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  1. Hey gang! I had the opportunity to sit down with Tim Douglas recently; he has one of the artists behind Squad since the beginning and you'd recognize his recent work in the form of the Bradley. But wait, there's more! He's also a squad leader! You can watch our chat here:
  2. Post Scriptum Keys

    Hey Squaddies, The time for keys has come! Be sure to read the announcement for more information on Post Scriptum and who qualifies for a free copy. Ready to claim your key? Click this link now! Click here to request your key! From the entire team at Offworld Industries, thank you for making it all possible. We hope you'll enjoy Post Scriptum as much as you love Squad! Offworld Out.
  3. Air Assault Mocap Session

    Take a knee, Squaddies! Back in January, we were lucky enough to partner with our friends at Stack-Up.org for our first Air Assault! The idea was simple: take a couple of lucky veterans from the Squad community and get them in the game. With the help of Animatrik, whom we've previously visited, we've done just that. Getting all the best people into the same room pays off and we couldn't be happier with the results! We were a bit overwhelmed by the response and it was tough to pick just two winners: Squad's community is filled with some of the toughest, most humble, good-natured military professionals we've had the pleasure of meeting. William Bee from the USMC jumped at the chance to show us his moves. His favorite games, which include Arma 3, Battlefield 4, and Squad (of course) help him keep in touch with friends, relax a bit, and spend time with his son, who's also an avid gamer. You also might recognize him from some other publications. When he's not playing Squad, he likes to watch Karmakut and DevilDog Gamer get their streaming on. Daniel (Harry) Holcroft, from the Australian Defence Force, has spent time deployed in Iraq, Timor Leste, and Afghanistan. These days, though, he prefers to spend a little more time playing Escape from Tarkov and Squad, with a solid background in Arma 3. If he's not gaming, you might catch him checking out streams from CowboyChuck, DeadlySlob, DesmoLocke, pcat101, or RussUK. Both of these fine fellas have first-hand knowledge of the world Squad showcases and they really brought the sort of experience that makes the game live and breathe -- especially after putting the guys through the paces. If you'd like to know more about their background, be sure to check out this article on Stack-Up.org. As you can see, we gathered a mix of animations while the guys were there. The pros really know how to move, both on the field and off. Check out this pristine tactical movement: Now that we have all that awesome capture data, we can get it to the developers, animators, and artists for all the hard work that goes into making it game-ready. Look for updates in an upcoming Recap. It was truly an honor to be part of the Air Assault. We cannot wait to work with Stack-Up.org again! A huge thank you to Animatrik, our veterans, and the Squad community for working so hard to support Squad. If you'd like to get involved with Stack-up.org as an individual or a group, you can start here. Offworld Out.

    Not a bad idea. Thanks for the feedback!
  5. Tomorrow's Free-Weekend & Sale

    Looking good! One good bit of feedback we've received about stuff like this is to present it in the order that a new player is most likely to experience it. e.g., kit selection may be a priority over holding spawn. I enjoy how you've broken down simple, easy reasons for each item.
  6. As there's still some work being done on graphics and maps, we're not working on integrating that into tournament mode *right now*. It is on our mind and will likely see some updates. Nordic is a big proponent of tournament mode too, and doesn't let us forget it needs updates. =)
  7. No Sound Problem After 11.2

    Have you folks run Windows Update recently? One of the last updates reset default sound devices for many, many users, which has caused problems in programs that otherwise detect those for use: Unreal Engine, OpenBroadcastStudio, etc. In some cases, the programs are unable to detect the old device. The good news is, setting your device choices again should resolve it. If that doesn't do it, and the help here doesn't fix it, you can email [email protected] for further assistance.
  8. Alpha 11.2

    Hey Soldiers, We've released an update containing a variety of fixes, including one for everyone's most-hated bandage bug. In addition to that, some values have changed, some crashes should be gone, and some fences behave more like fences. Dig in! Patch Notes Fixed bandaging failing due to desync between client and server. Now there is a point in the animation after which it can't be canceled anymore to ensure the bandaging gets complete. Fixed mods not loading if a clean installation of Squad was performed. Fixed a crash when trying to equip a role from the wrong team. Fixed a crash on updating the role availability. Fixed a crash on staging zone end. Fixed AntiAliasing being forced disabled when 'low' graphics preset is selected Fixed several vehicles seat configurations for driver and gunners on appropriate vehicles Removed turn limits on the Dshk tripod and Technical Dshk Fixed incorrect zeroing numbers on the Russian RPG7 Tandem Increased Invasion ticket flag gain from 50 to 60 Updated starting tickets on the AAS layers of Belaya, Gorodok, Kohat and Yehorivka Op Fight Light AAS - changed MIL to RU, tweaked flag zone sizes Fixed South Basrah flag on Basrah Invasion v2 Fixed flag names on Narva Invasion v2 Sumari INF v1 - fixed MIL Mainbase naming Fixed transparent fences on Yehorivka Increase HAB cost from 400 to 500 Decrease Militia Hideout cost from 300 to 250 Decrease INS Hideout cost from 250 to 100 Increase Vehicle Repair Station cost (except insurgent) from 300 to 500 Increase Mortar cost (except insurgent) from 250 to 300 Be sure to let us know how the changes feel! We'd love to have them just right for the upcoming free weekend starting on Thursday, June 21!
  9. Alpha 11.2

