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  1. Hey Squaddies! We know Stack-Up.org needs no introduction among Squaddies -- you all absolutely crushed it during Veterans Day -- but did you know about their Air Assaults program? What could be more awesome than Air Assaults? The opportunity to be part of one, of course! Stack-Up and Squad are back together to bring two veterans from our amazing community into the game. Like, really, really into the game. We're honored to be able to offer the opportunity for two lucky folks to join us for a motion capture session. Stack-Up is going to transport a couple of lucky veterans out to Vancouver this March for the full Tron treatment. If you remember our last motion capture session, you know there's no better place than Animatrik and we're pleased to be going back. How can you get involved? Our amazing partners, who have made our work with Stack-Up such a success, will be providing the application until February 4thduring their streams, directly to the community that makes it all possible. You can find them here: Want in? Tune in! HAYNICK31 will be broadcasting the FEAR ACADEMY v FULL+PROG ISKT match on 1/21/2018 @ 9:30 AM PT JohnnyOmaha presents the Weekly Modding Roundup on 1/20/2018 @ 11:30 AM PT and NAS 1/21/2018 @ 5:00 PM PT. Karmakut will be broadcasting on his new stream schedule. DesmoLocke will be performing DesmoLockely. Aww yeah. So, what do you say? Want to really get into Squad? Prove it! Tune in, sign up, and sound off at us @JoinSquad. Don't forget to get your passport ready! (Whoa! Did you read all that on the forums? As a special reward, the link is bit dot ly/FastRope ) Please note that the Air Assault is only open to military veterans residing in the USA or Canada. A valid passport may be required! All entries must be completed by 2/4/2018. Offworld Out.
  2. November 2017 Recap

