Two birds with one stone. Fun with scope at long distance. Support team. Overwatch and protecting logi and never let it abadone. Yep or GL is also very good for logi run. GL = access to realy lots of ammo. Its like mobile light mortar.
  2. I agree. But that could be solved by dropable ammo crate. Project REality has dropble supplies from vehcles and helos. some drop big supply crates for building and some drop small ammo creates for rearm for infantry. I can imagine that if vehicles could just drop all ammo as one ammo box and any inf boy could pick it up and take to safe place that could be cool (in both hands). But lets see how it will go after this update. Iam really really looking forward to it.
  3. There is now ammo everywhere. And surprise ... you can refill it easily. Every vehicle can load and unload ammo from any FOB. anyone can come close to vehicle and can reload. Look at that...you have FOB but your SL didnt place Ammo creat and there is not enough construction points to place ammo create ... are you withtout ammo ? No you are not. Any vehicle around is ammo box. Even stupid motorbike. Go to bike reload ... get in ... reload bike... ready to use for others. Its mobile ammo create in FOB radius....thats ultimate mobile ammo create. We have more possibilities to reload than anytime before. There are tons of ammo everywhere. But pepole dont realize dont cooperate. Than suffer you poor souls. Vehicle operators dont realize that they are so much valuable. Any APC should close cooperate with infantry to support them with firepower and supplies and let infantry to deal with most enemy vehicles. But we see them play as individual armored cans soloing and constantly diing and wasting 75% ammount of all tikets. Rise your voice infantry boys.
  4. Mines are Bad for Gameplay

    i understand why some people hate mines ... they want fast modern run ang gun scrap and mines scare them ... so thay have to slow down but thats agains their habits so they speed up again and boom again. Well ... scout class is awesome. We could also say... remove mines ? ok .. remove Warriors or strykers. Ok than remove LAT/HATS ? ah and logistic its annoying how you have to drive. Or when enemy capture our vehicles .. boohooo we cant play anymore and we wil be steamrolled. I noticed that many player heavily resist to this game. They dont want adapt, or bring some out of box thinking and imrpovise. Probably not just in game but in real life same. And thats sad.
  5. Fob gameplay idea

    In PR you cant remove FOB like we have it now in Squad. just with explosives. but honestly. we are slowly geting to that. first version of FOB was if i remember right that if enemy get in particular distance from FOB they automatickaly start removing it. FOB has pretty good evolution from that days. And now it will be another step.
  6. June 2018 Recap

    You should read again my friend ... recap. Because you are missing some really important informations about it. Both your scenarios are not correct. They are not totally false but they are not correct. Also you dont count new suppression system in and so on. You have right that this change game play for sure. People will not give up so easily. They will still keep hope that their nearby teammate will revive them. Non medic revive a lot longer than medic. Check recap. that means that you have time to finish clearing. And most important info you missed. No stamina refill. tham neans. No climbing, no sprinting, n ovaulting, Slower prone slower stand. And weapon sway like a lot. What is effectivity of that poor guy ? He is just weight. May be he prevent to overtake cap zone. Which is pretty good. But he will suffer until medic will get there. Imagine that this guy will be just revived and his health will not be full because just medic could do that (also mentioned in article). Dark vision will be in play from that moment. And new suppression system. He will not hit anything. He will make noise. May be suppress somone. At the end of day it can have better immersion effect to game play. And also ... except medics kits has limited amount of bandages. And people think twice if they use their last bandage to their downed friend. No bandage .. no revive. Last bandage used for revive = bleeding => game over. So i wouldnt see it so dark. It can be pretty fresh new stuff which change a game. Until we change it ... we know nothing. Lets wait to try and than judge.
  7. Razor Wire

    Hm yes its useless in most of time but if it done right its pretty handy. But there is space for improvements. One penalty is that who touch it is slowed down. Thats nice. Second he loos hp. But it could also Complately drain stamina So you cant jump or climb after that. Like ... wire and wall or some different obstacle which need climbing(vaulting) should be impossible for that player to do that. With new suppression system it could theoreticaly give some light suppression so your aim is harder because you are hooked right and wire bited in your hm nuts could be pretty anoying or? Or lower weapon with every step. So you can stop move forward and shoot but when moving you cant. So people should think twice to step in to it. They could prefer to - waste time to dig it out. And make noice etc. - waste nade and destroy it. Thats fair. Player is weaker now. Just ideas.
  8. New Revive ability

    how many times ? You are last two guys who hold cap zone. One of you is down ... enemy cap. oh. frag....one is down. You revive him ... ok he is back. That was your last bandage. It sure will have impacts for sure. But i would give it a chance before any doubts. May be its really great stuff we just dont know. And our imagination dont allow us see all possibilities with it.
  9. New Revive ability

    ou yes suds. But may be ... may be you will need ammo and may be may be that guy will have ammo with him. Or may be he will be LAT and enemy armors just show in area. Or may be ... he is a medic. Or SL and you are last guy. togather you will be able to place RP.
  10. June 2018 Recap

    That recap is one of top top. Well its best recap i have ever seen. Nice work devs. This year is truly exciting.
  11. Rounds are too long.

