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  1. Alpha 12.1

    Hey soldiers, We've been working on getting the most heinous issues beaten in Alpha 12 and we're happy to present the patch notes for the hotfix! This update addresses a number of issues, but first and foremost would be the slow/no load issues that popped up with Alpha 12. That's not all, though: there's plenty of tweaks and fixes for everyone. Let's check 'em out: Patch Notes Systems Large number of optimisations to foliage and UI texture sizes and streaming in of textures. Optimised audio assets and sound cue variations in order to have a much lower memory profile. Reduced individual .PAK file sizes by breaking the large content .PAK files apart into smaller chunks, which speeds up loading into the game as well as installing updates from Steam. As the file structure has been changed, this patch will be quite large. Performance optimisations to the Squad Leader order widget. Performance optimisations to the main menu map. Removed player collision interaction on infantry ammo bags. Tweaked the first person offset to closer match where the head and eyes are in third person when leaning left and right. Unified the sub role drop-down interaction style across all role selection modes. Increased Steam connection timeout from 60 sec. to 120 sec. Updated layering of icons on the map. (Top to bottom: Spawn Points, Infantry, Vehicles, View cone, FOB Radio, Capture zone flag, Deployables, HABs, other Map Markers) Vehicle Gameplay Turret damage has been implemented to all closed turrets. Should a turret take damage, the damage will be passed on to its parent vehicle. In addition, if a turret is below 50% health the turret will begin to suffer a penalty in its maximum turn speed. The more damage taken, the more severe the penalty. Stabilised turrets also suffer by having its stabilisation disabled below 50% health. A cracked screen will appear when turret health is below 50%. Repair tools will be able to repair its health up to 25%, requiring vehicle crews to take their vehicles back to a repair station to restore full turret functionality. Open turrets like MAT-V .50cal turrets or Technical DSHK are not affected by this change. WSAD keyboard controls now can control traverse and pitch of all vehicle turrets with the exception of the KPVT, NSV-T, PKT turrets, and open turrets. Fixed an issue in the physics code gear mapping preventing the 6th forward gear on vehicles to work correctly and made sure RPM thresholds for shifting out of neutral gear are being respected, making driving up slopes in first gear much more manageable. AT-4 HEAT projectile set to use Heavy Anti-Tank type damage. Increased AT-4 HEAT armor penetration capability from 350mm to 500mm. This is a temporary placeholder change to the AT-4 to give the US and GB factions an infantry HAT weapon system. When the actual GB and US HAT weapons are implemented, the AT-4 projectile specs will return to their original "light/medium" AT role. Damage tweaks to guided missiles and rockets: Trucks: 1 TOW to instantly kill, 1 HAT to burning, 2 LATs to burning MATV/BRDM-2: 1 TOW to instantly kill, 1 HAT to burning, 2 LATs to burning BTR, MTLB: 1 TOW to burning, 1 HAT + 1 LAT to burning IFVs: 1 TOW to burning Slightly decreased .50cal's armor penetration capability at medium (100-800m) ranges. Made unarmored vehicles slightly more resistant to 25mm/30mm Autocannon High Explosive ammunition. Increased Heavy Anti-Tank rocket armor penetration capability from 630mm to 900mm RHA penetration. Light Anti-Tank standardised to 320mm RHA penetration. Simplified armor distribution on the BRDM-2. Tweaked camouflage netting on the M1A2 Abrams woodland cannon to not be as visually obtrusive from the gunners point of view. Reduced armor thickness on the M1126 Stryker. Increased carrying capacity of Logistics Technical to 1400 points. Simplified the collision mesh and distribution of armor on the T72-B3 hull slightly. Increased coverage of heavy front turret armor on the T72-B3, but added a weak spot where the base of the gun attaches to the turret. Tweaked BTR82A's 30mm turret armor, introducing a weak spot where the gun connects to the turret, but buffing its overall frontal armor. Removed physics kickback on all 25mm/30mm autocannons and the KPVT when firing. Decreased overheat penalty on BTR/MTLB 30mm and ZU-23. Infantry Gameplay Narrowed L85A2/L22A2 and M4 series ironsight front post for better target visibility. Lowered ammo point cost of LAT weapons (M72A7, RPG7 HEAT, RPG7-V2 HEAT and RPG-26) from 50 to 40. US and British HAT roles have been set to 2 per team, one frag grenade added to their inventories. Reduced deviation on the RPG-29. Unique Identity: Continued from the A12.0 release, weapon behaviour and handling has been tweaked in several ways to improve response and give each weapon family a more unique identity, as well as improving the effects of attachments like foregrips and UGLs. Unique Identity: All weapons have received a pass based on their caliber and barrel lengths. E.g., the AK-74 and L85A2 families now have less recoil than the M4 family. Focus Sway (ADS, focused) has been reduced. Weapon Sway (ADS, non-focused) has been reduced. Foregrips now decrease vertical recoil but increase horizontal recoil. Underbarrel Grenade Launchers now decrease vertical recoil but increase Weapon Sway (ADS, non-focused). Light Machine Guns and General Purpose Machine Guns have received a recoil and sway pass similar to Rifles in A12.0. Fixed some issues related to bipod deployment. Removed suppression ability from knives and pistols. Reduced all types of Sway on Binoculars - they should be more accurate and easier to use now. Map Tweaks & Fixes RAAS/AAS ticket gain/loss for flag changed: When a flag is capture, capturing team gains +30 tickets and losing team loses -30 tickets (was +20 and -40). This change is in combination with the reduction of overall ticket counts, so overall rounds will be slightly shorter, but rounds that have a lot of movement along flags wont end as suddenly. Reduced Counts on all AAS/RAAS map layers: Tallil, Yehorivka - 350 Tickets. Basrah, Belaya, Chora, Gorodok, Kamdesh, Kohat, Narva - 300 Tickets. Fools Road, Kokan - 200 Tickets. Logar, Mestia, Sumari - 150 Tickets. Reduced ticket count for Skirmish map layers to 100 Tickets (from 150). Reduced ticket count for Invasion map layers to 150 Tickets for Attackers/600 Tickets for Defenders. Fixed various Maps having incorrect map descriptions on team select screen. Fixed Main Base flipped vehicles for: Kohat AAS v1, Basrah Invasion v2, Fools Road RAAS v1, Mestia AAS v1, Mestia AAS v2, Mestia RAAS v1. Fools Road RAAS_v1 moved Fortress flag to OP. Fixed RU Main Base resource pool on Gorodok Invasion_v2. Fixed crashing on Jensen's Range Skirmish v1. Fixed incorrect flag setup Kokan Invasion v1. Fixed some map layers having incorrect faction descriptions and faction insignia. Added Vehicle depots further down the valley on Kohat RAAS v1 for faster logistics for both teams. Fixed incorrect CP names (Mohd Zai & Bahadur incorrectly labeled) on Kohat AAS v2. Fixed odd ammo caches on Logar INS v1. Fixed floating road segments in the north-west part of Mestia. Fixed lighting on Mestia AAS v2. Fixed Staging Zone boundary issues on Mestia Invasion v1 and Invasion v2. Fixed ambient visual effects on Tallil Skirmish v1 and v2. Fixed ambient wind audio not playing on Tallil Skirmish v1. Fixed map naming on Tallil Skirmish v2. Fixed US Main Base resource pool on Tallil Skirmish v2. Fixed Insurgents DShK Technical not being accessible on Al Basrah RAAS v1. Fixed missing materials for several assets on Chora. Fixed floating house forcing players to vault to get to the staircase on Kamdesh. Fixed Aircraft Bunkers culling too early on Tallil. Fixed incorrect collision setting in Protection Zone preventing players from leaning in Main Bases after the Staging Phase ends on all Tallil layers. Fixed trees and other foliage on roads, smoothed out areas with jagged terrain and tall lumps on Gorodok. Fixed collision and scaling issues by removing offending assets on Yehorivka Bug Fixes Fixed a crash when a Squad Leader attempts to invite a player who has disconnected. Fixed damage issues on several vehicles (including both tanks) caused by bugs in turret setup, mesh collisions and decoration configuration Fixed being unable to move the camera in the FV510 commander seat. Fixed missing turret turning sounds on a majority of vehicle based turrets. Fixed T72-B3 fragmentation rounds dealing no damage to infantry on non-direct hits. Fixed low-health/bleeding post-processing screen effects not playing during ADS. Fixed UB-32 Rocket Technical's ammunition being treated as if it was an emplacement. Fixed dead players not showing as dead in the Squad list UI. Added a check for 'foliage.LODDistanceScale', to force exit the game if players modify this value to hide the foliage similar to the other .INI checks. Fixed extra apostrophe in the deployment confirmation message when spawning on rallies. Fixed mines not playing an explosion effect or sound when a vehicle drives over them. Fixed some team based mismatch issues relating to Roles and force revert of your role to default when it becomes unavailable. Fix emplaced weapons not usable by other team when a player is shot out of it. Fix emplaced weapons having incorrect bounds leading to weapon models disappearing occasionally. Fixed main menu music not looping. Fixed zeroing on the 300m and 400m settings for the RPG-29. Fixed zeroing on the M4 series Red dot sight and M150 Optic. Fixed Neutral Technical DShK spawned near Village on Al Basrah RAAS v1 cannot be entered by either team. Fixed a number of statics either having missing collisions or missing textures. Fixed stationary SPG-9 doing slightly more damage than technical-mounted variant. Fixed some vehicle explosions showing broken explosion animation effect. Fixed vehicle wreck collisions being desynced from their visual wreck model. Fixed the FV510 Desert variant having a non-charred wreck model. Fixed snow on Belaya not producing snow related interaction sounds. Fixed Vehicle Driver UI RPM indicator showing incorrect values. Fixed an issue where a selected but now locked role inside a drop-down list forces an unusable UI state. Fixed Map & Team info mismatches in team select. Fixed first person view being offset after leaving emplacement when entering an emplacement while freelooking. Fixed Insurgent Radio ammo limit, now increased to 20,000. Mmm, those gearbox fixes speak to the logiboi in all of us. Get patching! We'll see you in-game! Offworld Out. Edit: This post has been updated.
  2. The Wrench -- December 2018

