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  1. Change the menu music to old rock.

    But but... rock is dead! Long live rock! https://metalheadzone.com/guns-n-roses-slash-rock-isnt-mainstream-anymore/ And yeah, I'd love to have faction (or even region) specific tunes. Scott's got no shortage of talent, so I'm sure we'll see... er.... hear some good stuff in the future! Yes. =)
  2. A better tactical map

    Believe some changes to the maps are coming in alpha 12, but even if they don't, we have some in the pipe that should make things a little more useful. =) More interface updates dropping too. (e.g. fireteams!)
  3. Squad v10 - IED Compilation

    Welcome to the forums! Thanks for sharing your video -- fun seeing some friendly responses to it too!
  4. New variants for current vehicles?

    I suspect we'll see some variants, especially as we've learned some tricks along the way in making vehicles. They'd still require some art, design, and testing though. =)
  5. (ads/zoom) + (steady/zoom) = :-{

    Probably not for a12, but I do know there's some work around FOVs/scaling going on that may touch on this. Thank you for the images, they really do help to illustrate your point!
  6. Thanks for the feedback here, folks. Will make sure it gets passed along. The idea of optional tracers is pretty neat, imho. I could see it going well with another popular suggestion: repacking mags. It's not something we're currently working on, but it comes up enough that we're sure to look at it again in the future.
  7. AXL Attack, Explore, Logistics

    Heh, I imagine this, but with breaching charges:
  8. Some really interesting discussion here, thanks to everyone for digging in. The upcoming changes are definitely going to be a shift in gameplay, but I know we're in capable hands with Fuzzhead and SgtRoss. I hope ya'll give it a shot and keep the feedback coming. =)
  9. The Wrench - August 2018

    Hey Squaddies, With the hot summer finally slowly coming to an end (yeah, we're totally ignoring your winter here, ChanceBrahh. Get on our hemisphere.) and Modding 2.0 coming closer and closer, we can really look forward to the future. For now, let's do a quick check of what happened in the past month and see what our Modding Community has been cookin' up. Join us on the Community Modding Discord where you can join discussions and meet the modding community. It's a great place to share your ideas and passions with like-minded people that will happily help you create something awesome. Skrunda-1 by Pyrokills This map originally started out as a one to one replica of the real world location which is a Russian Military Radar Base disguised as a civilian town. As things went on the direction shifted into Pyrokills' interpretation of a STALKER/Fallout mashup. The current plan is to take the different zones of STALKER games and incorporate them together with Skrunda into a large 8x8km map. Will be interesting to see for sure! Swedish Armed Forces by Kim "Megadeth" Norman and Team AK5 C - Aimpoint CS & Aimpoint 3X by Kim Norman on Sketchfab The last few months have been exciting for people who are looking forward to new factions. This Wrench edition has a full force update from a lot of them including a newcomer to the scene! These two brave souls who are part of the Swedish Forces Pack from Arma3 are working on introducing the Swedes to Squad now. Skön! KLAS (Kort Lätt Attack Spade) by Kim Norman on Sketchfab [sketchfab]b2cedab2ee6f4f8d9bf1aaa685098122[/sketchfab] KLAS (Kort Lätt Attack Spade) by Kim Norman on Sketchfab First aid kit by Kim Norman on Sketchfab Training Range Map by IIResidentII A very nice Training Range map is currently in the works by IIResidentII who is building it for his platoon, Salagi, to train in different conditions. It includes a plethora of different ranges and will be available on the Steam Workshop in the future. Squad Zombie Mod by Smed & S1RHAWK No, Smed isn't talking about the new players (ahem... future squad leaders!) on free weekends of Squad, he made a real, PVP players vs zombie mod! Armed Forces are fighting to eradicate two zombie hives while fighting against endless waves of spawning (player)-zombies in this fun addition to the Squad mod scene. AI Civilians Mod by |HSR| Antol Antol has been working steadily on his AI behavior for civilians and the progress looks great already! With the help of community members Mitsu and wasti, he was able to create one of the main behaviors for his AI, featured in the video above. Canadian Armed Forces by CAFMod Team Progress has been steady in the Canadian Armed Forces Mod. With the player models currently being expanded to take new gear into account (backpacks, new Tactical Vests), modelers have been working on finishing up the Carl Gustaf M2 and put some final touches the base C7A2 while continuing to work on the attachments and accessories for it. (Cadex Front Grip, C79A2 scope, M203A1, etc.) Furthermore, the first public playtest happened! While it only included infantry and a placeholder scope, people seemed to have a blast (especially with the C7A2 sounds by TheScrub), eh? Schiessplatz Wichlen by Alac Ah, Switzerland! Home of great things like cheese, Heidi, Helvetica, cute knives, and our community member Alac. They're working on creating a training map based on a real-life training location in Switzerland. Compared to the other training maps around, this one is aimed at vehicle combat and is already being prepared for the release of MBTs. Finnish Defense Forces by FDFMod Compared to the Swedes, these guys are already well-established in the community and get begged for updates on our Discord quite often! After some quiet months, they are back with goodies made over the summer. Some of the smaller gear has already been implemented in-engine and some new weapons like the 81mm mortar and the KvKK (courtesy of the Arma FinMod team, who they are now collaborating with) are in the High Poly modeling stage. On the mapping side of things, they are working on creating props and buildings, as well as incorporating them into the world. French Foreign Legion Mod by Tactical Collective Modding Finishing the quadfecta (look it up) of Faction Mods the team behind the French Foreign Legion is giving us an update on their progress in video-form on their map, particle effects, animations and working vehicles. Check it out, and read their blog post on their website. Mount Storm Mod by [TACO] Moosieus Based around Lake Storm in West Virginia this map by Moosieus (a.k.a. A rather small moose) is defined by dense forests, a large reservoir lake which is flanked by power plants and a wind farm to the east. He's also kindly supplied some animations to bask in. NG Custom Server by New Generation If you see all these mods and wonder: "These are great, but where can I really play some mods?" NG has got you covered! New Generation have launched their custom server and it's now public! You can try the best mods and maps the community has to offer and they plan on adding content over time. In addition to hosting weekly events every Wednesday, the server is permanently open for all to play. Download the Mod Collection Holy heck, there was a lot going on last month! A huge thank you to everyone in the modding community for kicking so much ass. We hope you enjoyed the submissions as much as we did! If you want to be a part of it next month, you can get into it right away by using this form and submit your work! Squad Modding Hub Management Team Out. Please note: Offworld Industries is not responsible for mod content. Please contact the creator for assistance.
  10. The pitfall that is community feedback

