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  1. Release - Alpha 9.13

    Thank you. This was definitely worth an update and totally did not need to be put off until V10.
  2. How does that count as experience when those groups barely have experience as military units?
  3. I too have noticed some discrepancies with aiming. I chose to rectify them myself, however.
  4. How many copies?

    You deleted a post commenting on the fact that the game and it's Kickstarter campaign have raised more than 10 million dollars for a game 3 years in the making that still doesn't have bipods. Its a phenomenal game, but the progress is significantly slow considering the amount of funding the game has.
  5. How many copies?

    Does anyone know how many copies of squad have actually been sold on Steam? I know SteamSpy has figures, but I wonder if that doesn't indicate the number of downloads, which would inevitably be altered by free weekends.
  6. Too many games?

    I'm glad someone gets it.
  7. Concealed Carry Pieces

    If you have to ask, you wouldn't understand.
  8. Too many games?

    But here's the thing. There is a finite number of players to populate PC games and with more and more games coming out every year, each game's player base gets thinner and thinner.
  9. Too many games?

    You're really not getting this, are you?
  10. Concealed Carry Pieces

    Just wondering if anyone else here carries and if so, what do you carry? I carry a Glock 42 with: Trijicon HD Night Sights Streamlight TLR-6 Light Vickers Extended Slide Release Hyve Monarch Trigger Hyve Extended Magazine Release Hyve +1 and +2 Magazine Base Plates Talon Rubber Decal Grips
  11. Too many games?

    I'm saying that if there's 100 players on two servers, that's 50 players per server. If there's 100 players on 5 servers, theres only 20 players per server. The more games, the less players per game.
  12. Too many games?

    I've noticed lately, as I'm sure we all have, an influx in FPS games, particularly those set in WW2. I can't help but feel that this is a detriment to the gaming community as a whole. It occurs to me, that the rate of increase in the games critically outpaces the rate of increase in gamers to populate these games, therefore reducing the number of players and reducing the lifespan of the games. I have compiled a list of games set during the second world war, both released and in development, and while it may be incomplete, it certainly shows a heavy market saturation. Festung Europa Westwall Hell Let Loose Post Scriptum Days of War Battalion 1944 Rising Storm Red Orchestra 2 Traction Wars Enlisted Call of Duty: WW2 Day of Infamy Heroes and Generals Combined with games from other genres and other eras (Insurgency, Squad, etc.) I worry that truly great games may fall down by the wayside due to more affordable, less immersive alternatives. Does anyone agree or am I off my nut?
  13. Another WW2 game enters the fight

    Im just saying, just once Id like to play as an American fighting Nazis. I mean, come on.