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  1. Amazon

    At this moment it's only available via steam. I doubt the devs will change that until the full release if ever.
  2. Optimization patch release date ?

    Mmm nope. It's the CPU. Just because games are made with the same same engine doesn't mean the have the same complications.

    This has been discussed about 600,000 times already, you can use the search function before posting to make sure you aren't reiterating something

    Just find the point of origin and flank it. Its not really hard.
  5. Since I didn't see a pinned feedback section for this map yet, I figured I'd make one myself because there's already a few problems I've found. One thing was on the AAS v1, the repair station at us main was not repairing or resupplying. Then on the invasion layer, the logi trucks had no supplies at the start of the round.
  6. Optimal Graphics for my GPU

    Everyone's fps is lower than it used to be in v9, so if you notice a drop its not your machine's fault, it's down to the optimization. I usually run everything on low except shadows.
  7. No more reshade, Any AA update?

    Lmao that's just not true in the slightest. 4k is expensive and not very many people who have other costs can afford it, and most games these days are much easier to see long distance.
  8. I don't think any kind of kill scoring system would emphasize this game's objective correctly. Games like rs2 and insurgency have kill tracking and a persistent k/d and it makes players play differently. When a game rewards personal achievement and skill, it causes more lone wolf style gameplay which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's not what squad is built on. If there is a point scoring system added, I think it should emphasize and reward teamwork aspects like capturing objectives, destroying enemy fobs, healing and revives, and logistics. The moment we see kill and K/D tracking added is the moment that teamwork becomes an afterthought and personal achievement becomes a priority for players in general. That is something I would not want to see in squad, and I'm 99% sure the devs feel the same way. Also to your last point about being able to see kills as you get them: there's a specific reason that there is no kill feed. It's a part of the realism aspect, and being able to tell when enemies are dead is a game changing mechanic. For example, if you know there's an enemy squad attacking and everyone calls out their kills, you'd know exactly when the enemies are cleared out. You'd know if that guy on the other side of a wall who you threw a grenade at is dead, and that changes the way you turn the corner. The level of uncertainty in this game is what keeps the pace slower, and more tactical. It's why there's no 3d spotting or mini map as well - the only information you can truly rely on is what you see and hear, and that is an essential philosophy for realistic shooters.

    If they made US vs ins realistic, you'd start up the match in a drone terminal and send some AGMs on a hill side and blow up an enemy cache lol.
  10. Russian 30 mm too OP ?

    Well we won't see LAVs till we get USMC because the US Army doesn't use them. The problem I see is that we don't really have a counter for the BTR-82A irl right now. The army uses strykers with .50 and 40mm GL turrets, but nothing like the 30mm autocannon. Closest thing I can think of is a Bradley and I bet they'll add those along with BMPs for Russia
  11. Steam controller problems in Squad

    Its really ergonomic, I always felt like the steam controller was a little clunky and the mousepad really doesn't work unless the game was designed for it.
  12. Steam controller problems in Squad

    Are you using the official Steam controller? I used to use that, but I switched to steelseries XL, and it works well. However it is Bluetooth and the latest windows 10 update makes Bluetooth controllers a bit winky, so you'll have to use a fix, but aside from that, I'm much happier with the new one.
  13. The point system is based around team contribution. You get a few points for kills, but the majority comes from things like capturing objectives, digging up fobs, and doing logi runs.
  14. The future of the LAT kit.

