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  1. Hey Squaddies! Want to see your favorite development team get busy on the motion capture stage? You got it! Check out the article right here, then tell us what you think below!
  2. Alpha 9.7 Hotfix

    Hi Squaddies, We've got a quick update to the 9.6 Alpha for you today! Let's get right into the details of the hotfix: Fixed collisions on several buildings on Narva and Basrah to prevent glitching. Fixed "Gamma" flag zone collision and time to cap on Narva Invasion v1. Reduced bleed on "Alpha" and "Bravo" flags on Narva Invasion v1. Temporary Militia logistics truck spawn on Narva Invasion v1 moved back. Added temporary spawn for Insurgents on Al Basrah AAS v1. Fixed Sumari missing/displaced static meshes. Fixed incorrect mortar damage issue on HABs. Fixed incorrect mortar damage issue on HABs. Fixed destruction effects on INS and Militia HABs. Fixed SL hex menu not being centered on mouse position. Flipped stance indicators horizontally. Offworld Out.
  3. June 2017 Monthly Recap

    June 2017 Monthly Recap Hi Squaddies, Welcome to your monthly update! We're kicking this one off with an eye to the future before we dig into the June goodies. As we race into the second half of 2017, we felt it was important to give the community a comprehensive update of the road ahead and the what the future holds for Squad and Offworld Industries. Spoilers: It's going to be a good year. Squad Development Update There's no shortage of action behind the scenes, marching ever closer toward release! As the Unreal Engine has developed in parallel with Squad, we’ve worked hard to make sure to keep the engine up-to-date and include new features as they become available. This has netted us some great improvements, but also cost us some development time when fundamental changes have to be made. As we come into the final cycle of the alpha portion of the development, we have decided to move quickly toward version 4.16 of the engine. We will absolutely continue to pull in relevant features into Squad as we go forward, but we want to dedicate more resources to performance and stability in an effort to bring everyone a better playing experience. As a result of this, we have readjusted our near-term development plan to get the engine upgrade and the stability pass completed before finishing up our core systems. Everyone in the community should start to see the benefits of this stabilization over the course of the summer, culminating in our release of both the new animation system and core inventory. Also, the success of Squad (thanks to you!) has allowed us to start to substantially increasing the capacity of our team. In particular, the programming team will be growing by an additional four members beginning in the next several weeks. This should dramatically increase our ability to handle a wider breadth of development and break up many of our bottlenecks. Expect to meet and greet the these talented people in future updates! Offworld Industries' Future Speaking of growing, with nearly 40 full-time developers, Squad maturing, and the studio becoming more financially stable, planning for the future becomes more critical. With roots in modding, we are always on the lookout for talented individuals or teams that we can help with getting a foothold in the industry. Several members of our current team were found right here in this community. We are pleased to give the OWI community an update on our plans to extend and strengthen this connection in the years ahead. Modding and the Community As part of our early commitment to a community driven project we released the Squad SDK soon after our Steam release and are continuing to plan for full mod support. In May of this year, we transitioned two developers, StrangeZak (Zak Strange) and Irontaxi (Chris Greig) into planning and implementation of the modding platform for a complete release to launch around the end of September. Our modding platform now includes the ability to Create, Load, and Share Mods from the Squad SDK straight to the Steam Workshop with plans to add custom multiplayer maps from the Steam Workshop before the release. "Offworld Core" and Indie Developers From the humble days of a couple of guys working from their living rooms on Skype, the Offworld team has had a strong desire to make our FPS platform a template