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  1. Frankly if you have the money to get the new build, I say go for it. The latest i7 is an absolute beast and the 1060 is a great value. I have a 1060 and I'm loving it.
  2. Mini-map

    I honestly don't man. Just because the game has some unrealistic aspects doesn't mean it can't have an influence of authenticity... I mean this game is the spiritual successor to project reality whose SOLE PURPOSE was to make a more realistic game in a battlefield 2 platform. Real factions using authentic loadouts and the implementation of logistics are clear signals that realism is an important aspect to the devs. I just don't see how that's not clear to you. I suppose it's not exactly a milsim but that doesn't mean it's not intended to be somewhat realistic.
  3. Mini-map

    Look dude I get that the devs won't make a 100% realistic game because it would draw from the fun of it all, but frankly I don't think we even need this debate because there is absolutely an influence from real life and authenticity. It's not even a question that the devs won't implement a minimal because it isn't realistic. That s litteraly the whole reason.
  4. Thoughts on these Specs

    I'm still using a 1050ti, and it's working great, as for the others, the HDD should suffice, but getting an SSD will improve your experience monumentally, I have one just for squad and arma and it was a great improvement in terms of rendering and loading speeds. The i5 will work, but for the ram, you'll probably need something a little bit more up to date. With that build you'll be able to run the game, but some of the more demanding maps and going to dunk your frame rate
  5. Mini-map

    I don't know of your new to realistic shooters or what, but minimaps are totally out of the question. Soldiers don't have them irl, we're not getting them in game.
  6. Remove desert, remove Russian

    I agree the US vs RU is pretty over saturated, but I think the devs just chose somewhat generic factions to start with so they could focus on gameplay and mechanics first, which is understandable though I'd also love to see Canada, IDF, MEC, and the lot.
  7. You do this so much dude. You find a post and latch on to it spouting how you think it's pointless because the game is fine the way it is. You think the shooting mechanics are good the way they are? Great. That's your opinion, but that doesn't mean the rest of the payer base shares those thoughts. I'm not saying you shouldn't speak up if you don't like someone's ideas, but the way you do it, basically shaming various posters for voicing their ideas. You act like your "2000 hours" makes you more entitled to say what's good for squad and what isn't, when that simply just isn't the case. You need to find the line between voicing your own opinion and putting down others because of theirs; saying the op is unhelpful is subject to your own belief because I thought it was very helpful in expanding ways to make the game more enjoyable for me personally. Sure There's a possibility the aiming and alignment mechanics will stay the same, but that's no reason to stop brainstorming and being public with your ideas.
  8. The future of localized vehicle damage

    Obviously a kornet is going to be able to take out armor but a PG-7v is not going through the side plating or turret panels. There are dozens of accounts from desert storm and Iraqi freedom of M1's taking a direct perpendicular hit and needing little more than a new paint job. We've never lost an American Abrams and that's not for lack of trying.
  9. Share Your Free Weekend Experiences Here

    Lots BTR on BTR friendly fire. Lots.....
  10. AA vehicles

    Well the m113 minigun thing (which is actually called the m163 vads) was decommissioned in the 80s when it was replaced by the m6 linebacker and the avenger. I think if the US gets any kind of armored mobile AA it would be that for sure, but in terms of realism, we'd be more likely to use the hmmwv variant. Oh wait we can't use the avenger now that the hmmwv was removed from the game.
  11. So I know this is a planned feature, and with tanks and IFVs coming (hopefully soonish), an advanced vehicle damage model is absolutely going to add to the immersion of the game. I'd just like to discuss the extent. First of all, there are several factors to attribute, I think the most important of which is penetration. Now modern armored vehicles have some of the most advanced armor imaginable. An Abrams for example has a hull thickness of 6 to 7 cm, making in genuinely impenetrable to many current AT weapons, especially RPG-7Vs. This creates an opportunity for some interesting balance ideas: standard LAT rounds won't be able to damage on a body shot, say on the side of the turret, or on a head on impact, but a well placed shot in the treads or the cannon itself could incapacitate it to some extent. This idea certainly isn't hard to understand, and I'm sure the devs are already well into at least conceptualizing this mechanic, but the implementation is more what I'm concerned about. Now the devs are frankly very devoted to making squad into the best game imaginable, but truly we can't expect them to implement something that's near impossible to create. Would all the vehicles have to be re-designed from scratch? Is the unreal engine capable of running an advanced penetration system? There are tons of things that need to be taken into account in terms of limitations to find the line between authentic and actually doable. And clearly I'm not a dev myself with no real experience in unreal engine development, so I can only speculate, but the attention to detail in textures and models in game are good signs that they'll be doing everything they can to give us the best experience.
  12. U.S. Army Anti-Tank

    I think once the new armor is introduced, all factions will have a hat and lat kits. Russians would get a tandem HEAT or RPG-26, and the US would get a Carl Gustav, AT-4 or maybe a javelin.
  13. Empty server privileges

    You can open the test range and use any admin command you want aside from spawning new assets, but you're able to load ant map, and use any kit. And you can unlock vehicles.
  14. Since I didn't see a pinned feedback section for this map yet, I figured I'd make one myself because there's already a few problems I've found. One thing was on the AAS v1, the repair station at us main was not repairing or resupplying. Then on the invasion layer, the logi trucks had no supplies at the start of the round.
  15. How to combat "dropshotting"

    That's a good question to raise. If you've ever played Arma, I think they did a pretty good job with it, basically sprinting into prone is fast but it disoriented your aim. There is no animation delay, it just takes a moment to regain accuracy. Going prone while standing still is a bit slower, with less disorientation. It's not perfect but its certainly better system than what we habe in squad imo.