    Is SLs give up at begining of game ... (after 10 minutes) when thay think that their teams wrecked. They are wrong. Yesterday we had great start as Militia at OP first light. We pushed tham heavily and after 20 minutes we had almost neutralized US first flag. But they didnt give up. They made some good counterattacks and pushed us back. It was intense battle and after 1,5 hour we was back at our first flag. They won ... by 14 ticktets at the end. At first sight it looked like we wrecked them but they made some good manuevres. In fast games this would not be possible and we would win a game. Iam happy that rounds are longer than before. Finally its not just run stress. SLs must realize that time is on their sides. They now have luxus of planing and so on. And there is no need to rush forward like stupids. Because wush can be destroyed and than .. well second start is much worst. In that case I agree that game is decided. Did SLs realize that thay dont have to rush ? Because thay realy dont have to. Just take a time and slow it down in coordination with other squads its much more satisfy and effective than every squad rush somewhere else.
  12. Ticket Bleed

    Iam vary happy with longer game rounds. Finally there is a room for make some decisions and planing and not just rush and hurry like rabit on steroids. Also iam happy that people now somtimes just stop and slow down. Sometimes its hectic sometimes there is less firefigths but thats exactly what I like at this game and i believe that not just me but much bigger part of community. Its not run and gun game. Most of market is full of that so we dont need another game like that.
  13. How to balance? ..... different gameplay style. Easy. Unbelievable how easy is to win with INS....but strange how hard it is for publics. In some reason they play just same like every other faction. Same and same. Not able to selfreflect and adapt and evolve themselfs.
  14. K/D RATIO

    There is main difference between FPS player and TeamPlayers. FPS player admires high kills numbers. Is inpatient and is hungry for action. Squad Teamplayer just drive logi truck. Because he knows that if team will not build FOB than all players will have bad game experince. During his logi duty he thinks about how he can avoid any enemy vehicle. Where to stop to protect supplies and dont give enemy intel where FOB could be located. So he become better wit vehicle and when he will sit in armore next time he will not lost easily. He will become better squad leader because he will understand deeper whats going on. And he will be better infantry men because he will understand chaos of battlefield. So he grow faster and faster. K/D for him will be just D and he will care to have as low number as possible. If he squad lead he will care to have as low number as possible for whole squad. FPS player ussualy grab optics, or AR and dont care about that enemy have armored vehicles or just give up when he is wounded. Or silly run like chiken on steroids or junkie with cold turkey and just shoot shooot shooooooot. Ussualy those guys has no idea what does it mean pin down enemy so they absolutely has no idea how to effectively surpress enemy. Or how to outflank him. Experienced players simply catch them in tunnel vision or in net of cross fire. I personaly dont enjoy game when i have most guys just FPS players. They act silly and are dumb. Iam sorry to say that but thats it. Teamplayers realized that best weapon in game is their brains and they act with reasons and undrstand why they do that. FPS players just dont think thay just press W and LMB ... easy. 27/25 dont imrepress me personaly. 2/0 would impress me much more. Well 2/0 is damn good game if one is rifleman with irons and played on point. 2/0 for marksmen is again nothing. Or for vehicle operator is like nothing nothing. Secret enjoyment and power of this game comes from D but to lower this number people must play more as a team.
  15. I like how we have it now. Why ? Because suppression is not shooting to sky for create some blur flinch effect. You shoot to kill thats it. If you want someone keep behind corner and not let him take a look just shoot to place where he will look. He should be scare to just look behind corner. If he will make it and shoot you .. than its not suppression. For some basic information https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suppressive_fire And yes it works in squad very often. Sure there are people who dont care about virtual life but its just matter of experiences and when those guys get hit 10 times because they just dont care than they usually hate Squad or start play much more gentle. Well thats usually moment when people start love this game. Problem with scopes ? Well everyone with scope is like horny pooche. In most cases they sit on some ridge line or with some good field of view where they have luxury of space and just shoot like at firing range. Players with scopes are lazy and live in comfort of CoD mentality. Just avoid any area which are for them as candy and problem will be solved or kill them with vehicles. But yes there is another problem. Vehicles are operated by same group of people as with scope. So yes in many times that completely ignore teamwork. Same problem as before. CoD mentality.