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  1. Hi guys, I just played with the rpg29 and realised the arming distance is really far , like 20 meters or so (around 3 logi trucks distance or so). Not sure if its a bug or intended or not , but I think it should be closer than that
  2. There are issues with motocycles getting stuck in certain areas (can move but not enough to get out and above an incline). In particular , in Al basrah , there are flower fields or some sort of field in a depression , and motocycles lose their horsepower due to the new traction mechanic or whatever its called. It also happens random in certain parts of the desert.
  3. Ammobag

    Disagree with the abuse part....you do realize you can climb onto higher parts of a building with a vehicle or another person too right? Might be cheezy to help you get over walls easier but i'd say its being smart utilizing what you have. Lets just say it replaces the ability to move stuff in-game to help you get over walls.
  4. Its not a v12 bug , and technically not a bug but more of a flaw in the reload design/secondary armament in vehicles design
  5. Hi , since the 9.3 to 9.4 patch , I've been getting a squad.exe "no disk in the drive" error popup after the mini-loading popup at the start when you launch the game. I am launching it on steam. I can play the name by pressing continue , as the game continues to load , but its getting on my nerves as even after the 9.5 hotfix patch didnt fix it. I also verfied the game integrity on steam and it says eveyrthing is fine. Please advise on how to fix this. Thanks!
  6. There had been an change fortification/defenses building circle tracker and I felt it was harder to navigate than before ( I believe i am comparing v9.3 to 9.4) Didnt want to comment until i played enough , but i still feel its hard to navigate the main sections, or not as intuitive as before. I do admit with more constructables , UI space is valuable and it is very hard to fit everything into a space while making it user friendly I was wondering if we could group things like sandbags into one component , then press a button or two to alternative between them. So for sandbags , all of them would be under one category, you click it , it shows the standard one. Then you can press Q and E choose different variations. And the construction system remembers your selection for that component ,so if you want to keep building hesco blocks , you dont need to keep pressing the button to get to it. Alternatively we can also use the mouse wheel. With this system ,we can also add more variation for sandbags for example so we can have higher or lower stacks and individual stacks for windows for example. Perhaps a last-built component will be good too , cause with multiple categories , we have to filter back through them to build the same thing again. Or a button for building multiple/ showing the last built component green-shadow-ghost--thingy
  7. By stackable , the IED starts of with one mortar round for example and the more you dig , the more mortar rounds you add to it ( perhaps it might be only for insurgents where you can add more, to add some dynamics to gameplay) So the IED becomes "stronger" the more you dig , maybe up to 5 stages ( 5 mortar rounds?) Hopefully the IEDs become stronger because it couldnt even destroy a logi truck one time i tried it. And so if other factions have a different kind of IED based off C4s or whatnot , then maybe specifically for insurgents they can have a really large ied with this "stackable" version of IEDs
  8. 9.4 Thoughts?

    IEDs are way too weak. Didnt even destroy a logi truck. Probably about less than 1m from the ied. Maybe a "stackable" ied where you put more ieds the more you dig so it gets a stronger explosion