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  1. The Wrench - September 2017 Edition

    As r0tzbua says below, the modding folks are centralized on the Discord, and they work hard to get a lot of The Wrench together. But yeah, it would make sense to pass the link around more. =) Thanks for the feedback. (Totes join the Discord though; they're good people.)
  2. Hi Squaddies, Winter may not be coming for all of us, but at least partly on the northern side of this cute little blue ball the days are getting shorter, nights are getting colder and the people spend more time in front of their PC rummaging around inside the Squad SDK. So, let's see what this community came up with in the month of September before hibernation kicks in! Join us on the Community Modding Discord where you can join discussions and meet the modding community. It's a great place to share your ideas and passion with like-minded people that will be happy to help you along the way. Afghan Valleys by dazZz-666 Based around the regions of the Hindu Kush mountain ranges between Afghanistan and Pakistan, this map caters to everyone who enjoys fighting in my rural areas as well as people with a taste for urban combat. It has been made with an US vs. Insurgent layer in mind and something for all the fans of the Afghan theatre. FN Minimi Mk3 by Pawin Made for the French Forces Squad mod, this work-in-progress weapon is already a beauty. For the modeler, Pawin, it was quite an unique experience because as everyone who tried to model a machine gun already knows: these things are complex and are filled with a lot of challenging components. Khe Sanh Combat Base by Socrates A regular appearance in these modding recaps, Socrates keeps on working on his Vietnam-themed map centered around the Khe Sanh Combat Base in South Vietnam. His focus for this month were the farms, dense jungles, and the trenches at the center of the map. From time to time, you can catch him streaming the development of the map on his Twitch channel for everyone to enjoy, so keep an eye on the Modding Discord to see it. Amazing to see all the pieces coming together! Al Bab/Syr1a Map by SQ-MAK AVCI Al Bab is a region in Syria not far from Aleppo, about 30 kilometers south of the Turkish border. SQ-MAK AVCI plans to develop a Turkish armed forces mod around this map and it's off to a great start!. So, let's hope we can experience urban street combat between the Turkish Armed Forces and Insurgents soon. IDF Mod: West Bank Village by CreativeRealms Already seen in a previous edition of The Wrench, CreativeRealms has made significant updates to his West Bank map since we've last seen it. He reworked the lighting and ground materials, as well as added some terraces and put some foliage down. The olive trees will provide great cover for any squad moving down the hill in its shadows. There's also a 360-degree view for everyone trying to get a grasp of the map here. Silver by Elitelurker Elitelurker is working on a map in a hilly region, filled with lush, but dry river banks, very steep hills, and winding roads all over it. The varied terrain should challenge squads with a variety of tactics and it will surely prove a challenge for designated drivers, too. Squad Modding Hub Management Team Out. P.S. Zeno loves you.
  3. Animation System Update

    If anyone was looking for a "tl;dr" version, motherdear is succinct:
  4. New to Forum, Experienced player

    First and foremost, welcome! I think you're in the right place: there are a variety of clans and organizations represented on the forums... but you'd also absolutely be welcome to chat 'em up in Discord too: http://discord.gg/squad. Folks like Squad Ops and Level welcome individual players looking for a way into the clan scene as well -- a great way to get a feel for it, and for how other clans play.
  5. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    Yep, squad locking went live with Alpha 9.6: http://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=180
  6. Steam Workshop Maps

    By supporting modding. =) Workshop support is coming along: https://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=203 It will be up to individual servers to choose their map rotations, though. (Just as it is now.) I'd encourage you to find your favorite servers and modders and have them kiss passionately. =)
  7. Is the Squad Wiki not active anymore?

