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  1. Beta 19.4 Released

    Hey, squaddies! We're still hard at work eliminating bugs that cropped up after the Beta 19 release and, with that in mind, we've got another hotfix to help. The fixes included today are: Fixed a client performance issue related to maps using power/telephone cable causing a drop in FPS on Manic-5, Nanisivik, and other maps using the blueprint. Fixed formatting and characters in the server browser. (Welcome back, apostrophes!) Fixed a crash that happened when a client had music volume set to 0% and then reduced global volume below 10%. Fixes for WheelFX, UGL smoke optimization, as well as mortar smoke, and smoke overdraw optimization. Fixed Vehicle Smoke Canister (Curtain) FX visibility beyond 40 meters. Fixed Vehicle Smoke Generator and Vehicle Smoke Canister creating an unintended suppression effect. Improvements to the ability to push client updates without the need for servers to update. Increased FTL spotted marker limit from 1 to 3. We're still whittling away at the remaining issues, especially those with the SDK, AMD FX, and some Intel Xeon CPUs, so we should have another update for you soon. Thank you and stay safe out there, squaddies.
  2. Beta Release

    Hey squaddies! We’re pushing out an update that contains some fixes for the server freezes, especially related to garbage collection. Clients and servers can update at their leisure and this update is compatible Beta 19.4. Stay safe out there, soldiers! We’ll have more soon. OFFWORLD OUT.
  3. Beta 19.3 Released

    Hey, squaddies! We’re pushing out a hotfix to help address the issues that have cropped up since the release of Beta 19. This patch contains: Fixed a compatibility issue causing older CPUs to be unable to launch Squad after the release of Beta 19. Added a host of changes aimed at improving performance, as well as the biggest FPS drops on Al Basrah, Mutaha, and Tallil. We will continue to keep an eye on this. Your feedback is appreciated! A special thank you to the server owners who continue to help us improve server stability! Further, we’re working on the client-side issues, SDK-related issues, and the problems with lag and latency. We’ll update you soon. Thank you and stay safe out there, soldiers. Offworld Out
  4. Beta 19.3 Released

    Yes, moderation includes deleting off-topic posts. You're obviously free to and do post it plenty of other locations. =)
  5. Agreed, sunlight is a fantastic disinfectant. It doesn't make it any easier or more pleasant, but it's important to address. regardless of the need for apologies, I WANT to because we're all part of the community and this is a shot at all of us. The goal here is to have fun playing Squad and leave the frustrations of the real world behind. There's real hurt done here and people are due an apology for that. imho.
  6. We appreciate you bringing the matter to our attention and it has been forwarded to the appropriate people. As it's an evolving issue involving personnel, we're likely to be a little quiet until we've consulted with our HR folks. This is obviously, as most squaddies can attest, not representative of what and who OWI is -- we're a multinational, multicultural team and we value that as our strength. This impacts everyone on our team as deeply as it impacts the community and I was to assure you we take it seriously. My goal is and always has been to make Squad a place where anyone who wants to be here feels safe and welcome to do so and that remains true. You've all pushed hard to keep this community founded on mutual respect and we want to honor that. Again, my humble apologies.
  7. Beta 19 Released