    Hey Squaddies, Welcome to December! Have you been naughty or nice this year? No matter! The modding community has plenty of presents for all the good squaddies! You may realize, at this point, that we've skipped a month and went from the October Wrench to the December Wrench. We've done this to get rid of the old nomenclature that's been bugging us for years. Don't worry, though, you're still getting the same great Wrench content, now with more logic! Now that that's out of the way, let's see what the modding community has been cooking up for the last month. Join us on the Community Modding Discord where you can join discussions and meet the modding community. It's a great place to share your ideas and passions with like-minded people that will happily help you create something awesome. Alpha 12.2, Modding and SquadChat The release of two hotfixes sadly broke the ability to play mods right now because how Squad handles files changed. But StrangeZak is hard at work to fix the problems and plans to release an updated SDK for all of us so we can play our mods again! We were able to pull him away from the code for a little bit to have a SquadChat. Operation Homestead by SPECTR_Eternal Modding Hub Regulars have had the chance to follow along the progress SPECTR_Eternal has made on this map and it sure is awesome to see the steady development. Operation Homestead is a vehicle-focused large-scale map designed for long-range engagements across vast and numerous farmlands, flower fields and mountainous ranges of Scotland. The map is planned to feature two main bases with lots of vehicles, while infantry should move towards abandoned military installations and settlements through natural cover. Strike at Karkand V2 by FAR-STAN Strike at Karkand has been updated with new textures, buildings, and some sweet new visual effects. Quite a lot of progress here, and the best part: It is supporting the Helicopter Mod now so that we can soon fly over the streets and buildings of Karkand and live through our nostalgia. Another beautiful update from FAR-STAN. Vietnam Jungle Map by TopcatAlpha Topcat is currently starting to learn the UE4 Editor and is doing it right along making his first map: A Vietnam-themed jungle map. It is planned to feature asymmetric warfare in the dense environment, together with settlements and sneaky tunnels. French Foreign Legion Mod by Tactical Modding Collective Another month, another cool update from the folks over at Tactical Collective Modding. This month they show us more progress on the MILAN ATGM, some rifle grenades and more map updates. Find out more and check out an interview with their sound designer on their website. Khamisiyah Remastered by Wheezy Some more work has been done on Wheezy's remastered version of the old Project Reality fan favourite Khamisiyah, with some more assets, visual effects and overall progress. Rainbow Road by Alac Usually known for some less - ah, how should we phrase it - "acidy" projects, Alac has decided to get some color other than olive drab into his life. What better way than remaking Mario Kart 64's Rainbow Road? Complete with some background music and a whole new level of racing experience we can only say: 'It's-a Me, Mortar-io!' Finnish Defense Force by FDFMod Our fine Finnish friends have been steadily upping their arsenal with the latest in Finnish army technology. This time they're showing us the HK69A1 UGL which is already in quite good shape, and their cooperation with fellow Finnish Arma modders seems to come to fruition. Not content to up only their arsenal, the team is upping their technology game as they recently started to look into photogrammetry for their character models. Supply Lines Gamemode by Bill Nye Since he knows best what to say about his new gamemode, let's hear it from Bill Nye himself: Awww yeah, we're always fans of seeing new ways to play Squad. This mode sounds fantastic! Untitled Iraq-based Map by Cypress While the name of the map may not actually be that exciting (yet), what Cypress is showing is actually looking really good. Making use of the latest assets the V12 update has to offer this map features a middle eastern scenario with war-torn cityscapes, palm forests and a lot of compounds on the outskirts, can't wait to see more! Not content to up only their arsenal, the team is upping their technology game as they recently started to look into photogrammetry for their character models. Here are some raw scan results of a few small-scale scans. Looking forward to more results! That's it for this year! We hope you enjoyed reading all the community has to offer for you and can't wait what you bring to the table next year. We wish you all happy holidays and a great rush into 2019! Want to be a part of the first Wrench of the new year? Submit your project using this form! Squad Modding Hub Management Team Out. Please note: Offworld Industries is not responsible for mod content. Please contact the creator for assistance.
  3. Map Testing

