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  1. January 2019 Recap

    Hey soldiers! We're back with a recap in a brand new year! Hopefully, you're off burning those holiday feasts at the gym, but if your New Year's resolution is running out of construction points, maybe we can distract you with some Squad news! Let's hit the recap: 4.21 Engine Update Engine upgrades bring long-awaited improvements to the development of Squad. We've jumped a number of versions this time around, from 4.16 to 4.21 to be exact. A detailed list of the changes and updates in UE4.21 can be found here. Engine upgrades are always a tricky task, but the rewards far outweigh the cons and the team is making swift progress. Once we are upgraded, the entire development team can benefit from the new tools and bug fixes, which leads to improved quality of Squad overall. In fact, the Alpha 13 test last week was the first version we played in the new 4.21 Unreal Engine version, a test designed to identify all the bugs associated with the migration. Keep an eye out for more testing! Ammunition Rearm Improvement Having seen the light of day in the Alpha 13 test last week, we can confirm this is a welcome improvement to the Ammunition resupply mechanic. The update will give you the ability to pick which item in your inventory you wish to rearm. In the Alpha 12 implementation, if your ammunition requirements exceed that of the supply source, you’re unable to rearm, in addition to using ammo points greater than necessary. This should help free up "extra" ammo points for other players in need. You’ll have the ability to rearm exactly what you need when you need it. How well you use it is still up to you, of course. Track and Wheel Damage As described in an earlier development update, we’re also putting into testing the last major upgrade to the vehicle component damage model: destroying the wheels and tracks. This allows the attacking side to better score a mobility kill by giving another potential target as the tracks and wheels are usually more exposed and less armored than the engine. Ambush weapons like mines now have an additional, slightly different purpose by targeting the tracks/wheels, scoring mobility kills, allowing for some degree of counterplay on the part of the victims. We'll be keeping an eye on how effectively the new components are used, so keep your feedback coming! New Armor We have in the works a ton (pun unintended (Editor: I don't believe that for a minute.)) of new ground vehicles, including the higher tier Russian APC in the form of the BMP series of infantry fighting vehicles, the British Challenger 2 main battle tank and the Soviet-era T-62 main battle tank for Militia and Insurgent forces. The Challenger 2 and BMPs are still very heavy work in progress at the moment, but they’re definitely coming together! An extensive redesign of the Challenger 1 main battle tank, the Challenger 2 should provide a considerable upgrade to firepower and protection for the British forces in Squad. Though it looks similar to its predecessor, less than 5% of the parts are interchangeable, and it is 100% meaner. A Soviet workhorse that rolled onto the field in 1961, the T-62 became the standard tank in their arsenal. It's staying power has left it a capable vehicle with thousands in use around the world today. We will be introducing a number of vehicles from the venerable BMP series, in order to give Russia and the unconventional factions a boost in firepower. We will initially be rolling the BMP-1 as well as the BMP-2 across a number of factions and layers. Later on the plan is to upgrade the Russian faction to use the BMP-2M variant instead of the dated original version that will continue to be used by the irregular forces. The BMPs should offer a little better protection than the BTR based vehicles. The BMP-1 has a rather interesting main armament in its 73mm recoilless gun. This is essentially an SPG-9 as its main armament. In contrast, the BMP-2's main armament is the 30mm 2A42 which has an even more ridiculous fire rate than the 2A72 found on the BTR-82A. If that wasn't enough, both of them will have the option of equipping ATGMs if it is appropriate for the layer and faction. US Forces UAV We’re also working on the aerial UAV feature that is accessible by the Commander. With the ability to zoom right into the action from above, this should give an unparalleled level of observation and scouting power to the top. We’re also working on functions like target tracking and marker interactions via the UAV camera, further streamlining the experience. Fallujah We're aiming to make Fallujah the densest map we’ve created yet. The most difficult part in making such complex environment is balancing many different gameplay paths, areas, and scenarios. To achieve that we’ve implemented a new system using gameplay markers, allowing us to focus on bigger picture and leave the detailing to a later stage of production. This way we can effectively iterate in designing each flag; speeding up and streamlining the creation process. Stay tuned for more as we move into testing. We're going to need the grizzled veterans and newbies alike to test out a renewed favorite. Skorpo Progress is also being made on Skorpo, an upcoming new map based on a tranquil village on the western coast of Norway. Since the playtest last year in mid-December, work has been done to incorporate those findings into a more streamlined gameplay flow. Changes incorporated after the playtest include adding more alternative routes, making roads more traversable, and reworking the flag layout, among other gameplay considerations. A big challenge with this map has also been optimizations and, luckily, the 4.21 upgrade brings new tools for larger environments. It should help to bring a smoother experience for the players. SQUADCHAT FEATURING DRAV And last, but not least, we had the opportunity to sit down with Squad's lead producer, Dave "Drav" Mason. Drav shared his insights into Squad development, took your questions, and chatted with us for about two hours. A huge thank you to everyone who attended! (P.S. We're aware of the audio issue -- skip ahead to six minutes. We promise you didn't miss any leeks.) Sign Off Hot damn did the team come up with some cool stuff for this Recap! Until next time, keep your friends close, and your air support closer.
  2. The Wrench -- February 2019

