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  1. Pentium 5 g4560

    I understand that too my goal is to get the game playable and open future upgrade paths atm.
  2. Pentium 5 g4560

    That was exactly what I was thinking too. An added plus is an upgradepath to i5 for the future! I think I will get the pentium ans post some benches here since there's not much info about that processor with squad.
  3. Pentium 5 g4560

    My fx 6300 gets 20 fps and the pentium seems to be on par with the current gen i3? I mean 30fps min with low gfx would be enough for now. Besides doesn't squad just pretty much rely on single core performance in which the pentium should beat the crappy fx 6300 any day any time?
  4. Pentium 5 g4560

    Since this processor seems to be about just as fast as the i5 2500k (min spec) I was wondering if this could run squad at 40fps with my geforce 960?