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  1. Alpha 9.15

    Hey Squaddies, Alpha 9.15 is here and we're sneaking the first iteration of modding support out with it. Presenting the Squad Workshop. Please make sure to check out the notes for more information! Fixed Custom Servers browser showing licensed servers. Changed Yeho Invasion 2 Final Stand flag minimum enemies to capture the flag to 3 like all other flags. Fixed a weapons cache spawning in a closed building on Logar Night Insurgency. Mestia: Fixed issues with vehicle claiming and vehicle respawns. Mestia: Did more adjustments to the lighting. Mestia: Regarding a performance issue some users have reported - we are able to reproduce it on one of our systems now. Unfortunately, it's not an easy fix. The affected GPUs need for a certain operation more than twenty times as long as otherwise comparable GPUs. We are still working on a solution. The only way to reduce this issue for now is lowering the in-game resolution. Added initial gameside support for modding and steam workshop integration. Custom servers are now allowed to run modded maps. Players trying to join a modded server will be directed to the steam workshop if they aren't subscribed to the required mods. Read more about modding in the upcoming Modding Recap article. Instructions to get started on modding can be found in the modding section of the wiki: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Category:Modding. Changed game files to packaged format to allow mod packs to be loaded. This causes an increased update size and update install time. We're very, very excited to finally have this in your hands. Hit us with your feedback!
  2. Alpha 9.14

    Hey Squaddies, Hope you're enjoying the free weekend! This hotfix includes various fixes for some issues discovered during wider play of Mestia. We'll keep an eye on things and roll it back if there are any major issues. Mestia bug fixes. Correctly named Yehorivka Invasion v2. Don't forget to join us tomorrow, as we hit Twitch for Stack-Up for Veterans Day. Offworld Out.
  3. Hi Squaddies, During our Kickstarter campaign we held a vote to see which map from Project Reality you, the community, wanted us to remake for SQUAD. Fallujah clearly won that vote and was put on the roadmap. At that time, we were still learning a lot about the engine and how to efficiently tackle level construction in Unreal 4. We started with barren desert maps like Kohat, then started adding more complexity seen in maps like Chora and Sumari. From there, we explored the Eastern European setting with large forests on maps like Fools Road, Gorodok, and Yehorivika. Next, we pushed on to an urban setting on Narva, all the while knowing that Fallujah was one of the key maps that we were working towards. Upon the release of Narva, we began pre-production on Fallujah. At this stage we knew we wanted to take some extra time to brainstorm how we approach gameplay and visuals, because of this we decided to revisit our workflow and we really think it has paid off. Getting Organized The first thing we did was spend about a week reference digging. We wanted to gather tons of inspiration and sources to help us capture the essence of Fallujah. In order to stay organized and to produce things in phases we broke the city up into four key recognizable districts: Outskirts, Industrial, Urban Residential and Urban Center, each contributing to the map in a unique way both in visuals and gameplay. Defining these districts allowed us to plan out the flow of the map and also breakdown the production of the assets into manageable phases. The Districts Outskirts The Outskirts consists of slight hills, sporadic homes in-construction, and other medium sized buildings creating well spaced areas for mechanized infantry to establish an approach into the city. Industrial This district is made up of large warehouses, office buildings and large in-construction buildings. Similar to the Outskirts, these areas will spaced out and provide prime locations for FOBs while offering vehicles cover, allowing them to push into parts of the city. Urban Residential Consisting mainly of homes, this district provides medium density with plenty of areas for infantry to take cover in. Taking vehicles into the Urban Residential areas will be a risky endeavor. Urban Center The Urban Center district is the heart of the city. Large roads, overpasses, big commercial buildings and high density will ensure intense combat. With the map broken down into key districts we were then able to start visualizing some potential map layouts. The original Fallujah West from Project Reality (PR) was examined and, in the end, we decided to use it as a starting point for the map. The goal is to give a homage to the original map in the lower left while expanding upon it and making it our own. The PR map was based off of a real world layout, but breaking free from this gives us much more freedom in level design allowing us to prioritize gameplay over exact authenticity. The First District After getting organized we began producing the first district, Urban Residential. We chose to start on this district because we knew we wanted to revisit the way we produced buildings as they make up a large chunk of our map and wanted to address this first. We also knew the Urban Center district would be the most complicated and intricate set of buildings we would have to make so we decided to save those for last and start with Urban Residential. In order to maximize the gameplay experience of our buildings we made rough blockouts of our buildings based on references. After we blocked out 15-20 buildings we threw together a test map and playtested them. During this stage we weren't concerned about textures or materials, we focused on spacing and variety of gameplay for this district. After a few adjustments we were happy with the blockouts. The team then took them through phases to get the buildings to a final state while creating other assets for the district. The end goal was to make a "vertical slice," a section of the district that represents the target visual style and quality for the rest of those areas of the map. Procedural Materials Being a small team we always look for ways to make our workflow more efficient. To save up on production time and resources we've introduced procedural materials to our pipeline. Vehicle wrecks are an asset which add a lot of character and drama to a scene - and we wanted to do them justice. However, creating vehicles is always time consuming and can be costly in terms of memory footprint. With this in mind, we decided to reuse our existing vehicle models and repurpose an existing shader to "wreck" them. Using this smart material, we can procedurally blend between various states of damage, such as burnt paint and ash. The technique also allows the artist to edit each vehicle in real-time without the need for time consuming asset reauthoring. Both the method and texture set is not unique to any single asset and so can be reused many times - making it inexpensive, versatile and time efficient. Vertical Slice Once the buildings were in a good spot we then arranged them into a scene and started adding other assets. Wall sets, rubble, destruction, building props, terrain materials and a host of other items were worked on to bring the scene together. Taking the time for R&D and to rehash our pipeline has really paid off and has set us up to move through the other districts at a good pace. The level of detail in our vertical slice is our ambitious goal for key objectives of the map but for performance reasons may not get fully realized, but as they say, "Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars." Offworld Out.
  4. Welcome to Squad! We're glad you found home. =)
  5. Heh, absolutely! We can even burn hops in effigy.
  6. Release