    Hi Squaddies, As we move into December, the team is now in a full bug-fixing and polish mode, where all the new major features have been locked down. The team is now dedicated to fixing as many outstanding bugs as possible before entering large scale community play-testing. Please give us your strength during this time! In return, we'd like to give you a preview of what the following major patch will contain. As always, these features are still in development and may vary in their final form. Stick with us for more development updates! Upcoming Version Feature Preview Coming in the next major version (Alpha v10), Squad gameplay as you know it will change dramatically. The Animation System overhaul may not sound like it changes much aside from aesthetics, but it is going to revolutionize how the game will be played. On top of that, several other changes to gameplay will mix things up quite a bit. Infantry Movement Changes Transitioning time from sprinting to getting your weapon up and aiming down the sights has been slightly increased from the previous value. The effect of this is that sprinting, as in real life, actually puts you in a vulnerable position. Constant running and gunning will put you at a disadvantage compared to a soldier who is crouching and already steadily aiming down sights. We're seeing that more careful movement is needed on the personal level, and more tactical movement is required as a team: bounding overwatch will become a much more important thing. (Bounding Overwatch: Covering teammates while they move up, then having them cover you while you move up.) Transitioning from standing to prone will no longer be instant, and you don't keep your sights on the target during it. This means that prone diving, previously a fairly common occurrence to instantly get dead-accurate hits, will be GONE. Bwahaha! Crouch Sprinting is also added to the game, meaning that you will be able to traverse distances with a lower profile, albeit at a slower pace than you would if you were standing up fully exposed. Vaulting and Climbing Vaulting will allow you to more quickly jump over small walls. Climbing will allow you to get over higher walls than was previously possible as infantry. This changes the playing field, as a simple rifleman's sandbag may be enough to scale a wall previously only accessible with a ladder. Another trick would be to use a vehicle as a booster which would allow you to climb over higher obstacles. Freelook Freelook will allow you to look around while doing any action while in infantry. This should slightly increase situational awareness while moving and reloading. Remember to watch your back! Weapons Handling Changes Weapon handling will change to feel more fluent and realistic, with a lot more polish in the way it moves and should feel much more immersive. Note that this will be the first iteration of this system and the precise sway/recoil/transition numbers will still be tweaked, and that the exact values we release with may not be the same as those shown here. However, the changes seen will still be in this direction. We will be slightly increasing sway effects when standing or after sprinting. This will put more emphasis on your posture and stamina, as well as taking your time to take your shots. This will benefit players who move carefully and deliberately. Good position and stance will give a more tangible advantage. Weapon Collision The length of your weapon also now plays a factor in how you maneuver through tight spaces and fire from cover. When you are too close to an obstacle or a surface, your weapon will be forcibly lowered and you will be prevented from firing and aiming down your sights. This naturally depends on the weapon in question, so bringing a long marksman rifle into small CQB spaces will be ill advised, whereas pistols will have a natural advantage in tight situations. Sights and Optics Scoped weapons will have reduced peripheral vision. This will reduce their spotting advantage at distance. The reticles also have been designed to allow for them to be used to gauge the fall of your shot. Ironsight weapons will have a very slight permanent zoom increase when aiming down the sights to increase the ability to effectively return fire against scoped opponents. Adjustable Sights All infantry weapons (barring those with fixed sights) will have the ability for you to adjust their sights depending on the range of your target. This is especially useful for grenade launchers and dumb-fire rocket launchers as they rely heavily on the shooter accounting for the ballistic trajectory to score a first shot hit. Being able to adjust your sights to compensate for the distance to target will greatly improve the chances of a first shot hit. This feature is also included in all small arms as well, ranging from rifles to machine guns, even on the PPSh-41 submachine gun. Don't forget to hit the range to brush up on your skills, squaddies. New Role: Machine Gunner A new role we have added is the Machine Gunner. A team-wide limited role, the Machine Gunner is packing a larger General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG). Compared to the Automatic Rifleman's LMG, the Machine Gunner's GPMG is typically a larger caliber weapon capable of putting down suppressive fire out to much longer distances and can penetrate more surfaces with greater reliability. Due to the size and weight of the GPMG, it is generally unsuitable for firing either on the move or in CQB situations. We will be introducing the M240B and the PKM with this new role. Bipods Bipods will allow Light Machine Guns (LMGs) and General Purpose Machine Guns (GPMGs) to set up on positions and put down a large volume of fire with terrifying accuracy. The Automatic Rifleman and Machine Gunner roles intention were to provide suppression. In reality, they were often quickly picked off by Marksmen or Riflemen with optics, as they were limited in their ability to effectively return fire at range. With the introduction of bipods, from what we've seen so far, the machine gun is a force to be reckoned with. It is VERY deadly, even at range, when set up with a bipod. The changes to sway and prone diving (see above) give the automatic rifleman a much larger window to fire when after an enemy has been spotted, before taking return fire. The best way to deal with an Automatic Rifleman is to flank them, because they will have the power to simply make swiss cheese out of you if you try to attack from the front. Furthermore, each squad will have access to an extra Automatic Rifleman outside of the special kit restrictions, allowing a squad more freedom to pick other specialty kits as well. Changes to the Rush Meta After reviewing community and internal feedback, we have decided that we are unhappy with the "Rush the first enemy flags" AAS meta, as it is an unforgiving type of gameplay that fails to put emphasis on the gradual capping of flags and territory that AAS was designed around. To address this, non-capturable flags will no longer be blockable by the enemy. For example: if one soldier is in the capture zone of their team's first flag and nine enemies are in that cap zone as well trying to block it, the flag will still be captured. Once they find him and kill him, the flag will (obviously) stop capping. This should severely reduce the "Rush Flags" meta, and shift the focus more towards the linear progression of moving from flag area to flag area, as well as having a proper supply train with FOBs and logistics. Blocking a flag is technically still possible if you eliminate the entire attacking force, but it will require more resources to do and is more likely to fail. Vehicle Changes Entering or exiting vehicles and switching seats inside vehicles is no longer instant. The duration depends on the vehicle and the type of seat. This greatly reduces the effectiveness of soloing vehicles when a vehicle is flanked or ambushed. Either it will not be able to drive away or it won't be able to return fire instantly. Bring a friend! Several vehicles will have access to secondary weapons and different ammunition types. For example, the Russian BTR-82A will have access to 30mm High Explosive (HE) ammunition which deal explosive damage suitable for dealing with infantry, in addition to its normal 30mm Armor Piercing (AP) rounds. BTR and BRDM variants also have access to a secondary coaxial machinegun. Some vehicles also have access to smoke launchers, providing a way to either conceal their movements or aid infantry by providing a large smokescreen. Logistics Changes One change that we're implementing to Logistics is for the Logistics carrier to load on varying amounts of either construction or ammunition points. For example, an Ural supply truck has 2000 points worth of space to load either construction or ammunition. If a FOB in the front is running mortars or simply just needs more ammo, the truck can run a full load of ammo rather than wasting half of that space to haul unneeded construction materials. Unsecured oversized loads will be issued a moving citation. The process of loading and unloading is now treated like a weapon on a vehicle, in that Construction and Ammo occupy different inventory slots, and one button (Default: Left Mouse Button) will unload, and another (Default: Right Mouse Button) will load supplies onto the vehicle. Round Start Staging Timer Instead of a 3-minute pre-match spawn timer, there will be a 3-minute staging period before matches. During this time, you can spawn in at your team's Main Base, organize your squads, roles, get to your vehicles, and prepare to move out. However, you are unable to leave the Main Base area until the timer has fully elapsed. To prevent griefing issues, you cannot fire your weapons during the staging period. We're supremely grateful for the community we have and we absolutely do not want to disappoint, despite taking us this long to get our next major release together. Please stay tuned for further updates as our team is on overdrive in hammering out the bugs. Offworld Out.
