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  1. New Player shopping for computer!

    Alright I REALLY appreciate the help guys, I didnt mean to start any kind of rift (lol), but I mainly am just interested in getting a tower as I will piece the rest together. As an experienced gamer in this genre I know what works best for me keyboard, mouse, etc etc...... Also $1-2K (fall somewhere in the middle preferably) is all I really care to spend which I feel should be sufficient for what I wan to use it for, I am not techy at all as far as builds go so I do need it already assembled. I will always leave room for an upgrade..... Thank you ALL again!
  2. New Player shopping for computer!

    Okay I have actually found 1 that is liquid cooled with those exact specs except it is a GTS1060 priced just under $1K..... Also, it is 16GB but clocked at 2400mhz...... Oh yeah as far as monitor is concerned I was just going to get a 28-32 inch HD tv, that is what I had in mind anyway......
  3. New Player shopping for computer!

    I have already received some good help without giving a budget.....lol Anyway my budget is between $1K-2K, good range there, I use my laptop for everything else, I will just use this one for gaming and maybe streaming, that's pretty much it..... Thanx will look into it, just curious what part of TN are you in?; Paris, TN here......
  4. New Player shopping for computer!

    Thanx for all the suggestions guys, definitely a good starting point, honestly I am ready to play now but I may upgrade in a year or so.....
  5. Squad Community, Hey what is up guys, veteran battlefield arena gamer but new to Squad. I have been out of the gaming circle for a while but am ready to jump back in. I have made this decision because Squad appears to be a game more so based on tactics than being a fast and fancy button presser (lol) where good planning and teamwork wins the day most of the time. Anyway I am a little behind and would just like to get some suggestions on a decent gaming rig that will run this game smoothly even in thick fire fights. I dont really have a ton to spend but the 1st thing that popped into my mind was maybe one of those Alien-ware packages designed strictly for gaming. So just wanted to get some ideas from some people who play this game a lot and see what you guys suggested, Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks guys! Kevin38