    Hey squaddies! Thanks to your support (and a little patience), Beta 19 is ready to roll out! We’re proud to announce the introduction of dragging, a brand new engine version, the Nvidia Highlights system, and tons of map updates. It’s *definitely* time to hit Manic-5 again, hot damn. BETA 19 RELEASE NOTES NEW SYSTEMS Upgraded Squad to Unreal Engine 4.23. This upgrade comes with a lot of performance improvement potential that we have started to work with, and will be further utilizing in upcoming patches. Added the ability to drag incapacitated players. This will allow players to pull downed squad mates out of danger areas such as roads and open fields to a safe triage point, to await a safe revival from a teammate or medic. A drag UI icon will be displayed on the player’s HUD when a friendly incapacitated body is within 10 meters. To Drag an incapacitated body, press the Use button (Default: F) on the shoulders, neck, or feet of an incapacitated body while crouching. When a player is dragging a body, their speed will be reduced and they will have to drop the body to fire their weapon. Added the ability to destroy helicopter tail rotor components with projectiles. This will cause a loss of control of the helicopter. This will increase the vulnerability of Helicopters. Added Nvidia Highlights System. When enabled, this system allows a player to have short video clips automatically save based on certain events that happen in-game. Initial trigger events include: destroying a helicopter with an AT Launcher, triggering an IED, and knifing an enemy. More trigger events will be added in future releases. OPTIMIZATION Optimization and maintenance pass on Lighting FX: Improved FX for Ambient FX, weapons, vehicles, explosions, bullet impacts. Optimization and maintenance pass on various VFX including: FOB destruction, UGL Smoke, muzzle flashes, projectile tracers, tank shell blasts, vehicle exhaust, ricochets, armor impacts, and sandstorm FX. Optimized Vehicle Wheel VFX for trucks, tracked vehicles, bikes, and APCs to include new parameters for better performance optimization. Optimized T72B3 woodland turret textures to 2k. (Previously 4k). Optimized environment texture sizes, which aids in reducing memory space usage. Updated the map markers to use a new system that should be much more efficient on the network for clients and servers. Updated Master Materials for VFX. This should assist in bringing more optimization in general around all Squad VFX. Fixed Vehicle Wheel FX spawning additional particles during origin rebasing. Fixed Small arms ricochet having excessive lens flares. Fixed issue with master material flickering with fog. Removed unused VFX for destroyed sandbags. Removed “LOW” Audio Effects Setting, as they were no longer necessary with latest updates and optimizations. GAME MODES Updated CP Capture Logic. Only infantry will be able to capture CPs (flags); previously vehicle drivers were also contributing. The intent is for Infantry to be the only class to influence CP capture status with “Boots on the Ground.” Updated Insurgency Caches to have a 3-meter no-deploy zone around them to remove the possibility of “entombing” a Cache in deployable walls. Updated Insurgency and Destruction Objective Caches: they can now be destroyed both by Incendiary grenades and player-deployed timed explosives such as IED, TNT, and C4. Updated Artillery, Heavy Mortars, Mortars, and CAS to no longer damage Caches. Fixed RAAS Capture Points sometimes not appearing on HUD when a player is capturing. The unused CPs from RAAS were not being removed on the client when a client loads in with the server. E.g, upon map change. Fixed small grammar errors in Destruction and Insurgency game mode notifications. INFANTRY GAMEPLAY Updated non-medic revive times to 17 seconds, previously 14 seconds. Updated CAF HAT role munitions: CAF HAT 01 now has a magnified C7 and Carl G with 1x Tandem, 1x HEAT. CAF HAT 02 now has a non-magnified C8 and Carl G with 1x Tandem, 1x HEAT, 2x HE. Updated CAF Sniper kit limits: Now requires 5 players in a squad and only 1 kit per squad. Updated CAF Hand Grenades with the proper name of the C13 Fragmentation grenade. Fixed Combat Engineer Binoculars not showing up on the inventory UI due to 4 item limit. Fixed backblast being able to hit players through thick walls. Fixed an issue with switching kits while inside a vehicle which caused players weapons to disappear when leaving the vehicle after a long period of time. Fixed an issue with weapon reloading after spamming reload and left-click during previous reload attempts. Fixed being able to see underneath the map when going prone from the crouched position while near a vehicle or when colliding with an asset or when going prone against the sloping landscape. Fixed some bipod clipping issues. In most scenarios, it is no longer possible to clip through walls or floors while using a bipod. Fixed broken materials on Timed Explosives, Landmines, and UGL smoke/muzzle flashes. Fixed incorrect skinned mesh for USA Medic glow sticks. Rave on, doc. Fixed issue with bipods occasionally flinging players into space. Fixed MOA on the M4 M203 UGL being set too high. Fixed SUSAT sight mesh to include better generated LODs. Fixed Carl Gustav AT Launcher backblast missing a heat material. Fixed C8A3 Grenadier GL sight not aligned to the front post. Fixed CAF soldier sleeve clipping through the C8A3 M203 ET552 sight during reloads. Fixed CAF Lead Pilot having Woodland fatigues. Fixed CAF LAT kit order to be the same as other factions. VEHICLE GAMEPLAY Updated helicopter unloading/loading ammo and construction supplies: It can only be done at 30m or lower altitude. Pilots will now need to be closer to the ground to deliver supplies. Updated top side and tail collisions on the MI8 and UH60M to 5mm armor, making them more vulnerable to small arms. Updated the Militia Ural 375 with a new camo paint scheme. Updated the CAF Leo2A6 collision and removed its antennae. Updated the CAF TAPV to have its own wreck model. (It was previously using the MATV wreck model.) Updated the soft map boundary timer for ground vehicles to be increased to 20 seconds (was 12 seconds). Updated UH60 and MI8 Helicopter LOD distances. Updated color values on the FV510 APC. Updated gun collisions to 10mm armor for the following vehicles: MATV 50cal/M240 turrets, FV432 50cal turret, Technical SPG9, Technical Dshk & Turret, T62 Dshk cupola, and ZU23 turret. Small arms should no longer penetrate any parts of open-top turrets and emplacements. These turrets and emplacements should now be more protected. Fixed the LAV6 and FV510 BFV Vehicle Commander Periscope sensitivity to match the Vehicle Gunner sensitivity. Fixed an issue where Turret and Emplacement weapons would become flipped upside down and turned 180 degrees towards the player on rapid input. Fixed an issue with infantry and vehicle weapon reloading having weird inconsistencies in high lag. Fixed an issue with helicopter main rotors being disabled leading to the pilot being unable to load/unload supplies from the disabled helicopter and being notified as if it were moving above the loading speed threshold. Fixed an issue with Vehicle Driver deployed smoke FX clipping and flickering. Fixed UH60 having missing faces on the broken main rotor hub. Fixed UH60 exit points spawning players on top of each other, killing them by rotor blades when they mass exit. We still do not advise limb to rotor interaction at this time. Fixed Wheel collisions on several vehicles having an incorrect rotation offset. Fixed weapon zeroing on T62, BMP1, and MTLB 6MB. Fixed CAF Transport Truck costing 10 tickets instead of 5. M939 is currently a placeholder for a future CAF Logistics/Transport Truck. Fixed ZU23 emplacement sometimes rotating 180 degrees vertically Fixed Tank Muzzle blast VFX not showing after 50m distance. Fixed flickering on Tank Muzzle VFX. Fixed Leo2A6 and LAV6 broken redirectors for vehicle/wreck FX. Fixed Leo2A6 teleport bug when standing on the wreck which was caused by improper collision response channels on the ammocook for the wreck turret. Fixed LAV6 Gunner Stabilization getting stuck when aiming straight behind. Fixed BMP2 Commander’s periscope clipping with mesh when elevated. Fixed FV510 Gunner’s Sight clipping into the mesh when fully elevated. Fixed Helicopter Rotor dust having harsh visible edges. Fixed Tracked Vehicles continuing to keep turning after switching the engine off. Fixed Vehicle damage effects having issues with Origin Rebasing. Fixed Tank Frag Shell impact physmat. Fixed MI8 Tail Rotor Collision preset from “OverlapAll” to “ComplexVehicleMesh” to correct projectile issues with MI8 tail rotor. Fixed missing glass material on unused displays in Mi8 cockpit. Fixed BFV TOW “deploying” text getting stuck after switching off of the TOW weapon. Fixed TAPV collision body which was causing it to easily flip over. Fixed T72B3 bug where the reload sound wasn’t always playing properly. Fixed a bug where weapon attachments were floating at world origin while the player occupied a vehicle. Fixed a bug where the vehicle explosion effect will play every time a player changes their Effects in the Settings menu. Fixed a bug where a Vehicle’s player collision would become missing when switching seats. COMMANDER GAMEPLAY Updated CO Artillery Damage: 75m radius, 1 impact < 20m lethal for infantry. Updated CO Heavy Mortar Damage: 45m radius, 1 impact < 15m lethal for infantry. Updated the CO map icon to now be displayed as a star icon. Updated Vehicles occupied by the commander to appear gold. Fixed CO not showing up as yellow (self) in some cases. Fixed CAS landing way offset from the intended target area when called on or near tall structures. Off Target CAS may still occur, and may need further investigation. Please report any offset CAS runs on the Squad Discord. Fixed an issue with A10 Gun VFX for run ground impacts sometimes flickering inappropriately. (They’ve been warned.) Fixed an issue with the RUS MTLB 6MA and BMP2 giving RUS Commander access to support abilities. Fixed some other conventional faction vehicles having command zone enabled when they should not have. Fixed log spam on activating the handheld drone without possessing it. DEPLOYABLES GAMEPLAY Updated Razor wire to be slightly more resistant to fragmentation damage. Updated