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  1. Alpha 12.1

    If you're experiencing a crash after the update, please clear your cache using Option 1 here: https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002768887-How-to-manually-clear-your-user-settings-cache Do not enable skins in-game for now, please. =)
  2. Colorblind

    I believe looking into some colorblind modes is on the agenda, though the UI is still being developed. I know it's something the team is taking into consideration... though can't guarantee it will apply to things like camouflage. =)
  3. When about thermals?

    No ETA/promises yet, but the designers have considered thermal as part of the component system, if it could be balanced appropriately. As I'm sure you've seen, the balance between AT and armor is pretty delicate and complex, especially while we flesh out tanks and the components on 'em.
  4. Thermite grenades in game

    I believe the folks working on the Destruction game mode had something similar planned as part of the game objectives, though the further you get from a standard infantry squad, the less likely it is to appear in Squad. Given the limited use for it (though an absolutely GREAT use of thermite) means it would be a lower priority addition, but certainly a possibility down the line.
  5. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    Nothing firm. Some of our devs like to mess around with it, and it may work in some capacity, but it's not a priority at the moment. We may re-evaluate that after early access however.
  6. Fokke's Battlepics - Highres

    Yup, getting passed around for team wallpapers now. =)
  7. Alpha 12.1 on Public Testing

    Make sure you're using the Squad - Public Testing entry, NOT your normal Squad installation. Servers may not be up at the moment (Not quite 7am at the office yet; just us earlybirds), but they would appear under the Custom Servers tab in all likelihood.
  8. Linking accounts

    Yep, definitely not the first. =) We're looking into it.
  9. Karm has sent out the word that public playtesting is commencing another round for Alpha 12.1. Be advised that the Squad - Public Testing app is already in your library and is a full Squad install for testing purposes. Careful with your bandwidth limits! Check under the "Custom Servers" tab if you don't see a testing server available. BIGGEST CHANGES: Large number of optimisations in foliage, UI, textures and audio which should result in less memory used Vehicle damage has been tweaked and fixed. Some vehicles would not take damage as intended, and armor/damage values have been changed for balance. Vehicle gearbox has been tweaked a bit. Driving uphill should be less problematic. AT-4 damage has been increased. Weapon handling changes: sway has been reduced, recoil has been tweaked. Several layer balance tweaks WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU: Feedback on memory-related issues (loading times, hitches, server loading timeouts). Is it better than A12, the same, or worse? What issues still remain for you? Please post this feedback in the #bug-reports-a12 channel on Discord: http://discord.gg/Squad
  10. Alpha 12 SDK is Live!

    Looks like an SDK install is roughly 103 gb, plus or minus ~10 for DDC, and whatever you're working on yourself. 8 gb RAM being used wouldn't surprise me, in general, these days, as Guan_Yu007 mentioned.
  11. Squad Leader backer removed from credits

    Support has been a little busy helping with Post Scriptum too, but they are working through the log. We'll give 'em another poke. It's likely an accident resulting in trying to clean up the credits -- it was getting kinda of messy, there were a bunch of duplicates, and it's due for some love, I think.
  12. Night operations?

    People do, regardless, because it's easier and static. Guessing leaning on EAC would be possible too, to some extent, but folks will always find hardware solutions too. That's only really part of the issue though: the real challenges, as I understand it, comes in mapping and lighting. Instead of one lightsource that powers the whole map, you're looking at dozens, overlapping, and creating all sorts of visual effects. This causes quite a performance hit, especially as you scale maps up to helicopter-friendly sizes. Doesn't mean there won't ever be night maps, but they'll have to meet some tough optimization goals before they're ready for 100 players.
  13. Tank Interiors addition

    We'd like to add some form of turning out or limited interiors eventually, but as noted, they are a little expensive performance-wise. Our focus on optimization could mean some gains that allow for stuff like this to be added a little sooner, though. SgtRoss talks a bit about this, I think, back in his SquadChat. The ability to kinda "duck" by aiming up in some vehicles is a bit of a stop-gap.
  14. You should be able to download and test the Squad - Public Testing app today: We'll be rolling it into a hotfix for the main branch as soon as we've confirmed the fixes... fixed it. Our apologies for the trouble and downtime, but we are working hard to resolve the issue!
  15. Trying to edit driver and gunner position M1A2

    You might have some luck asking in the Squad Modding Hub discord: https://discord.gg/663RkPc