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  1. New player searching for help on Optimising the Game.

    Yes that is a good chip. Older AMD chips don't hold up well, luckily the Ryzen series is massively different.
  2. pc needed

    I think It has more to do with Ram prices .More people are using Bitmain Antminers to mine bitcoins, than a bunch of GPU's I believe.
  3. Squad on consoles (ps4 and xbox one)

    What do you mean by not developer centred. Maybe if you're talking about Xbox, but it doesn't seen to be the case with Playstation. Yes they do get money from your sales, but so does Steam. Steam also doesn't provide all the back-end Xbox, and Sony has to. So if you want to get mad at companies taking money for doing nothing, I'd yell at Steam first. They don't really tell you what to do as well, depending on the platform.
  4. Yet another FPS topic (low fps)

    Forgot about that, thanks for the correction.I did a little reading on Kaby Lake, it also has new features like intel Optane.
  5. Release after v10? Maybe

    People have the right to complain about features being teased a year+ early. You have to try to have some perspective here. Maybe you can eat up every excuse to why game development is taking them so long, but I won't. V10 is going to be here at the end of 2018 at this rate... Don't even ask me how long OWI will take to implement Heli's and Tanks. Cuz we all know how long they take... What makes it worse for me, is that people genuinely believe that OWI is some god for the work they do. I hate to break it to them, but they're development teams like Facepunch that simply does these things better. Whether it be the rate of updates, or how they inform their community.. Maybe it's because we live in a world with dev teams like dayz, it makes OWI look amazing.
  6. Yet another FPS topic (low fps)

    In what way is a DDR4 upgrade required. If you are someone who wants the best performance in 99% of games your money will be best spent on a better cpu/gpu. I can't think of any game that shows "noticeable" performance from ddr4 ram. Maybe if you want to future proof your computer then it may be a good idea. But I really can't think of a way it is future proofing it to? By the time his ram is actually keeping his system down he would have upgraded his entire computer. It depends what your budget is. The cheapest CPU that can run squad at minimal specs is Intel Pentium G4600. It's a dual core cpu clocked at 3.6. You can't overclock the chip, but then again that means you won't have to spend money on a after market cooler. If you want to spend a bit more money go for a i5-7600k. You can get a aftermarket cooler and overclock the heck out of it.
  7. Thinking about getting into Squad

    Gotta tell the hundreds of teams using unreal engine 4, that it's still "in development". Just to clarify, UE4 will always be in development. But at any point in its development, studios can take a build and modify it to do what they want. Or just use the base version/features without going in the source files at all.
  8. Alpha 9.11 Released

    It's not a issue solely in the Russian community. It's a problem everywhere.
  9. Changing audio source while playing

    It's an engine issue, that will most likely have to be fixed by the engine team. 4.16 brought along the new audio engine, so it's always a possibility that it may be coming up soon. I think Merlin asked a question similar to this at GDC.
  10. US using UE4 for training

    The military has been doing this for a while now. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delta3D
  11. Very Low FPS

    Having lows of 55 shouldn't be seen as a good thing. Try to imagine peoples lows if they weren't using a system that costs over 1500 or whatever you spent. They've been pulling 20-50fps for the past year or so.
  12. Optimization

    That's because the title only uses 4 cores. If he linked a benchmark in english it would say that.
  13. Optimization

    I would have appreciated benchmarks in English. But still i can find others. Here's what i found about Hellbade Senua's Sacrifice. "The results here clearly show that in Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice that the game operates at optimal levels when using 4 total CPU cores, with any increase in core/thread count thereafter yielding no further increase in performance." https://www.overclock3d.net/reviews/software/hellblade_senua_s_sacrifice_pc_performance_review/8 It's extremely common for a dx11 title to have max 4 core usage. But it still doesn't equate to the usage of cores squad currently has. On top of that it's pushing out top of the line graphics. The rest of your examples don't really make that much sense. One is a game that is rapidly improving it's performance, and is almost okay in terms of optimization(PUBG).While the other example is a game going for the cartoon-y look, and isn't pushing the bar whatsoever in graphically or even scale of game. It also doesn't have nearly as bad as performance as squad. Then when i go down to the examples of good usage. I see games like doom which use a total different api. And then i see star citizen which has had it's optimization "****ed"(sorry children close your eyes) for a while now. Then we can go on to destiny, and i actually go read benchmarks that are in english. I read " The lack of CPU performance scaling across multiple settings sort of makes you wonder what’s going on, and whether the final launch will modify this behavior." http://www.gamersnexus.net/game-bench/3038-destiny-2-beta-cpu-benchmarks-testing-research Crisis 3, i guess you got me there. But the game was created a century ago, making it not a good comparison.For the Whither 3 you're correct in saying the game benefits from an i7 with more cores. But where your wrong is that it's using pc resources correctly. Because if you actually check recent benchmarks with chips more than 6 or 8 cores you will see the Whitcher 3 doesn't use any cores past 6. https://youtu.be/ocwwaVGUFtk?t=4m16s On a final note, if i wanted to cherry pick my best benchmarks, i would just throw out gears of war. Which scales amazingly across high cpu count, and different cards.
  14. Optimization

  15. Optimization

    It's not disrespectful to OWI when they haven't developed a standalone themselves, while bluehole has. To how it's relevant to the topic, i'd say it's probably one of more relevant things when it comes to game development. When you have a team of programmers that is ready to redesign an engine to there liking, it's going to run a lot faster/better than a team that only has a few programmers.It's kinda like what do you expect? First off why 8k content?Is there an actual point? And is the average poly count of each of the assets? as well as your average in those scenes. And it's completely understandable that you may not be able to get everything out of the engine you may like. A lot of the time developers get engines, it's not designed to do those things, so you redesign features to allow you to get there. That's one of the reasons why ue4 is designed around whole open source model. The example of PUBG isn't a bad example. Because when you are pushing out a graphics complexity that is considerably better than squad. Then it sorta showcases the engine really isn't the fault. I also really don't think it's condescending to point out the obvious.The obvious is Pubg is a big open world battlegrounds game that is capable of taking 100 players, and put them on the same map; while giving relatively decent fps. It ain't perfect, in terms of optimization. But it's still a whole of a lot better than squad. So that's why it's used as a point of comparison.