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  1. Radial Menu for weapon switching

    I've got epoxy and a few spare keyboards. We can make this happen.
  2. Release - Alpha 9.11

    It won't necessarily help with smaller, hotfix-type patches, but it is definitely the right first step for larger/more in-depth ones. Certainly worth a shot in most cases too, maybe after verifying data. Kinda like turning the power off and on again, heh. Or maybe checking to see how many versions of video driver I'm behind on again.
  3. FOB GMG's

    These are for home defense, right?
  4. What are you working on?

    Yeah! It's an absolutely fascinating and often overlooked battle. I think I legitimately learned about it by playing Battlefield 2142, then digging into that wikihole. Who said video games weren't educational?
  5. Release for v10?

    You may be interested to see what the modding team at Squadfrance.fr is doing: https://squadfrance.fr/squad-mod-francais/ They've taken on Mali and the French forces with a large team and are making consistently beautiful stuff. =)
  6. Radial Menu for weapon switching

    Personally speaking, it's purely a speed/twitch issue for me. I don't want to sort through visual elements that may block the target, or mess with mousing off-target, to switch to my pistol, say. Not as much of an issue when switching to a shovel, though, hehe. Are you thinking of this as a supporting element? Something you might use before going into an objective, in addition to the number keys/mwheel?
  7. The Wrench - August 2017 Edition

    It does get mentioned in the modding Discord typically, but you're right, we can do a better job of letting you folks know when we're updating the SDK. May not be part of The Wrench, though, as it typically features community modding projects.
  8. Release - Alpha 9.11

    Hey Squaddies, We've got a few crash fixes for you. In related news, we're also trying to keep your head above ground, where squaddies belong. Fixed a crash related to loading into a match. Fixed a crash when using the +connect launch parameter. Fixed spawning below ground after revive/ragdoll. Offworld Out.
  9. Falling under the map

    Should be a fix coming for this soon -- I think QA has nailed the cause down. Hang in there!
  10. If you'd like to know more about Level, they have been featured in Squad news previously! Dig 'em: https://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=194
  11. The Wrench - August 2017 Edition

    They're coming! Zak is actively working on integrating mods. (The first link in the Wrench). Believe me, we're as excited as you are to testfire these mods and maps. Personally always have a soft spot for Khe Sanh maps. The one in Eve of Destruction mod was some insane fighting.
  12. The Wrench - August 2017 Edition

    Hi Squaddies, With StrangeZak working on getting modding support in Squad itself, what better time for The Wrench? August is back to school time, and the modding community is definitely schooling us on what can be done. Let's get educated! Join us on the Community Modding Discord where you can join discussions and meet the modding community. It's a great place to share your ideas and passion with like-minded people that will be happy to help you along the way. 120mm Mortar by Bonfunk The French Foreign Legion has a storied history of mortar usage throughout many conflicts. Thus, it's only fitting that 120mm Mortar they've made good use of comes to Squad under the skillful hand of Bonfunk. These work-in-progress shots give us a look at what's to come. (Hint: A lot of fearsome firepower.) Finkarus by LoRDHitMan With all the features to please and a whopping 8x8km island to put them in, Finkarus is sure to please players no matter how they traverse the map. It features multiple cities and villages, two large mountains, many foothills and hilly areas, dense forests, and strategic structures like a bunker and radio tower. This map is sure to only get better as more vehicles are added to Squad. IDF Mod: West Bank Village CreativeRealms West Bank Village is one of a few maps planned for the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) mod, which offers a unique Mediterranean landscape where every game is (quite literally) an uphill battle. A combination of urban and large open environments will promote the use of more diverse combat tactics and keep both teams on their toes throughout the match. CreativeRealms is bringing some serious tactical challenges. Khe Sanh Combat Base Update by Socrates A U.S. Marines outpost south of the Vietnamese DMZ throughout the war. It is planned to be a 4x4km map ultimately focused on helicopter and ground vehicle warfare. Lots of progress has been made in terms of creating a sky, waterfall, and making the militia main base. Can't wait to see the finished map! Squad Modding Hub Management Team Out.
  13. Further Plans/DLC Plan

    We have plenty of ideas for what we'd like to do after the big 1.0 release, don't worry... but we're gonna get there first. =) I feel pretty confident that a lot of the cool personal projects and experiments folks are working on may make debuts after that.
  14. Somewhat related, SgtRoss dropped into a thread on reddit discussing a frontline style of gameplay. Might give some insight from our side of things. =)
  15. [WIP] Yamalo [Vanilla]

    Oooh, man, these threads are always the prettiest. Loving the update! Out of curiosity (and maybe off topic), what's drawing you to 4.16? Apart from the fact that we updated it. =P I know some of what the team was excited about in the update, but I'd love to hear what the mod/mapping community is digging on too.