  3. Hi Squaddies, We hope you all had great and amazing holidays and spent some time with friends, family, scotch, or your pets. (Whichever you may enjoy most. No judgment.) The Modding community was also hard at work on some new content which we're happy to present to you. We love what everyone has been doing so far and with Alpha 10 around the corner we are sure that a great 2018 is waiting for us! We are glad that you are with us on this journey. Join us on the Community Modding Discord where you can join discussions and meet the modding community. It's a great place to share your ideas and passions with like-minded people that will happily help you create something awesome. Finnish Defence Forces by FDFMod This team is working on a custom faction everyone has really wanted to see since the Project Reality days: the Finnish Defence Forces. It plans to combine elements from both conventional and unconventional forces in a way that reflects the traits of the FDF such as infantry focus and defensive maneuvers. They are also planning on including new maps as well as a defensive game mode. Currently we can see great progress on their character models as well as various gear. Mahtava! Finkarus by LoRDHitMan It always fills us with a sense of pride when we see things that grow in our community get bigger and end up in the Steam Workshop to be downloaded by everyone. Finkarus is a great example of that. It is a 4x4km map with all sorts of different terrain that can already be played. Creative work is never finished though, so LoRDHitMan is currently working on a Mesh Kit to make the Soviet apartments look more authentic. You can check out the current version of the map on the Steam Workshop. Destruction Gamemode by The ISKT Community Sample Destruction layer. A new game mode is currently in development with a focus on competitive play. Let's hear all about it directly from the guys who are working on it: ""Due to changes coming to AAS, the ISKT community took it upon themselves to create a new game mode for competitive Squad that would fit well and make for more diverse strategies. Destruction is a product of several people from the competitive Squad community, ISKT, and is being built and made possible by Virus.exe who is a great contributor within the Squad modding community. Destruction is based on the Battlefield 4 Rush game mode with a pair of caches that will spawn in the general same area (around the size of your average capture zone in AAS) that need to be destroyed. The caches are always spawned in the same general areas for each phase which allows teams to prepare different strategies for different layers and maps. Attackers need to destroy both caches in a phase to advance to the next phase, with 3 phases being the total. Once a cache is destroyed the attacking force will gain tickets. Since both caches in a phase are in play at the same time, the attackers know their location and the defenders must maintain a significant amount of map control to ensure where the attackers focus the majority of their forces. Defenders must bleed attackers out of tickets or hold out for 60 minutes to win. Attackers must destroy all caches to win. Below are some visual guidance alongside the caches for the other factions within Squad that are based on the existing Insurgent cache made by OWI." Frontlines Custom Winter Map by Marv Community Contributor Marv has been with us for quite some time and is working on a beautiful looking winter map. The map will feature capture zones centered around fortified trenches where the US Army and the Russian Armed Forces will fight over control in an open-world scenario. Docfapark by Orsouw.G Based on a forest located around his hometown of Oss, Orsouw.G is working on capturing the Dutch countryside. He is planning to do US Army vs. Russian Forces where the Russians will be attacking from the north of the map. The flat Dutch terrain will be key on this map, where concealment is hard to find. Orsouw.G is currently working on some custom props to liven up the new Western Europe setting. The Squad Modding Roundup Some may already know about it, some have been seeing the announcements in the Modding Discord or the official Squad Discord. Together with our community member rocode and a lot of support by server admins we've been doing a weekly Modding Roundup where everyone gets the chance to play some of the great Mods that have been in development. Want to take part? Make sure to stick around on Saturdays then! Modding Roundup happens every Saturday, 19.30 UTC, the maps of the week and server will always be posted in the Official Squad Discord as well as the Modding Discord. Modder Spotlight: =RED_BEARS=SilentBlooD Who are the people that make up this beautiful and dedicated community? Let's try to dig a bit in and get to know our Modders. This month we have an interview with =RED_BEARS=SilentBlooD, a mapper who has already been featured in the Modding Roundup with some great things. Q: Could you tell us a bit about yourself? A: Hi there, I am 34 years old and I live in Israel. I am a construction superintendent and a contractor. Q: How did you start Squad Modding? A: One day I saw a video by BlueDrake talking on the subject of modding for Squad. By that time I have been playing Squad for some time and was looking for a cool project to work on. Q: Have you been modding any other games before starting with Squad? A: This is the first time I did anything this large in terms of a modding project. Q: What was the biggest challenge you encountered? A: A game dev should be organized and careful with development backups. I had to redo the map three times. I still cannot believe I made the map in three months time. Q: What would be your best advice for newcomers to Squad modding? A: Watch a tutorial on a subject you need and then practice it until you are doing it fast and with a good result. Do not fast forward in your work thinking that you know stuff. You have to practice every day for at least two hours. Q: If you could change or add anything you want to Squad or the SDK, what would it be? A: Squad is all fine. I would whine on the subject after they release the final build. SDK needs a lot more environment assets. As a mapper the thirst for assets to play with is endless. I would be fine with a 300% increase in world assets for mapping! Q: How long did it take you to create Forest Air, from start to the current stage and did you learn anything new while creating it? A: It took me three months to get where I am at this stage of my map dev. Before this map, I was working for six months on an 8x8km island map. Now when I look at it I can see that my style got more interesting: the light setup is much better, I know how to set up spawn points and the rest of game logic. I had a lot of help from other community modders like CreativeRealms, Virus.exe, rocode, XanderDal, wasti and the moderators of the Squad Modding Community Discord server. Q: How many assets have you made yourself and would you recommend modders expand their skill set so that they can create their own assets for maps? A: In my opinion it is vital to know modeling and texturing software. At least on a basic level. This will help you to produce your imagination the way you see it on the map. There are 10 original meshes and a huge amount of merged assets that were created from by kitbashing inside the Squad SDK. Q: Do you have any upcoming projects after you complete your map, Forest Air? A: I have a couple in mind. I will start them only after the community has the chance to play for some time on my map and see if it wants it or not. But you never know. I might just wake up one day and start working on the next one. Thank you very much for answering our questions. We're looking forward to your future endeavours!
  4. Mortar Calculator