    Hey soldiers, We're going to be running another playtest on a brand-spankin' new map and we need your help! The goal is to fill up a server, beat the heck out of a new map, and collect as much data as we can. Details below: What: Testing the new map, Skorpo! When: Sunday, December 16th @ 11:00 PST/1900 UTC Where: Simply install the Squad - Public Testing entry in your Steam Library. Please note that the testing app is an additional installation of Squad for Have a problem, a bug, or some feedback? Be sure to join us in Discord or in the forums. We're looking forward to your thoughts! Offworld Out.
  4. Hey Squaddies! The text you’re about to read is a recap of a community roundtable held Offworld Industries to gather feedback. Roundtable events are based on the most recent Recap and we’d recommend reading that first. A recap recap, if you will. Please note that this text is not a planning document, but a transcription of a conversation with the community. Best efforts have been made to retain tone and intent, but mistakes happen: please feel free to submit corrections. =) If you prefer to listen, you can hear the original audio recording . (~60mb.) If your organization isn't involved in the roundtable and would like to be, please reach out to Nordic Socialist for more information. OWI Attendees included Fuzzhead, Gatzby, Norby, Nordic, and a little Drav. (And maybe one or two more lurking. =)) Note that a patch went live during the middle of the event, so some attribution may be a little off this time around. Please let me know if you'd like something fixed or amended.I've made every attempt to keep your feedback as pure as possible while aiming for a concise recap. Formatting: Text in italics generally represents an OWI representative or a summary of several. Normal text is typically from a community member and may represent the opinion of their community. Begin Transmission DocHammer: What is your design wish for suppression? OWI: We’re not happy with where suppression is right now, in terms of effects, so it will take some time to re-examine it. OWI: Better than no suppression. We don’t have enough variables in the blueprint with regard for unique shooters (i.e., individual players shooting at a target). Currently, the system only accounts for the volume of fire. We’re looking for ways to fine tune it better, especially for 1v1 fights -- we’re not necessarily a 1v1 game, but we understand that feedback. DocHammer: Is there a timeframe for those changes? OWI: We’ll be looking at it in the new year. (Three weeks!) It requires programming, maybe a system redesign. Right now, it’s based on projectiles and we’ll need to take shooters into account. RvN | Pliskin: How are focus effects changing? OWI: More effective against sway. May be more effective in 1v1 situations, but not a fix per se, as you will still have suppression.. BB | Oηι Ѕнιηовι: Would different radii be possible for suppresion in the future? (e.g. 5m, 10m, 20m determines effects.) OWI: Yeah, that would definitely be a good option. Not sure if it will be easy yet though, having just done the first pass on the system. salt. Steez: Have you thought about reducing the suppression radius? 10m seems too big, too far away from the target of suppression. Seeing bullets hit 10m away is somewhat of a disconnect from the reality of the game. OWI: 5m was small when we first tested. It wasn’t affecting the firefights that much. We tried a bunch of ranges and ended up sticking with 10m. Different projectiles could have different ranges.Small arms could be reduced. BB | Oηι Ѕнιηовι: The current distance also adds to confusion about who is the target/if it’s you. RvN | Pliskin: If the system was tweaked a bit more, it could be used for friendlies. Especially if small arms fire suppression was a little tighter. It would be possible to remove the stopgaps. (Such as friendlies not being suppressed, enemies within 10m. The system feels unfinished.) OWI: We’re kind of trialing out the system. From an overall gameplay perspective, it has introduced more, longer fights. More firefights we really like to see. There are a whole bunch of little issues; some may be tweaks, some may require rewrites. The overall feedback has been positive, but we’d really like to keep getting more. salt. Steez: The system is positive, but there are a lot of negatives right now. 1v1 engagements, regardless of intent, happen a lot and it just feels awkward at the moment. RvN | Pliskin: It feels a bit artificial right now. Like it’s forcing a style of gameplay that already existed. It can negate the benefit of good positioning. salt. Steez: I’d encourage you to explore the focus system more. It does mean you can’t keep moving and shoot back accurately. Being able to focus through the suppression effect makes sense and improves gameplay. OWI: We do want to look into movement more, especially the back and forth, jumping to prone in mid-air. We don’t want leaning to be exploited. Good feedback. Thank you. We do think focus will help reduce some of the annoyance of suppression. It’s not especially easy to test suppression in the editor, and making artificial situations doesn’t translate to what happens in game. We’ve learned we need a little bit more of a complex system than we’ve anticipated, but we still think it’s a system that’s headed in right direction in terms of the firefights we want to see. It’s not ideal, but give it try in 12.1+. BB | Oηι Ѕнιηовι: Anything for stamina? Is it intended to lose stamina faster when suppressed? Or recover it more slowly? It would help fix a position. OWI: We haven’t dived into it yet, but it’s been discussed internally. No definite yes or no, but it’s a possibility for the future. V12 Vehicle Gameplay 12.1 Changes: turret damage and disable are now a thing. The turret has health like a vehicle has health. Below 50% means stabilization doesn’t work. Movement slows down from 50-0% health. The turret can be repaired, but only up to 25% health - you will never get stabilization back, only half turret speed with a repair kit. Arrow keys can now move some turrets. AT-4 buffed. Trucks: 1 TOW to instantly kill, 1 HAT to burning, 2 LATs to burning MATV/BRDM-2: 1 TOW to instantly kill, 1 HAT to burning, 2 LATs to burning BTR, MTLB: 1 TOW to burning, 1 HAT + 1 LAT to burning IFVs: 1 TOW to burning. [DREAD]SpartanxRage: Do bounced rounds degrade in damage? OWI: Bouncing of rounds does no damage, the bounce is purely visual. They will continue and “look” for the next thing to hit. Going through an IFV, for example, and hitting something behind it will reduce it’s capabilities. Rounds do lose stopping power from penetration. BB | Oηι Ѕнιηовι: Vehicle damage tweaks in 12.1. Some vehicles weren’t taking damage. What were those? OWI: Inheritance was causing some issues. For example, setting up a t-72, then set up a variant, e.g. a desert variant, the variant should inherent changes made to the t-72 base. For some reason, the child wasn’t receiving the same variables, causing all