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  1. Interesting, I've just had a somewhat similar idea. Mine wasn't about the spawn time though. I would just disallow FOBs to be placed outside a certain range to the nearest flag (or a bigger range to the HQ). Maybe the two could be combined. That should make a fairly solid system. Here is an example, how that might work (radius around HQ is twice the radius around capture zones).:
  2. Remove the bleeding due to falling

    Broken bones can pierce the skin and yes you can actually bleed to death from that, if you're unlucky. We just need a proper climbing mechanic and this won't be an issue anymore. Until then, just keep it as is and be more careful.
  3. ^This It is fairly stupid and tends to make rounds very boring. I think a big part of the problem are FOBs. It would get much harder to pull off if you couldn't simply place an FOB on or near that flag you want to block. I'd say disallow FOBs from beeing placed in/near enemy controlled territory (which includes their HQ). Capture a flag to gain control area on the map, then build your FOB somewhere in that area. > That is how I feel the game should advance. You don't realistically build an FOB before capturing the area. As far as the original idea goes: Just hiding those flags from the map wouldn't change much. You can still fairly easily determine if the enemy hasn't captured them and attempt to block. Hiding them from the map would also most likely confuse newcomers even more than they already are. Do we really need that?
  4. Like I said, I really don't mind a good, proper rush. That is moving a suitable force quickly into position to hold off or distract the enemy. There is skill in that and that is perfectly fine. What I don't like is a group of merely 3 people beeing able to put an FOB right under the nose of the enemy, just by being quick. FOBs shouldn't be available so early on, or should at least be harder to build (or take longer to become active). Or maybe add some sort of control-radius around each captured objective and a bigger radius around the HQ. FOBs would then only be able to be placed within that radius. (a control area like in "Steel Division: Normandy 44" would also work) This shouldn't affect most tactics (if the radius around objectives is big enough) as you're still able to put FOBs in the flank of the enemy (just not far behind them) but it would require rushers to actually capture the flag, before they can start building their FOB there. Here is an example how that might work.: You see the initial radius to place a FOB is fairly large, so you can make FOBs early on, just not close to the enemy. Once you capture some flags you can move your FOBs closer. Of course the FOBs stay, even when their control-area is lost but maybe that would increase the spawntime on them.
  5. Why the medic aversion?

    Hmm that is actually a very good point. Make the medic too favourable (as far as his kit goes) and more people would use it without actually doing their job. I think it's good as it is.
  6. It is a cheap tactic that doesn't require much. I've seen it used on a server as many as 8 times in a row! As a result, a single squad doing this caused these 8 rounds to become incredibly boring. How is that good for anyone? To be clear, I really don't mind loosing against a good tactic. Not at all, as long as the round stays interesting and fun to play. > I'd much rather loose a tough fight than win one with cheesy methods like that. The thing is, they can ONLY hold it because FOBs can be built so early and quickly, even right under the enemies nose. Otherwise they wouldn't stand a chance.
  7. I'd normally agree but I've seen too many rounds that started with a very quick logi-rush to build an FOB on one of the very first enemy flags. That made it almost impossible for the opposing team to set foot on the map and even when they managed to take out that FOB, it usually slowed them down so much that the remaining round was completely unbalanced. If done quick enough, then it is really hard to counter and it makes the round rather boring (hence "broken"). The thing that bothers me most is that this really makes no sense from a realistic point of view and I do normally enjoy squad for having somewhat realistic battles. Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind having prolonged fights over the first flags and a rush there can be a good tactic. I just don't like the whole: Drive a logi over there as fast as possible, with nothing more than a few people, put down a HAB and suddenly the whole team can spawn on it. These spawnpoints are much to powerful to be available so early and easily. I'd much rather see people actually having to fight hard to even be able to set up a FOB (or do it out of sight of the enemy). Getting such a huge advantage just because a few guys are quick in the first few minutes of the match seems wrong.
  8. I think logi-trucks should not be available at the beginning. Let them spawn a bit later. That should at least help against the early fob-rushes that can so easily break a round.
  9. Why the medic aversion?

    Sorry you're not really making sense there. Medics can already see casualties and can (via mic) relay that information to their squad. Never really had a problem with that, so I'm not sure. (if in doubt, check your map) Might be good to have a green circle or something around the icon. @embecmom Yes. Getting everyone up is good, IF there is time and you have enough cover. Otherwise it's better to just revive leaders and medics from other squads. They can take care of the rest. It's not good if you spend all your bandages on random people and then you have none left when your squad moves on. An alternative would be, to ask the survivors from other squads to bandage their comrades before you heal them.
  10. It certainly gives you some points, but not nearly as much as a squad playing the objectives. Also this is not about individual scores, but the total score of a squad. It's not supposed to happen in between rounds, it happens on the next map. Don't be stubborn, give it a chance. You sound like you don't even want it to work. Why is that? There will certainly be some borderline situations where it may not be perfect but I assure you it will still be better than what we have now.
  11. Why the medic aversion?

    Not sure what you mean by "ability". Personally, I do that a lot In general I think medics are the best class to support the SL and keep him updated about the situation. I usually check my map A LOT when I play as medic (probably even more than most squadleaders do), so I convey any important information that they may not have noticed yet.
  12. Mortars on small maps

    I'd say we need a pre-defined mortar-limit for each map, depending on the size and setting. Mortars are vehicles to me and they should be limited in a similar way.
  13. What is the point in creating the same vote twice in two different subforums?
  14. Types of Annoying Players

    - The guy who complains about someones voice instead of actually listening to what the person says. also... - Everyone who goes crazy when they hear an actual womans voice on the radio. Seriously... what century are you from?
  15. ^This, so many people forget (or don't know) about that. Even squadleaders and they should really be checking their map frequently enough to know. Especially when you're down yourself, just keep an eye on the name-colors to see the status of your medics.