    Yep! It's definitely important to note that content in recaps may very well be a WIP that an artist was able to capture a render for *that day*. They may still have days or weeks of work before it gets passed on to the next part of the team to continue work. As an example, there might be a building asset prepared for a map. Once that's done, it has to wait for said map to be ready for buildings: terrain might be done, lighting. After that, it still has to have layers added, QA done, bugs fixed, new layers created and tested. A change in the animation system might mean a choke point is no longer a choke point, and then the mappers have to take another look, say. That doesn't necessarily take into account someone being pulled away to help on an urgent bug, say. (Heads-up: I'm abstracting the process here, actual mileage may vary.) Even with that in mind, we think it's important to showcase what the teams are doing. They also afford the opportunity to get YOUR feedback on things like model accuracy, or input into new systems we're thinking about. And... heck, we love ya'll and appreciate your passion. The above is a hypothetical example, but hopefully it gives a better idea of what something shown off in a recap can be.
  7. Azimut needs a black outline.

    Oooh, that is a bit hard to see.
  8. Does this persist across resolution changes? What resolution(s) are you using? There was a patch relocating the button to help awhile back, and we're not hearing widespread reports of it again. Hopefully it's just a quick settings reset that fixes it. =)
  9. What are you working on?

    Definitely worth the wait! Thanks for sharing! Take care of yourself out there.
  10. Squad.exe - Fatal Application Exit

    That sounds like it may be an issue with DirectX. Have you tried updating from Microsoft? You should be able to find it via Windows Update. =) If you continue to have issues, please don't hesitate to email us for additional help!
  11. Release - Alpha 9.12