sorts of issues. The variant turrets were not taking damage. Klifinpol: Ticket costs for vehicles. They seem very low for their relatively high health, almost indestructible. The values don’t correspond with the difficulty of removing them from play. Why was the reduction made? OWI: We were trying to balance vehicle more toward use. (If you have it, you should use it. It is a combined arms game.) Component damages (still in WIP) will still play into it. The respawn timers also play into that, as both a punishment for losing and a reward for destroying it. It helps to focused on the lack of asset being the reward more than ticket value. [EI]Aragorn89: Has the ability to climb slopes been addressed? Especially with a damage engine. OWI: Gearbox bugs have been fixed. We’re continuing to test on maps with the bug fixed to make sure vehicles can make it, even at 50% engine. salt. Steez: Shift should downshift then hold the gear, perhaps. It currently means you have to lose a lot of your speed to drop in a gear and then lock it to that gear. OWI: Right now, not easily doable because the simulation doesn’t have a way to handle RPMs over the gear, but the situation should be improved in 12.1 with the gearbox fixes. Let’s go out to the Lobby and launch ourselves a patch. BB | Oηι Ѕнιηовι: Will the turret have visible damage states? OWI: Turret component may not have associated effects in 12.1, being a late addition to the patch. Below 50% causes a screen crack for the gunner, giving some indication of the damage received. Visually damaged states are possible to add later. The lack of movement of the turret has been a really good indicator in testing, as a live gunner is almost always moving. RvN | Pliskin: Repair stations. Make it not possible if you have taken damage recently? The amount of resources used to damage does not match the amount consumed by camping the repair pad. OWI: Not happy with the way repair stations are working. Still a little too gamey for what we intended. Stations haven’t been touched much since introduction, so we’ll likely revise them in the future. Whether a delay or something else, we’ll have to do it smartly. t0 | Moony: With it being so difficult for disabled vehicles to move, will there ever be a towing system? OWI: We do have everything needed apart from the time on the technical side. Cables, physics exist in game. We haven’t tested it, so it could be unexpectedly glitchy. It will be something to test when we have time. We’ve talked about having a repair vehicle rather than an outpost. We don’t have art for it yet, but it would be cool to experiment with a few options. RvN | Pliskin: As an alternative to towing or repair vehicles, having a logi player drop supplies or a repair station next to the necessary target would be cool. Allow logistics players to aid vehicles. OWI: Does everyone like the way crewman repair tools have been implemented? That is, to get your vehicle back up to a working state, rather than fully repairing? Folks: Seems good. salt. Steez: Some of the lighter vehicles should be one-shot LAT kills, bringing back more of the ambush gameplay seen in previous versions. BDRMs and light trucks taking two seems a little weird. It’s very easy to do with bullets, not so much with rockets. OWI: We’ll keep taking a look at damage on lighter vehicles. We’re still kind of tweaking all the variables and getting balance right. LATs have been reduced a little bit in cost, from 50 to 40. They’ve also been standardized for their penetration values, so they should be a little more useful on “medium” armor, like APCs. salt. Steez: One hit kills may actually help logistics, causing less abandoned vehicles when the crew is killed. OWI: We don’t want to return to a state where it’s riskier to use a vehicle than it is to leave it at base, but adding another LAT rocket may be possible. klifinpol: Will turrets have separate health to vehicle health? OWI: As a rule of thumb, if the turret is part of the vehicle hull, your vehicle hull takes damage. If the turret is an attachment, then the vehicle will not take damage. Open turrets don’t take turret damage. [OB] bLindye: What’s the state of BTR versus MRAP? The ammo compartment seems to give the MRAP an overwhelming advantage OWI: Ammo box has been removed from the BTR. The overheat on the Russian 30mm has also been reduced. [EI]Aragorn89: Are you guys thinking about removing health bar visualization for drivers so infantry can scare tanks? E.g. Being spooked by rocket fire. OWI: Not something we’ve discussed yet. Spawn Mechanics BB | Oηι Ѕнιηовι: Any plans for a spawning window on rally points? E.g. players could spawn up to five seconds after the spawn timer countdown to spawn. This would help avoid mass kills from camping. OWI: There hasn’t been any further discussion of that. salt. Steez: One of the best suggestions we’ve had is that you should be able to spawn any time after the wave has ended without having to wait for the next wave. Increasing minimum and wave time could help. OWI: That’s good feedback. We’re not completely done with wave spawning. The step away from the 9 lives rally point has been good, we think, but there’s still some more steps to take. DocHammer: Our group is not a fan of wave spawning. We think it incentivizes giving up too much. The stamina drain mechanic is more than enough to keep players together without forcing it further. Players should have more freedom to choose when and where to group up. Indirect mechanics would be better to incentivize grouping. HABs seems okay; maybe make it three players instead of two. Taking down HABs cooperatively was a lot more fun in previous versions. Art: A lot of our guys feel the same, that it’s forcing a gameplay style with the wave spawn. From a SL point of view, the amount of times I make my spawn have to mass give up to make the wave feels gimmicky. [OB] bLindye: Our community is also not a fan of wave spawn. Often left with a choice that ends up separating the squad more. [P²] InsideReality: Most players in the French community seem to like the wave system, but dislike that it’s one minute from when you put it down. I agree that it does feel a little gimmicky. I second what Doc said about HAB disable numbers. Sneaking up with two guys feels too easy. Requiring more would encourage teamplay. ???: I like wave spawn. There’s always a way to adapt and you can use it to your advantage in situations. A 10 second timer when putting it down would improve it. RvN | Pliskin: I don’t see that wave spawning has added anything in terms of depth of gameplay. Too many issues with it. People give up too much, especially with infinite spawns. A more resource based system would discourage that. Wave spawning splits squads in many cases, creating more waiting for everyone. It feels gimmicky. I wish rallies were a bit more hard. We should also get a notification when disabling an enemy rally. Persistent Ammo and Infantry Play klifinpol: Some of my members have issues with fireteams colors, especially