    Doh, I accidentally a tag. Thanks.
  10. [Suggestion] Dynamic Weather

    While I don't know the complexities of a dynamic weather system, I know the mappers have been experimenting and tweaking weather effects on maps like Belaya. I suspect we'd ultimately love a full weather system, but that would absolutely be a post-launch thing, if it were possible. (And oh man, can you imagine a squad rolling silently out of the fog and using thunder for cover?)
  11. June Free Weekend

    June Free Weekend Hey Squaddies, With summer in full effect in the Northern Hemisphere, we've adopted a "sun's out, guns out" policy and would like to announce a free weekend for Squad! The free weekend will begin on Thursday, June 21 (6/21/2018) at 10 AM Pacific Time and run through to Sunday, June 24th (6/25/2018) at 1 PM Pacific Time. In addition to that, Squad will have a 40% discount for the duration. Head over to our Steam page to take advantage of the sale any time after 10 AM on 6/21. Free weekends can be a little crazy, so we've prepared some tips for newcomers (and the newly returned) to help make the weekend a little more fun for everyone. We'd also recommend checking out the wiki guide to Getting Started as Grunt. If you're already up to speed, you may want to check out the major patch notes, which include an improved vehicle damage model, British forces, IFVs, and more. Squad is an Early Access game and that means you might run into some bugs or rough edges. If you encounter any issues, check out our support page for common fixes. If your problem isn't so common, our support team can be reached at [email protected] Before you hit the battlefield, join the Community Discord Server. You won't find a better place to squad up, get a quick answer, or just hang out with your fellow players. Remember, it's Communicate. Coordinate. Conquer. for a good reason! Offworld Out.
  12. The Wrench - May 2018