for future games on the Unreal 4 engine. As part of our long term plannings, we have been working on creating a stripped down feature framework that both indie teams and Offworld can use as a base for their games. This would include carrying over many of the gameplay features and teamwork oriented structures that make Squad unique, such as squads and voip, in the hope that these things start to set a new standard for Multiplayer games. This framework is known as the "Offworld Core," and we look forward to seeking out teams interested in making everything from sci-fi ship combat to zombie post-apocalyptic shooters. As part of the first steps in this effort, Offworld Industries is proud to announce our partnership with Periscope Games who have been diligently working on "Post Scriptum," a WW2 multiplayer FPS with a focus on historical accuracy. Set in the 9 day long Operation Market Garden campaign of 1944,, Post Scriptum will depict British paratroopers fighting Tiger tanks amongst the fields, villages and towns of the Netherlands, all the way to Arnhem! In our opinion it looks fantastic, is set in a unique operation from WW2 and is well worthy of being a standalone game. Periscope plans to take their project to a complete commercial release scheduled for 2018. We welcome them to the Offworld family, and you can find more information about their project at their website, on Twitter, or in these videos: And after all of that... Let's get on with the update! Art Motion Capture Our team in the very last few days of the month went to the motion capture labs at Animatrik in Vancouver to do performance capture for Squad, with the intention of improving the visual fidelity of our third person animations. Look forward to a future article detailing what we did over the day as well as video! UGL Transitions Our animation team has been hard at work integrating core weapon features and one of them is having a smooth transition between your Rifle and Underbarrel Grenade Launcher. In addition weve ran a first practical iteration on Weapon Zeroing, beginning with the weapons where theyll see the most impact, mainly UGLs and Rocket Launchers. Shotgun Animations Having been shelved for quite a while due to scheduling and technical constraints, we finally are able to put shotguns back into the production pipeline! We've managed to do a first pass on the M1014 shotgun and the KS-23 shotgun. Take a look at some of the Work-in-Progress: Beautiful. So smooth and you can almost feel the "ka-chunk" during the reload. TOW Launcher and RPG-26 Renders It took some doing, but we managed to sneak some renders out from the art team. Don't let them know we found some of the most recent renders of the TOW launcher, as well as the RPG, soon to be featured making very fine explosions on the battlefield near you. New Reanimated Vehicle Weapon Animations As part of the new animation system overhaul, weve had to reanimate all the vehicle related animations, including turret-based guns and emplacements. It does give the animators a chance to iterate on what we did in the past, as well as a chance to experiment with a moving camera during the animated sequences. The result? Making the animated work pop even more. Mapping Fallujah We are excited to announce that production on Fallujah is in full force. We took some time revisiting our workflow and production pipeline before jumping into this map and we really think it will pay off. As you can see we are planning to pay homage to the original map from Project Reality, created by Duckhunt. Production is underway and we will have more to show you in an upcoming dev blog series called "The Road to Fallujah" which will give you a look into our workflow and thought process. New Narva Screenshots Fallujah isn't the only map being worked on, as you know. Good progress is being made on bringing the battle to Narva. Featuring a cityscape complete with industrial areas, railway access, and plenty of deadly choke points, Narva brings players to Eastern Europe. Coming along nicely, we're looking forward to players getting their hands on the historic castle! And there you have it, Squaddies. The future's so bright, we've gotta wear shades, but we're not letting that get in the way of progress. Stay tuned for more updates from us and the community. Offworld Out.
  4. Devblog: Squad Motion Capture Session