those with color blindness. OWI: There’s an option for color blindness in UI settings, but that’s very useful feedback, thank you. DocHammer: Our group heavily dislikes infantry play at the moment. Recoil is the biggest gripe. Positively, reduced sway is a good change and it works nicely in 12.1. Horizontal recoil is horrible. It’s frustrating and floaty. Persistent ammo is good, but core shooting mechanics need examined. Time to action seems worse. It feels like you’re defending flags and no one is attacking. Not saying get rid of it, but it should be minimized. OWI: There is extremely little horizontal recoil in 12.1. (Gatz here: There's a more nuanced discussion here, but transcribing it wasn't helpful -- we're not this snippy, I promise. =)) DocHammer: Check out the foregrips. They don’t feel right. salt. Steez: I think this may be related to the animation of the recoil. There seems to have been a change from a9 to a10. The animation looks okay, but too slow and exaggerated. The lack of movement speed options are also a gripe, leaving you stuck using ADS as the only way to change your pace. There should be at least three options. It would allow for better feel and control of pace. [P²] InsideReality: Multiple members have requested that there would be a little bit of ammo on a rally. Could be a finite amount that doesn’t regenerate. Maybe 100 ammo points. OWI: We’d have to make sure it couldn’t be exploited, but we haven’t discussed that internally yet. RvN | Pliskin: I think the rally could carry some ammo. If it runs out, you could have to resupply it from a fob. That could go hand in hand with the persistent ammo system. OWI: Good feedback. We’d also encourage you to think about configuring your squad’s more in advance, e.g. for longer ranging, maybe more riflemen. Granted, kit-locking isn’t in yet, but it’s coming. We’d like to encourage planning the squad around what you want to do more. Art: I do like the idea of adding ammo to rally points. Persistent ammo feels like it’s taking tools away from attacking squads. Especially things like medic smokes. Infantry gameplay feels a little bit more trouble than it’s worth with suppression, map sizes, and other factors, especially on bigger maps. Any plans on more infantry-focused maps? City maps? OWI: We’ve got a couple of maps in the pipeline. Most of the maps in development are 4km+ maps. Can’t tell you which map is coming, but infantry shouldn’t suffer in these new maps. Art: It’s very hard to maneuver around on Tallil, as infantry, if your vehicles aren’t up to snuff. OWI: We’ll likely do a second pass on Tallil at some point in the future. Some of the bunker areas could be a little more filled in, as well as some other infantry-friendly changes. It was intended as a tank showcase, though. Some changes to Tallil gas station are also coming. Modding 2.0 should help get some more maps into server rotations too. BB | Oηι Ѕнιηовι: Concerning persistent ammo, one problem is being unable to resupply due to the cost being just slightly higher than available ammo. Any progress on prioritizing some things? OWI: The granular ammo system is working in testing. We have to put it through the paces, but you should be able to choose in the near future. You can rearm all, or select something like two mags and a smoke grenade, then select rearm. As mentioned earlier, LAT also had cost reduced to help. BB | Oηι Ѕнιηовι: Will there still be some internal logic that will allow some prioritization? OWI: We have not included that yet, but it might be possible. We’ll see how the next iteration works out. RvN | Pliskin: Persistent ammo is a step in the right direction. Most of the frustrations seem to come from the restricted/strangled logistics system. Freeing those up would encourage logistics squads. It can currently be too much time just sitting in a truck as a warm body to meet requirements. 300m limit between FOBs is also a detriment. Freeing up restrictions on logistics could add freedom and variety to the role, such as allowing some mortaring time. Rifleman having eleven grenades now, with ammo bags, is a little overpowered. [OB] bLindye: Mixed response from my community. Minor annoyances stand out, like having to run to an ammo crate after respawning. It hurts incomplete squads, especially at the 4-6 person level. Even more annoying when kit restrictions force changes. Some of the new map layers have really increased logi round trip time, as well as increasing how frequently they’re eliminated. It seems disproportionately impactful to destroy one logi in these conditions, resulting in massive stomps in public. BB | Oηι Ѕнιηовι: Right now, the player camera is in the middle of the head. This causes some issues with leaning and eye height walls. There’s still an issue with first and third person prone camera positions. For example, if leaning, an opponent sees you before you see them due to camera placement. Any thoughts? Will that be fixed? OWI: We’re aware of it. We’ve done some corrections on them in the past, but we don’t have a firm answer for you right now. It is being investigated. [P²] InsideReality: Having your reticle just above a wall and then hitting the wall is a little frustrating too. (Even when the barrel is confirmed clear.) Art: Any thoughts or plans to add incremental crouching? OWI: Not something we’ve thought about yet. The approach for Squad leans more toward keeping it simple and approachable though, so we may not want to overcomplicate controls in such a way. salt. Steez: Check out Tarkov! OWI: We’re not entirely happy with movement, but it’s a matter of time. We’d like a system a little more intuitive and nailed down. Noted that some folks would like more movement options. Blindeye: RS or Insurgency Standstorm have a good system for adjusting height from cover. No additional buttons required. BB | Oηι Ѕнιηовι: It looks like there’s a desynch around the wave spawn timer. Also, dynamic cover would be cool. Could some of the bipod code work for that? Also, being able to use the mousewheel to adjust speed while ADS would be neat, as opposed to switching weapons which is not ideal while ADSing. OWI: We’ll check that out. There was a similar issue previously. Dynamic cover was something talked about early on, and the animators may have investigated some of it. Great feedback. Moving while crouched, where you can see while moving, but not while standing, is frustrating, and that system would be a good fix. We’re going to call it here since we’ve gone about an hour over. =) Thanks for coming everyone! Please use the feedback channels to cover anything we didn’t today. Enjoy the rest of your day, wherever you are. Go download 12.1! It’s released! End Transmission And that took us a little closer to two hours than usual, but we were overdue for a session. As always, a huge thank you to those who attended. We really appreciate your time, attention, and well-thought responses that help make Squad an even better game.
  5. SquadChat - 9 - ft. StrangeZak (Modding)