    Hi Squaddies, Welcome to The Wrench! We're going to be doing something a little different this month. With the free weekend beginning on Thursday, June 21, we wanted to present some of the mods the Squad community has battle-tested for top-notch fun. But first, there are a couple of things you should know about modding: It's a system in progress and what you'll see is still changing. If you're curious, you can check out the latest update on modding right here. Second, standard Squad servers and servers running mods are broken into two tabs in the server browser. You'll want to navigate to Custom servers to check out any mods. Lastly, if you're interested in Squad mods or modding, we recommend joining the Squad Modding Hub Discord. Once you're there, you'll find many of the folks responsible for some of the coolest things happening in Squad right now! Join us on the Community Modding Discord where you can join discussions and meet the modding community. It's a great place to share your ideas and passions with like-minded people that will happily help you create something awesome. Destruction Game Mode Modder Virus.exe, with the help of folks like Assi, Nordic, Rincewind, and more, has been hard at work for awhile on this game mode; we last saw it back in January. It has progressed nicely and you can find it on its Steam Workshop page. How do you play Destruction? Truly a community effort, Destruction really makes teamwork shine, so be sure to strap on your headset and keep an ear open for your squad leader's commands. Forest Air by SilenTblooD One of the most beautiful maps in the Workshop, Forest Air is a perennial favorite in The Wrench. SilenTblooD has a keen eye for atmosphere, which just oozes from the screenshots: If you want to check out Forest Air, head over to the Workshop page! Be sure to leave some feedback in the comments -- your input matters! Helicopter Test by Heedicalking/MF Cool While it's not quite ready for Alpha 11, this chopper mod has been delightful to play with and has definitely earned a place on this list. While Squad will have its own helicopters at launch, that's no reason not to explore the wonders of soaring through the skies - or the terror of plummeting to the ground. Head over to their Workshop page to see what's going on in development. Tenax Training Grounds by Victor Tenax Jensen's Range is a fine place to get familiar with your loadout, but what if you want to go a little more in-depth with your training? Enter Victor Tenax and their Tenax Training Grounds Basrah. Featuring an assortment of weapons, vehicles, and training spaces, it's one heck of a place to run some advanced drills with your squad. As you may have guessed, it, too, has a Steam Workshop page. Ones to Watch French Foreign Legion by Squad Mod France Oft-featured in The Wrench, Squad Mod France has undertaken the monumental task of developing an entire faction. Their latest update should give you a taste of the dedication and skill that their team is putting into their mod! Be sure to check out their most recent progress update, which includes an interview with 3D Artist Anastasia. Squad BR by Squad BR Team Seeing some ground between the Fortnites and PUBGs of the world, Wasti, StrangeZak, and Bruno have joined forces to work on Squad Battle Royale. Intended as a way to help develop and test modding, the team is making swift progress (see a preview of the map below!) and would love to have you along for the ride. If you'd like to know more about Squad BR, check out April's Wrench, or join their Discord server. Gulf of Oman by FAR.STAN Coming out just in time for this month's Wrench is FriendlyNikolai's astonishingly beautiful video of the Gulf of Oman map by FAR.STAN. Featuring a first look at a US aircraft carrier, you're going to want to check out the video ASAP: Still in alpha testing, you can find and follow it on the Steam Workshop page. Beautiful work, folks! Finkarus by LoRDHitMan Still not quite there for A11 but LoRDHitMan is working heavily on an update for his map Finkarus. Featuring a lot of new buildings and props he is currently also working on an optimisation pass for it to make sure you’ll have the right amount of frames for optimal viewing. Khamisiyah Remastered by Wheezy Wheezy is working on some more nostalgia, this time for Project Reality veterans in the form of a remastered version of Khamisiyah, which was made by AFSoccer. It’s built from the ground up and is heavily based around armoured warfare. So in the future this map will play out great, but we can’t wait to try it out soon. No matter if you're just checking out Squad for the free weekend, or are with us for the long haul, there's sure to be something that grabs your attention. As always, we want to thank the modding community for putting in their hard work and dedication. You never cease to amaze us. If you want to be a part of it next month, you can get into it right away by using this form and submit your work!
  13. Hey Squaddies! The text you’re about to read is a recap of a community roundtable held Offworld Industries to gather feedback. Roundtable events are based on the most recent Recap and we’d recommend reading that first. Please note that this text is not a planning document, but a recap of a conversation with the community. Best efforts have been made to retain tone and intent, but mistakes happen: please feel free to submit corrections. =) If you prefer to listen, you can hear the original audio recording. If your organization isn't involved in the roundtable and would like to be, please reach out to Nordic Socialist for more information. OWI Attendees included Axton, Assi (the Silent), StrangeZak, Fuzzhead, Gatzby, ChanceBrahh, and the host, Nordic. SquadWiki: It’s in need of some updating. If you can lend a hand, or know someone who would, it would be much appreciated. Usgu and Sweez are champions, but can’t do it alone. We all have knowledge that could be out there: It took 1300 hours for Nordic to figure out you could capture a neutral flag with one guy. While the groundwork for the mechanics is being laid, so should the groundwork for documentation. It would benefit from more meta knowledge of the game. Things like what to expect when you join a server, how different game modes are set up, or other meta basics. (Much of this should be in the game, too.) Reach out to Usgu if you’d like to assist! RIP members have made an announcement and have shown interest. (Thanks RIP!) One suggestion would be to have an organized wiki day with QA members and developers on hand to verify the data, answer questions, and assist in editing. Wikipedia style writing prompts may be another avenue. Adding some breadcrumbs to the wiki from the in-game message of the day might help as well. Squad could still use more tutorialization, especially video content. We’re looking into it, but due to the number of changes coming to UI and systems, it’ll make more sense to make that sort of content when it is done. In the meantime, the wiki is a good resource for that information. Server Experience It would be nice to have a section in the server browser/client for training servers. Effectively, having some sort of tagging system for server admins to self-identify server type might work. In addition to that, some sort of way to present rules and information when joining a server would help manage expectations and experience. Some suggested tags: “Regular, Competitive, Training.” “Training, Casual, Competitive” StrangeZak: We frequently debate server browser. No one can quite decide which way to go. We don’t want to split a whole community. Admin Tools They’re getting a little