VFX for FOB destruction. Updated Commander handheld drone radial menu to remove the ability to place deployables and rally points. The menu retains spotting/marker functions. Updated armor thickness on all emplaced weapon guns to 10mm to help with survivability of turret/emplaced weapon gunners. Fixed RUS/MIL/INS radios not taking damage when hit on the wooden materials. Fixed Razor wire being destroyed by melee damage. Fixed Habs not having any destruction VFX when destroyed by CO Artillery/Airstrike actions. Fixed not being able to reload an Emplacement Weapon if the user leaves during the reloading phase. Fixed an exploit where players could respawn at a HAB even when enemies were nearby. USER INTERFACE Updated Server Browser to have better support for future events. Updated Map grid lines to draw in relation to the viewable scale of the map rather than zoom level. Fixed an issue with the Server Browser filters “whitelisted mods” and “show other mods” not functioning correctly. The server filters “show whitelisted mods” and “show other mods” are now consolidated into a single “show modded servers” checkbox. Fixed an issue with the Server Browser sorting buttons. Fixed the Server Browser “sort by health.” Healthy servers are now listed at the top. Fixed the end-of-round scoreboard not showing the bottom bar. Fixed a typo on the loading screen for the word “Commander.” ENVIRONMENTS Updated the main base helicopter repair pads with a new static mesh. The new mesh has a larger surface area and is more adaptable to uneven landscape. Updated player collisions on several props to be more accurate. Updated railway tracks collision to make them easier to drive on. Updated the windows on a building set to use 2-sided materials to prevent exploits. Updated color on over-saturated cliffs and pine trees. Updated Norway pine tree distant meshes and adjusted color/brightness. Updated LOD settings for prop excavators and heavy dump trucks to have less “popping.” Fixed issues with Middle East Buildings having z-fighting on mesh decals, incorrect LOD material slots, and LOD artifacting. Fixed Tallil Aircraft hangars: Vertex Paint was causing lots of seam issues and an overpowering normal. Fixed broken materials on Nursery House. Fixed an exploitable collision on a Middle East Urban Building used on Tallil and Mutaha. Fixed floor collision and LOD distance on a factory building used on Narva and Gorodok. Fixed collision for Small EU Rocks. Fixed Rice LOD normal maps. Fixed DFAO artifacts on Tent and ME Building statics. Fixed a train car hopper to prevent players from spawning / glitching inside them. Fixed an issue with tent rolls having incorrect wind settings. MAPS AL BASRAH Added CAF Al Basrah Invasion v1 gameplay layer. Fixed ambient wind sound issue. Fixed misaligned floating bars. Fixed various floating trash. (Stop throwing away helium!) Fixed culling on Al Basrah road sign near VCP. Fixed bad LODs on Warehouse, various merged compounds, and high rise apartments. Fixed culling on a bush type which was culling too early. Fixed incorrectly assigned materials on the INS Main Base building. Al Basrah Insurgency v1: Fixed Ammocrate at GB Main that was underground. BELAYA Belaya has had a full performance and optimization pass. Updated Landscape material to have improved visuals and performance. Updated forest distribution. Increased tree clump density with more clearly defined clearings. (Is that clear?) Updated light attenuation. Updated the snow texture. Deleted unused assets. Fixed collision on fallen trees, removed unnecessary roadside barriers and smoothed some terrain areas. Updated Tunnel POI to improve culling and fixed minor bugs. CHORA Updated Chora ground textures And packed them to use all the channels on the roughness textures. Reduced the number of landscape layers to 5 from 7. Fixed floating road splines and wall sections. Fixed harsh water edge. Fixed floating foliage NW of Monolith. Fixed a carpet texture flickering in one of the compounds. Chora Skirmish v1: Fixed floating Repair Station at USA Main. Chora AAS v1: Fixed Nursery CP name being incorrectly offset. FOOL’S ROAD Updated Government Office LODs so the proxy doesn’t activate so close to the player. Fixed various floating rocks. Fixed tunnel collision glitching. Fixed several minor bugs. Fixed shipping containers having bad textures. Potentially fixed occasional black foliage on map. Let us know! Fools Road RAAS v2: Removed precap flags. Fools Road RAAS v3: Fixed fog blocking UAV view. GORODOK Updated all layers to have a max helicopter altitude of 400m, down from 800m. Fixed several minor bugs. Fixed wind from fallen tree material having a wind effect. Fixed DF on two apt interiors. Fixed various floating grass and floating fences. Fixed hole in the landscape. Gorodok Destruction v1: Fixed Caches spawning inside inaccessible parts of the Yard apartment buildings. Gorodok Skirmish v1: Fixed MIL Logi spawning on top of HASCO blocks. CAF Gorodok RAAS v1: Added x2 Helicopters to CAF and RUS. CAF Gorodok RAAS v2: Team 2 changed from RUS to USA. JENSEN’S RANGE Updated MOUT billboard to include the OISC Season 1 Winners. Fixed mispositioned INS HAB example. Fixed black pixels on Jensen’s road. Fixed culling on the plywood building near vehicle repair depots. KAMDESH Updated all gameplay layers to use the soft map boundary system. Fixed several road splines that were texture clipping. CAF Kamdesh RAAS v1: Fixed staging timer missing for CAF. CAF Kamdesh Invasion v1: Defending team switched to INS. CAF Kamdesh RAAS v1, TC v1: Switched CAF to CAF Arid. CAF Kamdesh TC v1, Invasion v1: Removed 1x LAV6 from CAF. KOKAN INTERACTIVE COMPARISON Kokan has had a full performance and optimization pass. Added new irrigation ditches for better infantry gameplay in the open fields. Updated landscape materials. Fixed LODs on modular Afghan walls. Fixed terrain on Kohat’s map edge that was not smoothed. Kokan AAS v1: Teams changed from GB vs RUS to RUS vs INS. KOHAT Fixed floating rocks on the hillside in grid F4-2-3. Fixed distant tree popping on Kohat. Fixed water plane edge issue grid K14-7-7. Fixed shipping containers having bad textures. CAF Kohat Invasion v1: Removed 1 x LAV from CAF Removed delay on BMP-1 Replaced 1 x Technical UB32 with 1 x Technical SPG9 Replaced 1 x Ural ZU23 with 1 x Technical SPG9 for INS LOGAR Removed some armored vehicles from gameplay layers. Fixed various floating pieces of debris and bad landscape spikes. Fixed foliage clipping inside house interiors. Fixed Logar not having weather system BP in lighting layers. MESTIA Mestia has had a full performance and optimization pass. The landscape material and foliage has been improved. Updated all 3 Crucible Points of Interest (POIs) for new and improved game flow, improved foliage, and new static mesh for the towers. Updated minimap. Fixed broken particle cutout in Mestia waterfall fog VFX. Removed MATV TOW and reduced the overall amount of armored vehicles. Added CAF Mestia RAAS v1 gameplay layer. MANIC-5 (CAF) Manic-5 has had a performance and optimization pass along with new POIs and a lot more detailing across all POIs. The landscape material and foliage has been updated with newer versions. Added CAF Manic-5 AAS v1 gameplay layer. Added Helicopters to most gameplay layers. Updated with more trees to break up lines of sight while elevated in the valley. Updated the max cull distance on some tree types to maintain a tree canopy when viewed from longer distances. Updated rough terrain spots to be smoothed out some rough terrain and many forest areas to be more thinned out in certain locations. Updated texture for petrol north gas station. Updated numerous steep terrain inclines to include cliff rock statics. Updated treeline density along roads overlooking OPFOR team’s Main to discourage vehicle camping. Updated deep water near the overflow dam with a pain volume. Fixed bad elevation and blending on many of the road splines. Fixed missing collision on Tall Fences and at Chopper Crash POI. Fixed numerous floating objects such as roads, trees, bushes, road signs and fences. Fixed floating fuse box at power station POI. Fixed some rough terrain around POIs closer to main bases. CAF Manic-5 Invasion v1: Changed lighting layer to afternoon. CAF Manic-5 Invasion v1, v2: Added new capture zones north of the river. CAF Manic-5 Invasion v2: Fixed not being able to deploy FOB on first objective. CAF Manic-5 RAAS v1, v2, v3, v4: Fixed incorrect naming for East Baie Comeau POI and Crash Site POI. CAF Manic-5 Invasion v1, v2, RAAS v1, v2, v3, v4: Updated Firebase Mississauga capture zone height to a new lower position. CAF Manic-5 RAAS v1: Added 2 x helicopters to CAF and RUS. Changed lighting layer to mid day. CAF Manic-5 RAAS v2: Changed team 2 from RUS to MIL. Changed lighting layer to overcast. CAF Manic-5 RAAS v3: Changed lighting layer to afternoon and now this is a tank-heavy layer with 3 x tanks, 1 x helicopter, 3 x logistics trucks , 2 x MRAP, and 1 x transport per team. CAF Manic-5 RAAS v4: Changed to CAF vs RU, 3 x helicopters, 2 x MRAP, 3 x logistics trucks, 1 x transport (Delayed) on each team. CAF Manic-5 Skirmish v1: Moved locations of capture zones and main bases to a new urban area north of the river. CAF Manic-5 Skirmish v2: Changed lighting layer to mid day. CAF Manic-5 TC v1: Removed 1 x LAV6, removed 1 x BTR80. MUTAHA Updated night-time lighting on Mutaha Invasion v1. Updated all layers to have a max helicopter altitude of 400m. Updated collisions on garages to match the mesh more precisely. Updated collisions on the scaffolding ramp. Fixed a wall missing an end column. Fixed a few minor floating objects. Fixed Blockade CP naming error. Fixed Mutaha Moonlit layer VFX having an exaggerated lens flare on emissive and added actual moon. Updated Mutaha AAS v1, Invasion v1, RAAS v1 to include helicopters. Added CAF Mutaha RAAS v1 gameplay layer. NANISIVIK (CAF) CAF Nanisivik Invasion v1: Added 1 x helicopter per team. Removed spawn delay on 1 x LAV6. NARVA Updated grass on some medians. Updated Church POI with more detailing. Updated large rock positioning in several locations. Fixed Narva castle LODs to prevent vertex painting pop. Fixed Narva water collisions. Fixed blurry textures on Narva grass. Fixed birch tree cluster so all 7 trunks are touching terrain. (It was very