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  1. Not directly Squad related, but having recently upgraded from 8 gigs, I can definitely tell you my system was hitting the limit there. Win10, i5 2500k (iirc), 8 gigs. Mostly winrot slowdowns, but holy crap, even the thumbnails on videos are snappy now. I am also that jerk that has 60 tabs open all the time, so ymmv, heh.
  2. Just to confirm, we're definitely in the Steam Summer Sale. We cannot confirm or deny if the Steam Summer Sale servers are currently on fire however!
  3. I keep trying to figure out what to define my label as, but then I confuse myself by liking something like Stardew Valley right alongside a hardcore RPG, then I'll flip over to PUBG. I think... I think I might just like games. I'm just glad Dota 2 set me free. Whew.
  4. Woot! Glad to hear someone else loves the Steam controller. It did take me a bit to get back up to speed in games like Rocket League, but I don't think I could go back now. Being able to change how a controller responds to my bad habits and gimpy wrists has been a huge blessing, to the point that I've gone back and enjoyed a lot of games I thought I hated. Turns out, I'm just bad at changing settings. Who knew? Best tip I got for adjusting was to hold it a little higher up in the hand, more in the fingers than the palm.
  5. Aww, thanks! You can definitely find me a variety of Discords already! Don't be afraid to say howdy. TotalEclipse: Thanks for the mirror-world greets!
  6. Let me preface by saving, I have no idea what ranges are like over there, but the local ones offer rentals and classes. You can try out a variety of makes and models to really get a feel for what works for you. That said, I don't know that I can add anything more than Lion offered -- nice post! .22 is definitely a good way to go, but don't forget air rifles can be a fun starting option too. Some of the ones these days are craaaaazy.
  7. Welcome to the party! Congratulations on your first build, let the "stress testing" begin. Bwaha!
  8. Digging in and loving this. Thanks for making it! Hot damn, I love a game with a lot to learn.
  9. Definitely one of the goals! SgtRoss has a lot on his plate, which is why I'm here to help. =) More bandwidth all around is a good thing.
  10. I'm firmly a third-waver. Typically roast to city, city+. Right now, I have some beans in from Madcap Roasters, and a blend of a Kenyan, Tanzanian, and Rwandan I scrapped together out of my last Sweet Maria's order, heh. Lots of rhubarb, some citrus flavors, like chocolates. Anything above full city starts to taste like charcoal to me, and I start to cry if the beans are oily. I usually brew on Chemex or v60, but get frisky with espresso, AeroPress, and cold brew sometimes.
  11. I'm me, dangit! I just told you that! I'm a gamer, a geek, aging punk, coffee roaster, crow admirer, and all around weirdo. Thanks for the welcome!
  12. Hi Squaddies! We have a new announcement for you today: a new community manager! Surprise: it's me! I'm honored to come aboard to help the team continue to build and represent YOUR passion. I know that the magic of Squad runs through the community -- playing a single round will tell you that instantly. Thank you for being here and I look forward to working with you all! Cheers, Greg (Gatzby)