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  1. I just got banned for TK'ing an entire squad because their driver was a dip-shit and hit my mine about 400 meters away from me and I lost score in game. Of course they blame me when there is no way to prevent my team from hitting our mines they can see on the map. Please change to TK's go to the driver if they hit mines and kill themselves and or their squad.
  2. All this being said. I love Squad and I really thank all the devs for their hard time put into the game :D. Mines are new, there will be problems. I just really hope this one gets fixed sooner than later because I love playing scout! But I hate being occasionally banned for being so good nobody can see my mines! lol
  3. Exactly. ****ing Bullshit. Especially with AT mines when your team is utterly careless. I could much more understand RPG or IED although undecided on instant permaban for that either.
  4. This totally. I was babysitting my mines with voice proxy when they were way on the enemies side of the map (2nd flag). In a chokepoint no less, so they would most likely run through it and it worked on the enemy more than our own team. AND STILL our they got hit twice for a ban. ****ing incompetent. I was basically running around babysitting my mines to make sure our team didn't hit them than I was actually playing the game. Please fix this devs. I couldn't even voice communicate with my team because I AM SCOUT not SL.
  5. 7 tk autoban hardcoded and they make 100% of the "TK's" AT mines go to the ****ing scout that placed it. Jesus christ. Dev's? HELLO? I know Dev's and they are logical fellows, this will get fixed but we need to bring it to their attention. Please, help bring it to their attention. I have never been kicked for TK in any game before much less banned. only to ****ing AT MINES our careless team ran over when I was out babysitting the mines with proxy chat trying to prevent our allies from running them over but they did anyway when they were placed at a choke point at the enemies second flag after rushing and holding the point from a previous kill on an enemy striker with a mine. Too many people blame the mine placer than the ****wits that run them over with 9+ people in the vehicle. I have never ran over a mine because I use the map when I drive and understand driving a vehicle is putting everyone's lives at risk and when I am passenger I ****ing watch to make sure the driver isn't a moron. You think one of those seven or more passengers would have the diligence to ****ing open their map and pay attention, but no, they are all basically AFK useless waiting for instruction from their most likely incompetent squad leader that is more fascinated by his abuse of power kicking people for not obeying his every command as he micromanages his players than he is focused on logically winning the battle he is in.
  6. I've been banned from two servers for TK because allies hit my mines that they can see on the map. DEV's please fix this issue. Shouldn't the TK's go to the driver or change mines so they don't count as TK's. There are multiple ways you can fix this. I had my mines at their second flag we rushed when another squad in a striker hit my mine and I got instant banned due to an auto TK script. "Already trolls are driving over mines on purpose. They get no penalty. They should get worse than the person who placed the mine." comment by Suds
  7. Click the suggestion link above to join the discussion or post here. This is by far my biggest issue with this game to date. Getting banned with limited servers is shitty.
  8. This is ****ing terrible I see people getting banned because their team can't open their god damn map and watch for mines. This needs to be addressed. The other part of the issue is SERVER ADMINS put auto ban scripts on even when they aren't online so it bans anyone with a certain amount of TKS EX: a striker full of people insta ban from server. Even though they ran over your ****ing mine on the enemies side of the map. Complete bullshit.
  9. I just got banned from your server because some ****wit allies hit my mine when I was playing scout. Please fix this issue. You can't go banning people that play scout because their allies have no clue how to use a map.