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  1. Another WW2 game enters the fight

    Im just saying, just once Id like to play as an American fighting Nazis. I mean, come on.
  2. Another WW2 game enters the fight

    I for one think this is great. WW2 is definitely an under-developed market. Im getting tired of the same Korean War, Desert Storm, Vietnam games.
  3. Get rid of the conquest game mode entirely

    Hate conquest mode, hate everything about it. You can take an objective as a team. Devoting players to maneuvering and conducting an offensive, then you move on to focus your resources on the next objective and 2 assholes slip through the line and cap it back. Bottom line, in a game where team play is everything, conquest is just like "haha nah"
  4. Red Orchestra 2 [SODIUM WARNING]

    Yeah its definitely a bit late, its just that Im noticing the effects of the shortcoming of the game now more than ever with the lack of any good WW2 titles to play.
  5. With the recent beta release of Rising Storm: Vietnam, I've been reflecting on the Red Orchestra 2 franchise a bit and its safe to say, I'm salty as ****. Before I get too into this, Id just like to say that I enjoy RO2 and Rising Storm. They're fun little games. They are however, a colossal disappointment compared to what they could have been. At the time when RO2 was released in 2011, there was really no new or unique games to to occupy the community's attention. Day of Defeat and RO1 were still tugging along, but they were getting stale. Arma2 was too buggy to be universally accepted. It was clear at that time that the next big game would set the standard for realism based FPS and military simulations for the next several years. Then came RO2... To this day, I'm not sure how Tripwire ****ed up so bad. They had so much going for them... Experienced developers, brand recognition, capital to develop a game. What went wrong? First, the game brings nothing new to the table. When you get right down to it, there really isn't any brow-raising new features. That wouldn't be so much of a problem if they had included features other games had incorporated successfully. To name a few: -Large maps -Destructible environments -Armor combat -Air combat (including paratroops) -Practical squad play (squad based classes) -Medic class -Inventory system -Multiple theaters of combat -Multiple nations -Weapon mechanics (zeroing, weapon maintenance, magazine merging) Second, I still cant figure out why you would make an arcade style shooter out of a historically themed game. I mean I get that the developers wanted to capitalize on the success of a leveling system like we see in the Call of Duty franchise, but I for one had hoped Tripwire was better than that. The historical inaccuracies are too much for me. A suppressed Nagant revolver? A double feed MP40? I suppose some would say that its a healthy balance, but I just think it looks like the retarded offspring of RO1 and Wolfenstein. I mean, what soldier in any nation's military had to see combat before being issued a bayonet? Normally, none of this would be that big of a deal. People make shitty games all the time. They cant all be solid gold like Project Reality and Squad. No, the reason RO2 and Rising Storm chap my ass is that Tripwire's inability to release a solid game began the process of splintering of the community in the way we are seeing today. It seems to me you cant throw a rock nowadays without hitting a new WW2 FPS, none of which achieve any kind of uniqueness or notoriety (Day of Infamy, Heroes and Generals, Battalion 1944, Days of War, Festung Europa, Traction Wars etc). Rather than having 100 players on one game, we have 20 players on 5 games. In closing, I remember when Battlefield 1942 was released in 2002 I was in a kind of awe at how comprehensive the game was. Sure it had its flaws, but for the time, it was ground breaking. Since then, we still have yet to see anything similar. Tripwire had the opportunity to rectify this, but instead they gave us the painfully mediocre Red Orchestra 2, and now they're doing it again with Rising Storm: Vietnam.
  6. Escape From Tarkov 20% off

    I feel like this game is going to be dominated by annoying Russians.
  7. >>Play SWAT game. >> Walther MPL Wat.
  8. I posted this on the PR forums, but I figured I'd try here as well. So I bought this PC recently: http://www.microcenter.com/product/470342/codex_x-032us_desktop_computer I cant help but feel like I need a better monitor to keep up with it. Can anyone recommend one? I value quality over size and Id like to keep it under $500. Thanks in advance. P.S. Is this a good computer?
  9. Squad selecting.

    I apologize if this has been suggested before. In Project Reality, when you're in the squad screen and you click on a squad, the members of that squad flash in white on the map. I find that this feature is particularly useful in joining squads so I can sees what squads are working together, versus those who are spread all over the map. Its also makes it easier to coordinate attacks and defenses.