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  1. July 2018 Recap

    Could you guys work on the SL map marking tool. It's very frustrating trying to mark something on a map in its current state
  2. Mortars FTW

    you can just type it in squad chat then use the ~ with the up arrow to refer back to them. Faster than writing and speaking imo
  3. K/D RATIO

    I agree riflemen are the "meat" so to speak I don't think this guy was playing the game very effective. He basically contributed 2 tickets to the team. Unless he had an insane flag cap score I'm not impressed. Sounds like he spent most of his time trying to be John Rambo. I think if the devs intended for the game to be played like this they would have called it something other than SQUAD. He may have broken even with his KD but his team probably suffered from the lack of cohesion that a well organized team would capitalize on. There is a reason the devs hide these stats until end game because if an AT man saw his KD was 3-14 after crawling through a ditch under fire just to get 1 rocket out only have his head taken off by 50 cal. he might switch kit to marksman. Although KD can win games it's not the most import thing when it comes to winning at SQUAD and isn't that what any game is about?Especially when it comes to game modes like invasion or even AAS on al basrah. I've seen teams have 500 + deaths and win. If you are looking for the glory in having the highest Kd in an FPS i don't think this is the right game. Considering some of the highest Kd you'll get are from sitting on a mortar looking at a calculator or through the box of a crow playing whack a mole from 400 m away.
  4. Alpha 9.8 Released

    Anyone experience any invisible players after being revived?
  5. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    Just a suggestion: give the ability to drop an extra mag or bandage to a squad mate in need. I'm sure this is something done in real life. The only potential for abuse, that i can think of, would be dropping all of your ammo, then command respawn. You could counter this by only allowing players to drop one mag per life.
  6. Are you a good shot?

    Try hunching your back forward so that your face is 2" away from the screen.
  7. "Rank" For Squad Lead

    what about letting the players rank their SL's? Have it where players inside the squad can click on their SL's name and give them a like or dislike then based on your votes you get a 1 to 5 star rating that will appear in the squad name banner. side note: I think the problem with the lack of Leaders during free weekend is partly because it is exhausting. Having to baby sit every new player while wrangling the more experience players that get frustrated and grab a marksman kit while running off screaming LEEEROY JENKINS! it gets pretty tiring
  8. well there is a damage model for wall penetration for heavy rounds. I think they should apply this to roofs. Maybe have it penetrate the first layer but dissipate after that. so if your on the top floor or a single story hut you will take damage but, the more layers between you and the impact the safer you are.
  9. Armour on Technicals

    I think the idea of balancing teams is not weighted in vehicles. Militia and Insurgents don't have light armor BUT they get I.E.D.'s, mines and a HAT kit to add balance. I personally think it works fantastic. It gives dynamics to the tactics used by each faction. If every faction was armored to the teeth then you would use the same tactics and gun fights would get rather boring. You still get those heavy armor clashes on some maps (Murica v. Russia) but if you are fighting as INS or Militia you have to use guerrilla tactics. Stick to the shadows and be a sneaky ****.
  10. Alpha 9.5 Released

    I know, It's actually 200-400 meters. I've tested it by setting a move mark and moving away to set FOB. I agree it's not a good fix but, I also see the devs reasoning in doing so.
  11. Steam controller support?

    Well it's been about 2 weeks and I'm enjoying everything about the controller. I can't see myself going back to mnk any time soon for shooters. Firstly I'm not MLG nor a peasant shaming try hard. I just love gaming and like to sit back and relax while doing so. With my steam controller I am no longer hunched over stretching my fingers into early arthritis. This thing isn't your average dualshock 4 or xb1 controller this thing has incredible customization. Movement is easy if not better than keys. No more bending my fingers backwards to sprint and broadcast voice now it's just a press of the paddle. Crouch and Prone are a quick bumper away and jump is a familiar A smash. Under my config. aiming is done by the track-pad and the gyro! That's right I get to use both hands and move the whole controller to aim. Of course there is a learning curve I've spent several hours tweaking it the way I like but, I can honestly say aiming has not hampered my competitiveness at all in fact I'd say in vehicles and turrets its improved! The trackpad swivels those vehicle turrets swiftly as well as turning around as infantry (yes I'm on casual servers for all you elitist). As far as what I said about being wrong handed, the problem isnt with strategy or how I play. We have to adapt to every tool that is given to us considering most things are designed for the other 90% of the pop. My whole life has been re configuring things to make them work for me. So yes, it is both a blessing and a curse. I may have sold myself short by saying keys are not native. I've grown up playing shooters on both PC and console. Re-configs. are not alien to me. Personally I couldn't play the way you have it set up with the mouse in the right hand but, I've also posted my lefty keys set up on another forum. People who are set in their ways are often the ones who will cry heresy whenever something new is introduced. Steam controller is a viable option for open minded people. Whether you are left or right handed competitive or casual you have to have to be open to try it before you decry it. Until you've put 2500 hours into a steam controller you can't determine that it would be better or worse than what you are used to.
  12. Alpha 9.5 Released

    I'm sure they did it to balance. Before you could just bury the cache in sandbags and barb wire making them nearly impossible to destroy. I still think INS needs some more tweaking before it's balanced. a 200-400 meter range to set a fob is too limiting imo. some of the maps the resupply points are so close the radius of the FOB zone overlap each other so you cant even set one in between points off the caches.
  13. This has happened twice now where our SL abandoned us so I went to go change to an SL kit at an ammo crate and the bubble got stuck on my screen. Tried minimizing the game and pressing esc. It even stayed there into the next game. The only way to get rid of it was to leave the server update: tried deleting the app data still no fix.
  14. Alpha 9.5 Released

    Did you guys add a range in which you could set a FOB near a weapons cache in insurgency or is that a server setting?
  15. Steam controller support?

    Being left handed the steam controller is really enticing to me. Even after re-arranging my keyboard it still does not feel native to me. Nothing really does, everything has to be adapted to but, the steam controller seems like a more universal option for us wrong handed people. I actually just got one in the mail yesterday. Spent a couple hours re-arranging the controls. It was surprisingly easy to configure considering all of the nightmare reviews I've read online. Still not perfect and I can imagine I will be doing a lot of tweaking in the next few months till I get something I'm comfortable with. I am impressed with the quality of the steam controller build. Although I've only had it for a day. The mouse wheel is incredibly responsive and sensitive, the buttons are tact. I can imagine with some practice this thing could be a real competitor to a mnk set up. I will be going balls deep into this for the next few months in order to determine the fate of the controller and update my review. Overall I am optimistic that this will grow on me and improve my control. If anyone is curious to see my left handed set up or wants to share their's add me on steam SonofMarsV