    Deployable Norbys are my favorite part of the update, I think.
  5. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    Hi Squaddies, The time has come to hit the streets of Narva! Alpha 9.6 is upon us, and a new map isn't the only thing in store for you! Are you locked and loaded? Aww, yeah, that's right: squad locking makes its debut in this patch. Not only can you fortify your squad, Riflemen are now capable of deploying sandbags. Everyone else is capable of destroying them... and maybe a few other deployables too. Dig in! Version 9.6 is now available via Steam. Please always reset your appdata in the game settings on every new build! Full Changelog Gameplay Vehicle claiming can now be done with only 1 person around the vehicle, as long as there are enough people in the squad. This is especially relevant for remote claiming, as players no longer need to send back two people to grab that empty logistics truck that saves your team. Squad now get a vehicle claim unlock at 2/4/6/8 squad members. This combined with the above allows players to make more dedicated vehicle squads. Please make sure you remember to transport the rest of the team with all those APCs! Changed round start-up timers to 3 minutes of preparation time (previously 2 minutes) to help squads get formed and Squad Leaders coordinate before round start. Resupplying or requesting kits from an ammo crate now expends ammo resources from the FOB depending on the kit requested/resupplied. All kits cost 25 ammo points to request or resupply (regardless of missing equipment -- do not spam it unless you need it). Exceptions are as follows: UGL, Raider, and Scout cost 50 to resupply. Light Anti-Tank costs 75 to resupply, and Heavy Anti-Tank costs 100 to resupply. Deployables are now able to be damaged by weapons and thus destroyable. Boom! Sandbags are able to be damaged by all explosives as well as 14.5mm and above. HESCO based deployables are only currently destroyable by the IED, or through heavy bombardment by mortar. This includes US and RUS MG bunkers made out of HESCO. This includes US and RUS MG bunkers made out of HESCO. Ammo boxes are quite fragile and vulnerable to most things besides small arms. HABs from all factions are only currently damageable by IEDs as well as mortars, but only through heavy bombardment of mortars. Useful for disabling spawns from afar. Radios are now damageable by a few select ranged weapons. No ranged weapon is able to quickly destroy the radio avatar of the FOB, but they can hurt it through prolonged fire, thus making it vulnerable if exposed. It is currently vulnerable to the weapons you would use against armored vehicles, HEAT rounds, HMGs, cannons, big explosions, and mortars. Taking down a FOB is still a team effort! Furthermore, Radios now have damage stages so you can keep track of destruction from ranged weapons. You can use your shovels to heal it back up again. Emplaced weapons can also be damaged now. Similar to radios, this will require the type of weapons you normally employ against vehicles. Vehicle repair stations are similarly vulnerable to anti-vehicle weaponry. Razorwire is only destroyable by explosive weapons. Riflemen finally get something the other classes do not! The ability to deploy a single line of sandbags to lightly fortify temporary positions. Each Rifleman can only ever deploy one set of sandbags. (The old one will disappear, similar to IEDs.) Sandbags are still buildable in unlimited numbers by your SL at a FOB. This applies for all Riflemen classes with iron sights and red dot sights. Riflemen sandbags are not stackable, but SL placed sandbags can be stacked. FOBs no longer passively generate ammo or construction points. Please keep your logistics trucks safe and be sure to give lots of love to the brave drivers! A freshly deployed FOB still starts with 100 ammo points and 200 construction points. All armored vehicles no longer take splash damage from Heat-Lance type weapons (RPG-7 HEAT, RPG-7 Tandem HEAT, SPG-9 HEAT, RKG-3, M72 LAW, 40mm HEDP). This means that you need to hit a direct hit on the vehicle to damage it. Up until now, hitting the ground next to a vehicle did a significant amount of damage to it - time to make those rockets count! Unarmored vehicles such as trucks and technicals still take splash shrapnel damage from these weapons, but significantly less than from a direct hit. Ammo crates now cost 200 construction points (was 300). TIP: This allows quick rearms in the field for a few soldiers in critical need of bandages or ammo. Left unsupplied, this FOB will not generate any new points, so think about taking the FOB again afterwards to blocking the team or giving away the FOB and associated tickets. The bare M2A1 Browning and NSV Tripods are now 250 construction points (was 350). Their bunker counterparts are now 450 points (was 500). The Dshk emplacement is now 200 points (was 