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  1. Bad experience with FP Facepunchers

    Nope, European.
  2. Hey Squaddies, Recently, I've had a very bad experience on FP server (or one of, not sure how many are there). One of their members, Sniper_N º 51, went ballistic upon my request for more men on the objective. He started calling our whole team retards, incapable of taking one point, while his squad was not on the first next point to be taken, but on the third one, on the other side of the map. His argument was that they "destroyed 3 enemy logi trucks, and that's them "playing the objective", after which he proceeded cussing on everyone, bragging on how he can do that because he is a member of FP and that's their server. Then he approached one of my squad members, told them that I am shit, and team killed on purpose again saying that he will get away with that because.. FP. I've got in touch with their admins, and after 2 days of providing screenshots (unfortunantely, no videos this time), they decided to do nothing (but they will if this repeats) tl;dr: FP Facepunchers member teamkills and offends the entire team, bragging how he can do all of it without reprecussions because he is a clan member on their server, which actually happens. I have brought this here because I'm trying as hard as I can to report such behavior at any time in order to keep the community "clean". Allowing this kind of behavior drives people from the game and/or sends a message that it can go unpunished.
  3. What's wrong with the updates?

    Hey guys, Anyone else having issues with the updates? I've been trying to update the public test (63.5mb) for about an hour now, doesn't seem like it will end soon. The filesize for the game changes constantly, I'm starting to think that it's re-downloading the whole game all over again.. Any chance we could get some info on this? I just wanted to hop in, but I can't even download an update.. btw, the game is installed on SSD.
  4. the forgotten map

    kohat toi! thanks! actually, i saw it about two days ago, it was really nice. thanks everyone
  5. the forgotten map

    hello! i remember playing one specific map (or a version), where the US are starting at the northern point, while the insurgents are holding the rest of the map (the points were mostly vertically alligned). the US forces would have to cross the bridge in order to get to the first point. i don't remember what version was it - invasion or something else. could someone please help me identify this map/version? also, i believe it was played on mumblerines server. cheers!
  6. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    french foreign legion would be nice. personal wish: serbian army vs UCK (the paramilitary formation formed on territory of the the serbian province of kosovo), which would require a new map
  7. Yehorivka - storage site cap radius is too large

    thing is, the rest of the map is not being used. great battles can be good if both teams are balanced, but on this map, one team has the high ground. throwing smoke helps only a bit, but it's still not concealing enough for the attacking* team to reach the defenders* without getting decimated in the matter of seconds. with that, all teams are always concentrated there, so you have the defenders actually counter attack, while other squads are picking off the remains. *attackers are usually the ones near the flag on the map, defenders are on the southern side, inside of the buildings. even if they aren't attacking from the other side of the storage site, the attackers are easily being killed while trying the flank due to open fields all around the building.
  8. hello guys n gals, for a couple of days now, we have been playing yehorivka (AAS), where the battle is taking place in storage site, mostly. the problem is - that cap point is waaaaay too big, so it's kind of a dead point - the first squad to cap the SW buildings usually wins the game (by far, after 3 games in 3 days, the winning team had 300+ tickets). a possible solution would be separating the southern and northern parts of the cap zone - making it into two (south storage and north storage), which would make it much more dinamic. just an idea, let me know what you think, please. cheers!
  9. cheaters

    i've been playing for a while, i know what's it like to play on such maps. i was not the only one to notice it, and that's why i did some research and brought it up. i understand that i can get hit from a distancea couple of times, but everytime..? no. take look at the videos from the link.
  10. cheaters

    hello boys n girls today, we got stomped by the militia forces (as US), on a dense forest map ( OPfirst light). the strange thing is - we got hit whyle laying in the grass (or crops), being hidden behind the tree, or just crawling from the ditch. there were no near hits, they were precise AF now, before you say "L2P", i'd like to give you this: i'm not sure if the devs are aware of what's happening, and if there's any anti-cheat system, but this was really frustrating and it's a big game breaker. just wanted to let you guys know. i kind of believed this is not a game where people would cheat, it seems (or seemed) mature comparing to the other games. cheers out.