untreelike behavior.) Fixed several tree branches clipping inside Narva apartment buildings. Fixed floating road in grid G5-6-5. Fixed an invisible collision on the stairs of the tall apartment buildings. Fixed materials on sidewalks. Fixed office building rooftop walls having no collision. Narva AAS v3: Fixed non-respawning MTLB showing a 2-minute respawn time. Narva Gameplay Layers: Tanks that were on a 30-minute delay are now on a 20-minute delay. TALLIL OUTSKIRTS Fixed floating road splines. Fixed not having water step sounds in parts of the Al Khidir river. Fixed materials on large aircraft hangars. Fixed the runway tunnel Tallil not being aligned properly. Fixed a door without player collision on a building in Al Khidir. Tallil Invasion v3: Updated vehicle loadout to reduce Insurgent anti-armor capability. INFANTRY TUTORIAL Updated Motherbase with blocking volume to prevent shortcuts. Fixed several minor bugs. SKORPO Updated grass and cliff color correcting. Fixed grass floating above the trenches at POI. Fixed many small bugs such as floating trees and bad road splines. Fixed culling on the construction crane. Fixed certain gameplay layers fog blocking view of Commander UAV. Skorpo Invasion v1: Added new main base locations for Militia and removed their forward. Skorpo Invasion v1: Fixed Shipyard East CP having an incorrect collision setting which caused players to be unable to lean and helicopters to lose their rotors. Skorpo RAAS v1, v2, v3: Fixed Lumberyard CP floating and collision preset of shipyard CP. Skorpo RAAS v4: Fixed Hotel CP collision preset not allowing leaning. SUMARI Updated Sumari midday lighting. Updated old HASCO US Main to use new HASCO. Fixed glowing wheat crops. Fixed floating ISO containers at the Insurgent training camp. Fixed several minor bugs. Sumari AAS v1: Removed Ultra Dynamic Sky due to performance issues. YEHORIVKA Fixed various grass growing inside houses & removed shrubs and trees clipping into the interior of buildings. Fixed coal clipping outside the coal hopper at Shevchenko Quarry. Fixed exploitable rooftop walls at Shevchenko Quarry. Fixed grass growing in several buildings & bushes clipping into building interiors. Fixed walls being too high in several locations. Yehorivka Invasion v1: Fixed MIL using wrong Ural. MODDING Added CheckActorCollisionObjectType Blutility to check collision object type (e.g., world static) of all actors and their components of a given type in a level. Useful for catching misconfigured capture zones! Added initial Functional Tests to Content/Blueprints/AutomationTest. Updated all map gameplay layers to be contained in a Gameplay_Layer subfolder within the map folder, for less clutter in the main folder. Regrettably, this will break references for modders if they are referencing vanilla gameplay layers. Updated many Lighting Layers to be named correctly. This will break references to these lighting layers. Please be sure to check your levels to ensure you have no broken references. To correct any issues, you will need to re-add the lighting layer. Removed the outdated MeshTool and PrefabTool plugins and disabled StereoPanomara plugin. Removed the depreciated HISM functionality in HISM Spline. Removed unused post-process settings from SQWorldSettings. Removed and cleaned up leftover debug log and stack trace to reduce log spam. Removed SQAdminComponent as it’s not used since the functionality was moved to SQGameCommandComponent. Removed the old desert and woodland variants of the helicopter pad. The new Helicopter Pad is named BP_helicopter_repair_pad. Modders will need to update their maps with the new bp. Removed deprecated Conquest Game Mode. Disabled legacy include path handling. Fixed debug traces/spheres/lines not properly respecting their set lifetimes. Fixed DOF and Motion blur on weapon scopes and particles by adding separate translucency in Project Settings. Fixed various issues causing log spam. Fixed many redirectors and moved several building statics in various folders. MISC Added future capability to use a promoted server list, for special events. Removed the “Send and Restart” option from the Squad crash reporter, as it had issues with EAC. Updated MapRotation.cfg for server admins for the latest B19 map changes. Updated Admin Cam with removed extra DOF output, simplified key inputs, modified HUD output for readability. Updated Credits: Added credits for the Canadian Armed Forces DLC and integrated past developers into the main section to better reflect everyone’s contributions over the years. Fixed wreck explosions replaying when changing fx quality settings. Fixed a Server Crash involving SqSoldierRagdollCompontent (possibly due to vehicle collision with soldier). Fixed a Client Crash in the Infantry tutorial related to missing a DefaultEffectClass on one of the BP Grenades. Fixed the Textbox of some characters in the Infantry Tutorial that had an incorrect offset. Fixed fog/foliage removal exploit which now prevents players from removing fog or foliage via Scalability.ini. Fixed sensitivity scaling value unintentionally affecting horizontal recoil on infantry weapons. Fixed Helicopter explosion resetting when changing vfx scalability. Fixed an exploit using foliage.MaxTrianglesToRender. Fixed Depth of Field to render after Master Material. Fixed wheel fx dust particle cutout issues. Fixed mud splash material issues. Fixed post-login password verification for server joining. KNOWN ISSUES Occasional Client crashes in various circumstances. Detailed crash reports help us fix things faster, and we truly appreciate those that have filled out and sent crash reports. Server Queue System Issue: When using server queues, if the server changes map while client is in queue, client will not be updated in the queue and will wait indefinitely. Fix for this is actively under development. Commander: When the commander changes to the UAV camera, he cannot hear local audio anymore, even though he still sees local audio transmissions in the bottom left corner. Others can still hear him when he talks. Additionally, when leaving the UAV camera, he hears all of the local audio broadcasts at the same time, originating from the point where they were initially transmitted from – even if the person doing the transmission has moved afterward. Will be addressed in a future update. Helicopters have various handling tweaks, damage values, and small bugs that are being addressed in a future update. Vehicle Reset Feature does not currently work with Helicopters. Vehicle Reset Feature can freeze a vehicle in the air if used too close to a tree. Clients frequently crash at the end of a round, upon map switch, due to a UE4 Particle Crash bug upon seamless map travel. Actively pursuing a fix for this crash. Players occasionally spawn without full ammo on their first spawn on a server. This occurs if a player was in the match during the map switch but did not spawn during the staging phase. This will be addressed in a future update. Occasionally a player does not spawn at a Rally Point. This often happens when numerous players are spawning in at the same time — This will be addressed in a future update. Server performance may periodically dip when a server has a high population and high load. We are continuously working to improve server performance and optimization. Occasionally Self-bandaging fails. We are actively investigating server performance improvements. Insurgent HABs have a spawning issue where there’s a chance the player spawns on top of the model instead of inside it — This will be addressed in a future update. ATGM projectiles desync for other players that are not the gunner, however, what the gunner sees should be the actual synced projectile. This is an inherent problem, and the solution is in the long term. Vehicles parking brake gets stuck “On” if a player exits the vehicle while holding the parking brake (Default Spacebar). When encountering a vehicle that appears healthy but is not able to move, try hitting Spacebar to turn the parking brake “Off’ — This will be addressed in a future update. “Alt-tabbing” out of Squad during a loading screen freezes the client. The recommended solution, for now, is to run Squad in the “Borderless” mode. This can be changed in Settings -> Graphics. Ammo rack component (on IFVs and Tanks) takes a very long time to repair. This will be addressed in a future update. Audio module for Squad is initialized at the game start. If a Player does not have a microphone plugged in at launch, or accidentally unplug their microphone and then plug it back in, Squad needs to be restarted to get the microphone to work again — This will be addressed in a future update. SFX bug while Firing in full auto. If the player presses the fire button for a short period, the sound effect gives the impression that you fired more rounds then you did — This will be addressed in a future update. Localization for most language translations is currently out of date. We plan to push a full localization pass when we are much closer to full release and are locking down all the text that needs to be translated for the game. An issue with projectiles is preventing GB and US under-barrel grenade launchers from functioning properly. We are aware of this critical issue and are working on a fix. LOCAL/OFFLINE ISSUES & BUGS: Commander: Insurgent/Militia Handheld Drone does not move in local. Commander: UAV hovers in one position instead of moving along the flight path in local. Commander: CAS does not do damage in local. Vehicles: Tracks, Wheels, and other components are not destructible while in local play. Weapon damage: When playing offline on Jensen’s Range, weapon damages with both Infantry and Vehicle weapons are not accurately replicated. Scoped Emplacements: When playing offline on Jensen’s Range, if a player exits an Emplacement while looking through the scope, the Scope remains on the Player’s HUD until they get back in the Emplacement and then Scope out. SIGN-OFF Zoinks! It’s finally out! Before you go, we’d like to give a huge shoutout to all the players who took the time to do a little beta testing on this patch and a special shoutout to Speaking in Tongues and Mumblerines for donating their scrimmage to the test gods. We couldn’t do it without a community like you. Thanks you all much! OFFWORLD OUT.
  8. Beta 19.2 Released

