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  1. Hi guys! UPC changed my router. Since then the server browser loads very slowly servers and usually find few 5-10 or no serwers. I tried many other games (COD, CS GO, BF4) without problem. Do you have idea what is the problem and how can I fix it? Thanks for your help.
  2. GTX1070 owners topic

    I have moved squad folder to a SSD M.2 drive, deleted all Nvidia sofwares and the newest VGA driver, the win 10 uses now 381.89 driver. The game runs with stabile 60 FPS in all maps, on 78/78 servers. All is epic and on super sampling 1.25. (If I raise to 1.5, FPS will lower 45-50.) It is acceptable performance I think.
  3. GTX1070 owners topic

    When ss off the FPS is higher.
  4. GTX1070 owners topic

    Here is the screenshot from the 3DMark 11 result, and you can see my CPU's ang VGA's datas.
  5. GTX1070 owners topic

    Guys, thanks for replies. I had a little time yesterday, I made some tests in a 50/50 server. See the results: Up the CPU's result (Aida64), down the VGA's (GPU-Z) CPU runs on half performance, temperature is about 65-70, far from its limit (100 C). It seems Squad is not a challenge for an i7-7700. But the game eats the 1070 for breakfast, VGA runs near 100 %, temp is about 70 C, (throttling limit is about 83 C) I have tested my config with 3DMark 11 (19200 points, it is normal) and with other games: GTAV, Battlefield 4 Multi, IL-2 Sturmovik BOM Multi, all run with stabile 60 fps, no drops. I red the following in the post of the latest update: "Please always reset your appdata in the game settings on every new build!" I cannot find "reset" button in the game settings. Should I clean a folder or something? And: How can I clean my client information? And I will try this older driver tomorrow. I hope these will help me.
  6. Hi! My present config is: Gigabyte B250-HD3P mobo Intel i7-7700 2x8 GB Kingston HyperX FuryBlack 2400 MHZ Gigabyte GTX1070 Windforce OC (8GB)+ForceWare 381.89 Dell 23" 1080p Graphic settings: all epic, all switch is on, the super sampling is off In 70/70 server the game runs with 30-60 fps, is depend on the situation. If I set super sampling 2, it will run with 20-30 fps. I monitor the PC's performance with Aida64 and GPU-Z. When I playing the CPU load is about 50-60 % the VGA near 100%. (GPU-VRAM frequency 90-100%, VRAM 7 GB) Is it normal? I think is too weak. It ran only a bit worst on my former config (i5-3570+R9-290+2x4 GB RAM). What is your experience? I have another issue: When I join to a server after a couple minutes the screen freeze for 10-20 secs, then it runs fluently. What is it? On my former config wasn't make it.
  7. New Player Setup - Will it run?

    Hi! I have i7-7700, giga gtx 1070 wf2 oc, 16 gb RAM and giga b250 mobo. Everything epic and on only the supersampling off and it runs only 30-60 fps. Is it OK? On Yt I have found videos with same vga and it runs 60+ fps...