higher in priority, but still have to wait for other systems. We’ve heard your suggestions and want them too. (See previous roundtables.) Unreal Engine Versions We’re keeping an eye on the improvements in each engine update and we’re especially excited about the features being developed for Fortnite. We have everything we need to launch in the current release, but will continue to evaluate engine updates. They are a lot of work, especially making sure all previous code is compatible. RAAS Fog of war (i.e., Not being sure which flag will unlock next.) isn’t confirmed at the moment, but it is something we’d like to see. It may not make it into alpha 12, however. There will be randomized flags so you don’t play the same configuration every time. It’s being built with reducing overhead on building layers in mind, benefitting both our designers and modders. You should be able to select a specific layer with AdminChangeMap at least. Main bases will not be randomized in Alpha 12, but that’s something that could be possible in the future. It’s also possible to specify whether a flag will be randomized or not, as the randomizer is modular. One of the main difficulties with main bases are the vehicle spawns, but the future might have some solutions for that. As the designer still picks the flow, there will still be logic to the layer design. It should be similar to Destruction; it will pick a cluster or area of the map, and then pick a point within that cluster. Static/Normal AAS will continue to be developed where it makes sense to do so. We want the competitive community to have strong layers, but we will likely not create hundreds of static layers for maps in the future -- randomized AAS is to help address that. Hopefully, we can find some more competitive-friendly game modes too. =) Oni Shinobi believes the fog of war will be very important, as it will impact the ability to rush the next flag. truthRealm is into the fog of war, and suggests that it might be a server or layer variable. Related to that, they wonder if there are any plans to standardize factions by layers. There will be some way of knowing which factions are playing, ideally in the server browser, but there will still be variations by map. Vehicle Damage The next iteration will have vehicle component damage, as illustrated in the recap with the exploding text fuel tanks. Along with mobility kills, there will be the ability to field repair, probably no more than 25% health. To fully repair, you will have to leave the field and return to a repair station. Hitting specific components will have some chance to cause a catastrophic failure, but it will not happen every time you hit that spot. E.g., ammo might explode occasionally, but aiming directly for the ammo container will not cause a kill every time. “Vehicles should be more survivable on the field, not necessarily more healthy.” - Fuzzhead Armor penetration (i.e., crew kills) may be possible in the future but are not currently being implemented. “It would be cool to shoot the back of a Stryker and kill everyone inside it, but it was difficult enough to get small arms working.” It would be cool, but don’t count on it soon, as it’s both design and programmatically complex -- we don’t want vehicles to be rendered useless immediately. Designers are investigating reactive armor blocks on tanks, based on the component damage tests. Another example might be slat armor for IFVs. Some vehicle suggestions include making infantry able to disable a vehicle, but not destroy a vehicle. Adding thermals may not have made sense in the past, but with HAT/TOW being lethal, it might balance the field especially if it could be disabled with component damage. We’re still looking into deflating tires or having them fall off, but we’re not yet sure if it’s possible with the physics engine. There will still be mobility kills, however. The team is currently focused on armored vehicles primarily though. Currently, vehicles are often too risky to use on an assault, based on their relative ticket value. Too risky to pile your troops into a Stryker. Sometimes assigning 2-3 people to a vehicle feels like a waste of resources. More counters against infantry with AT would be appreciated, as it feels like smoke is the only option now. Turret Stabilization It’s still a little rough right now, but it’s coming along. The input delay feels rough. Currently, it functions by holding your bearing while the vehicle moves. Lazing isn’t being developed at the moment, but it’s something we’d like to have. The baseline is that tanks need some sort of stabilization. We’re considering some sort of system for the gunner to adjust directly to a Commander’s target; some way for the commander and gunner can communicate (that isn’t VoIP), with the gunner still in command of their role. Modding 2.0 Linux server mod support! Whitelisting mods is something we’re considering, but it’s very difficult to run a mod at this point -- the system needs to mature some first. We’ve had some volunteers to QA/test community mods to this end, so stay tuned. Tanks/At We’ve shown the M1A2 (though it was mislabeled -- oops.) and the T72. We talked a bit about reactive armor above, but again, that’s not confirmed. We’d like to have as many assets as PR did; choices are great. Likely the driver will be a seat, the gunner will be a seat, and the commander will be a seat. You should be able to get away with a driver and a gunner, but running a full vehicle will be more efficient. It’s unlikely there will be four-person tanks. Don’t expect one man tanking to be a thing. There will be maps designed for tanks. (Not Sumari! Don’t worry!) Current maps will receive them too, but they’ll likely be balanced by similar vehicles on the other faction. (e.g., USA versus RUS) The ubiquity of the t72 means you’ll see more than just conventional forces using tanks. Future Regarding factions and other tools/vehicles/toys, post-launch content will be a thing; if you watched the recent SquadChat , Irontaxi lays it out a bit. We want to do as much as we can, for as long as we can, but we’re also very excited to see what the modding community comes up with. As we’ve shown with maps, we’re very open to adding community content to vanilla Squad. Belaya It’s a bit scope heaven right now; the mapping team has already made a lot of changes. It’s losing a lot of roads, gaining some foliage, ruined fortifications, and more space to capture in, hopefully giving people the cover they need to make the map more fun. Paired with the previous FOB changes, there should be a lot less meat grinder going on. There are also some layers that don’t include the train tunnel. Some feel that Kamdesh and Belaya feel really similar, from a design standpoint. They’re cosmetically beautiful, but lack some unique locations and points of interest. They can feel a bit repetitive. Some of that was due to the timeline (2-4 month) on which they were created, some of that was based on the philosophy; trying to make them as fun as possible within the constraints. We acknowledge that it does feel a little stagnant and gamey. Though there’s danger in asymmetric locations causing people to dislike the map entirely. The mapping team is split on increasing the size of the villages versus more open-ground fighting but are considering options to improve the experience. Adding more to the maps is entirely possible, especially as things like Yeho get revamped too. Kamdesh was conceived as similar to Operation First Light, but on the side of a mountain slope as well. Technical limitations with draw distance caused the design to change.
  14. Squad Trailers Removed?