    Hey squaddies! We’ve released an update to Steam that addresses server browser behavior as well as some other small fixes. For those of you experiencing issues unrelated to the server browser, we’re actively investigating those as well and will update you as soon as possible. We greatly appreciate your patience! The team is still hard at work resolving outstanding issues and we apologize for any inconvenience that has caused. Offworld Out.
  9. Hey, squaddies! A big Offworld welcome to the free weekend! Whether you’re a hardened vet or a fresh-faced recruit, we’ve got some events that’ll entertain. Check ’em out in the Roundup! APRIL 30 Free Weekend and 35% off sale Proceeds from Squad sales today benefit Doctors Without Borders. 5:30 PM PT (0030 UTC, 1/5) Squad Ops: SOTT Basic MAY 1 Proceeds from Squad sales today benefit Doctors Without Borders. 5:00 PM PT (0000 UTC, 2/5) Squad Ops: Regulars Events: Takeover MAY 2 11:30 AM PT (1830 UTC) Squad Ops: Operation Joker’s Wild 5:30 PM PT (0030 UTC, 3/5) Squad Ops: Operation Wicked Web MAY 3 11:00 AM PT (1800 UTC) SCL Grand Final: [M] vs [SPiT] 1:00 PM PT (2000 UTC) Squad Ops: Open Testing CQB Course SIGNOFF Enjoy your weekend, squaddies! We’ll see you same time, same place next week. Be safe out there. Submit your event to see it featured here!
  10. 35% OFF SALE FOR DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS A lot of you have been asking when Squad would go on sale again and we’re happy to announce: this Thursday! But we’re even happier to announce the proceeds from copies of Squad sold on April 30 and May 1 will benefit Doctors Without Borders. BUY NOW ON STEAM FREE WEEKEND The free weekend will run from April 30th through May 3rd. That leaves you a day or two go put yourself through Basic with these helpful guides from our creative partners! SOME OF OUR FAVORITE MODS We’ve hand-picked a few Squad mods you’ll want to explore over the weekend — simply head over to their Steam Workshop page and install ’em when you’re ready to rock. SQUAD PROMOD With over 45 custom layers, ProMod not only tweaks game modes, game mechanics, and the maps themselves, it revives some historic Squad favorites like Operation First Light, as well as adjusting the lighting and terrain of existing maps. This action-packed package also includes layers with CAS helicopter support implemented by the ProMod team! Download from Steam Workshop HARJU BY WUNDA Please welcome Harju, a map for Squad by wunda. Combat arrives in the fictional Finnish town of Harju. In retaliation for the Battle of Narva, Russian expeditionary forces have begun raiding towns on the southern coastline of Finland. A NATO carrier group is deploying to back local defense forces to repel the invasion. Download from Steam Workshop SQUADOPSHC Squad Ops Hardcore Mod aims to create a focus on tactical and intense Squad gameplay through respawning changes, weapon rebalancing, Commander mode reworks, as well as addition (and reworked) kits! The gameplay modifications aim for a more realistic and immersive “hardcore” experience through new kits and spawning options. Be sure to visit Squadops.gg for events. Download from Steam Workshop HELPFUL RESOURCES As the saying goes, “No plan survives first contact with the enemy,” so we wanted to make sure you could find some backup if you need it. We have a variety of support resources we recommend, including: Official Support Site Squad Wiki Squad Discord Squad reddit A huge thank you to everyone checking out Squad, as well as everyone showing them a good time! A special heapin’ helping of recognition to the squad leaders out there: thank you for doing what you do. OFFWORLD OUT.
  11. Hey, squaddies! Dang, can you ever remember the beginning of the week? It’s all foggy like a bad smoke grenade for some reason. No matter, we’ve got our sights fixed on another weekend. Let’s see what’s going on! APRIL 23 11:30 AM PT (1830 UTC) SCC: We Heart Squad vs Misfit Platoon 5:30 PM PT (0030 UTC, 24/4) Squad Ops: SOTT Basic APRIL 24 11:00 AM PT (1800 UTC) BloodBound One-Life Event APRIL 25 5:00 PM PT (0000 UTC, 26/4) WildBill’s Quarantine Quarrel: Troopers Night APRIL 26 11:00 AM PT (1800 UTC) OSS: OB vs owL SIGNOFF Have a safe and explosion-filled weekend, soldiers! Don’t forget to sterilize the fire-selector. We’ll see you next Thursday. Submit your event to see it featured here! OFFWORLD OUT.
  12. Server closed connection