    Hi Squaddies, Modding is back! With the SDK freshly back in action, we’re doubling down in February to make up for lost time! We hope you had a great start to the new year and we’re already convinced 2019 will be a very exciting year for all us, modders and players alike. So, without further adieu, let’s dive right into what you’ve been working on: The future of warfare courtesy of Emile. Join us on the Community Modding Discord where you can join discussions and meet the modding community. It’s a great place to share your ideas and passions with like-minded people that will happily help you create something awesome. BMPT-72 “TERMINATOR 2” BY SPECTR_ETERNAL Have you ever looked at the T-72 and thought: “This thing needs more guns”? Well, the Russians have and SPECTR_Eternal as well. He has started working on a mod that converts it to a BMPT-72 Tank Support Combat Vehicle: Armed with twin 30mm 2A42 autocannons and four individual 9M120-1 “Ataka-T” guided missiles this will make everyone on the business end of this beast very unhappy. ELVEDALEN BY HANGRATH Elvedalen’s design is mainly focused on bringing intense combat to the river valley at the center of the map. It features the US and Russian forces squaring off over strategic objectives in the aforementioned valley, sure to cause skirmishing. Heavy vehicle combat and open areas mean that those who do not maneuver properly will be floating downstream later on. You can find it in the Steam Workshop here. MIL MI-24V “HIND” BY WARGR & RINCEWIND A very ambitious project that wargr and Rincewind have decided to take up here: They are working on creating the most authentic and detailed model of the Russian Mi-24V. Utilizing photoscans of the real helicopter, you can see the attention of detail these modders are capable of. Certainly looking forward to progress updates as this famous vehicle comes to life in their hands. TRAINING MAP BY MIKE With the skies over the battlefield quickly becoming a little crowded, Mike is working on a helicopter friendly training map with a lot of ranges for his future one-life event organization. Focusing in on each area should let players new and old brush up on the skills necessary for survival in Squad. WW1 YEHO BY PAPASMURF7676 When a clanmate suggested a World War 1-style trench affair, Papasmurf7676 found the perfect spot in Yehorivka to, er, dig in. He decided to fill it with some balanced trenches for both teams to kit out with FOBs and defend themselves. There are no vehicles; it’s pure infantry combat. You can find the early version of the map on the Steam Workshop here. Over the top, lads! AUSTRALIAN ARMY FACTION BY AUSSIE MOD TEAM Popping up from Downunder, this newly formed mod team wishes all us, “G’day!” Since their hospitality knows no bounds, they’re also giving us a first gander at their newborn faction. Work has already begun on 2 new vehicles, 8 new weapons, new character models, and 2 new maps! They’re even making some adjustments to vanilla assets for a better fit. If you want to help out, or simply keep updated, check out their Discord. OPERATION HOMESTEAD UPDATE BY SPECTR_ETERNAL We wish we all had the raw energy of SPECTR_Eternal, who has submitted not one, but TWO impressive projects for this edition of the Wrench! Who are we to not applaud such dedication? This time, he’s updated Operation Homestead with a new area dubbed “The Burnt Forest” and a little hint to a far-away Red Forest, where one may be able to find some Ukrainian-game-inspired easter egg. ARCADE VEHICLES BY STEFFENBK1 Always want to man vehicles in Squad, but your friends are sick of you flipping the logi? Steffenbk1 to the rescue! He is working on making vehicles in Squad more arcadey by being able to one-man them, including driving and shooting at the same time! FRENCH FOREIGN LEGION BY TACTICAL COLLECTIVE MODDING Our fine, friendly foreign French friends forge forward (Sorry, we got carried away.) on their mod to deliver a working and playable build soon! In the meantime, the production of assets also continues unabated. They’ve sent along a glimpse of that by showing off their progress on the FRF2 by Biohog that will be given to the Marksman class. NG CUSTOM SERVER – CLASSIC MAPS Back by popular demand, the NG Custom Modded server returns and is currently running a special with reimagined Battlefield 2 maps that are working together with the helicopter mod. NG is keeping the server up 24/7, so be sure to check it out, no matter your timezone. Sounds like great fun for some nostalgic moments! Questions? Join their Discord server while you download the mod(s) from Steam Workshop! You can, of course, find modded servers under your Custom Servers tab for the time being. SIGN-OFF Damn, it’s great to be back guys and girls, and we’re already looking forward to your submissions for the March edition of the Wrench. Early birds can already submit here.
  3. January 2019 Recap