    Not really a modding question, but Drav addressed this in the most recent recap/Next Phase article with the optimization section: http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=325
  6. Hey Squaddies! Way back when On Friday, Dec 14, at 10:00 PST/1800 UTC, we went live with StrangeZak, modding mastermind! We chatted about Modding 2.0, SDK development, engine updates, getting into the industry, and what to do when you get there! We took your questions, stroked our beards, and got down into the guts of Squad. You can view the archived footage on Youtube: Thank you to everyone that attended!
  7. Alpha 12.2

    Hey soldiers, Another batch of fixes is hot and ready to go. Here's to Squadtastic weekend! Patch Notes Fixed damage and effects bugs on the following projectiles: AT-4, Refleks, Kornet, TOW, M1A2 HEAT, T-72 Frag, Mortar HE & smoke Fixed bipod movement getting stuck on upper/lower pitch limit Fixed a bug in the role selection causing server performance issues Fixed an exploit where you would have a model and weapons from the team you switched from Fixed a bug preventing role selection on deployment screen after map change Fixed a bug that would cause weapons on vehicles to be upside down Fixed turret stabilization pitch not working for certain turret rotations Fixed gearbox shifting into reverse at high forward speeds when braking Fixed US IFV turret smoke launcher optic Set flag names on the map to have higher contrast Fixed capture point names on Kamdesh skirmish and Mestia Removed large M4 and calibration cube on Sumari Fixed several floating assets on Yehorivka Updated Yehorivka minimap Fixed issue with vehicle wheel fx shooting random dust forward while speeding Offworld Out.
  8. Stabilization makes my eyes bleed.