    While it does sound like there may be more than one issue afoot here, I did want to jump in and let you folks know the upcoming beta 19 patch has an engine update, which should contain some changes that help with the round-change disconnects. There'll be an EAC update that gets pushed with it that'll further address the issue. (Fingers crossed, no further bugs. ;))
  13. 100 player Servers

    Yup, Dubs has ya answer. The impending engine update in 4.23 is part of the push to 100, including better dev tools in the background. It is still our intent to hit 100 and optimizations are getting us there. =) The server /can/ do it, but the hardware requirements (and stability) aren't viable for retail just yet.
  14. Non-Combatants

    This is something we're looking into. =) As I understand it, there are some limitations with old methods that limit it now but shouldn't be impossible to remove with the right amount of coding time. (I believe it'll have the benefit of making this doable for mods as well.)
  15. Grey's answer is a really good one, but if you're curious about Blueprints, I'd recommend heading to the source for more info: https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Engine/Blueprints/GettingStarted/index.html
  16. Manic preview image?

    Hmm, still gonna have to doublecheck on that one. (It might be testable on the public testing client now.), but I didn't want to leave you empty-handed. So, here's what's happening with Manic in b19: Manic-5 (CAF) Manic-5 has had a performance and optimization pass along with new POIs and alot more detailing across all POI’s. The landscape material and foliage has been updated with newer versions. Added CAF Manic-5 AAS v1 gameplay layer. Added Helicopters to most gameplay layers of Manic-5. Updated with more trees to break up lines of sight while elevated in the valley. Updated the max cull distance on some tree types to maintain a tree canopy when viewed from longer distances. Updated rough terrain spots to be smoothed out some rough terrain and many forest areas to be more thinned out in certain locations. Updated texture for petrol north gas station. Updated numerous steep terrain inclines to include cliff rock statics. Updated treeline density along roads overlooking OPFOR team's Main to discourage vehicle camping. Updated deep water near the overflow dam with a pain volume. Fixed several floating objects and detailing on Ferme Gallant and Crash Site POIs. Fixed bad elevation and blending on many of the road splines. Fixed missing collision on Tall Fences and at Chopper Crash POI. Fixed numerous floating objects such as roads, trees, bushes, road signs and fences. Fixed floating fuse box at power station POI. Fixed some rough terrain around POIs closer to main bases. CAF Manic-5 Invasion v1 - Changed lighting layer to afternoon. CAF Manic-5 Invasion v1 & v2 - Added new capture zones north of the river. CAF Manic-5 Invasion v2 - Fixed not being able to deploy FOB on first objective. CAF Manic-5 RAAS v1, v2, v3, v4 - Fixed incorrect naming for East Baie Comeau POI and Crash Site POI. CAF Manic-5 Invasion v1, v2, RAAS v1, v2, v3 & v4 - Updated Firebase Mississauga capture zone height to a new lower position. CAF Manic-5 RAAS v1 - Added x2 helicopters to CAF & RUS, changed lighting layer to mid day. CAF Manic-5 RAAS v2 - Changed team 2 from RUS to MIL, changed lighting layer to overcast. CAF Manic-5 RAAS v3 - Changed lighting layer to afternoon and now this is a tank-heavy layer with x3 tank, x1 heli, x3 logi, x2 mrap, and x1 transport per team. CAF Manic-5 RAAS v4 - Changed to CAF vs RU, x3 helicopters, x2 mrap, x3 logi, x1 transport (Delayed) on each team. CAF Manic-5 Skirmish v1 - Moved locations of capture zones and main bases to a new urban area north of the river. CAF Manic-5 Skirmish v2 - Changed lighting layer to mid day. CAF Manic-5 TC v1 - Removed x1 LAV6, Removed x1 BTR80. (Which wouldn't necessarily include interface changes.)
  17. Server Side Game Play Settings

