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  1. crash at startup

    @beginna first, thanks for the tip! i will try this. second, the last time i played squad was about 2-3 months ago, i have the problems since 3 days when i wanted to start playing again.
  2. crash at startup

    hello lovely squad community, when i start the game and the controls pop up my game just freezes. i cant alt-tab out of it or alt f4 it, i can only restart my pc?! does anyone know how ti fix this? i realy want to learn the game!
  3. need a mentor/teacher

    i added you (raaf) im Dutch btw
  4. Dear squad players. would anyone like to play a game with me to help me learn the game? i played one game and people did help me but i would like some more help. if you would like to help me please comment (EU) thanks guys, -Raaf
  5. can i run

    thanks guys who answerd! so it seems i have to upgrade both!
  6. can i run

    Hello dear people, i realy love the game from the looks and gameplay i have seen on youtube. i know this is not a place to ask for this but i thought why not ask the guys who own the game could i run the game whit an gtx 750ti overclocked and an pentium 3,2 procesor? i someone knows please tell me Greatings -Raaf