    Replied on reddit, but just to make sure: it's under investigation. It seems to be largely related to ping and/or poor server performance, so on-going optimizations should help it too. Some players have reported disabling and re-enabling may help as a temporary reprieve.
  9. v12.1 map offset...

    Hmm, think this may be the first report we've seen, so it may be based on certain maps or layers. If you happen to remember which one, or experience it again, it'd be great if you could note that down and share it. =)
  10. Hey soldiers! We know this doesn't look like your usual Recap, but while we are finishing up the last parts of a hotfix update for Alpha 12, we thought we'd lay out what we have planned for the next stage of Squad development, similar to what we did earlier this year. Alpha 12.1 Patch So, first up is the performance, bug fixing and balance patch that we are working on right now, which should be with you all shortly. We have looked at all the community feedback and improved what isn't quite working as intended, fixing as many bugs as we could in three weeks (obviously) as well as starting on the optimisation work that we'll talk about in a minute. Unreal Engine 4.21 Upgrade After that, the team is planning to upgrade Squad to Unreal version 4.21. We have been on version 4.16 since August 2017 and a year of NOT upgrading has been very useful, allowing our programmers a lot more time to concentrate on features. However, the recent success of Fortnite (a large multiplayer 100 player game) has brought so many cool and useful features into UE4 that it is worth the time to upgrade now. Just as a very brief overview, some of the 4.21 for engine features that are relevant to Squad: there have been big improvements to the landscape system, making it cheaper and faster, networking has been overhauled, a lot of bugs have been fixed, a proxy system for statics, better profiling tools, and a whole bunch more. Check out the Unreal site for more information. Our current status is that we have a buggy version of the upgrade working in Editor now. The next steps for us are to fix these bugs, test, and release. There might be some extra content, bug fixes, and features included, but it will be mainly about getting the engine upgrade in place, so we can start using the tools. This will be the next major Squad patch released after Alpha 12.1. The rest of the following is what we are working on right now and going into next year with the aim of getting the game fully featured to leave Early Access. Optimisation After Alpha 12, we are switching more developers to working full-time on optimisation all the way to release from Early Access. Not all systems developed for Squad over the years turned out to deliver the expected performance; engineering mistakes have been made and need to be corrected. The same applies to UE4, as bug fixes and performance improvements done on the engine level need to be carried forward into Squad's codebase. We have expanded the team to approach these issues more thoroughly than ever. The first step is finding and understanding performance issues. This includes writing analysis tools to detect the cause of performance issues. The second step is addressing these problems, which always requires a custom tailored solution. Sometimes, even at this point, tools need to be written to transition existing game data into new systems. We have already made a start and hope to have some of the first results in the hotfix, but will be aiming to include optimisation improvements in every patch from now until the end of Early Access. We hope to share some articles on the issues we are finding and fixing, but we intend to focus on the fixing first, then the talking later! Optimisation is a big task with a lot of crossover into features and bug fixing. Just to be clear, specific aims we are targeting are: 100 player servers with good performance An indepth improvement of the ragdoll system Better frame rates for players both with low-end and high-end systems We have read a lot of community posts asking us to stop with new features and just optimise the game. We hear you! However, there are a few features we think you might like still... Helicopters Yep, it is time. Not much to say beyond the obvious here: they're coming to Squad! Currently, programmers are working on the flight model and we have a temporary flyable vehicle in-game. All of the art and interaction-based features can be worked on in parallel. The current flight model is far from final, but looks awesome! Expect more updates in Monthly Recaps as development continues. Commander We want to introduce a basic commander system before we leave Early Access, as it really completes the concept of a true coordinated teamwork-focused military game. With a player on each side driving team-wide strategy and aiding squad leaders with the tools at their disposal, the Commander will be an essential factor in victories. We won't be aiming to include every awesome idea we have for the commander role, but it will lay the groundwork for expanding on after we leave Early Access. Features we are aiming to roll out on introduction are: Making use of the new Command UI to facilitate giving orders and keeping track of your team. Airstrikes, artillery barrages, offensive fire support capabilities. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), non-pilotable high altitude observation for the Commander. Damageable Turrets and Vehicle Wheels/Tracks While the first iteration of components was introduced in Alpha 12 in a limited capacity, damageable turrets, tracks, and wheels will complete the vehicle fidelity we wanted, offering more ways to disable parts of vehicles without outright destroying them. Turrets are in and working with wheels and tracks in progress. Steam Join on Friends/Party system We are trying to find ways to make it easier for groups of friends to easily join the game in a single squad, on the same team. This is quite a complicated task as it involves working with not only with Steam, UE4 and Squad code, but getting them all to play nicely together . This is something we have wanted to do for a while but always had higher priorities. However, for a social game based around friends and teamwork, being able to play easily with your friends is long overdue. No promises on this one as it is not the easiest feature to implement, but we have very talented people working on it. Sign-off There are some big milestones for Squad in the near future, but we've put together a team more than capable of taking it on. In fact, we're already getting excited for what comes after release... There is actually quite a lot of extra content being worked on that we haven't talked about and we'll update the progress of these (Including Fallujah! It's not ready for the spotlight just yet.) In the meantime, have a sneaky vehicle teaser below! Offworld Out.
  11. Alpha 12.1