    It's pretty likely we'll continue to optimize and get to a "baseline Squad experience." Which is where mods come in: folks like ProMod, Squad Ops, Advanced Vehicle Rework mod have all set out to make the game more configurable in the ways they need, including setting out to relight maps, adjust fog, and more in some cases. We'll be working to make mods a little easier to access, as the server browser isn't ideal now. (It also has some bugs that should be resolved in the upcoming B19 patch.) It's something we'll get back to more directly after B19 is out, but we'd like to get out of the way of letting people play how they want, so there should be some changes to the way whitelisting works as well. (We're still sorting out the details, but it's clear the system isn't the best right now.) There's also some on-going work with the SDK, as well as the way we implement things in maps, to hopefully make life easier for people who do want to swap in some guns or what have you without going full-blown modding team. (which is cool! But not everyone wants to!) But yeah, our focus is very much on getting b19 out right now.
  18. The Wrench, April 2020

    Hey squaddies, We’ve made it through another month of amazing modding! As always, the best and brightest have sent along the latest updates on their work and we’re stoked to see what everyone has been up to since March. We’ve even got an update from the French Foreign Legion team! So, without further ado, let’s Wrench! MIDDLE EAST ESCALATION BY BIGYES Middle Eastern Escalation is, first and foremost, a gameplay modification focusing in on Squad’s combat. Bigyes isn’t content to stop there, though! The next version of the mod will include new custom character models for USSF, RuSF, and the brand-spankin’-new PMC Faction. Primary and secondary weapons for each faction will be getting some love as well. All characters and weapons are still a work-in-progress, so be sure to check back to see how they evolve. It’s going to be a wild ride! FINKARUS BY EDVARD “LORDHITMAN” PYULZE There’s been quite a lot going on since our last visit to Finkarus! First and foremost, LoRDHitMan has been flattening out the nothern mountain to reduce the amount of corridors, as well as allow for more flanking. He’s also replaced the meshes of spruces, so the forests are being repainted all the way over to the brand new swamp between two mountains. Work has also begun on “Evarihino,” “Factory,” and, “Resort” locations. The last two were inspired by Tarkov with the goal of recreating in UE4 on a larger map with better performance. Last, but not least, the game mode has been switched to Territory Control. You can snag Finkarus on the Steam Workshop now! WAKE ISLAND BY GUNSLINGER AND OC2901 The dynamic duo of Gunslinger and OC2901 aren’t idle while they await the release of Beta 19. In fact, they’ve been pretty dang busy putting the spit and polish on the latest and great incarnation of Wake Island. Clearly a stunning map at first glance, they’ve sent along a batch of screenshots that really highlights the diverse points of interest Wake Island will have to offer. From the modern petrol station to the mouldering bridges, each area is going to present unique tactical challenges. In case you’re curious how the map stacks up to the real world location, they’ve included a handy (if large!) comparison. Be sure to hop into their Discord server for the latest updates on mod development. ROAD FROM MUTTRAH BY CRIPION101 Well, hello there, beautiful! We’ve just received the latest triptych on the Road from Muttrah, which just so happens to include a lot of Muttrah itself. You’ll notice Cripion101 has been hard at work polishing off the docks, suburbs, and the construction site. Next up was a significant portion of the inland area to improved landscape materials and terrain. Cripion then turned a deft hand toward lighting and environment effects, which are looking mighty fine, if the Wrench crew has any say-so in the matter. GRADAC BY HAWKEN Featuring a new procedural foliage system, we’re returning to the gloriousness that is Gradac! Hawken has been hard at work bringing the Eastern European-themed map to life with a mix of different environments, creating just the right amount of challenge for aspiring leaders out there. The next update should feature more work on the Points of Interest like the farming villages and logging sites. Stay tuned for the next drop! SQUAD PROMOD BY PROMOD TEAM With the first community tournament ran on ProMod (Squad Rivals) just finishing up, the ProMod Team has spent the last couple of months working closely with the teams, casters, and officials involved to provide the best possible competitive squad experience. Getting the mod into the hands of casters and watching all the streams meant they were able to get some really valuable feedback on our casting tools and how they are used under live fire conditions. Nearly every aspect of our UI has been cleaned up and expanded upon, most notably the killfeed. The enhanced killfeed now shows which vehicle performed the kill and which round was used, so you get all the gory details. As the tournament has progressed, they have also utilised the mod to help provide as fair and even playing field as possible. Fog has been decreased on most maps to ensure players weren’t using third party tools to see further than intended and enabled server side logging of players who modify their config settings to gain an unfair advantage. Working closely with the Rivals staff to provide them with the means to catch any cheaters should benefit everyone who uses Promod! Lastly, they’ve spent a lot of time researching and working on our lighting setup and are currently part way through rolling out Standard Lighting 2.0 across all their layers. If you’d like to get involved, or simply like what you hear, hit up the Squad ProMod Discord asap! (You can also find Squad Rivals here.) FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION FACTION BY TACTICAL COLLECTIVE MODDING You’ve been asking and they’ve delivered! Tactical Collective Modding has sent along a beautiful update to the French Foreign Legion Faction. Now that real life is out of the way once more, the team has reorganized and production is full steam ahead. Work continues on their Mali map, as well as with the implementation of the semi-vintage French AANF1. Not content to stop there, they’re Frenching up a little bit of NH-90 chopper! You can find more art and images on their website. RAMIEL – BLACK HAWK DOWN BY NOXXID3 After a small break on Ramiel, Noxxid3 is back to the grind with a fresh, new update! (Don’t worry: he was busy working on side projects, so you’ll have other goodies to drool over too.) While he was off improving other lands, he took the time to do a bit of a study on the landscape, looking for a way to re-visualize Ramiel. He plans on redoing a lot of the landscape, as shown in the screenshots. There’s been a lot of work to re-sculpt current assets to the landscape which, as we can see, is paying off well. HARJU BY WUNDA Aww yiss, it’s time for another wunda-ful update! This month, as you may have guessed from the screenshots, we’re returning to Harju. This month Harju receives an updated version of a classic objective: Yehorivka’s old Storage Site. Finding a new home on Harju with a fresh coat of paint, the ol’ site is looking better than ever. Serving as a military storage installation in support of the nearby airfield, the locations added should bring interesting infantry fighting familiar to long time players of Squad. New locations added in the last month also include; a lighthouse, an underground ordnance warehouse, a set of nuclear missile silos, and an 18th-century star fort. AUSSIE FACTION MOD BY MIDNIGHT INTERACTIVE Midnight Interactive is just about done with the Aussie Mod and have sent along some shots to show off their most recent hotness. As the development on the mod comes to a close, they’ve opened it up to all-comers: simply head over to the Steam Workshop now! If you’d like more information, found a bug, or just want to hang out with some like-minded squaddies, head over to their Discord server. GAZA 2020 BY [SAM] CLAN A new month brings new surprises from the [SAM] Clan! Kicking off their latest update right, they’ve sent along two freshly remodeled, new soldiers (“The Gaza Mod Lovers”): HAT and the Marksman, which they’ve nicknamed “The Black Ghost”. Looking more and more amazing with each update! Next up, they’ve included some delicious new upgraded vehicles to haul your butt around the battlefield. Say hello to the Q20 Rocket Launcher. And yup, that’s a total of TEN rockets to rain down hell. Better yet, it’s modeled after a real vehicle! [SAM] Clan wants you to know there WILL be explosions. Oh boy, will there be explosions. If you’d like to learn more or get involved, you can head over to their website, or join their Discord server now! SIGN-OFF Unfortunately, none of the mods come in a blacklight poster version, but we're not going to rule it out for a future Wrench. Puff, puff, pass that content! Which mod looks the hottest to you? Sound off in the comments! Get your mod featured in The Wrench by submitting it here! OFFWORLD OUT.
  19. Weekend Roundup, 4/16