350). TIP: This will enable you to deploy it off of a fresh FOB, but please be cognizant that left unsupplied ,it will only have a limited amount of ammo as well as attract enemies to its location. Remember to take down the FOB when you do these hit and run tactics. Unarmed HESCO bunker has been reduced by 50 construction points. Militia sandbag bunker reduced to 150 construction points (was 350). Ladders reduced to 100 construction points (was 200). Vehicle Repair Stations have been reduced to 1 per FOB. SPG-9 is now limited to 3 per FOB (was previously limited to 2). Added a HESCO equivalent fortification for Insurgents and Militia in the form of a line of empty oil barrels filled with dirt and gravel. Costs 200 construction points and limited to 6 per FOB. Added another magazine to the M110, also brought up the SVD to have the same number of total rounds as the M110. Slightly lowered the G3A3/G3A4's felt recoil. Lowered sway motion on all binocs. There is now a slight delay for dropping supplies from a logistics truck to a FOB. Added "mercy bleed" to last flags on AAS. Capturing the enemy team's last flag will incur an accelerated bleed to the enemy team: 50 tickets per minute. Note: Due to time restrictions this will be updated with a different timer in a future update to better suit the intent. Added additional logistic trucks on medium to large maps that only had one logistics truck. Additional motorbikes have been added to the expanded Al Basrah map. Additionally, some motorbikes are now permanent recurring spawns. Effects When throwing a smoke grenade there is a tiny delay before it starts emitting smoke. This means that it no longer marks your exact location as a target when it should be obscuring it. UI The wait is over! It is now possible to lock squads. We urge veteran players to not lock themselves away from the community at large, especially during times of influx. You can no longer join a locked squad, and trying to join a full or locked squad will now return you to the role select screen. New Spawn selection list next to the map, which lists all the possible spawns and allows players to easily identify where to spawn. New Player Stance and Vehicle Engine indicator icons, that show what stance your character is adopting (standing, crouching or prone, as well as which way you are leaning), and if you are in a vehicle the indicator would also show whether or not your engine is on. Mapping Narva! AAS v1, Invasion v1, and PAAS v1 have been added. Experimental: Invasion v1 has been updated. Defenders can no longer capture flags taken by BLUFOR. Experimental: Due to "mercy bleed" on last flags, additional "end match" flags have been added to the ends of the PAAS lattice. Al Basrah Update All gameplay layers have been changed to new layouts. Experimental: Invasion v1 has been updated. Defenders can no longer capture flags taken by BLUFOR. Additional motorbikes have been added to the expanded Al Basrah map. Additionally, some motorbikes are now permanent recurring spawns. Added "mercy bleed" to last flags on AAS. Added additional logistic trucks on medium to large maps that only had one logistics truck. Removed cardinal directions from Yehorivka flag names. Attack and Defend markers have been removed on Invasion layers to reduce confusion on the Experimental Invasion layers for Al Basrah and Narva. If we decide to move forward with the new Invasion mechanic, additional work will need to be done to code in new attack/defend functionality specifically for Invasion layers. Bug Fixes & Optimizations Fixed an issue where the shield on the Dshk machine guns didnt stop bullets. They now stop small arms again, and offer limited protection against heavy calibers. Fixed an issue where all unarmored vehicles were not behaving as intended. They now offer limited protection against small arms for the driver and any other occupants fully enclosed inside the vehicle. You can still shoot out the infantry in there but they will be a bit more resistant to small arms fire. Fixed an issue where the M939 truck was almost bullet proof to small arms fire. Fixed several lean issues on Gorodok Invasion v1. Fixed a lean issue on flag Papanov in Fools Road AAS v3. Fixed RCON bug with Listplayers command Have fun storming the castle! Offworld Out. Edit: Alpha 9.7 hotfix changes: Fixed collisions on several buildings on Narva and Basrah to prevent glitching Fixed "Gamma" flag zone collision and time to cap on Narva Invasion v1 Reduced bleed on "Alpha" and "Bravo" flags on Narva Invasion v1 Temporary Militia logistics truck spawn on Narva Invasion v1 moved back Added temporary spawn for Insurgents on Al Basrah AAS v1 Fixed Sumari missing/displaced static meshes Fixed incorrect mortar damage issue on HABs Fixed destruction effects on INS and Militia HABs Fixed SL hex menu not being centered on mouse position Flipped stance indicators horizontally
  6. Yeti

