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  1. Alpha 12.2

    Hey soldiers, Another batch of fixes is hot and ready to go. Here's to Squadtastic weekend! Patch Notes Fixed damage and effects bugs on the following projectiles: AT-4, Refleks, Kornet, TOW, M1A2 HEAT, T-72 Frag, Mortar HE & smoke Fixed bipod movement getting stuck on upper/lower pitch limit Fixed a bug in the role selection causing server performance issues Fixed an exploit where you would have a model and weapons from the team you switched from Fixed a bug preventing role selection on deployment screen after map change Fixed a bug that would cause weapons on vehicles to be upside down Fixed turret stabilization pitch not working for certain turret rotations Fixed gearbox shifting into reverse at high forward speeds when braking Fixed US IFV turret smoke launcher optic Set flag names on the map to have higher contrast Fixed capture point names on Kamdesh skirmish and Mestia Removed large M4 and calibration cube on Sumari Fixed several floating assets on Yehorivka Updated Yehorivka minimap Fixed issue with vehicle wheel fx shooting random dust forward while speeding Offworld Out.
  2. Stabilization makes my eyes bleed.

    Replied on reddit, but just to make sure: it's under investigation. It seems to be largely related to ping and/or poor server performance, so on-going optimizations should help it too. Some players have reported disabling and re-enabling may help as a temporary reprieve.
  3. v12.1 map offset...

    Hmm, think this may be the first report we've seen, so it may be based on certain maps or layers. If you happen to remember which one, or experience it again, it'd be great if you could note that down and share it. =)
  4. Alpha 12.1

    Hearing a few reports of this. If the turret/tank is healthy, try disabling and re-enabling stabilization. We'll be taking a look at it on the code side too. Generally speaking, we do release notes that cover both sides, but there is a Hosting Discord for admins available: https://discord.me/page/squadhosting should get you there.
  5. Hey Squaddies! We're bringing back SquadChats for one last hurrah this year. On Friday, Dec 14, at 10:00 PST/1800 UTC we'll be live at http://twitch.tv/joinsquad. Be sure to Subscribe to get notifications when we go live. The chat will be archived on Youtube and posted here if you can't make it. Feel free to submit questions here! We'll do our best to work them into the stream.
  6. You're already in good hands here, but I did want to add a few tips: - Keep trying! Squad is a hard game and getting used to spotting and moving as a team is hard. - Communicate! It's totally okay to let your squad leader know you're new. Ask for help. Be as specific as you can. - Use landmarks. Nobody knows where you are, but they know where 10 m left of the red barn is. It'll getcha a long way there. - Join us in the discord: http://discord.gg/Squad -- there are folks there to play with, ask questions to, or get assistance with issues. Thank you so much for giving Squad a shot!
  7. What Happened Exactly?

    There's currently a known issue with founders skins -- clear your cache and disable Veterans' Skins to get back in the game. If you're experiencing a new crashed unrelated to alpha 12's release, you may want to contact [email protected] If you're talking more in general, a good place to start is the thread Raging Death mentioned there. Further, we're an early access title, meaning that the game is still undergoing major changes, including major system additions and rewrites, the addition of new vehicles, the push to 100 players, as well as on-going optimization efforts. You can read more about Early Access here: https://store.steampowered.com/earlyaccessfaq/ Games in Early Access (often used interchangeably with the term Alpha) are not the final, retail experience and will have bugs, crashes, and may have incomplete features. The next stage of development, typically referred to as Beta, inches closer to release by being feature complete, but may still be buggy and require testing at various scales. You can read more about the software development lifecycle here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_release_life_cycle#Beta As Squad is still actively under development, we're still going to experience some of those issues, though hopefully less as we get closer and closer to release. If you find yourself especially frustrated, it may be wise to stick it out a little longer. We'll be here. =)
  8. Squad Leader backer removed from credits

    Oh yeah, probably got eaten by a bad return/end of line. Thanks for your understanding. =)
  9. Alpha 12.1

    If you're experiencing a crash after the update, please clear your cache using Option 1 here: https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002768887-How-to-manually-clear-your-user-settings-cache Do not enable skins in-game for now, please. =)
  10. Colorblind

    I believe looking into some colorblind modes is on the agenda, though the UI is still being developed. I know it's something the team is taking into consideration... though can't guarantee it will apply to things like camouflage. =)
  11. When about thermals?

    No ETA/promises yet, but the designers have considered thermal as part of the component system, if it could be balanced appropriately. As I'm sure you've seen, the balance between AT and armor is pretty delicate and complex, especially while we flesh out tanks and the components on 'em.
  12. Thermite grenades in game

    I believe the folks working on the Destruction game mode had something similar planned as part of the game objectives, though the further you get from a standard infantry squad, the less likely it is to appear in Squad. Given the limited use for it (though an absolutely GREAT use of thermite) means it would be a lower priority addition, but certainly a possibility down the line.
  13. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    Nothing firm. Some of our devs like to mess around with it, and it may work in some capacity, but it's not a priority at the moment. We may re-evaluate that after early access however.
  14. Fokke's Battlepics - Highres

    Yup, getting passed around for team wallpapers now. =)
  15. Alpha 12.1 on Public Testing

    Make sure you're using the Squad - Public Testing entry, NOT your normal Squad installation. Servers may not be up at the moment (Not quite 7am at the office yet; just us earlybirds), but they would appear under the Custom Servers tab in all likelihood.