    Hey Squaddies, We've got some fresh layers for you, with no small thanks to community members Bill Nye and Nordic for their offerings direct from the Squad SDK. Read on for the rest of the fixes and changes. Added Yehorivka AAS INF v2, Yehorivka PAAS v1 and Narva AAS v3 by Bill Nye the Science Guy. Added Gorodok Vehicle Skirmish v1 by Nordic. Added Al Basrah PAAS v2. All invasion layers no longer allow flags being recapped by the defending team. Optimized performance on Yehorivka, Kohat, Chora, Fool's Road and OP First Light. Added new grass system on Fool's Road. Vehicle claims can now be approved by SLs even when they are incapacitated. Vehicle claiming is now a server config parameter "VehicleClaimingDisabled=false/true" and can be disabled on licensed servers too. Fixed admin access levels: all are working now independent (without kick rights). Tweaked prone player movement collision. Applied a fix to Nvidia PhysX fixing a client crash. Applied a fix to Nvidia PhyxX fixing freezes on Linux servers. Fixed certain sounds of nearby players not getting played. Updated the EAC plugin. Fixed a client crash on a possible timing issue on loading into a server that is changing maps. Fixed a rare client crash related to the compass. Fixed a crash preventing the recording of netprofiles. Fixed Kokan INS main base repair stations not working Removed all M1151 variants due to licensing issues and replaced them with MAT-V variants. Offworld Out.
  12. Stack-Up! Veterans are at the very heart of Squad: they're at the heart of both the team and the community. We simply wouldn't have Squad without our veterans. With that in mind, we're looking forward to another Veterans Day celebration in conjunction with Stack-Up.org. On Saturday, November 11th, 2017, we'll be showing off some of the best Squad has to offer and what's changed since last year. You'll be able to get a glimpse of some of the hottest competition in Squad, chat with Offworld developers, and maybe even snag some prizes. Best of all, Stack-Up is a charity that's by gamers, for gamers. Ain't nothin' wrong with that! So join us on November 11 for the Stack-Up for Veterans Day. We're honored to be part of the action! We'll be kicking things off at 10:00 AM PST and running until about 8:00 PM PST. With the help of our amazing streaming partners, here are some of the highlights: Community Clan Fight Night (CCFN) shows us what being part of the Squad community is all about: a damn good fight. North American Squad (NAS) brings the Squad gold in hard-hitting combat action. The ISKT all-stars have challenged OWI developers to field a squad -- Challenge accepted! Squad Ops: Cinematic scenarios, intense firefights, and one life to live. Who could ask for more? Squad developers answering YOUR questions. Giveaways! We've got some hardware and some softer wares to share! For our international squaddies that won't be able to tune in: be sure to submit your questions for the development team in advance! All you need to do is comment in the related thread with your questions about mapping, modding, Squad development, or Squad developers. Video will available after the event, so you can check out the answers at a more reasonable hour with a proper cuppa. The Offworld Industries team will be pledging $10,000 USD to Stack-Up and we are aiming to match that in donations over the course of our charity campaign. You can, of course, also make a small donation via Squad merch. ($5 of every item purchased goes to support Stack-Up.) Be sure to order before December 15th to get your order in time for the holidays. Squad Up! In conjunction with the November 11th Stack-Up event, Squad will be running a Steam free weekend and 50% off sale from Thursday November 9th at 10 AM PST to Sunday November 13th at 1PM PST. This will be a great chance to finally pile all your friends into a BTR (or a BTR) of your choice and hit the battlefield. We are extremely excited for everyone to get a taste of all the improvements since last year! Along with the free weekend, we're working with our hosting partners Bluefang, Fragnet, HostHavoc, Gamerzhost, PingPerfect, and Vilayer to ensure we are ready to rock for the influx of new squadmates. Please help us in welcoming them and helping everyone get their boots on the ground. Call to Arms The Squad community is filled with veterans of all generations and we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to play our game with them on a regular basis. They've become the backbone of many of the best communities and clans and we greatly appreciate their passion for Squad. We have four of our own who have served in various roles for their respective militaries and it is the least we can do to show our commitment to them as developers and partners. Our hope is that by becoming a fundamental pillar of Stack-up, Squad and its community can start to effect change on a larger scale and encourage others to do the same. Together we succeed! On November 11th, we hope to see you at the charity drive to support Stack-Up and honor all those that dedicate their life to service. Special thanks to our streaming partners that made this event possible. They include, but are not limited to CCFN, ISKT, NAS, Squad Ops, DesmoLocke, Haynick31, runningDuck, and everyone who's given their time and love to Squad. Stay safe out there, squaddies! Offworld Out.
  13. Release - Alpha 9.13

    Hey Squaddies, Just a little drop for you before the free weekend. Enjoy! Added Mestia with two AAS layers, two Invasion layers and one PAAS layer. Fixed Chora map border Added Yehorivka Invasion v2. This layer is experimental. The Militia main base is the last flag and can only be attacked once all connecting flags are captured. At that moment, the main base protection zone disappears and the main base spawn timer for Militia increases to two minutes. Most of the vehicles have a delayed spawn so that heavier weapons become available later. Offworld Out.
  14. August 2017 Recap

