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  1. POLL - v10

    Gotta throw my two cents in....yeah this was a heavy core dev team from PR, but I mean really this isn’t PR:2. This is Squad I see both sides of the story. a lot of people complaining about the current shooting mechanics are just horrible shooters that can’t get more then ten kills....so of course y’all have to complain lol.... this game was on the right track but now going heavily milsim I don’t agree one bit. Slow game play and all is fun but you can never replace the fun quick pace of its current state. Core group isn’t PR players this is a different game I know a lot have came from PR but once again this isn’t PR or a PR remake lol. The core group are the ones that have been here since the beginning of the squad Kickstarter and such..stop living in the past. Side note just because the shooting mechanics have been changed to slow pace....Top shooters from FFO, T//A, AD, Docs office, and VKNG will still be wiping the floor with the tears of players we will adapt and enjoy the salt from players that get mad at us for being “too good” and doesn’t make the game fun lmao
  2. Team Kills

    If you ever have issues just get on the discord and let us know....discord.me/fcvsquad or DM me directly I am available 24/7 pretty much when the server is populated.
  3. Low frames with GTX 1080

    Squad is more CPU intensive than GPU intensive what CPU do you have?
  4. Release: Alpha Version 9.5

    Is there an ETA on a RCON Fix for windows servers?
  5. Squad Chat logs ?

    Hi there, I am just curious is there way to look at past chat logs? I run a server and I just dont know if this option is possible or i am looking in the wrong file while looking thought the sever files.
  6. Server Licensing General Info

    @Odin same owner Bluedrake42 just different staff
  7. Server Licensing General Info

    @Odin we were previously issued a License and approved....The server team was reconstructed and is being rebuilt do we have to reapply for another license or are we able to use the previous issued license.....Same community just different sever leader..