    Our very own SgtRoss had a comment or two on mortars via reddit a couple months back that should be relevant here:
  5. Squad on consoles (ps4 and xbox one)

    Heh, but somebody has to do it right eventually! Edit: Er, wait, that was Rocket League... also an Unreal Engine game, I believe!
  6. Vehicle, controlling speed

    I'm still a pretty big proponent of the old PlanetSide style of cruise control. 1 = 10% speed, 2 = 20% speed, 3 = 30% speed, et al. Not that the entire numeric bank of keys needed to be used for that, but it was pretty great to be able to match speeds and convoy along. That said, the idea of trying to get people to drive stick in a game when most people own automatic transmissions seems like a hilarious barrier to entry. (Apparently less than 3% of transmissions sold in the USA are manual now! Huh! http://beta.latimes.com/business/autos/laautoshow/la-fi-hy-disappearing-stick-shift-20161115-story.html)
  7. November 2017 Recap

    There won't be a December recap, owing to the holiday break. The alpha 10 public test was probably a more thorough recap than any text could offer, though. Recaps should be back on regular schedule after this and a Wrench is coming along shortly.
  8. It was high time Axton had his tutorial immortalized! Without further ado:
  9. UI is currently undergoing work (as seen in the a10 public test) and some of the commands may not be completely linked to the new elements yet. (Personally, I can't wait to re-disable the compass for screenshots.) As a reminder, the best way to report bugs is... They can also be submitted via Discord. (There's a template in there too, to make life easier.)
  10. Alpha 10 Public Test

