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  1. How few of you understand populating a server or multiplayer server administration? Have any of you at least been given some server admin privileges in any game? It seems like everyone just wants to be able to keep their stacked teams, maybe even after team switching to the winning side as I've seen far too common lately, such poor sportsmanship.
  2. Scrambling teams prevents servers from emptying very often and it's usually the only course of action a server admin could take at that point to maintain player numbers. Even if the server doesn't completely empty out, it's not like the teams are balanced by players switching in the next map, it's usually balanced by players connecting and you just won't get enough players connecting per minute to keep a server alive at certain hours after a bad game. What exactly is so bad about letting server admins set their server to scramble after every N rounds or to initiate a scramble either after the round ends or immediately with a map restart/cycle. What's the point in restricting what server admins can do or what settings they can have? It's not like you alone are being auto-balanced, you'd still see about half of your squad mates and team and you might not even notice the other team if they had too few players remaining. It doesn't even take that long for people to switch around after a scramble as people join and leave at the end/start of a round unless you've been stacking close to half the team, which would just be sad.