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  1. Haha indeed. I think a lot of people don't necessarily realise how quickly people can achieve what they want with adequate training and muscle memory. The reloads and weapon switches in game are beautifully long but seem to represent the lowest order of training/skill with regards to the combatant.
  2. I pretty much only play on RIP, excellent atmosphere. Thanks for hosting a brilliant server.
  3. You have a weird sense of humour. 1080p is relevant if you don't want to upgrade your GPU every year to play the newest games at 144 fps. Trying to convince your wife that you want to spend £600 on a GPU is hard enough once every 5 years.
  4. Clearly I hit a nerve when I pointed out how inadequate your build was at meeting the user's needs. I'm keen to see how you respond further
  5. "I would not cheap out". Are you fourteen? " can make a budget build for less, but that is not what I was going for". You recommend the components that meet the clients needs. "that includes a gaming monitor. You most likely won't even hear the thing run." Yeah, I don't remember him mentioning noise being an issue. You've suggested so many unnecessary components without even explaining or offering an explanation of what they are. You're not here to help, you're here to flaunt your *ahem* "knowledge". By cutting the unnecessary hardware and making adjustments to your components, you could get a build centred around a 1080ti, and 4k and achieve greater gaming performance still less than the price you offered. This demonstrates just how little you know about building for purpose. Your grabbing components like supermarket sweep until you hit the budget cap is not going to help anyone. Excellent conjecture by the way, actually, I've never used any monitor before. I play games on a stone tablet by carving each successive frame with my finger nails. I never suggested that he purchase those, I was simply demonstrating how off the mark yours was. Must I dismantle your exhausting diatribe regarding peripheral selection? I selected several very commonly chosen peripherals that a gamer would buy, I wasn't asked to recommend a mouse, keyboard or headphones, I factored in a reasonable cost projection. I have already offered him my suggestions, he has illicit no desire to build his own computer so will likely be purchasing a pre-built system. Did you recognise that in your eagerness to window shop with other people's money? I chose W10 Pro because I always use Pro, you're absolutely right that he can save a bit (certainly not anywhere near 50% where the hell are you buying your OEM Windows keys) more money by not using it, as with the peripherals I factored in a reasonable projection of cost. The details get fleshed out when the base unit is considered, I only mentioned peripherals to remind you that he said $1-2k, not $2k+you'll need to get a keyboard, mouse, OS, some speakers or headphones and something to transfer the OS.
  6. Seems to go far and above what is necessary and doesn't include operating system, an optical drive or consideration for how he will install an OS, keyboard, mouse etc. Unless you're the shop owner seeking the best return I don't know why you would exhaust a budget with unnecessary components - like 2 SSD drives, a 7700k (when a 7600 would suffice), a 144hz 1440 monitor when the person was expecting a 28-32" TV ([email protected]), a gold rated fully modular PSU when a bronze rated semi modular 600w or less would suffice and have similar thermal efficiency. You could change the build and provide similar level of performance at 1080 (~10 fps), with OS (w10 pro), keyboard (standard), mouse (logitech g502), headphones (steelseries siberia v2) and 27" [email protected] vdu. All for ~$1600. You save yourself ~$650, have a fit for purpose unit and everything you need to get going.
  7. With a 1070 you would be looking at high/maximum graphics at 1080p and 60 fps on full servers, unless the developers did something seriously wrong between now and release or include further graphical fidelity not currently in the alpha. Unless you plan on gaming in an oven there is no reason to introduce liquid cooling solutions. They offer a sizeable cost increase with very little benefit at stock speeds. I'm not based in the US which I'm presuming you are, based on the currency and based on this : I'm guessing that's the product you just looked at? Bundle's are great offers (building yourself will typically be better). What you need to look out for with bundles, is the supplier using it to get rid of products with low volume sales. The h60 is one of those products. If they're including watercooling - the had better be overclocking it too and offering a sizeable warranty to boot. Do not buy that system. Your budget is around what I expected - but you may need to stretch a little to get the components I recommended when considerations are made to it being built for you. I was looking at around $1k (or £1500 in the UK because we pay more). So you can see that you're probably going to be adding a couple of hundred dollars because of it being a bundle - particularly because they always try to push i7's onto you when you're getting a 1070 or better. i5 6500, 6600, 6600k, 7500, 7600, 7600k i7 6700, 6700k, 7700, 7700k GTX 1070, GTX 1080 Any one of those paired together in a system being offered for less than $1300 is around the right territory. If you can build yourself (i.e. can look at a picture online and handle a screwdriver) you can probably save yourself some money but you will lose out on any bundle warranty (instead be looking at individual component warranty). I have no doubt someone else here will be US based and can direct you to a reliable source for your needs. Provided they use the components listed above you'll be dandy and have a reliable, powerful gaming system. If you move into AMD territory you can often find more performance for less cost or less cost for the same performance, however AMD have a reputation and history for being unreliable. I've regretted building a few systems that have had complaints of driver failure on their GPU's, overheating on the components and regular system crashes. I haven't recommended an AMD product for this reason for a long while. If nobody chimes in with a decent US supplier I'll research them for you, but I'm confident someone here will have a beat on who is what on your side of the sea.
  8. I never said they couldn't. Anyway, OP, take my advice: don't take their advice. Lol
  9. Yes. Are you suggesting he shouldn't? Recommending that someone build a computer for a game that is still in development is possibly some of the worst advice that you could provide. Perhaps I'm missing some joke, if so I am keen to be pointed in the direction of the punchline.
  10. But you said that the graphics and animations are not the same (neither are the sounds). Neither are the physics. The UI is not the same. I'm not getting you, it is almost the same (and not yet released). You sound like you just want a different game mate.
  11. You heard about Squad but didn't read about it before buying it?
  12. Something amazing like...? " What will be similar to and what will be different from the Project Reality Mod? In general we want to keep the time tested features that we loved from PR and try new things with the mechanics that we felt could use improvement. To be more specific things like Forward Operating Bases (FOBs), Rally Points (RPs), player-operated transportation, combined arms warfare, and in general tight-knit squad gameplay will still be around. On the other hand there will be things like weapons handling, map fidelity, logistics, and game-modes which were often limited by what we could do with the engine and will be greatly expanded upon. " The part you missed that seems pertinent: " What is Squad? Squad is an in-development tactical first person shooter built around teamwork and cooperation. It seeks to bridge the rather large gap between arcade shooter and military sim, and is based in large part on the ideas introduced by our predecessor, the Project Reality modification for Battlefield 2. "
  13. I'd pay more money for better graphics again. Better graphics costs the developers money so why not me too.
  14. They're more stupid. You give humanity far too much faith.
  15. My advice is, if you are building for squad, wait. Wait at least a year. You could build something now and end up regretting that you could have waited 6-12 months and have access to the next family of Intel processors, the latest gpu revisions and having the knowledge of how the game plays (performance) when everything else that they wish to include has been added to the game. If you're not just building for squad and need a new computer soon - can you wait 4-6 months? Intel is bringing out their next line of processors in the second half of this year and it's well worth waiting for this. If you really need one now, I recommend GTX1070 and i5 7600k, with 16GB memory clocked at 3000mhz if on a budget. This gives you excellent price/performance.