    Dec 21, 2017 Hey Squaddies, We've made the feature list, we're checking it twice, and we're definitely going to find out who's been naughty or nice, the Alpha 10 test run is coming to town! For about 24 hours starting on December 21, 6 PM UTC/10:00 AM PST, we'll be releasing a public test version of Squad Alpha 10 for everyone -- yes, you in the back, you can download and play, all you need is Squad. Be sure to use the Custom Servers tab for the Public Test. PLEASE NOTE: This is a work in progress! Alpha 10 is still undergoing active development and does not have a scheduled release date. It will be more than three weeks; consider yourself warned! The contents of this public test are subject to change and may not be representative of the final release. In other words, it's not done yet, but we want your feedback! And your bug reports. Expect bugs, quirks, server performance, and extra steps to be required. (See below!) Get the Public Test If you have Steam installed, you're already most of the way there. Right-click on Squad in your Library. Click "Properties". Navigate to the BETAS tab. In the box that says, "Enter beta access code to unlock private beta:" enter the following code: squadparkourdlc Click "Check Code". In the drop-down box above the code, select the "public-testing" branch. Click close, and your download should begin. PLEASE NOTE: The public test version will only become available at 1500 UTC / 0700 PST. Prior to that, the current version of Alpha 9 will be available using that password. You will need to clear your cache or your key bindings will not work. Public Test Patch Notes Before you go playing with all your shiny new toys, let's check the card and see what's in the box: Transition time from sprinting to aiming down sights has been increased. Transition from standing to prone is no longer instant. (So long, prone diving!) Crouch sprinting added. Additional MOCAP data for climbing and vaulting has been integrated. Vaulting now allows movement over small walls. (Parkour!) Climbing now allows movement over some walls. (Parkour?) Freelook has been added. Weapon sway effects have been adjusted. Weapon collision has been added. Be careful in tight spaces! Scoped weapons have reduced peripheral vision. Reticles have been updated. Ironsight zoom increased when aiming down sights. Infantry weapons now have adjustable sights. This obviously does not apply to weapons with fixed sights. New role: Machine gunner has been added to Squad with new primary weapons. (PKM and m240b) Deployable bipods available for MGs. Adjustments to address flag capture blocking. Switching vehicles seats now has a delay that varies by vehicle. Several vehicles now have secondary ammunition types, such as the 30mm HE rounds for the Russian BTR-82A. Several vehicles now have coaxial machine guns. Logistics trucks will now be able to load and unload 2000 total points worth of space which can be allocated for construction or ammunition. By default, Left Mouse Button will unload and Right Mouse Button will load. See the November Recap for more information. 3-minute pre-match staging period has been added to help teams coordinate. Maps: Belaya has been added with a work-in-progress weather effect. Main menu UI has received first pass with new assets. These are just some of the changes coming in Alpha 10 and a complete changelog will accompany final release. Keep an eye on these new additions and let us know how they feel. As the changes are not final providing us with your feedback will help shape the future of Squad. Join us in the #feedback-a10 channel on Discord or share your thoughts in the forums. Known Issues Cached game data must be cleared so key bindings will work. Not losing stamina while crouch sprinting. Bipod deployed UI. Extra weapon model after revive. Swap weapons and swap back to fix. Unable to vault or climb, especially after deploying bipod. Go prone and stand to fix. Stuck hand model. Go prone and move to fix. Uncontrolled sway, regardless of sprinting or stamina. Switch kits to fix. Experiencing issues with something related to the patch that's not above? Congratulations, you may have found a bug! If you'd be so kind, you can report it in the #bug-reports channel on the Squad Discord Watching the Public Test Away from your PC this time of year? You're not alone, but fortunately for you (and the rest of us), some of our partner streamers will be broadcasting the action. Be sure to check in on their streams throughout the day to get your fix: HAYNICK31 plans to see how the hottest competition in Squad is adjusting to the changes. JohnnyOmaha has threatened to go a whole 24 hours if we let him have ALL the energy drinks. Karmakut will stream from release until 6:00 PM PST. running_Duck will be live as soon as the download finishes. Squad Ops takes the field at 6 PM PST to show us how Squad is done. Offworld Out.
  11. Surround Sound?

