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  1. MTLB

    Demonstration of military vehicles at Bronnitsy test range It's russian testing grounds and these MTLBs are being tested there. Even in 2011 they weren't in russian army service.
  2. MTLB

    It relates to things they make. Like all westerners imagine their "RUSSIAN WORLD" a one big icy part of a MOTHERLAND. You see what you want to see. To understand a nation you have to get into it's culture, language, traditions. But instead of this you prefer to live in a world where Russia meets your criteria based on internet and american movies.
  3. MTLB

    Because it is a prototype. Russian army has a aconscription system and NONE of my friends saw such types of vehicles. Some of the tank divisions not even have MTLBs in any configuration. As i said in other post if they use prototypes in game why wouldn't they put a soviet laser tank https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1K17_Szhatie
  4. MTLB

    What mekes you think they are not? I don't think you can argue being in South Africa about russian vehicles with russian?! Just imagine if I'd say americans mostly use M113 as main IFV with 25mm gun.
  5. MTLB

    I'm so sorry, but don't take it as an offence. This development of vehicles you never saw, and never used and can judge by watching videos reminds me Hollywood movies where american actors playing russians with horrible accent which I (russian) can't understand. But americans and other non russian speakers will think it's a real russian language. The same happens here with these vehicles, weapons and other stuff.
  6. MTLB

    I do understand, but puting these prototype vehicles in game makes no sense. Why not to make some laser tanks soviets produced? They were also a prototypes. I hope you see my point.
  7. MTLB

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MT-LB here is the link that shows all modifications of MTLB include prototypes which never went into production include 6MA 14.5 and 6MB 30mm. They are in service around the country (it's not depends on climate) as towing vehicle or as APC (7.62mm and 12.7mm) nothing more.
  8. MTLB

    The 30mm MTLB footage was made in early 2000. And they were just a prototypes and unseccessfull ones. You will see none of them in russian army (i mean 30mm 2a42 and 14.5mm KPVT). Thats what I'm pointing to. Other MTLBs are very common in russian army with PKT 7.62 and 12.7 NSVT. P.S. I'm not arguing about tactics in use of this vehicle.
  9. Second topic for today. Now let's talk about 30mm automatic cannons. The 2a42 has gas operated system which allows it to change rate of fire from ~200-300 to 550 RPM. It has better accuracy then 2a72. Used on BMP-2, BMD-2, BMD-3, Mi-28, Ka-52 (and YOUR MTLB 30mm) The 2a72 has long recoil operation system with fixed to 300-330 RPM. And it's used on BMP-3, BMD-4, BMD-4M, BTR-80A, BTR-82A. So we have in game two types of 30mm autocannons which has the same accuracy, same ROF which is much lower then IRL. Before you say:"It was made to keep balance in game." I want to ask... If you made it for balance, shouldn't you make SVD even to M110 (which will include same "returning-crosshair-back-to-target) and M4's ROF even to AK-74?
  10. MTLB

    As you all know devs added some wierd stuff like MTLB 30mm and MTLB KPVT 14.5. I just want to ask where did you get info these vehicles are in service? The MTLB itself is just a multi-purpose towing vehicle probably equally compared to M113. Why the hell you decided to make them as IFV. Maximum it can carry troops and be in a role as APC (armed with 7.62 or 12.7). Are you making this game based on real facts or just your imagination?