    Hi Squaddies, August was a bit of a quiet month, as OWI was exposed to sunlight as a group outside of Vancouver. Fully rested and recharged, we're back at it -- you may have noticed the Unreal Engine 4.16 update in the 9.8 patch. We've been building on that groundwork and have some cool stuff to show off from August. Are you ready to see how the new animation system is shaping up? Dig in! Systems Animation System Update - Almost there! Our new Animation and Weapon Handling system is approaching the final stretch! Our game designers are getting their hands on it, taking it apart, and rebuilding the way weapons handle. Our Programming team is also hard at work optimising this new system, as its features are now being locked for the next release. The features coming with the new system include Climbing, Vaulting, Deployable Bipods, UGL/Rocket Launcher Adjustable Sights, Crouch-Sprinting, Free-Look, and seamless Weapon Transitions. (Switching between UGL/Rifle, Ammo Types, etc.) The capture data from our motion capture session we did last month with Animatrik is also being implemented into the new system, breathing new life into our characters as they traverse the battlefield. Please be aware that some of the MOCAP data still needs refinement by our animators and speeds adjusted by game designers. Deployable Bipods Bipods are a feature coming first to Light Machine Guns, enabling players to set up on any flat surface ranging from window ledges, walls, tables, and more. Players will enjoy a dramatic increase in stability and accuracy to their weapon. Also, reloading while deployed is faster as the weapon is supported allowing swifter manipulation of the controls. Climbing and Vaulting Seen previously in earlier recaps, this system will be coming in with the new Animation System, and it will allow players to traverse obstacles up to chest height unaided. Depending on the thickness of the obstacle, you will either vault right over it or, if there is room to stand, climb on top of the obstacle. In this first iteration, it will be bound to the standard jump button. Adjustable Sights Featured in the last recap, Adjustable Sights are to be added to all Grenade Launchers and Anti-Tank rocket launchers. These allow gunners to more effectively hit targets out at further distances (as the sight wouldn't be obstructing your view), as well as offering some unexpected uses, like turning the Russian GP-25 Grenade Launcher into a pseudo-mortar. Crouch-Sprinting Players will have the ability to sprint while crouched, effectively being able to move while under cover. This action though typically consumes more stamina than normal sprinting and isn't as swift as sprinting normally. Quacking while moving is optional. Free-Look Also featured in one of our first peeks at the new Animation System, Free Look will allow players to decouple their view from their weapon and look around without penalty. This is particularly useful when operating deployed light machine guns, where it will enable you to check your flanks while still keeping your weapon readily pointed downrange, as well as admire your newly deployed bipod. Typically a feature found in more mil-sim style games, we decided to include it as we felt it was in line with the tactical nature and pace of the game. Weapon Transitions One significant change we've done to our weapon system was to allow for the seamless transitioning from part of one weapon to another part, such as with a rifle and its under-barrel grenade launcher. Another useful appearance is found while switching ammunition types, where the player can now seamlessly switch from one type to another. Art New Insurgent Soldiers Our original take on the Insurgent faction is finally taking shape! Donning a variety of civilian and surplus military apparel, this faction should look a lot more rag-tag in the field than our current set, as well as look a lot more high-fidelity. These still have a little ways to go, but expect them to come in a future version. M240 GPMG A staple of infantry since the '70s, the M240 is one of the first GPMGs coming to Squad, featuring the deployable bipods. They'll be made more fearsome by Suppression overhauls in coming patches. Look forward to each faction getting their own GPMG! BGM-71 TOW Missile With more vehicle options coming in the future, more anti-vehicle options are coming alongside them. Enter the BGM-71 TOW Missile, a familiar sight on the battlefield. ZU-23 Anti-Aircraft Gun A revisit on an asset we showed off in May, the twin-barreled 23mm Anti-Aircraft Gun has been completed art-wise and is soon to be ready for implementation once the other parts of our plan for more diverse vehicle assets are done. More barrels are better. All in all, not a bad month! We truly can't wait to get the new animation system into your hands, especially to see what sort of mayhem you folks muster up with those grenade launchers. Stay safe out there! Offworld Out.
  15. October 2017 Recap