    There are some known issues with wireless headsets, especially those designed for Xbox. (SuicidalChair in support has had some luck with adapters, but YMMV.) If you continue to have issues, by all means, drop a line to us via [email protected] It may very well be just a setting issue, but you never know. =)
  12. DUST Unforgiving realistic

    An unfortunate victim of at least two other properties being called Dust? (Dust: Elysian Tale, Dust 514) Hopefully they're still out there doing something cool.
  13. How is the optimisation in v10?

    There were some tweaks here and there, but the focus of the test wasn't necessarily optimization either... we have some work to do there yet. =) That said, wouldn't be surprised if most people saw about the same, or 10ish fps increase going on general feedback. Things are a little hard to gauge anecdotally right now, though, with Meltdown/Spectre being an issue.
  14. Hehe, I suspect it's hard to compare the outcomes when EAC is working to keep those cheaters out of the game effectively, but we hear you, and I wanted to assure you we keep an open, active dialogue with the EAC folks to make sure any issues that crop up get addressed as quickly as possible. In the cases that we run into something like this, they're super responsive, collect as much data as possible, and go back to their engineer's drawing board to come up with a solution. On a personal level, they impress me with their responsiveness and willingness to investigate, for realsies.
  15. Alpha 10 Public Test

    There are some things that did not make it into the preview that'll be in the final release of v10... and more details on some of the things that did make it. Right now, we're utilizing the feedback from the test to squash major issues and make changes we think'll make v10 moar better. Content? Well, there's a buncha folks that do that sort of thing too, but we'll see.
  16. Alpha 10 Public Test

    Yep, just a reminder that three weeks is generally a meme dating back to a7. I mean, it has to be true SOMETIMES, but as the saying goes, a broken clock is right twice a day. We don't currently have a release date for a10, but we are definitely hard at work on it. Believe me when I say, we'd much rather be playing that version too, hehe. We'll letcha know when there's more to report, but... ignore anyone that says three weeks. =)
  17. Anti Tank

    Eventually there will be localized damage for vehicles, which should alter the way AT is used for sure. Soooooo... there may be some scenarios where two and done is possible, depending on your aim and ammo type. =)
  18. Squad on consoles (ps4 and xbox one)

    We'd love to see Squad on more platforms, but we're definitely not done making the game yet. While anything could happen, we want to nail the 1.0 release before we launch on Ti-83. Of course, hearing about the interest definitely helps. =) (As far as best platforms... the one you enjoy gaming the most on is probably the best!)
  19. Open test V10 feedback, bugs

    Closing this one up, since the test is over and the thread has run its course. Thanks so much for playing and giving us your thoughts, everyone! We're definitely using what we learned to make a10 better. <3
  20. V10 and...??

    Gross! Maybe they can take a shower while we work on a10. =)
  21. v10 Weapon Resting

    The most recent Recap touched on weapon handling and collision a bit: https://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=240 . It mostly touches on the first iteration, but we should see more coming along... as well as some work on the suppression system in the future. So far, though... those bipods are leeeethal!
  22. V10 and...??

    I wouldn't set my hopes too high here, but I would definitely expect a more comprehensive list of the things that have been changed in a10. =) Work ain't done yet, so that list is still being completed, hehe.
  23. What do you Usually Name Your Squad?

    I'm starting to worry about a couple of you... =P
  24. Name not in Credits

    One of our behind-the-scenes badasses runs a script to update now and then, I believe. If you haven't, email into [email protected]
  25. Talk me into getting squad

    They're nice perks, but definitely not necessary. Snagging a mouse that can adjust sensitivity from the device itself is a super huge thing, since you can swap between aiming, run and gun, driving, etc. Polling rate might make them more responsive than a normal mouse too, but that's dated knowledge. Mostly I think you'll find owning a mouse that's comfortable for you is going to make all the difference. Keyboards... are fun. I like clicky ones. I have a few keys and macros I use on mine, but wouldn't fork out for a gaming-specific keyboard again. That said, picking up something with nice mechanical switches is, again, a nice thing to have. I found them much more useful in the MMORPG world than FPS though.