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  1. I've been banned from two servers for TK because allies hit my mines that they can see on the map. DEV's please fix this issue. Shouldn't the TK's go to the driver or change mines so they don't count as TK's. There are multiple ways you can fix this. I had my mines at their second flag we rushed when another squad in a striker hit my mine and I got instant banned due to an auto TK script. "Already trolls are driving over mines on purpose. They get no penalty. They should get worse than the person who placed the mine." comment by Suds
  2. Click the suggestion link above to join the discussion or post here. This is by far my biggest issue with this game to date. Getting banned with limited servers is shitty.
  3. ΣT | Sigma Tactical

    I just got banned from your server because some ****wit allies hit my mine when I was playing scout. Please fix this issue. You can't go banning people that play scout because their allies have no clue how to use a map.