    Hearing a few reports of this. If the turret/tank is healthy, try disabling and re-enabling stabilization. We'll be taking a look at it on the code side too. Generally speaking, we do release notes that cover both sides, but there is a Hosting Discord for admins available: https://discord.me/page/squadhosting should get you there.
  12. You're already in good hands here, but I did want to add a few tips: - Keep trying! Squad is a hard game and getting used to spotting and moving as a team is hard. - Communicate! It's totally okay to let your squad leader know you're new. Ask for help. Be as specific as you can. - Use landmarks. Nobody knows where you are, but they know where 10 m left of the red barn is. It'll getcha a long way there. - Join us in the discord: http://discord.gg/Squad -- there are folks there to play with, ask questions to, or get assistance with issues. Thank you so much for giving Squad a shot!
  13. What Happened Exactly?

    There's currently a known issue with founders skins -- clear your cache and disable Veterans' Skins to get back in the game. If you're experiencing a new crashed unrelated to alpha 12's release, you may want to contact [email protected] If you're talking more in general, a good place to start is the thread Raging Death mentioned there. Further, we're an early access title, meaning that the game is still undergoing major changes, including major system additions and rewrites, the addition of new vehicles, the push to 100 players, as well as on-going optimization efforts. You can read more about Early Access here: https://store.steampowered.com/earlyaccessfaq/ Games in Early Access (often used interchangeably with the term Alpha) are not the final, retail experience and will have bugs, crashes, and may have incomplete features. The next stage of development, typically referred to as Beta, inches closer to release by being feature complete, but may still be buggy and require testing at various scales. You can read more about the software development lifecycle here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_release_life_cycle#Beta As Squad is still actively under development, we're still going to experience some of those issues, though hopefully less as we get closer and closer to release. If you find yourself especially frustrated, it may be wise to stick it out a little longer. We'll be here. =)
  14. Squad Leader backer removed from credits

    Oh yeah, probably got eaten by a bad return/end of line. Thanks for your understanding. =)
  15. Alpha 12 SDK is Live!

    Hey squaddies! Epic has approved the alpha 12 SDK and you should be able to update now! The modding team stresses that you should recook your mods even if they already work in Alpha 12 as mod compression was added. (Zak mentioned he took about HALF the file size out of some mods -- do it!) You can find the SDK in the Epic Launcher.
  16. Alpha 12.1 Playtest

    Hey folks, QA has some good news for you! There will be a PUBLIC PLAYTEST for the A12.1 patch tomorrow (Wednesday, December 5) around 19UTC / 20CET. The patch includes a bunch of memory optimizations and should hopefully relieve some of the loading issues players have been facing. On top of that, there are quite a few balance and handling changes, so I encourage everyone to give it a good spin. We'll have plenty of servers for everyone! Bring your friends! (And enemies!)
  17. Alpha 12.1

    If you're experiencing a crash after the update, please clear your cache using Option 1 here: https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002768887-How-to-manually-clear-your-user-settings-cache Do not enable skins in-game for now, please. =)
  18. Karm has sent out the word that public playtesting is commencing another round for Alpha 12.1. Be advised that the Squad - Public Testing app is already in your library and is a full Squad install for testing purposes. Careful with your bandwidth limits! Check under the "Custom Servers" tab if you don't see a testing server available. BIGGEST CHANGES: Large number of optimisations in foliage, UI, textures and audio which should result in less memory used Vehicle damage has been tweaked and fixed. Some vehicles would not take damage as intended, and armor/damage values have been changed for balance. Vehicle gearbox has been tweaked a bit. Driving uphill should be less problematic. AT-4 damage has been increased. Weapon handling changes: sway has been reduced, recoil has been tweaked. Several layer balance tweaks WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU: Feedback on memory-related issues (loading times, hitches, server loading timeouts). Is it better than A12, the same, or worse? What issues still remain for you? Please post this feedback in the #bug-reports-a12 channel on Discord: http://discord.gg/Squad
  19. Colorblind

    I believe looking into some colorblind modes is on the agenda, though the UI is still being developed. I know it's something the team is taking into consideration... though can't guarantee it will apply to things like camouflage. =)
  20. When about thermals?

    No ETA/promises yet, but the designers have considered thermal as part of the component system, if it could be balanced appropriately. As I'm sure you've seen, the balance between AT and armor is pretty delicate and complex, especially while we flesh out tanks and the components on 'em.
  21. Thermite grenades in game

    I believe the folks working on the Destruction game mode had something similar planned as part of the game objectives, though the further you get from a standard infantry squad, the less likely it is to appear in Squad. Given the limited use for it (though an absolutely GREAT use of thermite) means it would be a lower priority addition, but certainly a possibility down the line.
  22. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    Nothing firm. Some of our devs like to mess around with it, and it may work in some capacity, but it's not a priority at the moment. We may re-evaluate that after early access however.
  23. Fokke's Battlepics - Highres

    Yup, getting passed around for team wallpapers now. =)
  24. Alpha 12.1 on Public Testing

    Make sure you're using the Squad - Public Testing entry, NOT your normal Squad installation. Servers may not be up at the moment (Not quite 7am at the office yet; just us earlybirds), but they would appear under the Custom Servers tab in all likelihood.
  25. Linking accounts

    Yep, definitely not the first. =) We're looking into it.