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  1. Server Pop. Increase?

    Hehe, us too. =P Though entirely possible Unreal will get there ever more quickly with Fortnite driving it.
  2. Server Favorites

    Not positive it's in alpha 12, but there are UI updates comin', and we'd like some favorites too. =) Generally speaking, the feedback on the server browser is it needs some love and we hear ya.
  3. Sniper Gameplay

    Gonna go ahead and close this one off. We're not going to be adding snipers to the game, as they are not part of your typical squad. That's why we've chosen to include the designated marksman instead: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Designated_marksman#"Sniper"_vs._"SDM/DM" We appreciate the feedback and would encourage you to reach out to mod teams in the meantime. =)
  4. Open Community Manager position for OWI

    Unless it's range day! Stress relief with a proper backstop.
  5. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    Tell me about it, I was up at 5 am to watch it. =P The focus of this test was filling a couple servers, not a full scale playtest. We'll get there, but we need to get it ready for ya'll to playtest it first. Hang in there, you'll get a better build for it. =)
  6. Couple of bad decisions in my opinion

    Rifleman (and ammo bag) should only spawn with a full load at the main base, or the for the very first time on a server. (Currently bugged.) You'll still have the persistent ammo limitations when spawning at a FOB/Rally. This one was generally a broadcast to get a couple servers filled, not necessary a playtest in the sense you're thinking of. We needed to bust on the code with a full server or two to shake down some showstopping bugs. =) We'll have some wider, play-focused testing in the near future, with a more stable build, don't worry!
  7. Yep, confirming this -- No T-62/T-90 for the time being. =)
  8. Ammobag

    Thanks for the heads-up! We're aware of some limitations in partial resupplying right now and would like to get to the point that you would be able to restock, but there are some higher priority issues at the moment.
  9. The Weapons Thread!

    Possible, but not likely -- if it's not already in widespread use, it's not likely to be a priority. We do keep an eye on the status of new platforms (IRL) and when they go into service, though.
  10. Word is, movement speed has experienced no changes. There was some change to the sprint to prone animation speed that may be the source of this feeling, though.
  11. Regarding V.12

    Yep, the goal was to stress the code and we needed a couple full servers to do that -- the performance isn't quite there yet, so we had to lower the caps down to 64 for the test. We plan on having more tests with a more play-focus once the showstoppers are smashed. While I know it's a bummer not to experience the new additions, you'll end up playing a better build for it. =) Alpha testing isn't a pretty phase of game development, so we appreciate your patience. It /will/ still require large downloads, game crashes, etc. We'd really encourage you to hold off until later builds if your interest is exclusively in playing the game -- there'll be a full release, too.
  12. Limited Alpha 12 Test Oct 10th

    Changelog: Alpha 12 brings a ton of changes, and everything is yet to be finalized, here's a short TL;DR of what you need to know to be able to play properly: HABs now have an overrun mechanic. When 2 enemy soldiers are within 30 meters of your HAB the HAB is unspawnable until they are incapped or leave the 30 meter radius. Rally spawns are now wave spawns and infinite waves. If there's less than 20 seconds left on the wave, you get pushed to the next one. HABS have a wave respawn of 30 seconds. (THIS IS A TEMPORARY BUG WORKAROUND FIX. HABs will work as usual when fixed properly.) Persistent ammo. Soldiers will now spawn with the same ammo they had as they died. You will always spawn with a minimum of 3 mags for main rifle and 2 bandages no matter what you had when you died. Spawning at main base refreshes your load out. Resupply at an ammo crate or a friendly vehicle when you spawn in if you're low on bullets. Riflemen now have ammo bags to resupply their friendlies Any soldier can now revive a friendly with their bandage. When revived, soldiers will not regen stamina until healed by a medic. It takes 14 seconds for a non medic to revive, 7 seconds for a medic to revive. Suppression, weapon handling vehicle damage models have been overhauled. Vehicles now have a component damage system. Heavy vehicles that store large munitions can be destroyed by hitting their ammo storage. All vehicles have an engine that can be destroyed. Destroyed engines can be repaired to a slow driveable state by crewman repair kit. -Some vehicles now have turret stabilisation. Needs to be toggled on. Oh yeah, we added tanks too. ...And a lot more. This is no where near the full changelog. TALLIL OUTSKIRTS AND CHORA HAVE HEAVY PERFORMANCE ISSUES THAT WE'RE AWARE OF, MORE MAPS MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE THEM AS WELL. THIS IS AN EARLY TEST BUILD, EXPECT TO RUN INTO BUGS AND TROUBLES AFFECTING GAMEPLAY. FINALLY CLEAR YOUR APPDATA BEFORE LAUNCHING THE GAME, IF YOU GET AN ERROR VERIFY YOUR GAME CACHE BEFORE LAUNCHING SQUAD. Bugs in #bug-reports-a12 (http://discord.gg/Squad) - DO NOT REPORT ANY BUGS FROM THE FIRING RANGE.
  13. Hey gang! A test is on! Heads-up that: It's a limited time event. There will be more tests. There are bugs and performance issues. Report! NORDIC'S DECLARATION OF TESTING Here's a Alpha 12 playtest for you all to enjoy! Password: a12threeweeks Go to Library > Squad > Properties > BETAS > Enter Password and click "CHECK". Select the branch and it will download. If it does not - restart steam. Servers will go live in 15 minutes from this post. PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT SURE ABOUT SERVER PERFORMANCE, IF SERVERS DO NOT HOLD UP THE PLAYTEST WILL BE CANCELLED WHICH CAN BE DONE PRETTY QUICKLY AFTER THIS ANNOUNCEMENT. AS FOR NOW THERE IS NO FIXED END TIME OF THE PLAYTEST, WE DO NOT GUARANTEE A LONG UPTIME AT THIS TIME.
  14. Open Community Manager position for OWI

    And nope, I'm not going anywhere. =D
  15. Missing Server

    I'd recommend dropping into the Squad Hosting discord: http://discord.me/squadhosting Folks in there should be able to get you sorted. =)