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  1. I think many people should have the same issues as mine. We all know that this game provides 2 FPS modes: hip-fire and aiming down sight where there should be benefits on both modes. Aiming down sight gives players the center of shot, so Hip-fire should have other advantages over Aiming down sight too. However, somethings might be wrongly designed not supporting PC players causing hip-fire in this game to become awkward and a big bias to aiming sight. Since I felt there are too much penalty and unrealistic from doing hip fire, I hope there should be better ways to address these problems. I will list all the problems that I think we all ever encountered in Squad. 1) The recoil in this game is actually accurate but it takes ways "too realistic". In Squad, we control guns at the mouse, not at hand grip. The game should provide Realism that can combined with some sort of Action style to make it fun and comfortable for PC players which I think developers know this concept pretty well. The amount of recoil while Hip-firing in this game is correct in realism but too much for PC players to control. Based on my experience (I experienced M4 and M16), shooters respond to the recoil by their own sense that come from force-feedback of the gun and control the counter-force at the hand grip so it is awkward if PC players have to control that recoil without knowing that sense and have to control the recoil at the mouse. This is not competitive aiming like counter-strike where we have to control the recoil by pulling down mouse. 2) Hip-fire is dizzy like hell. I think developers are going to fix this anyway. In the current version, FPS camera is fixed to the center of the gun then it will shake up and down crazily when players shoot. This is the major cause of why I don't do hip-fire even when I shoot at nothing. In addition, I see not many players are doing suppressive fire on enemies; I think fixing this problem should increase it because it allows players to shoot at empty target more. 3) Lack of realistic recoil feelings while shooting (while aiming sight as well) From my experience, there are 2 effects of recoil that a person encounter when firing a weapon. One is the recoil force that push the gun up, and another one is the recoil force that push into the person's body. In Squad, I can feel only the force of pushing up, but I don't feel the force of being pushed into the character's body by the recoil. I just want to mention that many FPS games nowadays show that force by shaking camera to the right where guns are attached to the shoulder making players to feel the force of being pushed by recoil. Such as Battlefield 3-4-1, Red Orchestra, and even some little pushing to the shoulder in ArmA3. I know that some of these might already be in developer's plans, but as long as I don't see the plan table I think it would be better to mention them. What do you think? PS: English is difficult for me, sorry for some writing.