    It's definitely still one of my favorite resources! The admin/spectator commands are the best quick reference.
  8. Animation System Update

    Some tidbits from around the web from our developers: motherdear gives us some insight into the optic jittering: Chuc touches on the conversion from Blueprints to C++: Just in case you were worried about Marksmen tracers: Which leads us to the calibre of Marksmen rounds, though not directly related to animation: And last, but assuredly not least, Kory weighs in on the animation system:
  9. Animation System Development Update Hi Squaddies, I'm Chuc, Lead Animator on Squad. You might know me from my previous work for Project Reality (where I was also Lead Animator), but also all the Squad updates and news forum posts that just so happened to be in my area of responsibility, though now is taken over by our community manager, Gatzby. I wanted to provide an update on where we're at with the Animation System, as well as the road we've had to take since beginning this system overhaul. Back in September 2015, even before we released in Early Access, we were starting to see a lot of flaws and shortcomings with our animation system. Which was severely hamstringing us not only performance-wise, but our ability to expand it and add new features in a stable and reliable manner. In reality what you, the player, are playing with now on the current Release version 9 is something that was built from the very early days of Unreal Engine, in order to get something working, with little regard for architecture and expandability. Over the months of development and Early Access release feedback, weve made some minor incremental improvements to it in terms of performance and some additional visual fidelity, but nothing major in terms of features. Fast forward to January 2016, when we had laid plans to rework the animation system with one of our Senior Programmers, Kory, in charge of learning and in essence building the system. At the same time, me and another animator Kab (recently hired at the time) were in charge of reanimating and re-rigging all of our weapon and character assets (over 1800 individual assets) as even the standards we were using with the old system were incorrect. We made significant progress with the creative side of development, where we had managed to re-animate almost 70% of all Squad content by September 2016, by which vehicles had been released. However due to prioritising of vehicles and the stress of having to learn a completely new system, we hadn't made as much progress on the animation programming side. Fortunately, Kab in his resourcefulness had managed to learn a great deal about how animations work within the engine (a lot of the visual improvements with the old system were thanks to him). And so we began giving a lot of the reins over to him as we dove head first back into creating a working prototype of the new animation system, complete with the features detailed in previous animation-related monthly recaps and videos. Come March 2017, after months of hard work, Kab and myself have managed to create a prototype that reworks the following items: 1. Visual Fidelity of Character movement, 2. Clear Separation of First and Third Person models, 3. Weapons Handling and aesthetics. In addition, a lot of the features requested from the outset, including vaulting, climbing, free-look and bipods, were included in the prototype, and what was previewed at the start of the year was the prototype version of the system. If we had released the system in its prototype stage, it would have been completely bug-ridden and performing worse than what the old system did. And so the next step involved the all-star programming team (Kory, Motherdear, Abdel, Kevin and Joe) taking this prototype, basically a vision of the system created by the artists, and turn it into a working system that can operate in harmony with everything else in the game. We are currently well into this delicate stage of development, working with a team of more than 9 people trying to see this process through as quickly and as bug-free as possible. While the programming team has been busy with their work on the system, we decided that I would look into motion capture as a way to vastly improve the visual fidelity of our characters. This was happening in tandem with the programming work, and included the motion capture session in July and its subsequent integration over the following month. The motion capture studio was in charge of taking the raw capture data and converting them into loops, a format which we can drop directly into the working animation system and literally see the results instantly. Working with Animatrik was an extremely valuable learning experience for the animation team, as I felt that I graduated from a hobbyist animator to a professional in my field. Every stage has been hard, and there is still work left to be done. What is remaining is converting the underlying code to C++, making architectural changes to how weapons and animations interact; networking key features; optimising the code; and setting the weapons up by our game designers in order to give flavour to the system. Once we're past those stages, ongoing optimisations, quality assurance evaluation and bug-fixing are what's left before players can get their hands on it. In the meantime, there has been a lot of polish done between August's Monthly Recap and now, so please enjoy a peek below. Back to the grind! Offworld Out.
  10. More Map commands for SLs

    We're here and reading actively. =) It's definitely the sort of feedback we can work into internal discussions/task priorities. Always interesting to see what organic topics come up, as opposed to the ones we put out there. (E.g., the territory control mode from the last recap.)
  11. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    Don't think so, apart from enjoying the Kickstarter campaign. Looking forward to see what their texture artists come up with after the first video. =)
  12. Hello!

    Welcome! We're glad to have ya!
  13. Bit late to say hi

    It's never too late! Well, I mean, after the zombie apocalypse is too late, but in the meantime, a belated welcome. =)
  14. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    And worth checking out: http://postscriptumgame.com/ Periscope has assembled a really fantastic team. We can't wait to see what they can do with the Offworld Core.
  15. Just Purchased Squad

    Welcome to the squad! Glad you're having fun! Spoiler: It's only getting started. =)