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  1. Our Heartfelt Thanks Hey Squaddies! You went big. And we owe you some big thanks. On Veterans Day, we partnered with Stack-Up.org, a charity dedicated to giving joy to the troops with our shared hobby of gaming. We asked our partners, streamers, and the community to step up, open their wallets, and make sure our veterans get a little love. Instead of simply sharing a little love, the Squad community did what they do best: conquered it. Even better, you conquered it for Stack-Up.org. Thanks to you, the donations at the time of writing total $30,480.78. We're very proud to announce that this is the second year in a row that the original goal has been absolutely smashed. That's $30,480.78 to improve the lives of those who have dedicated theirs to service. Just... wow. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/200600220 Desmolocke, JohnnyOmaha, [OWI]Norby, and [OWI]SgtRoss recap Veterans Day. More than 34,000 viewers tuned in to watch the Call to Arms. Some of the best Squad action we've ever seen - no joke - came to us courtesy of the International Squad Knockout Tournament, North American Squad, Community Clan Fight Night, Squad Ops, an army of streamers, and squaddies like you. None of which would have been as exciting and entertaining without our hosts DesmoLocke, Haynick31, JohnnyOmaha, and runningDuck. Thank you so much. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/200510498 Every streamer that stepped up to fight for charity showed us the heart of the community: LtVictory, MrChaggy, PmsProxy, Shroud, and wish took up the banner and astounded us with their generosity and love from their fans. Thousands of players around the world got to know Stack-Up.org a little better because of you and that is something to be proud of. Thank you so much. So, thank you. Thank you so much for your generosity. Thank you so much for opening your hearts again. We've been honored by the opportunity to fight alongside you and we hope you'll join us again. If you missed the opportunity to give back, the campaign remains open until the end of the month. Offworld Out.
  2. Alpha 9.15

