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  1. Interesting - well I'll keep testing just to exclude any server capacity variables (since I assume that affects CPU) and report back.
  2. Hey xxHERTZxx - I've been experiencing the EXACT issues you described. The solution for me was to downgrade my video drivers. Check the thread. Hope it works for you too
  3. Try using the older version of Nvidia drivers (ver 372.90) - seemed to solve my FPS issues
  4. ****SOLUTION FOUND**** Downgrading to Nvidia driver version 372.90 from 381.89 has solved the problem! I have now tested it repeatedly with identical test environments and settings and can confirm that this has solved my low FPS issue with the GTX1080. From 35-40fps, I am now getting 70-80fps @ 1440, all EPIC settings and Vsync on. CPU averaging 45%. It would seem this is a driver optimisation / incompatibility with the current build of Squad (or the Unreal Engine).
  5. Yeah I notice most people's default falls either to "buy a new GPU" or "buy a new CPU" without much empirical evidence to support the claim (not that it can't be the case, mind you). To test the theory I ran Squad in 1440 on epic in windowed mode on Al Bas. CPU piddled along at 25-35% usage... and still 35-40fps. ---- TROUBLESHOOTING PART 1: Executed a Squad cache delete: No success ----
  6. Hi all, First time poster here! I've been playing Squad for about a year now and upgraded my old Radeon 7970 to a new Asus GTX 1080 Strix yesterday. The card hasn't given any errors or driver issues but I'm only getting about 40-50 fps on most maps. Al Basrah for example seems particularly taxing and there Im only getting 40fps (showFPS). What is odd is that my friend who lives in the same neighbourhood with same ISP and line speed running a GTX970 gets 55fps+ on the same map and same server. Granted he's playing at 1080 (with vsync on!), but I can drop my resolution to 1080 from 1440 with everything on low and vsync off yet still only get 40-45fps. So 1440 at epic settings with vsync on, or 1080 with everything low and vsync off... same FPS. **scratches head** I've tried a couple of performance tweaks suggested by people on forums with no real success. Is the 1080 platforum unoptimised for squad? Any meaningful input would be appreciated. My rig: Intel i7 3770 3.4Ghz 32GB RAM 250GB SSD SATA6 ASUS GTX1080 8GB STRIX (using Nvidia latest drivers, not ASUS boxed) Windows 8.1 x64 Latest OS and system drivers