    Things are getting a little off-topic here, so I'd like to ask you folks to stay focused on the recap. If you'd like to discuss your feelings about Squad development or OWI, another post in the appropriate forums might be a better way to do it. While we might not have hit your favorite portion of Squad yet, it'd be a disservice to claim the addition of British forces, component damage, tanks, Mestia, Belaya, Tallil, Narva, Kamdesh, Jensen's Range overhauls, lighting and mapping overhauls, etc, an animation overhaul, engine updates, remodeled Insurgents, rewritten (r)AAS code, the addition of mortars, mines and IEDs, big changes to ticket bleed, persistent ammunition, the addition of LMGs/bipods, BTRs, IFVs, emplacements, a new user interface, origin rebasing/scope jitter issues, vaulting and climbing, added Crewman, revised the mapped, began the implementation of the Command Map and commander, the on-going war to find the best name tags and maps, as well as continuing to focus on optimization and bug fixes is "the bare minimum."
  4. Been discussed internally a lot, but I don't think it's been slated for work just yet. Some of the suggestions we've toyed around with include blowing the hell out of them, some sort of wrecking vehicle (often paired with vehicle-righting functionality), a sapper/engineer tool to remove them. I think the design folks largely favor explosions still, but we'll see what they ultimately come up with.
  5. January 2019 Recap

    To you. =) Remember, you're not playing alone! It's part of the component system, which started with the development of tanks. Visual feedback is important -- not only can you tell the vehicle has been tracked as the opponent, it becomes more evident WHY your vehicle has done so as a passenger. Think how weird it would be to have a gun that kills enemies, but has no animations, sounds, or effects. It also wasn't a significant time investment, the way an engine upgrade may be. It's important to remember that we're development team and everyone has different skills, approaches, tasks, and workflow. A lot of work can be done at the same time. (Though that varies when there are prerequisites, of course.) For example, if a system is already built, that developer can move on to their test task while the art and effects teams utilize the new addition. Performance, 100 players, and other features. There's a lot -- we're going from 4.16 to 4.21. Not only are there developer tools in there, but there are also updates for things like large scale maps and high player counts; you might suspect a lot of those benefits are coming out of Fortnite development. Part of getting choppers includes getting up to 100 players, so the folks that were on the front line, but are now in vehicles, don't cause the fights to stall, etc. I mention this to point out it's more than just throwing a flying box in the game as is. Flight controls are important. =P
  6. January 2019 Recap

    Should be able to, though *maybe* not in the initial release of the code. Commander CAS may get it at a later date too. Believe the design team is slowly getting there with layer updates. We agree that they don't necessarily stack up against conventional forces in AAS at times.
  7. Redeploy From Main Base

    Probably not likely to happen, as a lot of the effort into revising spawn and rally points was to avoid "teleporting" around the map. We're looking at some ideas for handling abandoned vehicles (nothing solid yet), but you're likely going to be better off coordinating with your logi drivers a little more actively for now.
  8. Squad For Linux

