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    - shit - good
  2. ADS FOV Slider

    I have shot an AK in real life and I know how the sights look as well. They're not like in Squad. When aiming your cheek sits in front of the rear end of the dust cover and you do not see the recoil spring guide. Maybe if your eyes are in your mouth you might see it.
  3. ADS FOV Slider

    How about just a "viewmodel" customization, like in CS:GO ?
  4. ADS FOV Slider

    The way you see your sights in real life is shown in the pic I showed in this thread. Right now you see your whole AK as if your eyes can focus on everything.
  5. ADS FOV Slider

    Will there be one? I'd like to setup my game to look realistic.
  6. I guess the feel for sluggishness in transitions is caused by the constant engaging of the safety switch.
  7. Hello, I'd like to suggest ways to improve the handguns in Squad. The thing that really made me write this suggestion was the incredibly ""cringy"" way that the player model holds the pistol.. I've been shooting Production Division in IPSC for a few years now and I really like pistols overall. I think many game developers do not have the proper experience and/or feedback to make the player feel like they're using them correctly. I'd like to give you my two cents on that matter. ( I think your team did a good job on the FOV when shooting a pistol, because in most other games they look like they have their pistol 5 cm in front of the face, which in reality is going to result in face injuries.) Medal of Honor: Warfighter is the game that has the most realistic weapon handling, animations, models and textures. Ever. I'm going to upload a couple of pictures to show you how proper pistol gripping and aiming looks like. (This is a CZ 75 Shadow) ADS + correct (?) FOV + proper grip Grip: Overall I think that pistols deserve a bit more love. Quicker weapon switch from rifle to pistol, quicker ADS time,less recoil (when you're handling the pistol correctly the recoil will be quite light), maybe a bit more damage output in close quarters(1-8 meters). I really like how the game is developing so far and I wanted to contribute to it. If anyone is interested I could include tactical reload video, fast reload ( when the mag is empty), reload with/without slide lock and such. Sadly I do not own Beretta because the gun laws in my country are pretty strict about multiple firearms. I could get my hands on a Makarov, but the weapon handling is pretty much the same with every pistol. Thank you for your time, Aleksander