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  1. Pre-round 'Ready' system

    Good news guys, a more fleshed out planning phase has already been confirmed by the devs. What this will entail I do not know. But they have confirmed this on the reddit squad sub-forum. Take a look here:
  2. Pre-round 'Ready' system

    Exactly, with a little luck as Well in the mix. And a game that requires such cooperation and strategy should have a system to support this type of gameplay. NOT a 120 second or 180 second cluster****, of people screaming, talking over each other and getting confused.
  3. Pre-round 'Ready' system

    That's fine suds, as stated previously this post contains a poll to formulate data to give the devs to show them the popularity of such a system, which seems to be ahead by a large margin currently, thanks for the input anyway. In response to the it's the slow squad leaders that is the problem, I agree, but that is something out of our control, a ready system would put the power in the hands of the rest of the people. I am not against the idea of an extended timer either, I think that would work just as Well. However I think a ready system would also be a nice implementation for more competitive servers and would be of better use as the game travels along it's developing journey as more robust and complicated tactics are required for the aspects of the game that are to be implemented at a later date.
  4. Pre-round 'Ready' system

    That's cool Zylfrax, thanks for your opinion, However it seems many people disagree with you going by the polls and I still believe that 120 seconds is not long enough.
  5. Pre-round 'Ready' system

    Again another great idea man, we should keep this brain storming going and hopefully it will catch the attention of the developers. I truly believe a system similar to your suggestion would lead to a much better game experience. For new players and the veterans.
  6. Pre-round 'Ready' system

    Fantastic idea!! Kind of like chivalry where you can't leave the spawn zone at the start of a round! That would make things much simpler
  7. Pre-round 'Ready' system

    Glad you agree Dani. I don't see how longer time for planning can hurt at all as long as there is an overall timer that is around 5-10 mins in length that forces the game to start - to stop possible trolls stopping the game from launching if there is no active server admin.
  8. Pre-round 'Ready' system

    Just to add - I've only just done a search and noticed that there are a couple of threads on this issue (apologies, I am new) however they have not posted a poll. and I believe the data formulated would be of use to possible developers viewing this thread and to see if we can reach a general consensus.
  9. Hacking prevalence

    Exactly this. I have a qualification in networking and what loff said is pretty much bang on. Packets can be lost very easily, and it's even easier for us to misinterpret that information.
  10. In my opinion, from a purely gameplay and balance perspective I don't think this should remain in game, it's to likely to be abused - and finding enemy fobs via a MI5 tracking James bond IED just sounds ludicrous to me, and on another note takes away from the military realism aspect this game provides to a degree and for me personally would ruin immersion. All in all - it's an explosive. It blows things up. It's not a tracker and it should remain an explosive. If they want to add trackers into the game - cool. But an IED is what it says on the tin. An improvised explosive device.
  11. Pre-round 'Ready' system

    A good suggestion. I think however in terms of more competitive games that a ready system would still be a better option. Allowing a lengthy time of discussion in terms of tactics and planning and them maybe a simple 4 minute extension on public servers? Or even better - an option of both and see which suits the community most? Who knows, let's see how the polls turn out.
  12. Hi fellas, this is my first post on the forums so just want to say hello! And ask this question. We all know how crucial the beginning of the round is and how it tends to set the pace for the rest of the game. In my personal opinion I believe that a tactical game like our beloved squad would really benefit from some form of 'ready' system (when a certain percentage of players and or squad leaders have selected a "squad ready option" then the time commences) Time and time again we see squads not being made because either people don't want to lead, or because of slow HDDs, whilst the other side is set up, plan of action formulated and is raring to Go. Often leading to a steam roll of the objectives. Games like even battlefield have a system and we all know how little to no planning goes into their rounds. I believe this would be a fairly simple fix and would be quite easy to implement possibly? (No dev experience aha) and would lead to much more intense and fun games with more cohesive tactics from both sides - something a game like squad is for. Rather than a rush to cram squads in and whoever can formulate a plan in the first 100 seconds.. What are your guys thoughts? And thanks for any input you guys give back. Cheers!