    One of the primary issues at the moment, as I understand it, involves anti-cheat support for linux. (Or, rather, the lack of it.) The good news is, Epic did purchase the company responsible for Easy AntiCheat (https://www.unrealengine.com/blog/epic-games-acquires-kamu-game-security-and-player-services-company), so there /may/ be more resources thrown at compatibility/cross-platform support there. For now, we're still focused on getting to release. Any other platforms will be up for discussion after that. (p.s. consoles are fine. =P)
  9. Hmm, that's an odd one. Are you using a language other than English? There's a known issue when rebinding some keys in other languages -- the workaround is to switch to English, rebind, and then switch back. (Believe this was fixed and found it's way back in -- it's a known issue though.) If that doesn't help, do reach out to [email protected] for assistance.
  10. Admin command for insta spawn

    Can you describe what you might be using this for? Are you making cinematics or some other function?
  11. Big and Chunky

    Welcome, squaddie. Thanks for your support!
  12. Insurgency Panzer IV

    Huh, had no idea so many old tanks were still being used in service around the world. Granted, probably not a lot of actual fighting, but... some for sure. https://www.quora.com/Are-WWII-era-tanks-like-the-T-34-still-in-military-service-today-If-so-after-so-many-years-wont-they-be-maintenance-horrors-and-chronically-short-of-parts
  13. Suggestions

    Not sure how technically possible it is, but I'll pass it along. =) Thanks for the feedback! Edit: Reportedly possible, added to the list of good ideas to work on later. =)
  14. Hmm, on the chance that it might be a corrupted file or broken setting somewhere, try giving these steps a shot: Clearing your cached settings: https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002768887-How-to-manually-clear-your-user-settings-cache Potential causes for crashes: https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003976534-Possible-Causes-for-Crashes Verifying integrity of game files: https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/221770387-Fatal-Error- If those don't help, we do have support available at [email protected] If you can, be sure to include any relevant crash logs. If you need a hand finding those, you guessed it, we have an article for that too: https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/221501248-Finding-Using-and-Analyzing-Squad-Support-Logs =)
  15. BE A CHAMPION Have you been looking for something a little more organized than hopping into a pub? Need more international squaddies in your life? Look no further than the Squad World Championship! Bringing together highly skilled squadmates from around the globe, SWC started as a top-notch tournament but has become something much more: a community and a mod too! Better yet, Season 2 is starting soon and they’ve even got a playtest coming up. You’re invited! THE TOURNAMENT Beginning on February 18th, Squad World Championship, Season 2 will feature 7 weeks of intense 30 versus 30 combat. 16 teams will be pitted against each other in four stages of Swiss Style competition, dynamically pairing similarly-skilled opponents to keep the matchups challenging and exciting. The action then moves into an elimination bracket, encouraging every team to fight their hardest for the glory of victory. Using their own Competitive Advance and Secure game mode, every team has a chance to take on the role of each faction once. Have a Russian bias? Now’s your chance to prove it! After the 60-minute rounds have settled, the winner is determined by overall ticket different. Simple, clean, and to the point. What’s more, clearly defined tournament settings and rules set the stage for intense, balanced competitive combat. Sound good? Want to know more? They have a complete listing of rules, scoring, and everything else you need for Season 2 right here. THE MOD Looking for a more customized competitive experience, the SWC team has developed and begun testing the SWCMod 2.0. Picking up where spectator cam leaves off is only just the beginning. The mod allows for customization of ticket bleed, capture values, ticket costs, and even introducers event and team logos! Further, it enhances the streaming experience by offering features like picture-in-picture camera, teleporting to POIs, and killfeed. These modders are making the tournament work for you and that means we ALL get to enjoy a better show! Sound cool? Check out some of those features in action on the SWCMod YouTube playlist. You can download the mod directly from the Steam Workshop page. MAPS AND MODES Crafting the best tournament you can is no small challenge and a key part of that development is digging into maps to find the right combination for a fight. Undertaking not only to adjust gameplay for a competitive focus, SWC’s mod team has opened up customized settings, as well as upgraded maps and lighting. They’ve gone on to formulate Competitive AAS and Competitive Skirmish as the primary modes for play. THE PLAYTEST Owing to the fact that no plan survives first contact with the enemy, the SWC is putting their modifications to the test. On Saturday, February 9th at 1900 UTC, SWCMod 2.0 will be getting a shakedown run and you’re invited! The event will be casted by the OG hypeman: JohnnyOmaha! If you’re not in the Squad World Championship Discord, get there now!
  16. January 2019 Recap

