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  1. Just played again and its re-occurring. Disabled firewall, still occurring. I thought I had fixed this. Possibly could be windows defender.
  2. I did not create the rule myself. However in the last few days I was creating many rules out of desperation, when I finally realised I can disable the whole thing. Which confirmed the problem.
  3. Discovered issue after tinkering about for days was incorrectly created firewall rule for the EasyAntiCheat.exe :). Had to confirm by disabling firewall the only test I had not done So many days not playing Squad.
  4. When playing after 5-10 minutes I get an error: EasyAntiCheat Error: Unknown file version (squad\contents\paks\pakchunk1-windowsnoeditor.pak) After about another 5-10 minutes I get kicked with the message: EAC Kicked: Authenication timed out (1/2) Checking my Logs shows: LogEasyAntiCheatClient:Warning: Client integrity violation. Type: 4, ViolationCause: squad\content\paks\pakchunk1-windowsnoeditor.pak, Message: Unknown file version (squad\content\paks\pakchunk1-windowsnoeditor.pak) Fixes I have tried that did not work include: Ensuring EAC is added to firewall Deleting pak files/verifying Uninstalling/Reinstalling Squad Uninstalling/Reinstalling/Repairing EAC Deleting the EAC Folder in the squad directory, then do the integrity Check with steam and execute the EAC Setup out of the Folder before you Start the game. This error Still occurs Anyone else got ideas? Please let me know if you need the logs or anything like that.