    Hi Squaddies, We're bringing you another recap, fresh off the presses. This recap contains some of the most recent efforts each of the teams have put into Squad to show off their work, and what's coming down the road for Squad. The development team remains hard at work, so be sure to check back to see how everything is progressing, especially that new map! Systems Animation System Progress Since the last devblog on the animation system, we've continued to make progress at a steady rate, replicating features like Bipods and Freelook over the network. There have been some engineering challenges as we look at how to deal with bipods over the network and the way the player interacts with the surrounding obstacles as you swivel around. Regardless, progress is being made day by day, and we'll keep you updated as major developments here happen. Weapon Collision One system we managed to serendipitously add was a collision detection system to weapons. When you are up against a wall or obstacle, depending on the length of your weapon, it will lower out of the way and prevent you from firing and aiming down the sights. This will add another layer to weapon balance, especially when dealing with close quarter battle situations where bringing a shorter weapon would allow you to be more maneuverable. Pistols especially benefit from this as they practically require you to be right up against the wall before you're too close. Main Menu UI Our UI designers have begun step one of our plan to greatly improve the UI and menus both in and out of the game, beginning with the Main Menu. We're aiming to not only make it more aesthetically pleasing, but also build in additional functionality like access to Modding (More info about this to come!). The background scene currently is a work-in-progress, but our artists are cooking up something special to go in there. Art M240B Featured previously in a monthly recap, the M240B (and to a larger extent the FN Mag 58 series of machine guns) has been styled and configured to the new animation system, ready to rock and roll come next major version. RPG26 Aglen Rocket Launcher Developed in the 80s as a disposable rocket launcher counterpart to the M72, the RPG26 boasts a larger warhead than its American counterpart, and overall much lighter package compared to the traditional RPG7. When this weapon debuts you will take advantage of the adjustable sights system in order to make your shots count. TT33 & M17 MHS A few new pistols will also make their debut in the next major version, with the Sig P320 (recently adopted as the M17 Modular Handgun System by the US Army); and the Soviet Era TT33 Tokarev for the Militia/Insurgents. Both have their own distinguishing characteristics in terms of firepower and magazine capacity. Mapping Mestia Borrowing heavily from our experience with Fool's Road, this reimagining of a classic Project Reality map pushes the envelope on vertical combat. Focused around a triangle of mountainous fighting positions the map includes rocky faces and winding mountain passes that are sure to be a recurrent graveyard for unwary vehicles. An infantryman's dream, we are aiming to tuck a good amount of nooks and unique engagement locations throughout the map. Mestia was begun by our recent modder turned developer Axton and polished up by the development team. We expect the map to be completed and ready to roll before Christmas! Sign-off Among primary development on version 10 and other departments making ground for future content, we have plenty still left in the barrel. Expect continued updates on this in more dev blogs and monthly recaps to come! Stay safe, squaddies.
  16. October 2017 Recap

    Not sure if that's slated for the next release, but it's something we're aware of. =) (...sometimes you need to bookmark the test server, you know?)
  17. Start new topic - HTTP Error 500

    Looks like it may have been a brief hiccup; I see a thread from you there now. =) Are you still having any trouble?
  18. A little tidbit from Norby over on Reddit:
  19. The Road to Fallujah, Part 1

    Updated the article to include a higher res shot... this one, in fact:
  20. cops and robbers

    Sounds cool! I suspect Squad's style would translate pretty well there, maybe even more so depending on the pacing. RP servers are super neat idea. Can't wait to see what you come up with! Don't forget to submit it to The Wrench.
  21. Total computer freeze!

    Definitely worth checking your cache and settings too: https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002768887-How-to-manually-clear-your-user-settings-cache
  22. Sound Device Selection

    I can't speak to the in-game sound dev (...way over my head), but picking up an Astro headset was my solution for all games -- the hardware mixer is wonderful. =) Should be a good time of year to snag a deal on a refurb... might need a backup myself. Though a little pricey, they're one of the few headsets that fits my cro-magnon dome.
  23. The Road to Fallujah, Part 1

    The credit definitely goes to the mapping and environmental teams -- they're making things possible! I'm just here to help. =)