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  1. UPDATE No self fix was available for my problem, but I contacted my ISP ( Internet provider ) and I received a new router. This fixed the problem and I now see all servers. So if you experience the same symptoms as me, where you don't see any servers at all and you have tried every option on the forums, try changing out your router - as it most likely will fix your problem. Special thanks to Psyrus for helping me identifying the problem. See you all on the battlefield! -Nightmaker
  2. Tried all posted fixes, both from Zendesk and here on the forums. Even if I try to connect from steam server browser, it wont join - just opens the game and nothing happens. I can join firing range, nothing else. MSI motherboard, Killer Lan suite is removed, and driver without software installed. Contacted Psyrus, as it seems to be a problem with my Router.