    It's still under investigation, as far as I know, but Irontaxi was thinking it may be a corrupted material. Seems to be related to a barn model. Hopefully it'll be a quick and easy fix. =)
  3. https://squad.gamepedia.com/Play_a_mod_locally You can totes play a mod locally. The tl;dr: once it's installed, change the map from within the shooting range.
  4. Hi Squaddies, October may be over for a while, but thanks to you awesome modders out there we have great things to show this month. If you haven't had your fill of treats from last month, we've got a special inclusion direct from Offworld: Steam Workshop Support. Join us on the Community Modding Discord where you can join discussions and meet the modding community. It's a great place to share your ideas and passion with like-minded people that will be happy to help you along the way. Community Modding Updates Skrunda-1 Map by Pyrokillz A map based on the real world Skrunda-1 abandoned Russian base, but taking inspiration from both Fallout and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. The eerie hue and ravaged landscapes will have you looking over your shoulder for Deathclaws. Shudder. We are loving the style! Game Mode: Supply Lines by Bill Nye Supply lines is a new game mode Bill Nye has been working on that hopes to add some depth and variety to standard AAS gameplay. The core gameplay revolves around the balancing act between capturing AAS flags as normal, and establishing and defending supply lines. Supply lines will consist of "Supply Crates" spawning that can be picked up by logistical trucks to refill their supplies. Each team will receive a supplies at their start point every 10 minutes that will be easy to secure, and a third supply crate will spawn randomly on the middle of the map somewhere. As the game mode will not feature main bases, these supplies will be instrumental in setting up the FOBs the team will require to spawn. These fobs will also receive significant buffs to their spawnability as well as having the cost of defensive fortifications and emplacements. With most deployables, like sandbags and hescos costing 0 supplies, but being limited by number and defensive emplacements costing considerably less. The main use of build supplies will be the construction of vehicle garages that will be used to spawn vehicles for the team. These will be placed by the Team Lead and allow each game to feel unique with different FOBs acting as main base and different vehicle loadouts chosen for each side. The team that wins will be the team that chooses the right vehicles, secures their supply lines, while maintaining a presence on the capture zones. Communicate, coordinate, and dominate, squaddies. Khe Sanh Combat Base by Socrates One of our favorite frequent flyers, Socrates brings us an update on the Khe Sanh Combat Base. The focus of this month was to create a realistic waterfall scene with secret tunnels, showcasing just how diverse this map is growing to be. Finnish Defense Forces by FDF Mod A small group of Finnish players have started to bring the Finnish Defense Forces into the fold. Finland has a lot of unique assets and a great amalgam of older Eastern technology and gear, together with modern Western tech. All of this makes the Finnish Defence Forces a great fit, and we're looking forward to what these dedicated Finns are bringing to the table. Fara-PV portable close observation radar system by |FULL| Virus.exe and Rincewind A result of cooperation of an artist and a programmer, interesting bit of electronic warfare, the Fara-PV, russian-made portable radar station capable of detecting people and vehicles up to 6km away (limited to 800m for balance reasons), although it can only detect targets in the clear line of sight, unable to penetrate any obstacles. The operator can use 15 meters long cable to hide the control unit (and himself) in the nearest cover. Finkaris by LoRDHitMan Based on an island in Eastern Europe, this map will have it all: cities, villages, bunkers, highways, dirt roads and forests! The Russian Ground Forces team will start in a bunker in the south eastern corner of the map and will have to fight their way through fields, hills, camps and a ruined castle towards the US Army troops that have established a foothold near the northwestern corner of the map. Join the work-in-progress forum thread. IDF Mod: West Bank Village by CreativeRealms Lots of progress has been made on the West Bank map previously showcased by Creative Realms, including the creation of improved olive terraces, a barrier wall model, as well as some new custom deployables (although this is still only a small portion of what has been added). Ffeel free to check out the behind the scenes development album too! French Forces Faction update FN Minimi by Pawin Changkiendee A new update on the Minimi that we already showed a while ago, now it'ss beginning to get some color! The textures are currently Work In Progress, but already look like a great start. He hopes it will convey the feeling that it been in service for a while. "It wouldn't hurt to add some dust here and there," Pawin notes. "It has been extremely rewarding to see the gun come to life." He would like to give a big shout to the SMF team for all the hard work and support. Radio ER 350 Ian found sourcing reference material for this radio, but was still able to come up with fantastic results after four days of hard work. High poly was 4 million polygons, while low poly is 1.4k polys. The textures clock in at 2k, as it is a minor item to be worn by the player. Lucius-Pattern No.98 Lasgun by TIOW The "There Is Only War" mod team is looking to free the universe of the chaos with the start on their futuristic Warhammer 40k Lasgun. Looking forward to how it will look inside Squad and what a future total conversion in this universe could bring! Model is done by Justin Maclin and Defcon, Texturework is by Der Kommissar. Samland Peninsula Update by Legion_X Steady progress was made on Samland Peninsula. More villages, as well as an old factory and an ammunition depot were added. Legion_X is currently focussing on the town area which takes the most time to design. He hopes to finish it in about a month, we'll make sure to keep everyone updated. Sarau (Revamped and reworked) by Noxxid3 Inspired by Kashan Desert from Project Reality which was originally created by Duckhunt, Sarau is a 16km2 map focused on a combined arms combat. The centerpiece of the map is a large military facility in the Sarau Desert which offers medium to close quarters engagements for infantry while you can expect most of the vehicle combat to happen in the wide open desert and oil fields around the military facility offering medium to long range engagements. Panjab by SaltySeaKook Taking a real world location from Afghanistan, SaltySeaKook has taken a solid base and run with it. Looking to offer an interesting play style, it will have lots of vegetation, in addition to an urban area. The intersection of two valleys will play host to smaller villages and farms as well. Rocky, steep hills ensure that both the villages and the terrain hosting them will ensure hard-fought battles, with or without vehicles. Squad Ops Mod by [OPS] Hamleet & Bestpony Steam Workshop Support It's here! It's finally here! If you're interested how we got here, under the experience guidance of Zak Strange and Chris Greig, check out the previous The Road to Modding. Caught up? Good. We've got some ground to cover! Remember, you can always find these directions in the Squad Field Manual. The following guides assume you have the Squad SDK installed already. It's a large download, so you may want to start that now. Need a hand with that? Check out the Squad Field Manual. Additional guides for server administrators can be found under the Modding category of the wiki. Create a Mod Click the "Create Mod" button. Fill out the Create Squad Mod form. Note: This information will be visible in Steam Workshop. Note: Mod names cannot have spaces or special characters. Listen to the form! Click "Create Mod." You should receive a "[yourmodname] was created successfully," notification. Click "View options" in the bottom right hand corner and select "Show Plugin Content." Click the button with the 3 horizontal lines next to "Filters" in the content browser. Scroll down in Folder View and you should see a folder named modname Content Select that folder. All of your mod's content should live here. Start creating! Play a mod locally Package your mod so that is playable. Navigate to output folder that now containers your mod package. Danger: Do not modify the folder with the name of your mod! Danger: Seriously, don't. Navigate to your Squad install directory. Create a folder named Plugins. It may already exist. It should resemble this: X:\Root\Games\Squad\Plugins. Inside of Plugins folder, create a folder called Mods It may exist already. Copy your mod from the output folder above to the Mods folder. (Re)start Squad All of your mod's content should live here. Boot into Jensen's Range and AdminChangeMap from the console. Brag to your friends. You're a modder! Uploading your mod to Steam Workshop Cook your mod. (See "Play a mod locally") Click "Share Mod" button on the toolbar. Click the Steam Workshop image. Enter notes into the changelog This may be as simple as, "Initial release to Steam," or a detailed list of changes. Enjoy life as the progress bar churns toward completion. This may take some time. Note: Once completed, it may take some time to appear on Steam. Note: Steam performs maintenance on Tuesdays, during which most features are inaccessible. If your mod does not appear within a few hours, please consult the FAQ for assistance. Play mod through Steam Workshop Cook your mod. (See above for assistance.) Upload to Steam Workshop. Open Steam and navigate to the Steam Workshop. Locate your mod in the Workshop. Click "Subscribe". Brush up on your squad leader etiquette while it downloads. (Re)Start Squad. Have fun! (Or don't. We're not your parents. But we'll be disappointed, not mad, if you don't.) Remember, advanced guides and guides for server administrators can be found under the Modding category of the wiki. Squad Modding Hub Management Team Out. Please note: Offworld Industries is not responsible for mod content. Please contact the creator for assistance.
  5. Alpha 9.15