    Welcome to the forums! We're glad to have ya!
  7. Where Did You Hear About Squad?

    Eavesdropping. I'm guilty. Overheard people talking about their game the night before and got hooked in. The communication aspect really got me.
  8. ParaPlays Squad ► Videos and Tutorials

    Hey Para. =) We chatted around day one; No conspiracy theory necessary. I still have that helpful DM you sent me in Discord on 6/13 updating me about r/PlaySquad for my first post, even. Feel free to loop back with me there or via email with your concerns.
  9. What happened to the british units

    You would not believe how hard it is to get a dead parrot to do mocap.
  10. Motorcycle POV

    Hah, dang, I didn't know we had so many motorcycle badasses around here. Didn't even know about Washougal's track! Time for a side trip on the next Portland visit. Curious, when you say the POV is spot on, what details are you looking for compared to the real thing? (I promise we'll do our best not to fracture any collarbones. Ugh.)
  11. Are there any bot mods yet?

    Recently through a friend into PUBG for the first time. They're not a vidja gamer, so it was utterly fascinating to watch them try to adapt to the interface. None of it made sense to them: the minimap was more of a distraction, the objective markers were just lines, and what did all those circles mean? Who the heck knows. I sat there completely stumped for a bit. How could someone not know that the objective was just... King of the Hill? Random loot drops don't make sense to them, what?! But yeah, turns out, we have a crap ton of preloaded knowledge about games. (There are some arguments about UX in there too...) Made me think: How do you get someone that doesn't have the depth of tropes ready to play? Especially if they don't even know that clans and organized play exist. Easier here, 'cause I could explain one on one with object lessons. Squad is a special beast, but I think I've been able to make some headway by comparing it to D&D groups -- communication is key. What's working for you folks?
  12. 8 GB ram not enough?

    Not directly Squad related, but having recently upgraded from 8 gigs, I can definitely tell you my system was hitting the limit there. Win10, i5 2500k (iirc), 8 gigs. Mostly winrot slowdowns, but holy crap, even the thumbnails on videos are snappy now. I am also that jerk that has 60 tabs open all the time, so ymmv, heh.
  13. Squad Not In Steam Sale

    Just to confirm, we're definitely in the Steam Summer Sale. We cannot confirm or deny if the Steam Summer Sale servers are currently on fire however!
  14. what is our label on gaming community?

    I keep trying to figure out what to define my label as, but then I confuse myself by liking something like Stardew Valley right alongside a hardcore RPG, then I'll flip over to PUBG. I think... I think I might just like games. I'm just glad Dota 2 set me free. Whew.
  15. Steam controller support?

    Woot! Glad to hear someone else loves the Steam controller. It did take me a bit to get back up to speed in games like Rocket League, but I don't think I could go back now. Being able to change how a controller responds to my bad habits and gimpy wrists has been a huge blessing, to the point that I've gone back and enjoyed a lot of games I thought I hated. Turns out, I'm just bad at changing settings. Who knew? Best tip I got for adjusting was to hold it a little higher up in the hand, more in the fingers than the palm.
  16. New Community Manager

    Hi Squaddies! We have a new announcement for you today: a new community manager! Surprise: it's me! I'm honored to come aboard to help the team continue to build and represent YOUR passion. I know that the magic of Squad runs through the community -- playing a single round will tell you that instantly. Thank you for being here and I look forward to working with you all! Cheers, Greg (Gatzby)
  17. New Community Manager

    Aww, thanks! You can definitely find me a variety of Discords already! Don't be afraid to say howdy. TotalEclipse: Thanks for the mirror-world greets!
  18. I want to buy a pistol or a revolver

    Let me preface by saving, I have no idea what ranges are like over there, but the local ones offer rentals and classes. You can try out a variety of makes and models to really get a feel for what works for you. That said, I don't know that I can add anything more than Lion offered -- nice post! .22 is definitely a good way to go, but don't forget air rifles can be a fun starting option too. Some of the ones these days are craaaaazy.
  19. Welcome to the party! Congratulations on your first build, let the "stress testing" begin. Bwaha!
  20. 100+ Lessons Learned as a Squad Leader

    Digging in and loving this. Thanks for making it! Hot damn, I love a game with a lot to learn.
  21. New Community Manager

    Definitely one of the goals! SgtRoss has a lot on his plate, which is why I'm here to help. =) More bandwidth all around is a good thing.
  22. New Community Manager

    I'm firmly a third-waver. Typically roast to city, city+. Right now, I have some beans in from Madcap Roasters, and a blend of a Kenyan, Tanzanian, and Rwandan I scrapped together out of my last Sweet Maria's order, heh. Lots of rhubarb, some citrus flavors, like chocolates. Anything above full city starts to taste like charcoal to me, and I start to cry if the beans are oily. I usually brew on Chemex or v60, but get frisky with espresso, AeroPress, and cold brew sometimes.
  23. New Community Manager

    I'm me, dangit! I just told you that! I'm a gamer, a geek, aging punk, coffee roaster, crow admirer, and all around weirdo. Thanks for the welcome!