    Some trailers with out of date assets were removed a while ago (toward the end of last year), but the bright side is, Lordas (our video editor) has been getting better with each release, so hopefully you're enjoying some of the latest trailers. =)
  15. Teamspeak 5

    Good to know! Thanks! Now if we can just get Discord to track game libraries, we'll have some real competition going on.
  16. Veteran Skins

    They're still on the list, but we're ultimately more focused on getting things like suppression and tanks in the game right now. We are looking forward to 'em too, though!
  17. How do you use the Russian 30mm Optics?

    Real bad at ranging myself, especially with those reticles, but been reading around. I think this has been one of the more helpful resources for me: https://wikivisually.com/wiki/Stadiametric_rangefinding (normal wiki a little less so: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stadiametric_rangefinding) Hehe, interesting to know, even if I don't start shooting better.
  18. Armored Technical

    We're investigating an issue with the armored techies taking a little less punishment than their counterparts, but it sounds like it may be Jensen's Range being weird in this case. We'll keep looking though. =)
  19. Post Scriptum Keys

    Back at it! They're a little slowed down by some broken bones, but they are hoping to be caught up by end of day today or tomorrow. We really do appreciate your patience. <3
  20. Fall Out 76

    Still sooooo many questions. Also still kind of wonder if it isn't going to skew more toward Destiny as it progresses. Be interesting to see how VATS evolves for 76 too. Ultimately, always down for more Fallout, and I think adding internet weirdos into the mix is just the sort of thing Fallout can support fiction-wise, hehe.
  21. Give ammo bags to the riflemen

    Near future, even, I think. Have seen some WIP shots recently that are looking cool. =)
  22. Consider it read. =) I believe the designers are currently thinking a tank will be usable with two people, but will never be as good as run with three. (Driver, Gunner, and Commander.) As it's still being designed, it's a great time for feedback like this. I know they are concerned with taking too many infantry off the front lines in the long-term, and vehicle seats play a big role in that (both for transport and when people are filling an active slot), so they are approaching it care. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. =) (Edit: Some of those thoughts should be surfacing shortly; it came up some over a feedback session this weekend. Still transcribing.)
  23. "An Unreal process has crashed: UE4-Squad"

    Someone more technically inclined will be along to assist, but I did want to check in to see if you were running any Razer software. We've had a fair bit of cases of people playing for about 30 minutes then crashing, which can then be resolved by disabling Razer Cortex or Razer Synapse 2.0. (Some folks have reported the 3.0 beta has resolved it, but ymmv.) Of course, if it's NOT a Razer problem... hang in there a little longer. =) You can also email [email protected]
  24. More Map commands for SLs

    Wanted to add that there are some UI improvements in the work for squad leaders (though not necessarily tied to the map), so there should be some improvements to quality of life in the pipe.
  25. Hey all! We're going to be doing another SquadChat tomorrow at 10 am Pacific Time. (about 22 hours from now.) Joining me will be Irontaxi, the very reason Offworld Industries exist. We'd love for you to join us to chat with Taxi and get your questions answered. You'll find the stream at http://twitch.tv/joinsquad, and we'll be sure to archive it on Youtube on the SquadChat playlist. See you tomorrow!