    I assure you, there's no development team in the world that sets out to make their less than perfect product. The problems generally start when you run into finite money, time, and skills. =) Which leads to... Not necessarily true. You're still talking about years of development time prior to release, on-going development costs (continuing education, hosting, office space, recruiting, publishing costs, advertising, etc.) Ideally, it opens up the ability to acquire the best talent with the best ideas, but you still have to take into consideration that you're paying humans for their time, and they have other needs. Which doesn't necessarily touch on the dynamics of project planning: if you can do super awesome rocket launcher skins to the most realistic degree, or you can flesh out the sound system, or you can add a new map -- which you can do depends on the team you have, the time they have, the other resources you can throw at it, what the rest of the team is doing (coding time may be required to implement new art, etc.), what the goals for the given phase of work are, etc. And since no company works alone these days, there are considerations like anti-cheat software, engine updates, and cool stuff like tree generation middleware. I guess the takeaway might be as much as we want video games to be art, and perfect art, it's still a business with a lot of humans involved. =)
  11. Joint Fundraising Challenge

    Stack-Up.org is a wonderful charity and we'd highly recommend them. =) Thank you for partnering up with such a great organization! Chances are, you'll see a little more of them later this year too.
  12. [WIP] Black Rock Beach (Vanilla & JO_mod)

    heh, no worries, thanks for the follow up.
  13. Game Crashing

    Maybe a driver issue, so making sure video and sound files are up to date could help. I'd also recommend writing to [email protected] and letting them know what's up and what you've tried. They should be able to find a solution. =)
  14. There was a technical issue that was preventing turrets on turrets for a while, which as you note, PS has solved. I *think* this has freed us up to do some more work with tanks, but not sure how the final implementation will be. We do intend on having some way for a commander/gunner combination to see where each other are looking and coordinate a little more readily, too. (Though we don't want one to be able to control the other's view, of course.)
  15. August 2018 Recap

    Should generally only have three crewmembers -- driver, gunner, commander -- but it does have the cupola machinegun. You don't necessarily need anyone in it to run the tank though. Keeping an eye on the amount of people in a tank crew is something that does concern the designers, as it means you have less people on the front lines. Testing'll shake it out for sure, but it's on the radar.