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  1. This game revolves around player interaction, and if you let one salty SL deter you completely, you won't enjoy it at all. Squad can be a seriously rewarding game and winning a match with a good squad is so very satisfying. Don't let one bad experience form your entire opinion on the game.
  2. classic fps issue

    Yeah that's what i mean haha
  3. M4 Acog

    I think more optics would make the game better. It would extend engagement distance and make the use of covering fire much more essential. We need a better suppression system to go along with it, but it would make the game feel more like project reality which is what a would prefer.
  4. classic fps issue

    AMD cards (even the ryzen series surprisingly) have a hard time running the UE4 engine. It's unfortunate but the only thing you can really do is wait for better optimization.
  5. What are your biggest pet peeves in squad?

    No I dont think that at all. Optics have advantages, but I never thought they "ruined fire fights"
  6. Biggest bugs (we're not talking spiders)

    I've noticed that too. Just yesterday i was sneaking up on someone who was looking a different direction the all of a sudden he shot me without even looking at me...?
  7. I think these changes should just be made to the base game
  8. What are your biggest pet peeves in squad?

    How do you figure?
  9. I don't think this is ever going to be something the developers will fix, because it sounds like you're joining a public server on Jensen's range where anyone can join and do whatever they want. If you want to have the server to yourself, you'lleither need to go to the shooting range, or find someone who's willing to give you access to a locked server. (Most likely by joining a clan)
  10. How many will be moving from SQUAD to Post Scriptum?

    Nobody is limited to playing one game at a time. I feel like everyone is going to be playing both.
  11. USMC & M1A1 Abrams tank. When??

    All we've heard from the devs about tanks is that they're in the works, but no real timeframe for a release. As far as USMC goes, to my knowledge at least, that won't be a focus for a while. I'd personally love to see marines, but I think OWI is working on expanding on existing gameplay aspects above adding new factions (aside from the brits). I'm not a dev though, so don't take everything I say as a guarantee, but I do keep up with all the news and updates fairly closely.
  12. battle royale mod for squad ? :)

    Not in squad. This game is built around large scale cooperation. That's a large part of what makes it a great game. Take that away and you're not left with much.
  13. M110 - Awfully weak

    The problem with authentic ballistics in videogames is that 1: one bullet would usually be incapacitating or lethal in real life and 2: modern body armor is rated to take a lot of beating, meaning shots on the players torso would have a low chance of damaging anything, then that would put insurgents and militia at a huge disadvantage because they don't have plate carriers. It would be interesting to see a game that replicates that aspect of combat more realistically, but in terms of gameplay, I don't think it necessarily has a place in squad. In terms of the "power" of marksman rifles, I think they're quite adequate. They do just enough damage to the torso that if you dont bandage right away, you bleed out. I think this is a decent compromise between guaranteed one-shot and multiple-shot kills. That combined with a high powered optic and binoculars makes any decent marksman a very deadly and useful asset.
  14. Roleplay, logi, apc, mortars?

    Until logistics is equivalent to the way it it is in project reality, I don't think anybody is going to make a dedicated logistics squad. If you play PR, you'll know almost all logi squads just use helicopters, not trucks.
  15. V10 weapon muzzle control

    I understand the point of the videos. My point is that while the recoil mechanics may be a little too much, its still an upgrade to make firefights more realistic in the sense that you can't accurately spam-fire your weapon and land every hit. Sure you might be able to do that irl on a firing range at 10m, but a firefight is a different story.