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  1. Alpha 11 Released

    No.. not the crewman kit!!!! I hated this on PR. All the vehicule now will be let out in the field with no luck to return Lots of fun will be lost with this "idea" Other changes are great but i'm sad
  2. Alpha 9.12 Released

    mah hart mah sole Nooooo, not the humvee :'( I loved it (and great job for all the new content)
  3. Falling under the map

    With the last update, falling through the map became usual in every game that we play. By being rulled by a vehicule, leaving a vehicule, revived by a medic (usually, it's this one which happen the most). It's really borring, especially because you have to wait 120 sc for respawn as it count as a sucide (and it's still possible to respawn mid air and die from falling) Cf, the screenshot i took with the 3 of us under the map being res by a medic. (nvm, seems that i can't insert the media in the message...
  4. Many cheaters, i and my friends crying =(

    Cheaters on french servers??? LoL, don't lie please, i'm only playing on them and if somebody had a VAC ban since less than 1 year, he got banned from the server, another server ban them for "life". Don't act like a kid and cry for cheaters everywhere please. ps: Smee, use the vocal chat doesn't make you spot from the ennemy. they don't hear you talk, only your team can hear.
  5. Alpha 9.8 Released

    Huh, is it really it? 4.1 GB for repairing bugs? ^^"
  6. Problems resolved?

    Couldn't find in the squad topic of 9.6 if those problems have been repaired. be revive when you die in a machine gun or vehicule make you go through the map or spawn in the air. {voice title} when you have the game in french instead of having the player's name showing when talking. Thank you for your answers
  7. Problems resolved?

    New bug found When you right click on the map for set a coin or give permission for vehicule, the menu appears everywhere but not where you clicked. Really bothering
  8. Founder Weapon Skins

    I know those skins might be important but there are bugs in gameplay way more important than just a camo weapon
  9. Prone!

    Oh rly? It is like that since the begining of the game, i thought it wasn't a bug x)
  10. I don't have a screen shot but in every game i do in Kokan, north of the flag petrol station, in the buildings at G8. That appear to be a kind of canvas going in circle and measuring kinda... 30 meters. I'm not takin drugs and all the players on the server/map see it. You just have to play a game on this map for see this. Also, there are some hitbox issues with some trees that makes you levitate. one of them, next to the petrol station too. In the middle of the road of petrol station it made the same kind of levitate thing, but it was at that position one of our mtlb apc exploded. The carcass disappeared but when you were on it, your player was flying in the air. Probable the game detecting you were on that carcass.
  11. cheaters

    Some textures options shouldn't be able to minimize, i know not all players have a good pc but when for you, you are hiding (or hiding your fob) in a big covering bush and some people (who, you know, still have a ****in PC gamers but still minimize those settings) can see it from 500 metters because your bush is thin for them.
  12. Vehicule channel please

    i'm sure it was asked before (even if i couldn't find a topic about it with the search option) but it would be great we have a vehicule chat. Maybe with the sound of the motor and fire decreasing when somebody use it. I'm accoutumed to be the squad leader and this is a cluster♥♥♥♥/mess to understand people as you have the 2 guys in the btr, tracked vehicule who yell the hell out of their throat in the squad chat for say where to shoot as the motor cover their voice in local channel. It's almost if i have to smoke illegal things just after a game because squad leaders, members, vehicule and gun fires makes you go crazy. I am not asking you to decrease the sound of fire or vehicule motor. Only to make a vehicule channel for people inside can talk freely without disturbing all the squad. Thanks for reading, and big thank if players/dev answers