    Once heavier vehicles are added (tanks, IFVs) LAT kits will be in higher demand and I think I'd like to see some changes. Let me preface this by saying I don't know the specific penetration stats of RPGs and m72s. However I feel that soldiers carrying two rocket tubes breaks the immersion somewhat. A weapon would be pointless in real life if you needed two of them to do any significant damage; now I know that the current system is like this for balance and is probably going to change in the future, but I think with more demand for AT when we get new vehicles, it would be interesting to have LAT kits equipped with one rocket tube and a vehicle inventory where transports and APCs could have more tubes to be used. This would allow LATs to have lots of firepower still, but would keep it more realistic, since most transports have plenty of extra ammo. One way that this could be done easily is by giving vehicles s certain amount of ammo that can be used for resupply like from a fob. It could be reloaded just like the a10 logi system and I think along with helping people not run out of ammo so fast, it would further emphasize the importance of keeping vehicles alive and accessible.
  15. The models that ins uses are just placeholders, they're not the final version. The January recap showcases the new ins models and armored technicals that definetly make insurgents look like more than just some ragtag villagers. That faction is definetly going to be based more heavily around daesh and other Syrian factions rather than some Taliban villagers in the Afghan mountains.
  16. As far as I know, only militia get that one, the insurgents get a Ural truck with a zu-23 on the back, but it's really easy to get sniped off, and it definetly doesn't do as much damage as the 30mm AP does.
  17. Have you seen any combat footage of ISIS or Al Qaeda? They have plenty of armored vehicles and current equipment. Plus even the Taliban (which is sorta what current ins forces look like) have definetly had some pretty heavy equipment, but the Taliban isn't realistically what the ins are modeled after because a fight between 6 villagers and a US platoon with apaches and 105 arty would no fun lol. It's perfectly believable that ins would have MTLBs because the USSR produced a ton of them - like a shit ton. I'd like to see irregular forces have T-62s and older BMPs because those vehicles are absolutely in use by lots of real life irregular forces in Syria right now like ISIS, the Peshmerga Kurds, and Assad's forces, the Iraqis had loads of T-72s even after the Iraq war ended and those didn't just disappear. And no MTLBs are not tanks lmao. They're shitty, out-dated, poorly armored APCs that the Soviets handed out like candy for several decades. The insurgent MTLB that they rarely get is only equipped with a 7.62 PKT that does literally nothing to vehicles whatsoever. And the one equipped with a zu-23 was actually not even developed in Russia! It was created by Ukranians and used all over eastern Europe and the Middle East. As far as militia goes, I think they should get more armor when the conventional forces get it too. I don't think you really understand how many real life insurgent forces have old Soviet vehicles. It's not hard to obtain them when your country used to be part of the USSR and was supplied with thousands of BMPs, BTRs, T-72s, and lots of other equipment. I mean there are factories all over eastern Europe that still produce Soviet era weapons and vehicles on a daily basis.
  18. Is minecrafting ever effective?

    The thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn't make fortifications that the enemy can use against you. Setting up a wall of pillbox sandbags gives enemies great cover for shooting into your defenses. Also dont block all the entrances of a compound, just make it so they are at a disadvantage when entering. For example, instead of blocking all the doors with hescos, but the hesco 5 or 10 feet back to block incoming fire and make it harder to see what's happening inside. Use ladders to create extra firing positions on high walls. Use razor wire on the outside corners of doors and windows to make it harder to peek in.
  19. Why you should always be recording

    Here's one great reason not to always be recording: framerate
  20. The future of the LAT kit.

    I'm aware that somewhat outdated AT weapons probably can't "one shot" a modern APC, but any kind of HEAT round is more than capable of at least immobilizing them if used correctly
  21. Current stance on vbieds?

    Techie + scout's ied = VBIED right?
  22. Faction balance ideas

    BTR-82a beats literally everything else. The thing I like about squad is that using irregular forces makes you change up your play style. Sure you won't be able take a Stryker head on with a techie, but insurgents and militia get more vehicles, and they're faster, quieter, and lower profile. By far my two favorite vehicle are the BRDM and SPG techies because it's so easy to sneak up on enemy positions, land a hard blow and run away just as fast. Irregulars also have much smaller and better camoflauged HABs which is a huge advantage. The problem I see with insurgents/militia vs. US isn't the balance of vehicles, its the lack of the team's ability to take advantage of their assets correctly. Instead of sitting back with rocket arty trying to hit entrenched enemies, use it to make a distraction and drive your quick and stealthy vehicles on their flank and hit them from multiple sides. Use the small hab size to take advantage of small buildings where the enemy wouldn't expect a spawn. And in regards to the weapons which seem to be your biggest complaint, both irregular factions have access to rifleman kits with 7.62 rifles which have a noticeable damage increase. The insurgents G3/G3A3 does more damage than the M110, and you can use it just as any other rifleman, which is something that I think more than makes up for a lack of sights.
  23. Armor update

    Only thing we've heard recently is from the reddit AMA in which Merlin said that tanks are planned for this year, but there's no roadmap meaning no definitive date.
  24. Separate mags of tracers for SL role?

    I'm so on board with this! I can't stand being spotted every time I shoot as an SL.
  25. Anyone who told you people enjoy doing logi runs are idiots. There are a few, sure but the majority of players want to be in the action 100% of the time. Same thing goes for medics and even mortars sometimes. That's a big part of squad leading is getting your squad mates to do things for the team.