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  1. Squad or CoD w/ Comms?

    So I've been playing this game for a little over a month. I'm not a gamer, haven't played a video game for a while. My buddy told me I had to check Squad out because of how realistic the game was and set me up with a GPU. The game is so far phenomenal, however, there seems to be a large number of people who play the game like it's some run and gun shooter. Scratch that, MOST people play the game like a run and gun shooter. I've seen this style of play blamed on the recent free weekend, but I'm not sure I buy that excuse. For example, I move slowly through cover and quickly in the open, covering flanks and stopping to observe open fields of fire, like real soldiers do, and I get some gamer bitching at me because I didn't rush the enemy with him like John Rambo. I go SL and get bitched at for not rushing the enemy as well. This behavior seems to come from experienced gamers that have strange movie inspired ideas on what constitutes realism. The whole experience feels like a let down and a waste of money. Here we have an amazing game that's being utilized in the most unimaginative and ignorant of ways, which pretty much ruins it. What do others think here? Is this run and gun style of play really a result of the free weekend?