    Hey Squaddies, Alpha 9.15 is here and we're sneaking the first iteration of modding support out with it. Presenting the Squad Workshop. Please make sure to check out the notes for more information! Fixed Custom Servers browser showing licensed servers. Changed Yeho Invasion 2 Final Stand flag minimum enemies to capture the flag to 3 like all other flags. Fixed a weapons cache spawning in a closed building on Logar Night Insurgency. Mestia: Fixed issues with vehicle claiming and vehicle respawns. Mestia: Did more adjustments to the lighting. Mestia: Regarding a performance issue some users have reported - we are able to reproduce it on one of our systems now. Unfortunately, it's not an easy fix. The affected GPUs need for a certain operation more than twenty times as long as otherwise comparable GPUs. We are still working on a solution. The only way to reduce this issue for now is lowering the in-game resolution. Added initial gameside support for modding and steam workshop integration. Custom servers are now allowed to run modded maps. Players trying to join a modded server will be directed to the steam workshop if they aren't subscribed to the required mods. Read more about modding in the upcoming Modding Recap article. Instructions to get started on modding can be found in the modding section of the wiki: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Category:Modding. Changed game files to packaged format to allow mod packs to be loaded. This causes an increased update size and update install time. We're very, very excited to finally have this in your hands. Hit us with your feedback!
  6. Welcome to Squad! We're glad you found home. =)
  7. ...we've had a few looks.
  8. Heh, absolutely! We can even burn hops in effigy.
  9. Release

    Yep! It's definitely important to note that content in recaps may very well be a WIP that an artist was able to capture a render for *that day*. They may still have days or weeks of work before it gets passed on to the next part of the team to continue work. As an example, there might be a building asset prepared for a map. Once that's done, it has to wait for said map to be ready for buildings: terrain might be done, lighting. After that, it still has to have layers added, QA done, bugs fixed, new layers created and tested. A change in the animation system might mean a choke point is no longer a choke point, and then the mappers have to take another look, say. That doesn't necessarily take into account someone being pulled away to help on an urgent bug, say. (Heads-up: I'm abstracting the process here, actual mileage may vary.) Even with that in mind, we think it's important to showcase what the teams are doing. They also afford the opportunity to get YOUR feedback on things like model accuracy, or input into new systems we're thinking about. And... heck, we love ya'll and appreciate your passion. The above is a hypothetical example, but hopefully it gives a better idea of what something shown off in a recap can be.
  10. Azimut needs a black outline.

    Oooh, that is a bit hard to see.
  11. Does this persist across resolution changes? What resolution(s) are you using? There was a patch relocating the button to help awhile back, and we're not hearing widespread reports of it again. Hopefully it's just a quick settings reset that fixes it. =)
  12. What are you working on?

    Definitely worth the wait! Thanks for sharing! Take care of yourself out there.
  13. Squad.exe - Fatal Application Exit

    That sounds like it may be an issue with DirectX. Have you tried updating from Microsoft? You should be able to find it via Windows Update. =) If you continue to have issues, please don't hesitate to email us for additional help!
  14. Alpha 9.14

    Hey Squaddies, Hope you're enjoying the free weekend! This hotfix includes various fixes for some issues discovered during wider play of Mestia. We'll keep an eye on things and roll it back if there are any major issues. Mestia bug fixes. Correctly named Yehorivka Invasion v2. Don't forget to join us tomorrow, as we hit Twitch for Stack-Up for Veterans Day. Offworld Out.