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  1. Low FPS not reflective of hardware

    So your saying that squad using all of 20-35% of my CPU is bottle necking. If that's true its due to bad optimization on the games part as 4.4 GHZ I7 is overkill for this game. If anything its my 970 VRAM falling short, thanks MSI/nvidia I bought a 4gb card I got 3.5. On firing range at 1080p I'm at 110-135 FPS and 1440p 65-80. I've only noticed these problems on the militia maps.
  2. Low FPS not reflective of hardware

    The FPS wasn't changing even when the settings were. That's the problem and this is a post more to report it then to solve my problems. Also I know a couple people with EVGA 970s that don't have this problem.
  3. Low FPS not reflective of hardware

    Considering I have to restart my game every time I change settings this round of testing was a bitch. But i was able to get all these tests on the same server and same map and most of the Screen shots in the same village. They are not consistent at all, its almost like flipping a coin on if the game will run well or not which all seems to be in relation to the VRAM usage. But here are the results 1440p with mixed settings such as high view distance and smaa (this one was on a different server then the other two tests. 1440p ALL LOWEST NO AA 1080p ALL LOWEST NO AA In conclusion its defiantly a VRAM problem, as the usage goes up my FPS goes down. It doesn't even seem to care what the clock is at. At this point I'm just confused, IDK the only logical thing is a VRAM leak but that would most likely be game side as I dont experience this on other games with the exception of Total War Warhammer, but thats understandable with 40 stack armies and thousands of moving units, thousands of calculations for each soldier battle, and its a newer game then my GPU and its a more demanding game then my GPU can deliver performance. For squad as well changing it to 1080p made it use more VRAM WTF? Well Squad is about as old as the 970 and others have reported this problem as well but none had solutions on their posts.
  4. Low FPS not reflective of hardware

    Its only oc'd to 4.4 well within the safe volts for it due to only having air cooling and living in a rather hot environment. Also only the one was the SLI forced profile the others were all the stock game single GPU. I only did the SLI force to see if it was my GPU going bad but since it forced both to 100% to me that means its not my hardware but i could always be wrong. I also updated it with more information for you to look through. I tried on three different version of drivers, still had the problem. I've read multiple articles on how people have had this problem with the MSI 970s, none provided a solution the threads just died. I just don't know if it was MSI putting out bad cards or these Devs not optimizing the game for them. Or maybe both...
  5. Is there a fix for this. The FPS DOESNT change when I turn down the settings I get the same exact fps at EPIC as HIGH as turning shadows off and foliage to med or low. I even tryed to lower it to 1080 instead of 1440 little change I have a I7 4790K 32GB Ram and TWO GTX MSI 970s.(Yes I know it doesn't support SLI) There is no reason I should have sub thirty fps. It goes from 70 down to 25 randomly and since its such a huge drop its makes my game lag like crazy. Sometimes its just bad fps and stays bad 20-45 range. Yes my nvidia settings are on performance and all correct power and control panel settings. It gets so bad I can't even play the game. With SLI on from inspector forced profile. Pre-Clean Driver Install on full server/large map Base game profile which doesn't support SLI. Still maxing my GPU for no FPS gains Pre-Clean Driver Install on full server/large map Post driver install on a not full server/smaller map. Post driver install on a not full server/smaller map. The problem is the 100% usage still remains even on smaller maps with less people. Here's a large map full server test result, again still forcing my GPU to 100% for no gains in FPS. 1920x1080 Post-Clean Driver Install on full server/large map 2560x1440 Post-Clean Driver Install on full server/large map More 1440 evidence ALL THESE BELOW WERE TAKEN FROM THE SAME SERVER SAME MATCH about halfway through it just started running horribly. Literally no change in switching of setting so I'm just confused at this point...