    Hey, squaddies! What's that through the haze? It's the Weekend Roundup, of course! Pop a smoke, hunker down, and light up your weekend with the latest goings-on in Squad: you won't want to puff, puff, pass on the fun! April 16 1:00 PM PT (2000 UTC) OSS: SPiT vs Owl 5:30 PM PT (0030 UTC, 17/4) Squad Ops: SOTT Basic April 17 5:30 PM PT (0030 UTC, 18/4) Squad Ops: Server Stress Test April 18 11:00 AM PT (1800 UTC) OSS: 8mm vs Docs 12:00 PM PT (1900 UTC) OSS: ACM vs IG 3:00 PM PT (2300 UTC) Fused Legions FRAGFEST – USA vs the World April 19 11:30 AM PT (1830 UTC) Squad Ops: MARS Scenario - Rattlesnake (Long session) OSS: OB vs FaT April 20 10:30 AM PT (1730 UTC) OSS: NW vs Schnee Signoff Stay safe out there, squaddies! Don't forget, you can check out dragging, Mestia updates, Manic-5 updates, tail rotors, engine updates and more on your Squad - Public Testing client! We'll see you next week. Submit your event to see it featured here! OFFWORLD OUT.
  20. Hey, squaddies! We’ve heard some disturbing reports of lagomorphic incursions out there. They seem to be distributing mysterious, brightly colored packages in small, ovoid shapes. Please DO NOT PANIC, but be careful. We don’t know what the rabbit wants. APRIL 9 11:30 AM PT (1830 UTC) SCC: Misfit Platoon vs Husaria SCC: Rusty in Places vs Band of Bastards APRIL 10 6:00 PM PT (0100 UTC, 11/4. 1100 AEST) Final Aussie Mod Playtest APRIL 11 10:00 AM PT (1700 UTC) OSS: SRG vs N/A 12:00 PM PT (1900 UTC) OSS: Wolves vs ACM OSS: 8MM vs Rally 5:30 PM PT (0030 UTC, 12/4) Squad Ops: Operation Joker’s Wild APRIL 12 11:30 AM PT (1830 UTC) OSS: 1st vs BB OSS: Docs vs Schnee 6:00 PM PT (0100 UTC, 13/4) OSS: Fused vs SPiT SIGNOFF By the way, Beta 19 is currently in public testing on the Squad – Public Testing client! (Weird, right?) While the full patch notes are still to come, you can check out new features like dragging, helicopter tail rotors, as well as improvements and optimizations on some of your favorite maps! We’ll see you next week, squaddies. Stay safe. Submit your event to see it featured here! OFFWORLD OUT.
  21. USB Microphone is not working

    I'd recommend reaching out to our tech folks at support@joinsquad.com. They should be able to getcha back in gear. =)
  22. CAF content

    I don't think there's a great answer yet and it's tied to the need to make the DLC systems better. (Which is happening.) It won't necessarily be B19, but integration should start moving a little better in the near future. Obviously something we'd like to have for any future DLCs too. (Had a long meeting yesterday about SDK support, so work should be coming there too. <3)
  23. Thanks for the feedback! It sounds like what's there may not be obvious or helpful enough, so I can pass that along to the team.
  24. Dropping in to say "Hi"

    Welcome to the community! We're glad to have a! It sounds like you might be interested in some of what Squad Ops is up to: http://squadops.gg Not only do they host planned operations, they have some training, as well as an integrated community. You're also welcome to join the official community discord and get to know folks: http://discord.gg/Squad Thanks for supporting Squad!
  25. Is it likely we'll get the humvee's back?

    I do wonder about that. AMG is sort of a special case given the military contact nature, versus being a private business. I'm guessing we'll have a whole new set of lawsuits for that, but it would be awesome to finally have a decision. It's always been weird that you can't recreate something everyone can walk outside and see (if they're lucky enough to be near a Ferrari dealership), as long as you make it clear you're not Ferrari, ya know? But, definitely not a lawyer.