    We're approaching testing a little different with Fallujah, with a focus on smaller areas/points of interest as we go, (e.g., "Today we're testing the small city area.") so they're a snapshot of what we've been working on lately. Part of trying to make it our most detailed map yet is making sure we check those details. =)
  17. New Website Launch

    Hey soldiers! Every now and then the folks back at HQ see fit to send us some shiny new gear! This holiday season, we've unwrapped a shiny new website. You may have noticed a few changes. First and foremost, welcome to the modern web! We’ve overhauled just about everything to modern standards. Heck, we’ve even got a WYSIWYG editor in the backend now! Even better, we can feature more content without knocking the latest patch notes off the page. Secondly, check out that calendar: it’s got a bunch of community and official events. Whether you’re looking for a SquadChat or the next round of organized play, there should be something going on in the Squad world for you. Want your event there? Let us know! Third, we’ve got some more helpful links spread throughout the site, especially just below the fold. We know the battlefield is a rough place and we’re doing our part to help make it a little more friendly. Keep a lookout for more helpful and informative updates as we put the finishing touches on Squad and more. So, there you have it: brand new look, same ol’ Squad. We’re putting our dress formals on; it’s gonna be a big year! While most of the content may not strike you as new just yet, we now have a web platform which is built for expansion and easier changes, so look out for some more changes coming up in the future! Liking the new duds? Something broken? Be sure to let us know in the forums! Offworld Out.
  18. Hey Squaddies! We kicked off the first SquadChat of the year with one of our favorite head honchos, lead producer Dave "drav" Mason! The SquadChat took place on Friday, January 25th, at 10 AM Pacific Time (1800 UTC) at http://twitch.tv/JoinSquad We recommend following JoinSquad on Twitch so you'll get the notification when we go live. =) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i33Tjq9-Ajg Note: There was an issue with the first few minutes of audio, but I'm working to try to fix that. In the event that I can't, please be advised that no leeks were harmed in the process. The discussion was an introduction to Drav, and what he does on Squad, as well as quick overview of OWI's growth. All of your questions are intact. =)
  19. Heh, there's a more detailed Wikipedia article than anticipated even: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humvee_replacement_process Apparently plans for the replacements began as early as 2005.
  20. How'd the migration go? Everything copacetic?
  21. SquadChat - 10 - ft. Drav

    Will look into it. Chances are it has to be done manually, and that means me spending several hours not doing other things, so may not be the best use of time. =) We don't plan out much ahead (pretty much date, time, and who's coming), so it really is going back to annotate a conversation.
  22. The Wrench -- December 2018

    Hey Squaddies, Welcome to December! Have you been naughty or nice this year? No matter! The modding community has plenty of presents for all the good squaddies! You may realize, at this point, that we've skipped a month and went from the October Wrench to the December Wrench. We've done this to get rid of the old nomenclature that's been bugging us for years. Don't worry, though, you're still getting the same great Wrench content, now with more logic! Now that that's out of the way, let's see what the modding community has been cooking up for the last month. Join us on the Community Modding Discord where you can join discussions and meet the modding community. It's a great place to share your ideas and passions with like-minded people that will happily help you create something awesome. Alpha 12.2, Modding and SquadChat The release of two hotfixes sadly broke the ability to play mods right now because how Squad handles files changed. But StrangeZak is hard at work to fix the problems and plans to release an updated SDK for all of us so we can play our mods again! We were able to pull him away from the code for a little bit to have a SquadChat. Operation Homestead by SPECTR_Eternal Modding Hub Regulars have had the chance to follow along the progress SPECTR_Eternal has made on this map and it sure is awesome to see the steady development. Operation Homestead is a vehicle-focused large-scale map designed for long-range engagements across vast and numerous farmlands, flower fields and mountainous ranges of Scotland. The map is planned to feature two main bases with lots of vehicles, while infantry should move towards abandoned military installations and settlements through natural cover. Strike at Karkand V2 by FAR-STAN Strike at Karkand has been updated with new textures, buildings, and some sweet new visual effects. Quite a lot of progress here, and the best part: It is supporting the Helicopter Mod now so that we can soon fly over the streets and buildings of Karkand and live through our nostalgia. Another beautiful update from FAR-STAN. Vietnam Jungle Map by TopcatAlpha Topcat is currently starting to learn the UE4 Editor and is doing it right along making his first map: A Vietnam-themed jungle map. It is planned to feature asymmetric warfare in the dense environment, together with settlements and sneaky tunnels. French Foreign Legion Mod by Tactical Modding Collective Another month, another cool update from the folks over at Tactical Collective Modding. This month they show us more progress on the MILAN ATGM, some rifle grenades and more map updates. Find out more and check out an interview with their sound designer on their website. Khamisiyah Remastered by Wheezy Some more work has been done on Wheezy's remastered version of the old Project Reality fan favourite Khamisiyah, with some more assets, visual effects and overall progress. Rainbow Road by Alac Usually known for some less - ah, how should we phrase it - "acidy" projects, Alac has decided to get some color other than olive drab into his life. What better way than remaking Mario Kart 64's Rainbow Road? Complete with some background music and a whole new level of racing experience we can only say: 'It's-a Me, Mortar-io!' Finnish Defense Force by FDFMod Our fine Finnish friends have been steadily upping their arsenal with the latest in Finnish army technology. This time they're showing us the HK69A1 UGL which is already in quite good shape, and their cooperation with fellow Finnish Arma modders seems to come to fruition. Not content to up only their arsenal, the team is upping their technology game as they recently started to look into photogrammetry for their character models. Supply Lines Gamemode by Bill Nye Since he knows best what to say about his new gamemode, let's hear it from Bill Nye himself: Awww yeah, we're always fans of seeing new ways to play Squad. This mode sounds fantastic! Untitled Iraq-based Map by Cypress While the name of the map may not actually be that exciting (yet), what Cypress is showing is actually looking really good. Making use of the latest assets the V12 update has to offer this map features a middle eastern scenario with war-torn cityscapes, palm forests and a lot of compounds on the outskirts, can't wait to see more! Not content to up only their arsenal, the team is upping their technology game as they recently started to look into photogrammetry for their character models. Here are some raw scan results of a few small-scale scans. Looking forward to more results! That's it for this year! We hope you enjoyed reading all the community has to offer for you and can't wait what you bring to the table next year. We wish you all happy holidays and a great rush into 2019! Want to be a part of the first Wrench of the new year? Submit your project using this form! Squad Modding Hub Management Team Out. Please note: Offworld Industries is not responsible for mod content. Please contact the creator for assistance.
  23. Alpha 12.2

    Hey soldiers, Another batch of fixes is hot and ready to go. Here's to Squadtastic weekend! Patch Notes Fixed damage and effects bugs on the following projectiles: AT-4, Refleks, Kornet, TOW, M1A2 HEAT, T-72 Frag, Mortar HE & smoke Fixed bipod movement getting stuck on upper/lower pitch limit Fixed a bug in the role selection causing server performance issues Fixed an exploit where you would have a model and weapons from the team you switched from Fixed a bug preventing role selection on deployment screen after map change Fixed a bug that would cause weapons on vehicles to be upside down Fixed turret stabilization pitch not working for certain turret rotations Fixed gearbox shifting into reverse at high forward speeds when braking Fixed US IFV turret smoke launcher optic Set flag names on the map to have higher contrast Fixed capture point names on Kamdesh skirmish and Mestia Removed large M4 and calibration cube on Sumari Fixed several floating assets on Yehorivka Updated Yehorivka minimap Fixed issue with vehicle wheel fx shooting random dust forward while speeding Offworld Out.
  24. Teleport from main base?

    Wanted to point out Fuzzhead commenting on towing/fixing vehicles on Reddit, since there's some overlap.
  25. Feedback noted. Just curious, what scenario are you practicing for that involves camping the base/altering vanilla gameplay?